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Can low testosterone cause cognitive impairment, especially memory and focus. If yes, does trt completely fix this. Or just improve it a bit.

I wanted to ask what the causes of severe memory loss are. Had no problems 3 weeks ago. My last 2 blend together and i have a hard time remembering. ?

**NEUROPSYCHIATRIST** I'm severe Bipolar med resistance... is ETC safe? What are the risk of long term memory damage? Will it affect my intelligence?

200mg Topomax daily fmigraines for 3yrs Cognitive functions had dulled, now it is severe. Can long term use trigger severe cognitive function issues?

22 male suffer from low speed mental processing of inoformation , i forget a lot of things in an abnormal manner, 1mounth ago I have hair loss ?

22 years old, memory loss-don't retain things as much as I should, not fully attentive, don't realize my body's needs, what could be causing this?

30 yr old female. Been having very bad memory loss. Both short and long term memory being affected. Should I contact pcp?

30 yrs female, Medicine student, I feel laziness,body aches,attention deficit, short term memory.Hb 13.2, sleep cycle disturbed due to study overload.

33yr old healthy male; suddenly has delusions, anxiety, short temperament, unsightly body odor, memory loss. Could probiotics supplements cause this?

37 year old male, experiencing short and long term memory loss, hard time remembering names, can't find words when speaking, what do you suggest?

57 y/o female lacunar infarct 2009. Would that make my memory (short term) be affected? Its really getting bad. Thank u.

6 years post stroke, but still experience brain fog and am tired all the time, effects cog. function. Trying to return to work. How can I improve?

7 weeks ago i had a cestion and i almost didn't make it, I have short term memory loss and headaches on a daily baisis, what could it be?

79 developed paranoia overnight, no memory loss, talks non sense, healthy otherwise claim doctors, can it be dementia? week ago was fine!

7months trouble thinking, talking, walking, memory loss. Eeg+ctscan normal.No head injury that i know of.Put on Effexor (venlafaxine) to try and help.What could it be?

92 now. Stroke 3yr ago. What was likely site if couldnt then recognize people standing on my right, slurred speech and loss of ability to name objects?

A closed head injury i feel may be behind loss of memory, depression, and balance what would be the best approach to treating this sort of thing?

A friend 78 years old, shuffles when she walks, stoops, falls for no apparent reason, does not see well after cataract surgery this has all started with in one year. Has short term memory loss is it parkinson's?

After a weekend with memory loss an MRI showed I have poor circulation in my brain. What are warning signs of future extended memory lapses?

After i had a general anesthetic, I have experienced short term memory loss and teeth pain. Why?

After i started taking Paxil (paroxetine) my memory is sharper and I am having vivid memories of my childhood. What is the impact of Paxil (paroxetine) on long term memory?

Age 50, suffer from insomnia. Which sleep aid is safer (cognitive impairment, dependence, etc.) for long-term daily use, Hydroxyzine or Zaleplon?

Alcohol intoxication: what are the cognitive effects? Do I have to be afraid for my academic career that has been good so far? What can be done?

Am 21 years old .. I have a problem on my memory i can't remember good .. What medication should I have ?!

Am i being unreasonable to think my language and memory problems are due to ADHD medication and can go away?

Am I getting demented, senile or is it short term memory loss?

Am post op . In life had 5 anesthesia. recovery 4 times morphine, this time had fentanyl. Very messy drunk. Part memory loss, naughty boy

And I don't remember stuff like keys when I am low on estrogen. Does that mean I have short term memory loss?

Any help and or advice for short term memory loss please? Thanks

Any tips for dealing emotionally with total hearing loss?

Anyone --tofranil causes insomnia?

Anything I can do to improve my memory and prevent memory loss as I get older?

Appreciate an answer on longer term effects of 600 mg temazepam overdose? Does it cause memory loss? Am asking for a friend

Are lost car keys a sign of dementia?

Are personality changes and mood swings typical side effects of retrograde amnesia?

Are there any diseases that harm short term memory?

Are there any effective exercises to aid in stroke recovery regarding articulation and recovering memory of appropriate words to use?

Are there any long-term side-effects of general anesthesia, such as memory loss or dementia?

Are there any medications that can help with mental acuity and concentration in concussion recovery?

Are there any over-the-counter drugs i can get to improve my memory and help me prepare for my exams?

Are there any permanent effects from smoking weed three times in your life? Cognitive impairment and bipolar disorder?

Are there any specific tests to do considering memory and concentration problems.By the way I am on anafranil (clomipramine) dosage 37.5.

Are there any vitamins/supplements that help with short term memory loss due to SSRIs? I've tried Paxil, Busbar, Zoloft - all seem to effect my memory

Are there medications against irritability, restlessness and nervousness without cognitive impairment?

Association of long-term use of diphenhydramine and dementia. Does dementia improve after discontinuing diphenhydramine?

At age 30, is it normal to have bad short term memory loss? What could this mean?

At what age do children start forming memories?

At what age do you start noticing long-term and working memory loss plus inattention?

At what age or stage of life should you start to downsize? I want to hang on to sentimental objects due to memories..

Bad short term memory, gingko makes it WORSE w/ brain fog and brain zaps. Anything else I can take for memory since I'm going to college?

Been having memory loss. My short term memory is very bad. No accident or head. Injury. What could cause this and how can I help it?

Benzodiazepines for 6 years. Does it cause memory problems?

Brain scans all appear normal. Neuropsych shows executive dysfunction. Advised from extreme anxiety I don't feel. Taking effexor - what else can I do?

Can c diff cause short-term memory problems in an 87 yr old with no previous memory problem?

Can 4 years of using klonopin (clonazepam) cause memory loss ?

Can a healthy person have a screening colonoscopy without a sedative? Am eager to avoid any drug that causes confusion or memory loss, even if it's just "temporary."

Can a person who has memory loss still remember how to speak?

Can add cause short term memory problems?

Can ADHD medication cause problems with memory loss in teenagers?

Can alcohol cause short term memory loss?

Can all medications for anxiety disorder affect your short term memory?

Can an adverse reaction from ssri cause permanent brain damage, and can serentonine syndrome cause you damage? Hard to think, speak much still dazy

Can an episode of psychosis perminatly damage your cognative functioning?

Can antipsychotics (olanzapine) cause permanent anhedonia and loss of motivation? Can they aggravate negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia?

Can Anxiety and Depression cause Brain Fog, or changes in cognition?

Can anyone regain their sharpness and enthusiasm they had before "Topiramate" ( new to it ) !!!

Can atenenol cause confusion and impaired and unusual thinking?

Can being on ritalin (methylphenidate) for 20 years cause cognitive impairment and changes in personality? I have these symptoms but stopped my meds 2.5 yrs ago.

Can brief seizures be associated with ADHD or the use of straterra?

Can buspirone bring me some kind of memory or concentration problem?

Can caffeine help with benzodiazepine cognitive impairment?

Can chlamydia causes confusion or agitation?

Can chronic or excess anxiety cause shortterm memory problems?

Can clonazapam affect memory?

Can clonazepam cause flat affect and memory issues?

Can concussion/s in toddlers cause long term brain damage, like trouble with school and cognitive functions later in life? Where can I read more?

Can consuming marker fluid erase memory and change personality?

Can consuming marker fluid erase memory or change personality?

Can consuming rubber cement erase memory or change personality?

Can continuous use of phenobarbiturates have an extensive affect on memory?

Can dementia effect the ability to swallow? If so can the patient with dementia learn to swallow again so that they eat normal food again?

Can depression cause severe illnesses such as Schizophrenia, dementia, epilepsy, insomnia, or any types of long term or short term heart problems?

Can diazepam and midazolan cause cognitive deficits?

Can diazepam cause permanent cognitive deficits?

Can docs please explain are benzodyazepines generalized for seizures or are they use for other medical issues as well?

Can epilepsy cause brain cancer? I have may have a vascular epilepsy. I tend to lose a lot of memory, lose hair, and get weak at times.

Can epileptic patient lose memory sometime during the day?

Can excessive internet use lead to short term memory loss?

Can flashbacks precede short term memory loss?

Can gingko prevent short term memory loss?

Can having a right temporal lobectomy cause short term memory damage?

Can having a stroke cause dementia in geriatrics?He remembers long ago,but will repeat the same story twice in a day& not remember he already told you

Can herpes 1 in and under my nose have had aneffect on my brain and cause memory impairment and concentration problems for the last 5 years? Tests?

Can high dose of opioid cause amnesia or memory impairment?

Can high doses of prescribed Ritalin (methylphenidate) (110mg) cause brain damage? Memory loss? Apathy? Is this reversible?

Can i consider rivastigmine or donepezil for unexplainded deterioration of memory with doc. Iam 20 ? If not what're the other options?

Can i do yoga to improve my status against the after effects of bact. menigitis like little mental retardation,clumsiness,liitle coordination prblm?

Can i lose memory power after going through a trauma?

Can i tell me if my baclofen pump gets disconnected from my spine can I have memory loss?

Can iron anemia cause permanent brain damage? Iron:15, rbc#-7.54. Memory bad, not subconsiously making associations, but have to do it actively