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I have dysarthria. What are some stem cell treatments for voice/speech & throat muscle control?

I have had a sever stutter tho have been improving the last couple of years. By observing others and myself I am different other than how i speak. Is autism, not stuttering my problem?

I have had limited voice for 4 months. I have went to damage. I have completed speech therapy as well no what?

I have high arched palate . due to this i am finding difficulty in my speech if i do plastic surgery then my speech will improve or not???

I have slurred and slow speech for the first part of the day and then i "warm up" and am fine. How can I help this? I have no conditions.

I have speech and hearing problems. What can I do to get help?

I have speech problem where i speak very fast. How to cure this?

I normally not stuttering in front of friends and social conversation,but when presentation and public speaking there i stutter like blockage .suggest?

I understand "glue ear" can delay speech development. What age is most susceptible to this?

I went to a speech therapist he said there is 101% cure for it true?

I'm 18 and I it too late for a speech therapy? I'm worried and will it even make my speech better?

I'm 35 years old and I have been experiencing trouble connecting my thoughts with speech. What should I do?

If during TIA you had difficulty speaking, where might the damage be?

If speech unclear, would cutting the frenulum and speech therapy help if the child is 15 years old ?

Im having speaking difficulties from around 4 months.......all of a having difficulty in pronouncing certain words.

In order to be a speech therapist, would i need to get rid of my lisp? If so, what's the best way?

In what way is apraxia of speech a "normal phase" of speech development? "normal" does not require intervention. Please reference response. Thanks.

Is aphasia notieceable to a neurolgoist or speech therapist? Even in the earliest stages?

Is it normal for medicine to cause slurry speech, difficulty talking?

Is it normal to have speech difficulties when you have braces?

Is it possible to get rid of my lisp with speech therapy at the age of 20?

Is it possible to improve stammering?

Is it possible to improve stuttering / stammering?

Is it possible to overcome stuttering/mumbling?

Is my severe overbite causing my speech impediment?

Is slurred speech a sign of some disease?

Is snoring linked to speech difficulties in children?

Is the inability to speak clearly a symptom of aspergers?

Is there a connection between anxiety and stuttering, stammering?

Is there a connection between left handedness and speech delay?

Is there a connection between losing teeth and stuttering?

Is there a relationship between speech delay and food allergies?

Is there any speech therapists or pathologists out there who can help me with lisping?

Is there any way to get rid of a lisp without going to speech therapy?

Is there any way to treat a lisp other than going to a speech therapist?

It's been a year and some months now, but out of no where my balance is thrown off and my speech is slurred. What could be the cause of this?

Might have a concussion cause you to start stammering?

Might somebody have aspergers syndrome without unusual speech pattern in my voice?

Minor CP & spasticity issue. To better voice projection/annunciation, What is really more important - breathing techniques or reading aloud?

My 11 years old son is having a speech problem, some of thewords that he speaks are not very clear. He is also having a tied tongue. What should I do?

My 19 month old son has deviated uvula. Could this be a sign of something worth investigating? Does it interfere with his speech (he says v few words)

My 2 yrs old used to be pretty fluent in his speech, but recently he has been stuttering badly. Why is it so? Any way to stop him from stuttering?

My 23 year old stutters. Because of the stuttering would he be able to take concerta? Other than stuttering he is in optimal shape.

My 3 year old has been stuttering for a few months. Mostly when he is excited. Should I seek a speech therapist? What can I do to help?

My 3 years old has speech delay, she was also diagnosed with enlarged adenoids, can this cause speech delay?

My 3 yr old autistic son has the vocab of a 5 yr old however his language doesn't flow. Will speech therapy along with preschool be able to help him?

My 6yr old has issues with expressive and receptive language.When will that possibly start to resolve?Some progress, but slowgoing

My daughter will be 2 in November and she is still not talking. Should I look into speech therapy?

My hearing is usually normal but I still have trouble understanding speech in restaurant. Why?

My hearing test is normal but I have trouble understanding speech. Why?

My husband was diagnose with a UTI i was wondering can it cause slur speech and not remembering where you are at.?

My son 2 yrs has speech and lsnguage delay no other issue, but I suffer from his aggresive behaviour like bitting n hitting . How do i deal with it?

My toddler is one year old & he has a tongue tie. How do I know of it will affect his speech or not?

My tongue is partially paralyzed for life. My speech is difficult to understand. A friend recommended using an electronic larynx to improve my speech quality. Would this make a difference in my speech quality? My larynx is in no way affected by the paraly

My two year olds speech therapist thinks she has spd. What is that?

People can't understand me when I speak. Would speech therapy help?

Please answer! what possible treatment that can help it without checking it out with a speech therapist?

Plz i need a neurologist to answer me my 3 years old boy diagnosed by speech pthologist with childhood apraxia of speech.what tests do you recommand?

Shall I seek a speech therapist for stuttering?

Should i be concerned if my brother can't talk right, does he have a lisp or speech impediment?

Should I go to a doctor about dyspraxia?

Slowing his speech and moving slower this year. Could grandpa have Parkinson's or just old?

Slurred speech, mix-up of words. Is that a possible concussion after effect?

Slurred speech, stuttering and slow movement in older aunt. Are those signs of parkinson's?

Speech issues mumbling and loss of words help!?

Speech Language Therapy can I schedule an appointment ?

Speech therapist told me that omega 3 helps with speech delay. Is this true? If so, how many mg. Daily for my 2 1/2 year old daughter?

Speech therapists to help with lisping. How successful are they?

Stroke at 90 . At this stage, would a speech therapy help her?

The pronounciation of which letters is affected with tongue-tiein children?

This is for speech therapists. My mom suffered a stroke; can therapy help?

Treatment for progressive gait imbalace and progressive dysarthria slurred speech?

Trouble speaking - possible impediment. What to do for 2yo?

Two nights ago my breathing became tense, I lost control of my balance, and was told by my friend I was incoherent at the time, my speech was slurred.

What are some ways to cure speech impediments?

What are the differences between a speech therapist and a speech coach?

What are the differences between a speech therapist, speech coach, and a speech pathologist?

What are the tests that a neurologist would do to check apraxia of speech for a 3 years old boy that has only a problem in his speech can say 10 words?

What can a speech therapist do for someone with a speech disorder?

What can be done about a lisp without speech therapy?

What can be used against slurred speech ?

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What can I do to help a child with a speech problem?

What can I do to improve my speech if I have dysarthria?

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What can I expect from a 'speech and language therapy assessment' after a stroke?

What can you do for a speech impediment in a child?

What causes a lisp?

What causes slurred speach?

What condition or disease causes a mispronunciation of words or trouble with speech?

What do I do if in an ER where they don't speak my language?

What do I do if my son have a speech problem? Please, need some answers?

What do we call dementia-related communication difficulties?

What do you suggest if my two year olds speech therapist thinks she has spd?

What happens in a speech therapy for stammerers?And can one speech therapist work on differnt handicaps like dumb and deaf peaple along with stutteres

What happens in a speech therapy of stammerers? Is it effective?

What happens in people with broca's aphasia?

What is a a stuttering priapism?

What is done to help someone with speech difficulties?

What is good aphasia treatment software?