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Some reports say narcoleptic a have problems with memory, thinking, and attention. Does narcolepsy the condition itself cause these?

32 years old, increasingly bad memory. Please help?

Amnesia in PTSD? Traumatic ER visit in 2009 now hypochondriac. Lost all memory of ever being sick in my life up until 2009. Anything recent I remember

Can 2 mgs lorazapam cause memory lose confusion and also unconsciousness possibly hullucination?

Can a hypnotist or psychiatrist help you keep bad memories repressed?

Can anxiety/depression and me only focusing on my memory cause severe memory lapses that happen frequently. LIke me forgetting severak hours or so.

Can depakote cause memory loss when started taking depakote 1000mg for headaches I have had trouble recalling and remembering things and spelling?

Can exhaustion actually cause memory blanks or would it have to be from something else? If something else - what should be investigated?

Can migraines or insomnia or anxiety cause very short memory my memory hasn't really never been that great but seems to have worsen serverly ?

Can people that lose their memory of the past after a car accident recover their memory?

Can scary events cause a child to suppress memories?

Can temazepam cause bad dreams and memory loss?

Can temazpam cause bad dreams and memory loss?

Can Topamax cause permanent memory loss, lack of concentration, trouble with recall, etc. I think that may have happened to me & I'm really worried.

Can underdevoloped gray matter in the brain cause memory, speech, and thought process issues?

Can you get back your memory after a confusional migraine?

Can you have blackouts of memory without?It being caused by alcohol or any concussion?

Can you suppress a bad memory or traumatic event to the point that you don't remember it?

Can you tell me how i can get the bullying memories out of my head?

Can you tell me if muscle memory actually works and is a real thing?

Cant spell. Is this a learning dissability?

Causes of forgetfulness of past memories or something that happens a day or two ago (21 years old) ?

Could shingles cause cloudy memory?

Dad has symptoms of forgetting, loss of motor skills, and being disoriented what is it?

Did I have a mini-stroke? I am confused and have difficulty solving easy problems.

Do I have a psychological problem? I constantly have flashbacks every day of horrible memories i don't want to remember and i actually scream out.

Do people get there memory back after a coma?

Do seizures cause memory loss in epileptics? I find after each seizure my memory and attention span are getting worse. I'm only 24!

Do the people who have suffered from amnesia ever fully recover theirr memories?

Does alzheimer's ever happen to young people? If someone in their 20s is really forgetful and has trouble remembering to do things, is this a sign of alzheimer's or just something else?

Does anxiety cause brief moments of confusion/disorientation?

Does consistent masturbation for years cause weakness of memory?

Does getting a lotta memory flashbacks, mean I am depressed?

Does memory loss after waking up from a brief coma eventually come back?

Does memory loss after waking up from seizure come back?

Does near-sycope cause confusion afterwards?

Does or can depersonalization/anxiety cause memory problems? I feel very forgetful today. Like my mind is overloading. Also foggy/blurred vision? Is it normal with anxiety? Bad depersonalization.

Ever since my doctor stopped my clozapine, I have had poor concentration and memory, and almost no emotion. I feel very unreal. Is this related?

Every year I suffer nightmares, hallucinations, and memories of a terrible event and it gets worse each time, what can I do?

Exhausted, 70, would you have bad memory then?

Father, 72 yrs talks vague and not concentrating. He has a mild loss of memory?

Feeling emotionally numb, memory and concentration problems? which doctor to visit?

Fell down a flight of cement stairs (no recollection of fall). Now suffer from dizziness, daily tachycardia, memory issues... Related???

For what reason do I have a really bad memory?

Gave birth. Memory fog is getting worse, it's affecting ADL, I'm having speech problems, I'm depressed & I have repeated scary thoughts about the baby?

Had good memory but for 2 weeks or so i've had severe memory lapses where i can't remember parts of several days. Can it be my anxiety/depression?

Had stress on&off for years.Been forgetting old memories&now new ones.Recently i did something w/o thinking, was serious, not typical of me.I'm 26.Help?

Have I forgotten how to spell and write?

Have JME. 1 Grand Mal. Past month have memory trouble (esp. conversational). For few days stumbling/slurring words. Tired. On Keppra 1500 mg. Help?

He has hypertension, headache, always sleeping, and disoriented. Can't recognize and forgets certain info after a few seconds?

Horrid nightmares every night leading to disorientation. On 2mg risperidone but nightmares reflect past trauma. Psych says there is nothing he can d?

How can I bring back childhood memories that have been blocked?

How can I compress a memory of something disturbing? Like a picture of something i don't want to recall of?

How can I suppress a bad memory?

How can memory complications effect a legal statement of recollection of past memories?

How common is dementia at age 20? Can easily forgetting recent events, like putting something away, be a symptom? No history, dad has memory issues.

How do I completely erase a bad memory from my mind, that happened years in the past?

How do I cope with a bad memory?

How do you erase past negative memories from your mind?

How long does trouble concentrating last after having a concussion?

How should i deal with unconsciousness if i dont know what had happened?

How to figure out why my memory is so bad?

How to know if I loseing memory is related any illness?

I am 19 and my memory is terrible ! help, what to do?

I am constantly not sleeping well and have brain fog, memory loss, short temper, can't concentrate, and lethargic. What do you suggest to help?

I am experiencing memory problems (quality: difficulty remembering distant past events, difficulty remembering recent events) , personality change...

I can recall a couple memories as after some days, or hours. Is it amnesia?

I feel very slurred, slurred words, thoughts, imaginations and even dreams seem slurred. Could hypnotherapy or isochronic tones be the cause?

I forgot how to count I am serious. Help me please? Is there something wrong with my memory?

I ha a fall and was knocked unconscious 1 week ago. The CT scan was clear but I am still suffering memory loss in the same conversation and confusion!

I had excellent memory, i would remember every detail of my sorroundings, names, memories bt nw I have trouble recalling names, if i ate or not! um jst20?

I had some zopiclone and diazepam to help me sleep me i can't remember what happened for a full day. What causes the memory loss?

I have a problem where all my good memories turn into horrible memories. It's difficult to find any good memories. Is there anyway you can help?

I have episodes of clumsiness, glazed eyes, slurred speech, loss of memory, severe fatigue it is like I am inebriated during these episodes. I don't remember them. I have to lay down and nap for several hours after. When i wake I have no memory of the epi

I have increasing headaches and trouble with my memory is this normal?

I have memories of things that never happened. Was told confabulation is symptom of Bipolar 1, which I have. Is that true? If so, how do I manage it?

I have serious trouble concentrating on just about everything. What should I do?

I have symptoms of forgetting things, loss of motor skills, misplaces things and being disoriented what is it?

I have trouble remembering things. What can I do to help my memory?

I I was in a car accident four months ago. Had issues with short term memory for a few days. I am still unable to think clearly. Is this normal?

I looked into the mirror and could not recognize myself, I've had problems with memory before but I don't know what's happening?

I masterburate almost daily.. Is it causes any weakness or problem of memory..?

I need help remembering my dreams. Is there any mental exercise i can do?

I sometimes confuse past dreams as memories based in reality, that i spontaneously recall. Quite unsettling confusion. Is this normal?

I suffer from many mysterious disease (1)Flatulence (2)Blurry Thinking (3)Feel the surroundings blurry (4)Lost Concentration (5)Forgetting things soon?

I was in a car accident a few years back and I was never checked out. I now have terrible memory and have difficulty recalling things.

I woke up with no memory Thurs morning. Head felt odd night before. No drugs/alcohol, no witnesses. I've regained some memory, but not all.

I'm 18 my grandma got dementia at 55, I have bad memory and forget what i'm doing alot, do I have dementia?I'm so scared! I have depersonalization

I'm forgetting how to spell the simplest words. What could cause this memory problem?

I'm going through memory loss and i don't know why. I haven't been in any accidents either. What's going on?

I'm haunted by memories of my near drowning. How can I get past this?

I'm having memory problems and i can't ever seem to sleep. Are the two related?

I'm having sudden problems with memory, word recall, reading words. What is happening?

I'm tired all the time, terrible memory loss, trouble finding words, confusion, and many more other symptoms. What could be wrong?

I've been experiencing memory loss from the past few years that i think is due to rape as well as sexual abuse. I just can't remember things. Ptsd?

I've started getting migraines, speech problems, and memory loss. I haven't slept well in months. Could it be sleep deprivation? How do I fix it?

If you have hyperthymesia, do you start remembering everything from a traumatic event?

Is dissociative amnesia a real problem?

Is it hard to get on disability if you have forgetfulness after a stroke?

Is it normal for a 18 year old to have a bad memory and painful headaches while in thought or remembering an event from yesterday or hours before?