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(16) When I lose too much sleep or if someone ignores my text message, my thoughts are more likely to become suicidal.

12 yr old who thinks everyone is picking on her she struggles at school and has either complete melt down or extreme rage what can I do to help her ?

15 yo Asian male watching school shooter info and unusual pornography on internet often. Wrote about shooting up school. Very bright, not psychotic. ?

2yo does not say any full words, has very rigid/shakey movements/not very social. is this within the realm of normalcy still or should I be concerned?

A year ago 11x0.9 CM aneurysm, now results say 10x13x7 mm did it shrink? I'm really confused...

Alcohol consumption before caused that my cognitive abilities are worse and I cant really think abstract stuff, feels like my life is just a movie?

Any good resource to help yourself with cbt specifically changing attitude and how you view things. Have become all distorted in way i process things.

Are hallucinations normal if they don't happen all the time? They'll usually be auditory, some visual. My parents know and won't take me to a doctor.

Are intrusive thoughts a part of aspergers or a sign of something more? (regarding 7 y/o with as dx)

Are there any dangers of doing acupuncture by my self after learning needle insertion and the points? What is the worst thing that could happen?

Are we hypersensitive to cyber bullying? Or is it really that bad out there on the web?

Arguing voices in my head, speaking to me in 3rd person. Visions of faces i don't know & of bad things happening to loved ones. Am i going crazy?

As an aspie, i find it very hard to focus on multiple disciplines at uni. Also my obsession in knowing every detail slows my path, what can I do?

Bad luck is not distributed evenly. Isn't telling someone that they should not be suicidal showing a definite lack of empathy?

Before i sleep i always have made-up conversations in my head with ppl in my life.Not audible.Usually arguments or confrontations.How do I stop?

Behave like being possessed by ghost when over depressed?

Bpd realization effected marriage greatly. Do i project the bad things i've done onto him thinking lying cheating adamant it don 2me reflection, snicky?

But they are in reality not smiling inside. What can cause this?

C/h sex. Abuse: how do you know if it is a flashback, or plain anxiety, or false memories? I was too little to remember much, just emotions really.

Can a concussion/head injury change your sexuality or kinks forever? or cause you to not like art? afraid of personality changes to me.

Can a person experience temporary aphasia, like inability to understand words, for several months because of extreme stress?

Can ADHD cause that someone become slow in thinking (without medication) ? Or OCD can cause that ?I mean being slow during the exams for example. ?

Can anexity cause conflicting thoughts? Slightest contact to my head an I fear brain injury. I think im fine but doubt makes me fear the worse.

Can any doc explain why can't i look others in the eye without feeling self conscious?

Can BDD distort thinking? Never been bothered about being tall but now convinced I'm growing @ 38. Feel people are staring; friend said I look bigger.

Can being drugged several times impair you mentally? find it hard to have conversation now, very quiet not the same personality or smiling or laughing

Can consuming glue erase memory or change personality? If so could someone become awkward, not knowing what to say, as a result?

Can depression cause partial unconsciousness where you lose a bit of your mind, your personality changes and you do things without being aware of it ?

Can extreme messiness be a sign of a mental disorder? My boyfriend's (age 42) place looks like a tornado went through it and doesn't clean.

Can I get schizophrenia symptoms during benzo withdrawal? Thinking process gives random associations to the things i see and monologue in the head talk random stuff... this is scary. 7 days no benzo.

Can pictures and family photos trigger a manic episode. I feel like they do for me. ?

Can serotonine imbalance cause you to stare blankly into space more often?Other causes of staring much more often in otherwise a healthy 25y.O. Person

Can the paranoia elicited by weed go away over time?

Can there be a name for liking a certain type of sadness and where does it come from?

Can there be a word for acting like a beast when angered?

Can thinking actually cause headaches? If so, briefly touch on the physiology linking the two events? Thanks.

Can traumatic situations in life like in movies cause stuttering?

Can we say whiskey can make a person relax mentally for some time as its positive effect especially to a person who is experiencing mental trauma.

Can you be okay at the moment I mean by circumstances around you but not feeling okay because of past events? Like a remaining accumulated frustration or something

Can you reach a point of calmness and apathy towards chaos?

Can you tell me about neuromuscular interactions that are responsible for this situation. why do people need to hold down these fing?

Can you tell me how I could support autism awareness if I'm completely resented in my town due to my actions?

Can you tell me how to avoid socially awkward situations arising from fecal incontinence?

Can you tell me if i read over a personality disorder and it sounds like I have everything?

Can you tell me what to do if i learned it is rather sensitive, more so than the clitoris. Sounds awesome. Is their a specific reason?

Can you tell me what you suggest if someone constantly accuses someone of being a pathological liar, what are they suffering from?

Can zolpidem after drinking wine all day cause abnormal, out of character behavior like entering someone's property vandalizing it and memory loss?

Could a person's frown lines reveal how frequently he/she may get angry?

Could certain objects make someone depressed because they are associated with a bad childhood memory?

Could hearing voices necessarily mean you're a psychopath?

Could it be strange to hear of an anorexic ending up fat?

Could my 8 month old be showing signs of autism she doesn't respond to her name has anger outbursts and stares at lights a lotstares into space also?

Could this be something serious? Reassurance, uncertainty, and empathy in response to patients' expressions of worry.

Could wanting to engage in reckless behavior like having random meaningless sex with multiple partners be caused by my strong depression?

Could you diagnose depression based purely on tone of voice and body language and eye contact?

Definition of cognitive impairment? Sounds like a new way of saying something bad like aspergers

Describe the difference between alexithymia and simply being numb?

Di you look the same when you stutter in the mirror and when you stutter around people ( do you make the same facial expressions?)

Did i read somewhere that if a birthmark is covering a vain it could cause the person some difficulty with something? I don't remember what..

Diff between diagnosis as dissociation vs schizophrenic. Alien deep in brain that tortures w/physical, auditory, and visual stuff 2 do 2 you. Abuse in past?

Disorder? I've been told I sight straight up eyes open and coherently answer questions while sleeping I never remember it, is this a disorder?

Disoriented, incoherent, and speaks and text as if I was drunk after a soccer match under a hot sun. And black out twice. What's wrong with me?

Do dr's really judge a patient from previous history? I had a suicide attempt in 2009 and feel like I am judged no matter where i go.

Do dreams try to tell us something ? I interpreted this dream i had about this girl i really like and it is exactly describing my current situation.

Do I have a personality disorder i cannot hold a relationship because i lack the compassion to i feel like i keep tripping over the same rock over and over again no matter how strong i feel when i pick myself up i still fall again i depend on others far

Do I have factitious disorder I have seizures but my test was normal yet I still have them. I never lie or make things up, why am I anxious about this?

Do I have hookworm infection our am i delusional? I have been feeling things for about four months- crawling, stinging sensations. Everyone i know has dismissed it as symptoms of stress because I have lost my job, home, personal belongings, vehicle, most

Do i have psychosis? I have these visions and only bad things happen no matter the situation ! Sometimes theyre disturbing ! HELP!!

Do people who come from incestuous families have certain weird physical features?

Do psychiatric illnesses turn off body's normal "gut instinct" or discernment response- like "this person is bad" etc etc?

Do psychiatric medications lead to bad decisions all because of a change in feeling and personality? Will the brain go back to its normal carefulstate

Do you see the world differently with a brain injury like your in one of your dreams it doesn't all feel real to you? Is this a permanent thing?

Do you think is it posible to have numb emotions if your last friend in the world turns on you?

Does adultery with my bestie sound like just irresponsibility or potential mental issues on the part of my ex?

Does being colorblind mean that the 3d effect of some movies won't work?

Does erotomania symptoms includes creating realistic stories that didnt happen and ask you not to reveal anything they tell you to their "lover"?

Does general public look up to doctors because doctors are emotionally strong?

Does psychiatry basically ignore the behavioural symptoms?

Does the EEG tracing change if the patient is thinking about different things ?

Dont know what it is. Person looks at me with wide eyes, no emotions, paranoid, doesn't want to eat= weight loss, aggressive. This is scaring me!

Due to a past sufferer of schizophrenia I'm having repeat episodes in my mind of delusional thoughts all about my penis , how do Be positive ?

Duress if i became to act out of character because of taunting and pyschological manipulation and threats of intimidation can this cause temporary insanity due to stress and being constantly taunted , baited and ridiculed

Elderly grandmother had religious delusions (believed she was getting messages from god). Taking risperdal 1mg. Should she read religious materials again since no longer having delusions?

Evaluation after being comatose: who is best to do so to reveal inability to speak, & being non mobile...The person was a genius and perfectly healthy?

Even during any minor arguments/anger where there is no risk , my hands begin to shiver, is this normal? If not what sort of condition it may be?

Every person i know say i'mmean.I'm very mean and negative and do not know why.I also set myself on fire at 4 yrs old.Do you think its a mental thing?

Every time there is a certain noises that sounds like gun fire or certain images I see, I begin to cry & have anxiety & flashback. PTSD? Been shot at

Explain viscosity personality (especially in temporal lobe epilepsy)? Does it include being stuck on just a few interests or topics of conversation?

Formerly nice but now mean person. Is he experiencing difficulties or just being a boss?

Get angry too easily. Basically I have the typical symptoms of bpd and the gene runs in my family. How do I bring it up to my doc?

Gf has random hallucinations lack of empathy unless it's a tv show mood swings friend says she's always been like that she has a benign brain tumor?

Grandmother has had several psychotic episodes including thinking jesus was coming back and saying she was dead. Caused by mineral depletion?

Gynecosmatia since 13 years, feeling shame, voice not tough, hand wrist not broad very thin?

Hallucinations brought on by weed, should I be concerned?

Have intrusive thoughts. Very bad in nature, involving inappropriate content. I don't like them. Am I crazy? Does this mean I am gonna act on them?

Hello doc. I just want to ask if there is a sleeping disorder such as whispering while eyes open as if i am talking to somebody? because it has been my problem, my husband is always thinking that i am having an affair because of that. but i always tell hi

Hello docs! What actions or changes do i make to stop my lip biting compulsive disorder without consulting the doctor?

Help having harmful thoughts and melochonic thoughts after HS graduation i know ppl do care i just feel like they don't teachers were everything 4 me?

Hi doctor, i fear of contamination and always afraid to touch things.My main problem is that i cannot meet cancer patients thinking them contagious.?

Hi I am feeling depressed and I have a fear of wide open spaces,I don't want to leave my flat,and I don't want to associate with anyone?