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 how does low vision affect motor skill and coordination development?

4year old who is hyperactive..Struggles with his speech and his motor skills are not at par but can count to 30 and does a 60piece puzzle?

Any input on the success rate of using "interactive metronome" for sensory integration disorders or speech delay?

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Are binaural beats helpful in improving creative and critical thinking skills?

Are there any brain performance training websites?

Are there medications that can improve motivation, planning, and executive functioning deficits associated with nonverbal learning disability?

Because the brain is so adaptive, is it possible to train one's memory to be photographic, at least to some degree? If so, how?

Being adhd, hearing impairmed and speech impaired make it impossible to get a job?

Brainwashed myself to think i can't carry a conversation. I lost all my social skills and I use to have very good ss and problem/s skills. Help plz!?

Can a poor learner survive in the workplace?

Can anything be done to alleviate the problems associated with intellectual disability - eg impaired memory, problem solving and thinking?

Can cognitive impairment reduce the person's ability to receive information from their environment?

Can COPD cause a decline in cognitive abilities?

Can delay in language also be a cause of poor response to name in a 2 year old. Hearing ok, social, no repetative behaviour, does pretend plays.

Can depression impact one's ability to speak clearly/coherently/concisely?

Can dsylexia affects a child motto skills?

Can having cerebral palsy affect a mans ability to get an education and maintain a job?

Can i use binaural beats for improving my creative and thinking skills?

Can learning another language minimize the degree of stammering?

Can problems with communication and language impairment be treated through medicines?

Can problems with communication and language impairment be treated with antipsychotic medicines?

Can scoloiss can effect motor skills?

Can short term memory skills be improved to the extent of improveing conversational skills?

Can someone who has been hearing impaired since infancy improve speech and discrimination later in life?

Can speech/language impairment be greatly improved/reversed?

Can strangulation affect your learning abilities?

Can surgery cure learning difficulties in people with epilepsy?

Can there be any correlation between BMI and mental sharpness and brain functioning of a person?

Can watching porn really modify your physical appearance or your brain like your intelligence or behaviour?

Can you gradually lose your ability to perceive color over time as an adult?

Can you guys tell me how breathlessness can cause impaired verbal communication?

Can you please define drug increases mental capability/brain power?

Can you please define dyslexia and what does it cause or affect?

Can you please tell me elements of effective communication?

Can you tell me about depth perception problems in children?

Can you tell me how bias create difficulties in achieving objectivity?

Can you tell me how could persons with asperger's have good verbal skills, and yet poor social skills?

Can you tell me how do I improve my cognitive abilities to become smarter?

Can you tell me if speech/language impairment is a disability that can be greatly improved/reversed?

Can you tell me, are job descriptions that require team skills and good communication skills discriminating against autistic?

Cognitive impairment can reduce ability to receive information?

Cognitive impairment can reduce the person's ability to recognize another?

Cognitive impairment can reduce the person's ability to tell somebody what to do?

Could a person with learning disabilities be able to regain nor brain function after some sort of special treatment?

Could anxiety medication cause poor math skills?

Could I have an intellectual disability if I have difficulty making decisions, thinking creatively, working out problems, almost instant memory loss?

Could my motor skills or handwriting specifically have been affected by the results of chemo therapy?

Could neurotoxins impede or inhibit intelligence?

Could the use of audio therapy(brainwave entrainment,isochronic tones) help to improve memory and concentration in adults with attention deficit?

Danger of impaired judgement?

Do antipsychotics affect cognitive functions like memory processing speed word recollection executive functions? What's the best?

Do any pills have an ability to increase one's social skills besides speed?

Do blind rehabilitation centers help each coping skills?

Do you think modern women have altered their social skills more than men?

Does a "cognitive delay" mean minimal mentally retarded?

Does anyone know if speech/language impairment is a disability that can be improved?

Does brain skills improve a lot (eg: memorizing speed, ability to understand) with progressive studying?what are other ways to improve skills?

Does brain training such as lumosity and NeuroNation really work? Are they permanent or we have to train every day?

Does certain music have the therapeutic elements that can heal one emotionally and cognitively?

Does coordination problems in a child have anything to do with a lack of depth perception from needing glasses?

Does development delay go away ? Child 69 months lowest area 35 months highest 52 months ,in language, reasoning .locomotor personal social performanc

Does hitting your head have an affect on your ability to do well at school?

Does learning sign language still stimulate the language portions of the brain?

Does puberty improve your learning ability?

Does someone with ALS lose the ability to speak?

Does your vocabulary or memory enhance your general intelligence more?

Help please? What is the importance of identifying a limited respiratory execution?

How are fine motor skills controlled by the brain?

How are social skills affected by being disabled?

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How can I improve fine motor skills?

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How can I improve my social skills? I am retiring soon and want to have friends now.

How can I sharpen my intuitive abilities?

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How can someone with alexithymia enhance communication skills?

How can tell the difference between spatial neglect and hemianopia?

How can you strengthen the part of the brain that controls language so that it's easier to learn new languages?

How could persons with asperger's have good verbal skills, and yet poor social skills?

How do a severe and a profound learning disability/difficulty differ from one another?

How do i improve my convergent and divergent thinking skills?

How do i improve my critical thinking skills?

How do i improve my thinking and reasoning skills?

How do i overcome absent mindedness and improve my mental performance ???

How do I reteach someone basic skills after stroke?

How do you do facilitated communication? Does it actually help?

How does an individuals communication difficulties affect occupation- post stroke?

How does intelligence relate to being a genius?

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How does memory impairment affect the ability of an individual with dementia to use verbal language?

How effective are facilitated communication techniques?

How i can improve my social skills ?

How long does an average person's fine motor skills and good eyesight usually last?

How to improve creative and thinking skills?

How to improve my problem solving skills?

How to improve my social skills and make people want to be friends with me and not just strangers on facebook?

I am looking for an online info on detrusor hyperactivity impaired contractility. Pls help.?

I believe I have sluggish cognitive tempo, theres no treatment i heard so what do I do? Its greatly affecting my academic performance and work ethic.

I have difficulties communicating with other people, any advice?