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I apologize for all the questions lately, but is it normal for the space at the back of your skull to be noticeable?

My penis has a very severe curve downwards starting at the base. I read about a disease involving scar tissue and there is none and no pain. ?

~1 cm diameter lumps (no pain) between pelvic and hip bone, multiple in line on each side of pelvis, not visible, easy to feel. Not sexually active.

16 yr old male. Soreness in legs, feels like growing pains which I've had. Is it growing again, muscular, or bone? Nothing else, a concern or not?

18y.My waist bone and hip bone are abnormally wide like that of a female.Also my rib-cage is very small.How can those bones shrink and rib-cage expand?

2 cysts at S2 (racepinephrine) 2cm each cause scallop of bone at sacrum n lamina. Hip stiff n muscle spasm. Feel lump at tailbone when sit. Should go for surgery?

2 days ago the anterior of ankle along the fibula started to hurt for no reason, very little swelling, im worried it could be serious... Bone cancer?

2 small bony protrusions on the far end of my collar bone that stick out . Can I buy a tool for sculpting bone to correct it since they poke out?

3-4 ribs were broken and i didn't say anything due to fear, i was young. Now its big bone sticking out of my left side... Help!

4 year old girls chest -the bone bit is outwards. doesn't look normal. is this because she is under weight ? She is autistic . Sh hs 1rib bone missing

42/female 1 nail started to have horizional ridging got deeper & thick along with pain when pressure-no bone issue per xray.Want to do biopsy? Help!

6 months post part um and still have pain in my tail bone area. Worse after exercisewhat should I do?

9yr old thin m. One rib seems to poke out more than the other. Is definitely bone, not tissue. Child does Judo. No pain. Should we be worried?

A 17 yr old boy has what appears to be a hernia on his right side of his pubic bone. How can we know for sure?

A bone in my tail bone has been huting for a few months! it is very painful sitting and getting up. I haven't hit it or anything though, i don't think?

A catscan showed that my pelvic bone is thinning pretty badly. Any thoughts on how it would be thinning so badly? I'm only 31.

A doctor told me that my rib cage was too narrow and elongated for my body and to visit a bone specialist, what will be done about this? Surgery?

A focal pain like a shard of glass is in my pelvis where the pectineus connects to the pelvis. Does this sound like a stress fracture? Or soft tissue?

A piece of cartilage below the top earflap of my earlobe gives off extreme pain when slight pressure is put on it. What could this be?

A small lumb below my hip bone at the back. Only hurts when pressed hard. I am female 64 yrs old. ?

A week ago pubic bone serve pain, now both hips painful.Had paps, normal, didn't fall.Hurts to walk.Should i be worried?What could this be?

After havin an MRI doctors noticed a swollen sac inside the ankle bones.They want to remove by cutting the bones then replanting new bones.Please help?

After I lost 11kg (gym and diet) I noticed there is bony prominence in the end of spinal (the top of butt) No pain ?

Any reasons why my hip bones stick out wider than my butt / thighs?

Are there any negative effects to being born without a tailbone or having your tailbone removed?

Are there conditions (rare or common) that make bones never close or close after 40? What other symptoms would U see? Can spine keep growing til 40?

At 16 i shouldn't have back problems. My neck bone is larger than normal, my tale bone is big to i'm in constant chronic pain & i don't have scoliosis?

Been taking forteo for 16 dos. have a bone spur growing into my sinus, now mid shin and rt. jaw pain. I want to stop these injections. ideas?

Bone of chicken or fish is stuck in neck what to do?

Bone pain, feels like a knife coming from inside the bone?

Bone pain? Im a 32 yr old female with bone pain. It starts in my feet and if i don't catch it in time with tylenol it crawls up my legs and into my hips. After that im stuck in the fetal position in tears due to the pain. Its a hollow pain then it feels a

Bone right above butt gap is painful to the touch. Feel a tension there when i stand. What bone is that? Why is there inflammation there? No injury.

Bone sticking out from back after surgery. Is it supposed to be like this?

Bony lump medal end of clavicle appeared 1 wk ago. No pain and does not move, X-ray shows normal but it can be seen and felt. No trauma. What next?

Bottom of my back is swollen under the skin and chronic pain I haven't fallen or injured myself what could it be? Don't know if it's bone or muscle

Broke L femur in 1986, rod inserted +lower back and thoracic spine old problems.Can this be causing left side specific shin splint & general nuisance?

Broke my collarbone on May 5th. I'm a model, so I can't have this large bump. Doctor mentioned a procedure in which the bone could be shaved. Opinion?

Broken tailbone wedged up under my spine and hip bones, and I am pregnant. I have severe pain from it daily and am afraid to deliver naturally. Help?

Bump on middle of tibia. Attached to bone. Skin pigment over site is darkened. X 6mo. Aching feeling of tibia bone periodically?

Can a bone spur be removed that is on T10-T11 at the rib and transverse processes I am having pain (8-9 pain scale) breathing, slight movements?

Can a super painful fall on the sacrum area cause scoliosis to develop?

Can an x-ray of an "avulsion" injury look like little flakes of bone and longitudinal ridges? Thigh bone. Lots of pain walking. MRI this Friday. Thx.

Can fat necrosis spread? I had it in my hip last yr & it was left 2 heal itself, however the pain has resurfaced.

Can i determine how much i will grow by the distance between my hip and ribgcage?

Can i reduced my hip bone diameter same as before because it is large in size of my right side hip bone because of my accident n was missplaced?

Can tail bone pain be due to a mosquito bite?

Can they really split the pubic bone to let a baby come out?

Can you still get dentures if you have little to no jaw bone left (osteoporosis)?

Can you tell me what it's like to have a "separate sesamoid" ?

Can your spine go back to its original shape after being cracked numerous times?

Cervical spine pain and sensitive to touch. My bones feel like they are crunching together. What do I do?

Clavicle repaired with plate two years ago. Chronic discomfort at ends, top of arm and near breastbone. X-ray indicates bone healed & no issues. ?

Could a bone spur have already grew on my l5/s1 after injuring it 6 months ago or has it prob already been there for awhile?

Could i get surgery on my shoulder at the AC joint as the top joining bone is rasied up and causes abit of pain while in use?

Could mild tenderness on area smaller than a dime and near/on upper tibia growth plate indicate growth p fracture if there is no walking pain or red?

Could pain come from a cyst on femur head?

Covered KJ with POP.Removed in 3rd Wk,now in 6th Wk. Bending OK,pain occur when use stairs.can see an abnormal movable part like a bone left of LKJ?

Developed hematoma on right side of the incision after total Thyroidectomy. 3 weeks after it feels like the hematoma has shifted towards the middle and pressing against my trachea. Is this normal for healing process? Can hematomas expand or grow?

Do bone spurs get bigger on facet joints? I'm 22 injured my back 6 months ago. Ct shows spur on right l5/s1 just contacting s1 sleeve.

Do you think I have a broken jaw? I can push the bone pack a tad; making me feel nauseous, and after a sort of "break " the bone doesn't move back.

Do you think that they cut is connected to the pain or something different?

Doctors x-rayed and found a 2mm bone spur on my left 9th rib, what are the choices I have and what can I do until then for this intense pain?

Does it mean labor is about to happen when your pubic bone starts tov hurt?

Does pain 3 months after a spinal fusion signify bone growth? This time is more painful than last, but lat time no growth. Friends say growing pains.

Does severe osteoporosis make the abdomen protrude, even if height has not been affected?

Dr. Linville answers...Follow up question: i also have cspine ddd. Will this also cause small bone bumps to form near knuckles?

Due to rickets I have bow legs and crowded teeth? Is it possible I have another problem of bone such as rib cage. Now I am 2 yrs female.

Every joint of my body cracks with simple movements, and I'm only 37 years old. I dot not fell pain neither tiredness, what could it be?

Facet joint l5/s1 strain right with a bone spur. Went misdiagnosed for 6 months. Can i bounce back from this? Will i be able to run/ be active again?

Feel like I broke scaphoid bone and I found out I'm anemic, are these conditions connected in any way?

Feels like I have a hump (round flat and in top center of the cervical vertebrae-closer to low part) not whole shoulder just that specific area, why?

Fell directly on patella. Pain at bottom. Also pain when lightly touching surface of bone. Surrounding muscle tightness. Maybe hairline fracture?

Found a painful cyst just behind the back part of my jaw where it curves upward. seems to have formed overnight, how should i treat?

Fractured mandible just left of center, mmf 4 weeks, elastics 8 days, arch bars off but still some pain and fracture line still visible in X-ray ok?

Fractured mandible treated with 1 plate on my right body and 2 on my left angle 3 weeks ago, swelling keeps coming back is it ok? What to expect?

Friend gave a large, painful, bear hug. Will this in any way damage my spine?

From 4-5 weeks I feel stabbing pain in my hip bone on both side, sometimes one.What it can be? it is like a neddles in my bone.I have low cholesterol

Generally keeping good health. Somehow I experience sweet pain in the back but not in the spine. It is in the middle portion behind ribs.No swelling.

Got a small lump on my tibia two weeks ago. It moves with the skin, not attached to the bone. Causes other pain in my leg, as high as my glute.

Got kneed smack dab in the middle of pelvis- exactly in between hip bones, below stomach, above crotch. Still hurts the day after should I be worried?

Had a heated facet injection 29th Dec & i am still in agony, plus the base of my spine is sore. Is this normal? Also do they scrape the bone alot?

Had a scan for back pain & was told my right transverse process had grown big and rubbing against my hip bone. What does this mean? Will pain stop?

Had ACD&F 1yr ago+still in pain. Theres thecal sac indents in 4 cervical vert + 3 bone spurs. Can this make me feel like have to make myself breathe?

Had bone scan and sides of pelvis, spine, top of skull are dark. Are dark areas always indicative of some abnormality - or are some areas always dark?

Had fractured mandible got plates put in right side has plates in the body part where the k9 tooth is and left side on the angel will I look the Same ?

Have a recurring third rib fracture. It's centered at the left costotransverse joint. Has remained unhealed for several years. Suggestions?

Have dead scaphoid and doc said bone is going to keep shrinkng what does this mean is it bad?

Have degeneration from C3 thru C7 now a lump is developing under collar bone joints near sternum. They are hard. Shoulder popping alot. Should i worry?

Have L hip dysplasia. My femoral head feels like its tracking behind the socket. Not painful- but blood pressure falling +headaches. Who do I see?

Have many lipomas. Can they cause trouble? By pushing on nerves or something else? None ever hurt but are growing.

Have tendonitis of elbow, now elbow bone has become very enlarged and pointy and painful.Read somewhere its calcium buildup. what do for it, and elbow in general been already 4 months and still hurts?

Having pain in middle back bone when touching. I cannot bend because it is painful.No trauma/surgery. Female 25 yrs old. Thank you?

Headache, joints, back&artheries pain due to bioatmospheric disease.Is there any health problem of brocken & removed part of forehead bone.

Healthy 25f here, pain in one spot in mid spine when pressed or bend forward, already for a month. No injury.What is usually the cause of it ?Worried.

Hi , I've been having trouble with my bones /hip pelvis back all over aches got low vit d...recently had a proper internall an my cervix organs are fine till she's touched my bone right at the top of me all the way round was really sore now I know w

Hi doctors,my ankles always look swollen.The bone is not visible but i feel no pain at all,is it bcz iam overweight only or something else too?

Hi I am a 55 year old woman. i have a lump on the left side of my neck between my chin and collar bone its internal it has been growing for about a ye?

Hi i have a little pain cuneiform zone, when i hit the soccer ball with cuniform zone i feel a pain for 1sec i think my bone is not hurt ,is imposibble nerve or vein ?!

Hi i have a tail bone that sticks out but all my life i was told i have spinal bifida. Some times it hurts and moves what should I do?

Hi I have been on a diet since Feb have lost 2 stone found hard lump on ribs bottom front middle think it is call the Xyphoid bone no pain any idea?