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09.13 radial head fracture, xray shows still fracture.Ortho says "it only looks broken to a layman. Pain, etc, come back in march? Can't post xray?

10 weeks ago i was diagnose with a 5th metatarsal avulsion fx. My most recent xrays still show lucency. Can a healed fx still show lucency?

2.5cmaxillary node toothache like pain in humerus keeping up at night. Xray normal MRI of shoulder only show edema and thick chiro saysxray abnormal ?

6 months ago since putting metal plate to join the upper arm fracture, the recent X RAY shows no progress. Wait further for healing? 53 years lady.

8years ago I did ct scan for head 5years Xray for kidney 2months panoramic Xray for teeth 2week Xray of spine 2days mri of spine Can this cause cancer?

A few years ago i had a face xray due to a broken nose. Do i have to worry about brain cancer now? Seeing as there was radiation on my head from xray

After car crash had chest Xray and was told it was a fractured rib. Next I read the radiology report: "may" show rib fracture. SO much pain... "may?!"

After fall on hand 2 neg x-rays, MRI shows subtle trpezium fx. What is the treatment, volar aspect?

After my x-ray, my orthopedic doctor said that my sacrum wasn't formed correctly. What does this mean?

After wrist pain i had a xray showed scollping of bone consultant said not seen anything like it before now sending me for MRI ?

Ankle break and CT scan. Am i having to wait too long if it's been over 2 weeks for results?

Any suggestions on how to care for a damaged Xhypoid none of my Doctors seem to know what to do I ice it in the evenings will xray show any damages.

Are there any other options to check for metal fragments in the eye besides x ray? Skull X-ray has too much radiation!

Are x-rays suggested if an injury is suspected to be an untreated fracture?

Bad pain in femur and hip. Dr did bloodwrk & X-rays. Something in bone. Sent to ortho. & for MRI. Waiting for follow up. Wld bloodwrk show if cancer?

Best treatment for neck pain ? With normal x.ray

Broken neck 13 weeks ago, in a brace since. Received CT scan results today shows bone healing on one break, scar tissue on 2nd.Will I now need an op?

Bruise on my shin still hurts and is still very visible 3 years after an injury. Why so? X-ray, blood tests, and physio showed no obvious problems.

Can "x rays films" go through airport scanners?

Can a 2 week old finger dislocation show up on x-rays?

Can a CTA show internal bruising?

Can a fall to wrist cause cts? I've had an MRI which shows scapholunate widening but x-rays don't support this find. I'm still having pain 18mths on

Can a lumbar sprain show on a xray?

Can a scaphoid fracture not show up on X-ray 6 days after the injury?

Can a soft tissue ultrasound and x ray of the tibia show abnormalities like bone tumor or a cyst?

Can a stress fracture be seen on an x-ray?

Can a whiplash injury cause bone edema? I am being sent for an MRI following spinal x-ray, and am a little concerned. Whiplash injury 2 months ago, X-ray showed swelling and damage as well as bone oedema?

Can a x ray show spinal cancer?

Can an ortho normally tell exactly the reason why a fracture isn't healing by x-rays or CT scan ?

Can an X-ray really diagnose arthritis? My doctor says my X-ray shows signs of osteoarthritis. I thought arthritis was when there’s not enough cartilage in your joints. How can you see that on an x-ray?

Can an X-ray show a neuroma or growth pressing on a nerve in your jaw?

Can an X-ray show if a L5 pars fracture can't grow back? Doc told me it wouldn't grow back. Should i get a CT scan? It's been 7 months since injury.

Can an xray show a bad tooth?

Can an xray show cracked rib in back?

Can constipation cause back pain? I had a chest X-ray and lumbar x ray. Would they have showed intestinal blockage? Is lumbar X-ray best?

Can doctor do a tennis elbow release surgery only after examination without doing any scans such as x - ray, CT or mri?Can this surgery be a failure?

Can i get an MRI right after getting a lumbar and chest x ray?

Can i have a doctor write a prescription for an xray/ MRI for a dislocated shoulder if i'm now at school but saw them when i was in ny. Now in ma?

Can I request a cast for a suspected scaphoid fracture even if it doesn't show on xrays?

Can mediastinitis caused by car accident /esopagus damage be seen in plain 2 view chest X-ray?

Can spine X-ray diagnose small fractures? Or do you need to get CT or MRI anyway and skip x-ray? .

Can the cause of broken ribs be determined from x rays?

Can they see my bones in my back from a chest x-Ray ?

Can X rays see joint damage?

Can x-Rays detect if you have tumors in your leg muscle? One doctor that I asked said usually not, cuz it usually just shows the bone?

Can x-rays show ribs pushing in organs?

Can you give a second opinion on this xray of left ankle? Normal?

Can you have a fracture, that was not seen on x-ray?

Can you see breast implants on x rays?

Can you tell me: are x-rays (radiology) 100% accurate in detecting hairline fractures?

Cervical spine X-ray 5 views and lumber spine X-ray 5 views (no lead shield). Should i be worried about the radiadtion and my future health?

Clavicle pain no injury. X-ray, labs, CT negative. Any ideas on what it could be?

Could a bone spur have already grown on my facet joint 6 months after injury? Ct scan shows mild arth. With bone spur of right l5/s1. Just 22.

Could a deformed spine (scoliosis) mess up a bone scan which is looking for possible cancer?

Could an ortho consultant surgeon know from x rays or CT if patient with a fracture had osteoporosis?

Could I have a fracture that was undetected on an x-ray?

Could my family doctor have a copy of my x rays results?

Could those x rays cause cancer?

Could you tell me what occulsal X-ray is? And can occulsal X-ray take good picuture of upper palate to detect any fracture at #1? At midline?

Damaged cartilage? 3 mos ago i jammed pinky toe. X ray showed nothing wrong. There are 2 bumps where curve should be. Pain just came back this week.

Dark spot on bone in xray. What is next?

Daughter almost 4.Has had limp for 3wks-xrays and ultrasounds of hip and leg all good-but shows bones are "thin". Labs ok but show anemia. No injury.

Dentist took a xray and seen something above 2 molar said it may be calcum or cancer can you tell me more they said it looked like cloudy on the flim or xray

Did X ray on L ankle. It's written on the film "weight bearing", but I was putting all my weight on R leg, not left. Does X ray need to be retaken?

Do abdominal tumors show up in plain xrays? How would they look on an xray?

Do these x rays look normal? 24 year old female knee pain from injury 2 months ago

Do xrays always see fractures or are there certain times when it's missed?

Do xrays of teeth show if infection is present? Is it possible for xray to miss it?

Doctor found "density on left rib #6" in an x Ray and ordered a CT what could it be?

Does "fracture margins still apparent" on an xray or scan mean that a fracture is still healing?

Does a dislocation that has popped into place show on an x-ray?

Does a fracture show up on an xray after 3 1/2 weeks?

Does an old buckle fracture show up in an xray? Serious excruciating pain. Please help

Does arthritis of the jaw always show up on x-rays? If not then what test should be done? She already has jra but need to know if its spread to jaw

Does gout show up on an ultrasound of the foot?

Does parnoramic X-ray show all fine fractures or nerve injuries in the upper plate or neck as the result of bad oral surgery?

Does sun ray spurring of lower jaw on X-ray mean it might be cancerous? How about the same sun ray spurring in the thorasic spine?

Does x ray of the tibia shows knee also or just the lower leg?

Does xray show underneath crown?

Ex ray shows crumbling in my spine and arthritis in hip. My Gp says it's oestreoporosis in spine and booked scan.what can be done as job to walk.

Explain fragile x?

Fall 2m ago. Xray, spect CT and bone scan normal. Mid foot swells and painful with wt bear. Physio stumped. Unsure what else it could be?

Fell on wrist and went to Doctor. Found a hairline crack and xray showed arthritis. Never had any symptoms of arthritis. Did injury make it start up?

Fell on wrist, bruising and some swelling. A week later it really hurts to put weight on it still but nothing else. Initial x Ray showed no fracture. ?

Foot x-rayed from injury. No break, but report: A small lucent lesion likely an enchondroma. What tests should I ask for? Seeing Ortho Dr Friday.

For the last half year, i've had a lot of discomfort in my left breast area. X ray and MRI with color and are normal.?

Found fracture when had my hand X-ray done. Is it possible for me to grow?

Fractured t10 vertebrae 8 months ago. No degree of healing on X-rays. Bone density tested but I'm only 25. Is there other possibilities as to why?

Fractured the 3rd metatarsal bone in my foot, I have a boot on and x-rays showed no other damage. Doc said I should get an MRI is it worth the cost?

Got X-ray on my painful left wrist and it showed calcifications of the soft tissue. Doc ordered MRI. What could they be caused from and how to fix it?

Had an MRI of Lt shoulder. The image did show something?? Looks like possible bruised at the socket and hairline fracture arthritis calcium

Had an x ray of my neck and chiropractor stated I take to my family dr as it appears I have calcium deposits on my thyroid, what can cause this?

Had hip xray for pain in hip and it didn't show anything. Something is clearly wrong, can an xray miss something?

Had l1compression fracture.With history of osteoporsis kephoplasty done after 40 days xray showed little compression in the l1bone what your advise ?

Had lower 2nd molar removed 14 days ago, went in for follow up due to jaw stiffness and had panoramic xray, can this xray show infections?

Had pleurisy for 2 months, X-rays showed no fracture. Month on and still get some rib pain, is this normal? Anything I can do to help?

Had ulna shortening surgery 3 months ago. X-ray from 2 days ago still shows break in bone. Is this normal? X-ray can be sent on request

Had very severe sprain 6 weeks ago. Had MRI which showed a fracture. How come the x ray didn't?

Had xray done. Doctor says I have a severely compressed lower spine. She said at 22 its not normal. What could be causing it?Would tumor show on xray?

Had xray of my wrist doctor said it shows old fracture with callus formation, I had broken wrist bones 20 years ago could that be what seeing or newer?