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Is it normal to have one ovary policyctic . MRI done but cysts look benign . Does this rules out cancer?

1 year back my sonography reports showed i had pcos.I've been on meds since then but my new reports show I have a follicular cyst on one ovary.Help!

19 weeks pregnant, my 13 weeks scan shows have simple ovarian cyst - size of 30mm. But my dr didn't say anything about it. Should that be concerned?

1cm paraovarian cyst found on ultrasound after my pregnancy. What caused this? Should i be concerned?

1cm paraovarian cyst, no significant free pelvic fluid on ultrasound... Is this cancer?

27 years old and have a 3.4 cm paraovarian cyst with free pelvic fluid observed on MRI. Should I be worried?

27cm septated ovarian cyst, what percentage would it be cancerous? I've got all the typical symptoms of ovarian cancer See gyno on wed help please

2cm kidney cyst on ultrasound. 25 year old female. Normal labwork. Was told that a cyst is uncommon for such a young age? should i have follow up?

3 x 2 x 1 mm probable complex thyroid cyst seen on ultrasound. What's the likelihood its cancer?

35 weeks pregnant & diagnosed with 12 CM adnexal cyst on left ovary. Does this require removal of ovary? Also how was this missed on prior ultrasounds

4-5cm ovarian cyst appeared 3 months after cyst removal. MRI a month later showed there's nothing significant. Do I repeat this? Having another pain

49 yr old. transvag ultrsound showed 5cm solid mass on right ovary 11 days ago. brwn discharge since. Is this normal?

6 mm paraovarian cyst was found on ultrasound 4 months after i gave birth. Is this anything to worry about?

7mm para ovarian cyst seen on ultrasound. I just had a baby and didn't have it before then...Is this anything to worry about? Dr said it was common.

8w3 pregnant. Ultrasound showed a cyst on my right ovary. Is this something I should be concerned about or should it correct itself?

A bladder mass of 2.5 by 1.5 CM was found by a pelvic ultra sound on my wife, 66 years old. Could it be cancer?

A CT scan detected an ovarian cyst. Could this be causing my lighter than usual periods?

A recent scan shows I have ovarian cyst and fibroid tumors. Can one surgical procedure take care of the cyst and fibroid tumors?

A septed ovarian cyst ,not a functional cyst And slightly enlaged uterus 10.5 CM , option of surgery or ultrasound In 6 wks ,should I worry, cancer?

A transvaginal ultrasound showed enlarged ovaries. I have a follow up appt in a month. I am scared to death. What can this be?

Abdominal Pain, CT Scan was done, not appendix or a cyst, however showed fluids in the Uterus, I'm not pregnant, is it dangerous? what can be done?

About 5 months ago I found a lump. Upon further testing I was told that it was a cyst. However, I'm really worried because the cyst is still there.

After a vagina and a top pelvis ultrasound and a CT scan doctor says the sourse of my pelvic pain is a left ovary cyst. Said that it should clear up on its on. With all three test would that been able to tell if this was ovarian cancer. I am 41 years ol

Am 27 yr old. I did ultrasound of pelvis. Ovary reveals haemorrhagic cyst 2.4 cm? What's next?

An ultrasound confirmed I have a cyst on my chest. It is becoming discolored Is that a concern?

Apparently I have ovarian cystmy doctor confirmed it again. What are my options?

Are there symptoms of having uterine polyps? I had two removed last summer, for the first time. Am 46 yrs old. Polyps were suspected and confirmed after routine follow-up ultrasound of shrinking ovarian cyst.

Been having ab. discomfort some bloating and stomachache. Had Transvag ultsnd and found 1.5cm foll. Cyst. Can this be ovarian cancer? Dr isnt worried

Besides a burst/ruptured cyst, what could cause a lot of fluid in an ovary (fluid picked up in a transvaginal scan)?

Best test to visualize spleen cyst?

Bilateral ovarian cyts result my ultrasoung what are the treatment?

Blocked fluid in uterus, is it a period? Seen on scan

By trans vaginal scan can we find if there is a cyst in the ovary? Or is there any other scanning to find the cyst and utress strength?

Can a CT scan tell u what type of ovarian cyst you have? was diagnosed at ER with 3.6 CM cyst and followed up with gyno- she did no further tests

Can a CT show difference between ovarian cyst and ovarian cancer?

Can a cyst be seen on a x-ray?

Can a cyst that has already ruptured be spotted on an ultrasound?

Can a doctor mistake a non cancerous ovarian cyst for cancer. Had an ultra sound done last year in September and I'm still having the same issues.

Can a doctor tell from a pelvic ultrasound if an ovarian cyst is cancerous or benign? Or do they all look alike and need further tests?

Can a fibroid and a cyst come up on a ca 125 test?

Can a pelvic ultrasound differentiate between a fibroid tumor and cancer ?

Can a pelvic ultrasound miss an ovarian cyst?

Can a radioligest be 100% certin that a cyst is benign through ultasound?

Can a radiologist get confused between ovarian artery and follicles on ultrasound diagnosis?

Can a radiologist see if a cyst is abnormal or the kind of cyst with a pelvic ultrasound?

Can an ovarian cyst be misinterpreted on the intravaginal ultrasound? I was told it's just a cyst... Not whether it's a functional, complex, etc.

Can anyone tell me about choroid plexus cysts on ultrasound?

Can endometriosis be detected by a transvaginal ultrasound? I had one done and was told I had a right ovarian cyst but nothing else.

Can ovar cyst on vaginal ultrasound go from 6.0 to nothing w/in month. I didn't have to empty bladder. Is that normal.

Can ovarian cysts delay ovulation a day or two? I have been diagnosed with cysts in the past with an internal ultrasound.

Can pelvic ultrasound detect tubo ovarian abscess?

Can small ovarian cysts go undetected in an external ultrasound and pelvic exam?

Can they miss ovarian cyst on ultrasound scan?

Can transvaginal utz diagnosis chocolate cyst? Coz i was diagnosis using it, then after a month i had an pelvic utz & again chocolate cyts, the size reduced though

Can u still have endometriosis or ovarian cancer w/ a clear transvaginal ultrasound? My doc says my ovaries are normal and my tiny cyst is gone. I have tons of pelvic pain & my mom has the brca2 gene.

Can ultrasound tell the difference between tumors and other things? Could an ultrasound mistake a tumor for a cyst, fibroid or other mass?

Can you get ovarian cyst after a partial hysterectomy?I had a trans-vaginal, & trans-abdominal ultra sound, now I was told I had to get a CT scan

Can you see a ovarian. Cyst on x ray?

Can you see ovarian cysts on an xray?

Can you see the ovaries when doing an MRI on the tailbone?

Can you still have cysts even though they didn't show up on ultrasound?

Can you tell if a 2 CM shaded area on ovary during transvaginal US is ca? Suspected endometriosis due to appearance and reaction of US scan to it?

Can you tell me if a doctor suspects a tumor on your ovary, what are the next steps?

Chest epidermoid cysts doesn't show on ultrasound. What does this mean?

Clear pelvic ct scan and transvaginal scan 7 months ago. No period now for 5 months. Estrogen levels slightly raised. Could this be cancer? Ovarian?

Could ovarian cyst be seen by xray?

Could s simple 2 cm ovarian cyst on ultrasound that shows up as small enhancing cyst on ct scan be malignant in a premenopausal woman? no change in yr

Ct & transvaginal scan done on pelvis October 2016. Both clear. I'm 5 months into no period. Can ovarian cancer develop this quick? Help?! NotPregnant

Ct found ovarian cystic mass, does that mean a cyst. Can a CT scan tell the difference between a cyst and tumor? Worried about ovarian cancer.

Ct of pelvis at ER showed L hyperdense ovary due to possible ruptured cyst. No acute findings. Couldn't this be ovarian ca? 31 yr old f.

CT scan done, colon remarkable. But ordered an Ultrasound of pelvis and ovaries. Left ovary not found but fluid was present.

Ct scan showed free fluid from ruptured ovarian cyst follow up ultras showed pelvic fluild dr said no there was not a ruptured cyst how can they tell?

Cyst BIOPSY Result Diagnosis: Right Ovary,Biopsy: Hemorrhagic corpus luteum. Cystic follicles. No evidence of malignancy is this report is ok?

Cysts on testicle. Had sonogram nit cancerous but is there anything i can do to help them go away?

Diagnosed many fibroids 2013 by ultrasound. 2014 vaginal ultrasound, not one fibroid found or trace. Could they have been parasitic cysts. ?

Do all ovarian cysts show up on ultrasound?

Do dermoid, endometriosis and hemorhegic cysts appearance look similar in Mri done with contrast?

Do ovarian cysts show up on xrays?

Do you think its okay for me to have a pelvic scan during my period? The result of my scans showed I have a collapsing corpus luteum. I am worried.. my first ultrasoud the result is i have a left ovarian cyst..but the right is folicles cyst..i chect the test TSH and T4 but the result nega.

Docs don't know what kind my cysts are They are 3mm with septations I'm waiting for ca125 test to come back docs want to wait & do scan in 3 month ?

Doctor did a pelvic exam and ultrasound - found an enlarged ovary. What will they do next?

Doctor i have abortion in last month when I consult with ultrasound it shows I have right ovary is enlarged in size and shows an anechoic cyst measure?

Doctor said more fluid than normal in pelvic ultrasound and "ruptured cyst cannot be ruled out) but didn't seem worried. What could be the reason?

Does a CT show a difference between ovarian cyst and ovarian cancer?

Does a paraovarian cyst mimic an ectopic pregnancy? Or are they easily distinguishable on ultrasound?

Does a pelvic test checks for ovarian cysts?

Does a pelvic test see if you have ovary cyst?

Does a transvaginal scan pick up on an ovary cyst?

Does ct scan, ultrasound rule out PID? They said that left ovary is bulky, it was ovulation time and had many clear cysts in it.

Does this mean that the transvaginal ultrasound does not catch ovarian cancer on time before it spreads?

Does ultrasound tests for ovarian cysts?

Dr told wife she has infection in appendix or lymph node. Gyno said she doesnt. Looked at same ba ua and CT scan. Both agre she has ovary cyst. Help!

Dr. Says I have small, bilateral ovarian cysts after trans-vaginal ultrasound. Says he thinks they are functional. Could be serious?32 year old woman.

During a recent sonogram the tech had a very difficult time finding my left ovary. Is that normal? And I have a cyst on my right ovary.Is that serious

During an ultrasound, if they see a few small follicles in the ovaries, is it normal?

During my pregnancy, ultrasound found a 3 CM cyst with calcified walls on my spleen. Is this dangerous? How reliable is us in this case?

Er has done an abdominal ultrasound but not transvaginal. Is there a chance that any ovarian concerns (cancer/cysts) could have been missed?

First gynecolegist appointment about ovarian cyst? Gp said to expect sono. What else?

Follicular ovarian cyst in right ovary for a year. Is it normal? Had MRI , CT and ultrasound but nothing suspicious.