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My son of 4 was born classically autistic. My daughter was born two days ago with small ear and no opening for the ear canal. Healthy lifestyle - why?

My son was born in July 2014 and Within in 4 months his left testicle shrank from normal size to very small. None of pediatrics, while performing routine checks (after he was immediately born, 3-4 wellness visit check ) noticed this and now after 4 month

My son was born with asymmetric crying facies (some doctors called it cullp) – he is 3 years old now and it is still visible. Can anything be done?

My son ws born with metopic ridge. His head was and is in 3rd percentile. His soft spot closed at 4 months. How conserned should I be? He has hypotoni

My sons keratoma is in his left ear is why the navy turned him down. Dr. Lio, is your answer still correct?

My womb baby has fetal head lemon shaped, spinabifida, chari malformation type 2 n rt foot is clubed. What shhlould i suppose to do?

New grandbaby born july 29has spina bifida has movement in hips knees lot of fluid on brain.Shunt today.L4membrane .Surgery on july 30..Prognos?

Noticed that 3 week old baby has a mild y-shaped bum crack and a very small pink-reddish birth mark out 2 inches above his bum. Dr never mentioned anything. Is this likely spina bifida occulta?

One of my siblings is left handed. Does that means that genetically, there is a slightly higher chance that my son will be left handed? He's 2 now

One testicle of 2 month old baby is 3 times larger than the other, pedia ask to wait & observe & recommeng operation. Is this normal or alarming?

Pediatrian has concerns about my sons facial features he has a smooth philtrum a long head and small ears sending him for genetic testing why is this?

Pediatricians check baby's pupils on well baby visits? 5w girl with right pupil bigger than left but doctor didn't mention anything after checking her

Pediatricians look for hip dysplasia during well baby visits? Folds on my baby's thighs look similar but not symmetrical. Read that's a symptom.

Posterior fontanel still open on my 9 month old? He is otherwise developing normally.

Should i be concerned having a baby with a deep hemangioma?

Should i be concerned if my baby has high arched palate.. My pedia said that it would be alright.?

Should i be worried if i had pyloric stenosis when i was little?

The hole in our heart that we are born with that closes over as we get older well mine didn't close what is this called?

The pediatrician says our baby has an asymmetrical head and that we can select to have him wear a special helmet. Is this really necessary?

The right eye of my newborn baby is too small than left.Doctors proved that.Is there any treatment.

Urgent: my baby born 3 weeks ago was 53 CM , 4kg and 38 head circ. Now dr said he s 57 and 4.8 kg but head circ. Still 38cm. Dr. Say no prob but am worry?

What is i.T.B., i know a girl that had her spleen removed and has annemia. She just had a c-section and baby is fine.?

What age does a baby point? My 9 month old follows where i point, but doesn't point at objects. He can clap, babble, and wave. Is this normal?

What are the indications for scalp cystic heamatomas drainage in a 21 month baby after a fall from high chair ?

What are the reasons behind if a baby has born abnormal and there is no such abnormality history in the genetics?

What can I do to correct my baby's deformed head?

What causes you to be born without a tail bone? And, if you don't have one, does that mean your children won't either?

What classifies a baby w/ prs? 3 mos. Old has cleft soft palate seen at hosp 4 would of told me prs?

What do you advise if i was born with my ureter close to the bottom of my penis?

What do you know about fontanel early closure?

What do you suggest if my doctor said I wouldn't be able to have kids one day because I have goldenhart (insides flipped)?

What do you suggest if my friend's baby has a large growth on his arm?

What does it mean for a baby to cross percentile lines?

What does it mean when a child is born with only one major line across the palm?

What does it mean when the nurse says you have a dimple when she feels for dilation at 38 weeks?

What does it mean when your baby's fontanel is risen?

What exactly will a pediatrician do for a newborn's broken arm?

What if my older infant still has an unusual head shape?

What is head bobbing means.worried about that in my 10 m old otherwise normal healthy baby with development milestones met.ped assured not infantile s?

What is it like to have a baby born with a small optic nerve?

What is the best treatment for delayed closure of anterior fontanel soft spot?

What is the cause of a floppy growth from the mouth of the metus?

What is the definition or description of: baby arches back?

What might cause a limping 18 month baby boy with no history of trauma?

What options are there for my daughter (16) whose chest tube (premie, 26 wks, &had pneumothorax) caused significant malformation/indention of 1 breast?

What should I do if i had pyloric stenosis as a baby now as an adult my stomach always hurts?

What should I watch out for if my baby has an absent septum pellucidum?

When anterior fontanelle should be closed?

When i was a baby i was born with a heart murmor and 3 holes were present as well. They healed as i grew. I am 18 now, should I go have a check up?

When you have an expander do you have to turn it for 4-6 months?

When you're born and you get your head pulled by forceps will you have a knot on your head while you're growing older?

Who can measure my baby's nasal bone?

Who would u recommend in ft worth area for a kids ear specialist? My son was born with a bilateral clieft lip and palate...having trouble hear leftear

Why do doctors have moms give birth on their back if it closes the pelvic outlet up to 20-30%?

Why do the abdomens of malnourished children protude so much?

Why do the doctos not seem nervous about a baby with a patient foramen ovale?

Why does my baby have a broad forehead?

Why is it that my sons epicanthal folds show now at 3.5 and didnt really show at 2...?? Incidently born with COA, bicuspid valve and airway malacia...

Why is my 6months old baby's fontanel swollen?

Why is my newborn skull an abnormal shape?

Why is the periosteum loosely attached in adults but tightly attached in children?

Why was my son born with caput succedaneum? What causes it and what can be done?

Why would a pediatric md send a baby to plastic surgery for a bulging fontanelle?

Why would infants under 12 months wear helmet? Don't know what it's called - this one resembles that for a fractured skull? I see it a lot nowadays.

Will a girl have a narrow face if narrow hips?

Will the painless swelling behind my new born baby's ear be a cancer?

Would epicanthal folds, almond upturned eyes, narrow ear canals and high arched palate in a normal developing baby with no family history be a concern?