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Help doctors! what're your chances of living when your spleen ruptures?

Hi there, what is the problems of not having spleen? I don't have spleen because there was a cyst in my spleen. Thank u

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How long can you survive with a ruptured spleen?

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I had a partial splenectomy. Can the spleen can regenerate and how can I know if it's been regenerated?

I had mono and the doctors said I have a ruptured spleen. What is the best way to treat it?

I have a cyst on my spleen 6.8cm. My dr wants to remove my spleen. The cyst has a lot of calcification is this a reason to remove the spleen?

I have a spleenic infarction what has to be done to repair this?

I have a splenic cyst that measures 4.4 cm. would exercise put me at any risk for a rupture of the spleen?

I have itp and just had my spleen removed. Does this now mean i don't have itp now more.

I have mono. Could this be complicated by a ruptured spleen?

I know if something happened to my spleen while being enlarged, it could burst and i'll bleed to death?

I've heard of ruptured appendix and spleen. What causes a ruptured intestine?

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If a person is an alcoholic and his spleen ruptures from an injury what is teatment?

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My husband has a very large splenic infarction caused when they had to embolize his splenic artery. Does his spleen need to be removed?

Normal spleen, can it grow back from having a spleenectomy?

Ok I had a spleenic infarction the dr told me basically it was a ruptured spleen and should get better and it still hurts after 8 months ?

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