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2 year old child who does not want to speak he has seen a speech therapist for 1 year with no results?

3 year old boy has childhood apraxia of speech diagnosed by speech pathologist.How can i know if the vacuum at birth caused it.No one in family has it?

3yr. Old daughter has speech delay. Would a frenectomy help her?

7yr m has (apparent sudden onset) amblyopia, speech disfluency (repeating end sounds, pausing in mid word), dyslexia, ADHD, impulsiveness. Related? See neurologist? ADHD and impulsiveness have been ongoing but amblyopia and speech disfluency recent.

Any ideas of speech improvement for dysarthria?

Any suggestions for treating dysarthria?

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Can loss of teeth cause difficulty in speech?

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Can you tell me how to stop slurring my words & stuttering?

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Can you tell me some devices that stop stuttering/stammering?

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Cannot project my voice, and i'm a singer. Is there some type of therapy for this problem?

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Do psychiatric drugs affect speech? I can't find the words stuttering and developing a lisp. All after years in psych meds. Didn't have these before

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I adopted a 9 months old child five months ago, he's now 14 months. He got very little speech training back there, is it normal to face speech delay?

I always mumbled as kid & now slur. Mainly self esteem issues. If it was tongue issue caused by ALS, MS, Stroke would I be able to change voice tone?

I am deaf, (neural deafness) from few months sometimes i experience slurred speech. Is my deafness responsible for slurring of speech?

I am hard to speech, its a cause of dehydration?

I am having speech problems. Making up words/using wrong words. Speech a bit slurry. All of a sudden. What can be the cause?

I have a question about my speech problem? How do I find a good therapist for stuttering?

I have always suffered from chronic stuttering problem, I need help, im 19 yrs old, I need to find a speech therapist?