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(not depressed) weakness beyond belief breathing, talking, moving slow cognitive functions loss of emotions/feelings no adrenaline limbs no energy?

7 yr old son has ADHD but lacks any common sense at all. Is this normal?

All my emotions seems to be suppressed including anger, desire for anything, forgetfulness, low energy, poor motivation. What cam cause these symptoms?

Am i depressed? my symptoms are: sleep disturbance, low self esteem, always shaky, poor concentration, thoughts of self harm/ death, feeling worthless

Anhedonia.Sudden loss of motivation to schoolwork (normally works hard).Lethargy.Turbulent feelings(on and off since10/2013) 10/2014-04/2015.Numb05/15?

Are concentration and memory loss and poor balnce and shakiness and also difficulties of forming a dialog can be symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Are my meds (or the lack thereof) causing my aggression? How can I manage my anger?

Are these symptoms consistent with a schizoid pd; lack of interest in friendships/relationships, chronic feelings of emptiness, and vivid imagination?

Can a pheochromocytoma cause mental fog or inability to learn and memorize fast? I feel lack of concentration.

Can ADHD involve extreme forgetfulness?

Can antidepressants help lack of motivation?

Can anxiety cause forgetfullness and disorientation?

Can anyone tell me what could cause lack of emotion and libido? Are they related?

Can autonomic dysfunction cause difficulty with concentration an inability to think clearly?If so, why?

Can dementia cause irritability and inability to talk as fast?

Can difficulty concentrating be a part of my anxiety disorder?

Can docs please explain are confusion, forgetfulness, and foggy thinking symptoms of menopause?

Can extreme anxiety cause teens to have difficulty recalling words?

Can extreme stress cause comprehension disability and poor memory ?

Can hypothyroidism lead to memory problems, confusion or racing thoughts?

Can immense difficulty falling asleep by due to lack of exercise?

Can inability of focusing and symptoms of ADHD be related to headaches that I have daily ?

Can major fatigue and drowsiness still be indicative of severe depression despite lack of sadness emotional distress? What could cause these 2 symp.?

Can someone please explain to me what a emotional disturbance is?

Can stress be the cause of me feeling tired, losing interest of things i had a lot of interest in, low sex drive, sadness, and loss of motivation?

Can sugar cause moodiness/distress/irritability?

Can there be an association between insomnia and poor performance?

Can you please tell me how lack of concentration caused by ADHD and depression differ?

Can you tell me how can a lack of emotion or flat mood result from anorexia?

Can you tell me how to handle my restlessness?

Can't think clearly, difficulty concentrating, foggy thinking, confused. Can mild stress cause this?

Could anhedonia (lack of joy) be cured?

Could antibiotics be causing my depression and lack of energy?

Could depression/anxiety cause a lack of common sense?

Could my migranes, racing thoughts and poor memory be because of my clinical depression?

Could overeating be because of a lack of pleasure elsewhere?

Could overeating be because of a lack of pleasure or excitement?

Could the lack of empathy be caused by anxiety?

Depression, anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, confusion, trouble concentrating, vision trouble, seeing and hearing things. ?

Difficulty concentrating. I think it because my work is redundant and borins. What can I do?

Difficulty concentrating. Which common meds can cause that?

Difficulty thinking because depressed?

Does lack of blinking cause any problems?

Does Prozac cause lack of motivation I am on 20 mg 66 years old?

Does thinking too much lead to insomnia?

Dragging, confusion, problems concentrating, memory problems. Could it be thyroid?

Exhaustion or depression- i'm having difficulty with focusing in on things especially lately, and have angry outbursts for no reason?

Extreme fatigue and difficulty thinking and concentrating?

Extreme fatigue and difficulty thinking/concentrating, what to do?

Extreme lack of energy, daytime tiredness and difficulty focusing due to stress?

Extreme lack of energy, daytime tiredness and difficulty focusing. What is this?

Extreme lack of motivation (not depression). Chemical imbalance in brain, hormones, or psychological problem?

Foggy feeling, bad memory, lack of motivation, little emotions. Is this a mental disorder?

Frustration over people thinking caregiving fatigue is laziness?

Hand tremors, weakness, vision problems, fatigue, mood swings/depressed mood, stressed, dizziness, loss of balance trouble concentrating/ focusing?

Has anyone experienced confusion, difficulty concentrating or thinking almost fainting with metformin?

Have any other patients with fibromyalgia memtioned about memory and concentration problems and difficulty breathing and poor balance?

Have severe anxiety, no concentration, poor memory, chronic insomnia more awake at night then day could it adhd?

Having feelings of worthlessness due to depression?

Having real difficulty concentrating at work, suffering from depression and psychosis. What should I do?

Hello docs! can you tell me what could cause lack of emotion and libido?

Help: i suffer from a major inability to concentrate, could this be from undiagnosed add?

Help! could stress cause difficulties in speaking?

Hi, I am 22 years girl i need a guidance of some issues life, forgetfullness, lack of concentration in work, lack of patiants, curiocity, immaturity.

How can difficulty expressing emotions and feelings contribute to eating disorders?

How can I cope with lack of energy/ motivation?

How can I tell the difference between boredom and horniness?

How do I find out what is causing my lack of motivation?

How does a lack of emotion occur?

How does a lack of emotion result from anorexia?

How to deal with stress, disorganization with lack of motivation?

How to handle depression and anxiety with poor cognitive abilities. Trouble speaking and thinking as well as concentrating and problem solving.

How to know if I have dysthymia (depression) ? Symptoms include tiredness, lack of motivation & crying for no reason..?

I am experiencing balance problems, memory problems (quality: difficulty remembering recent events) , difficulty focusing, fatigue, appetite chang...

I am experiencing inattention and restlessness. The following also describe me: Hyperactivity, Poor concentration, and Impulsive or reckless behav...

I am experiencing lack of pleasure. The following also describes me: Poor concentration. What should I do?

I am experiencing poor concentration. And ADHD M?

I am experiencing slow thinking, hair loss, drowsiness, difficulty finding words, flashbacks and fatigue.

I am experiencing forgetfulness. My speech is slurring and I am having feelings of depression. This has been going on for 5 days and is not normal.

I am having much difficulty focusing, poor memory, slow thinking, what's wrong?

I am having poor memory, anger mood swings, fatigue, difficulty concentrating what could it be?

I am having trouble concentrating, what can I do? Stop social media?

I do lot of overthinking which leads to majorly absentminded ness. What do I do about it ?

I have a lack of pleasure in my life, usually acompanied by apathy. Some advice?

I have a lack of pleasure in my life, usually acompanied by complete apathy at all times. Some advice?

I have a lot of trouble concentrating due to social anxiety, would Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) work?

I have been having a numbness all over my body. Especially during the night and my thinking has been impaired some. I have been with anxiety.?

I have been suffering from stress related issues which include anxiety , dissatisfaction , inability to concentrate , lack of sleep .Please help?

I have difficulty concentrating? Concerta?

I have difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, moods dramatically change, high energy even with little sleep, always have to be doing something?

I have these symptoms sometimes: lowered awareness; having trouble thinking; weariness; drowsiness; mix up words. What could be my diagnosis?

I have trouble concentrating at work. Is this anxiety?

I have trouble distinguishing between stress and normal feelings, any idea?

I have trouble remembering experiences; especially ones that are associated with guilt or shame. What could be wrong and is there a way to recall them?

I lack emotional empathy and guilt, should I be concerned?

I lack emotions is this bad?

I lack motivation to do anything at all with my life. Need some advice?

I possess forgetfulness, sometimes it causes embarrassment, i want to ask what are its reasons if it is in this age?

I wanna know if hormones has anything with the lack of my sexual derive and lack of my emotions ?

I'm having difficulty focusing my eyes/concentrating with depression. Any help?