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Can a tmj disc can be replaced witg silicon graft???

How effective is fat graft TMJ surgery and does it involve. Thank you very much.

1 week after a triple apicoectomy and double cysectomy.One cyst involved two teeth and had bone loss, so a graft was added. Should i wear my retainer?


3 yrs after mitral valve repair annuloplasty ring after healing over the ring is complete overall risk of IE? Take amoxicillin for Dental cleaning.

3mos ago got dental implant on lt & bone graft rt side i got laid off can't afford to get crown & implant etc. How long can I wait? Will bg reabsorb?

8 months old non united femur, grafting from anterior spine was done. i want quick healing please help me with your expert advice on nutrition?

A 38 year old female has a semi permanent metal brace fixed at the back of her upper teeth. Any harm in undergoing an MRI scan of brain?

A year ago, I had 2 LL side-by-side dental implants placed. I still have my snap-in 2 unit Nesbit. Can this be remolded to use elsewhere in my mouth?

After jaw joint replacement surgery what can be done if forming granulation tissue?

After a bilateral orxhiopexy how long does it take for the body to replace the sutures with a natural anchor for the testicles?

After brain surgery, how's the bone flap replaced? What materials are usually used to reattach it? Can it be glued back? Dissolvable stitches?

An immediate load molar implant seems inviting since bone grafting can be done at same time. BUT, how does the implant stay put? OMAX better at this?

Any tips? What should I expect from tissue expanders after a double masectomy?

Are alar batten grafts a permanent solution to nasal valve collapse?

Are alar batten grafts a permanent solution to nasal valve problems?

Are dental implants considered surgery? What kind of pain meds are used, and how long does it take to do one back molar implant?

Are dentists using fibrin glue to help close and heal the flap that was made in the palate for a connective tissue graft? Maybe better than stitching?

Are ridge augmentations generally successful? My wife lost some teeth in a car accident, and has been told she's going to need to have ridge augmentation as part of the dental rehabilitation. Is it a surgery that has a high success rate? .

Are there any advancements in otoplasty? Has anyone tried the earfold implants?  And the cartilze laser - which doesn't sound like it works?

Are there any sites where people will donate unused artificial limbs for reconstructive surgery?

Are there artificial lungs that can be implanted after surgery?

Are there dentists who restrict their implant practice to those who do not require bone grafting that takes months to heal beforehand?

Are there prostheses available for people who have had part of their palates removed?

As superglue is used in surgery, could it be used to temporary repair dentures?

Been more than 4 weeks since removal and bone graft, would it generally be okay to touch the surgical site now?

Being a "space" not inside of a tendon/organ/muscle, don't steroids/anesthetics placed in the epidural space remain there forever?

Besides speaking with your original ps.. Is there a way to determine what size implants you have after surgery?

Best imaging study to evaluate the integrity, position, and functionality of a prosthetic hip replacement, metal ball on plastic cup; how often p. Op?

Bone graft left molar, 4 weeks post surgery check up went well, skin has healed, chewing & brush is allowed. Can touching still damage graft results?

Can a bone block graft, as a platform for a dental implant, come from other than a person's own body when the goal is to build height?

Can a burn patient have an allogeniec skin graft without being put on lifetime immunosupressant...

Can a doctor do a penis transplant from a cadaver instead of a reconstruction? Because I have never had sex before and my urologist wants toreconstruc

Can a perforated and distored/ folded tmj disc can be restored and have normal function ? even though the condyle changed shape. thank you

Can a plastic surgeon replace a finger when the other part is lost?

Can a pocket depth reduction reverse damage already done? I need to have a pocket depth reduction procedure performed, and I am wondering if that can help reverse any damage already done to my bone and gum, or if it just helps prevent further damage from

Can acellular dermal matrixes used for hernia repair be restrenghtened again and again by using stem cell injections on it?

Can arthroplasty implants become loose? Is it possible that my arthroplasty implant will loosen? If so, what happens? .

Can Chlorehexidine interfere with the bonding/paste ingredients in bone graft? ie: Any concern about overuse around sutures covering lots of graft?

Can denture adhesive crean over long term cause or contribute to hardening of the arteries?

Can fat from other areas of my body be transferred over during a calf implant surgery? I've heard that some implantation surgeries actually transfer fat from one part of the body to another. Can this be done during a calf implant surgery?

Can i choose between alloplastic chin implants or sliding genioplasty for my surgery? I do not understand the pros and cons of these two different options, or whether there are limitations or restrictions for certain patients. Are implants safer than the

Can I do a body wrap before implant surgery?

Can implants be removed from in front the muscle and be replaced behind the muscle? Would that make better cleavage and how bad of a surgery is that?

Can plavix (clopidogrel) interfere with the healing of reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy? I had a bilateral mastectomy 6 months ago with immediate reconstruction. In oct the one expander broke thru suture line...Causing me to have it removed. Nov

Can the body reject an endodontic implant? I'm going to need an endodontic implant, and since it will be implanted so far down in my jaw i'm concerned about the possibility of my body rejecting it or me having some kind of reaction. Is this possible? .

Can the lens be replaced if it is put not in the right place after cataracts removal?

Can you explain the difference between synthetic and natural grafts for leg bypass?

Can you have skin graft failure after 12 weeks post-op?

Can you heal/replace instrinsic factor to help with b12 absorbency? How?

Can you tell me about fetal membrane healing and repair with sealants, is it possible?

Can you tell me something about the simplest type of dental bone grafting available if bone level is low on a tooth? Or, is a big operation needed?

Can your own bone be used for chin augmentation? I'm worried about having a reaction to artificial implants. Is it possible to reshape my own bone for chin augmentation? .

Cervical disc replacement surgery. C4-c5, c5-c6 to be replaced with 2 mobile device. How is device secured? Is it by screws? Will it come off easily?

Chronic TKR infection. Right knee. Pus oozing our every day. This has been going on for two years. Option "Gold standard", spacer, new implant. ?

Complications with central line placement?

Could heart hole be treated with just placing a lid or cap over it?

Dental implant, bone graft and sinus lift for upper left molar - questions for people with experience., what to do?

Dental implant: what system is available that uses flap surgery that can then be sewn directly up around & against the implant vs. An open gum wound?

Dentist needed to use a metal instrument to wack off 2 connected implant temporaries. 12 times very hard. Can this weaken my implants themselves?

Dentist now says if I want a screw type implant vs. a cemented one the cost of extra parts get added on. He did not know the extra cost. Strauman. ?

Do dentists ever start an implant operation by doing flap surgery to then discontinue it (at that time) due to bone quality issues?

Do knee implants have nickle parts?

Do penis implants need to be replaced every so often?

Do some dental implants come with an abutment already attached to the implant forming one piece that is surgically implanted at a first session?

Do synthetic materials have advantages over real bone when it comes to comes to dental bone grafts? I'm going to be needing a bone graft for an implant ill be getting, and i've read that synthetics materials can help promote bone growth better than real b

Do you perform permanent gold teeth? If so where are you located, I just want four of them 22 carot gold

Docs, could a nerve in the jaw repair itself after being injected with dental freezing by mistake?

Doctor will use balloon method to widen a narrowing of the anal canal caused by scarring after colon surgery. What is the success rate of this method?

Does alloderm require tissue typing?

Does anyone know the cost of a soft tissue graft?

Does collapsed blastocyst have lower chance to implant? Does it take longer than expanded ones?

Does second hand marajuana on the streets have negative impact on healing of bone graft, and three wisdom tooth removal. There are homeless who smoke?

Does the cost of implants (all 3 parts with no bone grafting) lower the more you get? There are 2 part implants. Like 3 vs.1? Serious question.

Does the urethra having to be reattached several times explain why I lost considerably more that the 1 CM referenced?

Dr wants to do a bone graft surgery from my gum to lift sinus membrane. I wear invisalign retainer daily, is implant necessary? cost vs risks?

Dull pain 6 days after dental implant.Jaw very sore. Have taken anti b and solpadeine?Abutment stage.Replacement for implant that failed after 3 yrs

Endodontist today did flap surgery and used synthetic bone to build large defect area. About how long til gum heals 80%+? Big surgery.

Explain treatment for soft tissue graft procedure using alloderm?

For removal of metal plate from 5th metacarpal bone? Which type is recommended? Full body anesthesia or Local anesthesia?

Generally, what % of the time can there be an immediate load dental implant placed in the upper right molar area? I know it depends bone loss/quality.

Got 1st breast implants in '79. Encapsulation, hardness. Replaced 9 yrs ago. Encap/hardness returned immediately. Dr. Said results would probably be the same w/a 3rd surgery. Is this necessarily true?

Got an estimate of $2200 for simple implant only with no bone craft on # 27. Not including extraction $ 250, crown$1650. Is material that expensive?

Had a bone graft from cadaver dental implant.Done about a month ago Felt something pull out that looks like a small white worm. Could it be that?

Hair Restoration: Isn't there a machine out now that does follicle unit extraction (FUE)as an assist to a manual extraction technique. Named?

Has anyone shown an allergy to metal implants? How do you identify if that is the problem and what can be done?

Have a hood piercing and need an MRI done of my brain. I can't get ring out. Can i still get MRI with it in. The metal is surgical steel.

Help docs? Why is it important to prepare the skin for electrode placement?

Herbeden Nodes on finger joint removal. How much does it cost?

How are k wires inserted? benet frc of thumb through closed reduction? are they inserted by surgeon by hand or through some tool?do they cause damage?

How can I take care of myself after surgery on my leg with tissue expanders placed?

How can I tell if im allergic to the bone cement used in the kyphoplasty i had done?

How do I go about finding a doctor that will remove my 29 yr. Old silicone implants w/fat transfer for restoration...I am in excellent shape/health.?

How do you feel about eye and tissue donation costs?

How is the decision made between which type of valve a surgeon replaces i.E tissue versus mechanical

How long after aural atresia reconstruction can I smoke weed? Then just did a skin graft and shaved some cartilage, then sewed it up

How long after breast reconstruction and implant placement after 4 months of tissue expanders do I need to wait to do strength, aerobics or eliptical?

How long after breast reconstruction implants placed after 4 months of tissue expanders does the swelling go completely down?

How long should I be recovering after transplantation of arm materials to replace upper palate? Flap surgery plus two biopsies of abdomen same time.

How long should I wear an elastic band after breast augmentation surgery to help my implands drop?