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12mo baby still has no teeth grow..Should i concern? Does he lack of calsium? Is it related to his radial club hand?

16 month old boy. Put less than 10lbs on since birth. Heart murmur. Low set ears. Very short. Face features close together pointy chin etc...syndrome?

19wf was diagnosed with VSD as a baby. Pediatric cardiologists didn't seem concerned that it didn't close by 18. She is an athlete. Should we worry ??

21 month old female baby has some discoloration of teeth and nails are convex need a pediatric advice needed?

25 month male baby , anterior fontanelle still not closed why?

28 week ultrasound showes my baby had big facial features like lips, nose, eyes could this b because its squishes to my placenta or uterus?

3 mo old w/ 1x2.5cm Anterior font and ridge in forehead, round head. Neonatologist carefully examined, measure, said not 2 worry. Is it normal?

3 weeks old newborn has hair on ears. It is semi long on left ear. She was born with it. What is this & will it go away? She is caucasian. Normal?

37 year old women with three small children, I never had the meningitis vaccine before college (somehow I fell through the loop hole) do I need one?

8m old baby boy shows jerky particular pattern seen.but does it may be once a it cause of concern.what coukd be the reason?

8mo daughter have a lot of pain during tympanometry? They were having to dig the probe to get the right angle. Normal or should the probe be smaller?

8mos old baby with protruding fontanelle during fever, what's wrong?

9.7 mnth old has a head circum. of 44cm,47.3% range on growth chart.Is this normal?She babbles,crawls,pulls self up.Not much change from 6mnth appt.

9wk baby has an umbilical hernia thats growing, its around 2cm in diameter when he isnt straining and turns blue when he cries. Will he need surgery?

A child with 5 months with anterior fontanell seems to be closed please l need advice about that what can I do ?

A vacume was used on my newborn baby during natural delivery. This has left a small pocket of fluid between the scull and skin how long to disappear?

After a 10-month-old baby falls on a wire, a line of dent appears on the forehead after several days, will it heal eventually? Baby behaves normal.

After i was born my soft spot closed prematurely but the doctor said it was fine and didn't need fixing, do I have craniocynostosis?

Angle of the dangle dr said 80% sure it's a boy cuz angled 69* at 12 weeks, how true?

Are conjoined twins attached at the head considered one person?

Are there any medical conditions for children with fragile bones & uneven hips? My 12 y/o daughter has 2 have xrays n the morning, im concerned.

As per the ultra sound report my 20 keek child has fetal face appear abnormal with a sloping forehead?

At 30 weeks baby is measuring 2 weeks behind in belly, femur, and head ! Is my due date wrong or am I just having a small baby ?

At my daughters 4 month well visit, her doc asked to get skull X-ray suspecting a small anterior fontanelle. It was a small since birth, so i worry?

At what age does my baby's skull completely close? She is 6mo and staring to move around an bump her head on more things, so I am concerned.

Baby born w/ cleft soft palate, almost 3 months, is prs poss. & not diagnosed at this point?

Baby born with iugr and birth asphyxia who did not required meet cooling criteria. No current seen deficit. When should she get a MRI of the head?

Baby girl 8 mon old weighs 3.2 kgs only.ASD closure on14Apr2014.Has Hypothyroidism,midly dialated ventricles & soft palate cleft.No weight gain yet.

Baby is a week old, born by c-sect, has 2 hematomas on the head where doc placed vacuum, seem a little bigger now. She is ok, but is this a concern?

Baby was 8 weeks premature. Her head circum. has been 16% at 6 mos, 25% at 1 yr and 82% at 18mos). Is this problematic? She also has delayed speech.

Baby with minor sagittal craniosynostosis (scaphocephaly) and the doctor is saying it's fine and no surgery needed? Why not? What will happen?

Blocked hair folicule on leg removed with local anæsthetic early pregnancy, could it have caused my baby's hypoplastic aorta coarctation?

Can a 25 yr old be diagnosed w/ craniosynostosis? What if all sutures have fused? Is there a way to distinguish the ones that fused during infancy?

Can a baby bumping their head result in their soft spot closing early?

Can a child have mental developmental prblems if he was delivered feet first? I had a set on twins in 2003 one was born head first and the other was breech. The doctor told me that he could pull him out feet first. The doctor kept pulling and the baby kep

Can a child with microcephaly have surgery to open up the skull and give the brain more room to grow to its normal size?

Can a child with microcephaly have surgery to open up the skull and give the brain more room?

Can a child with mild craniocynostosis that goes untreated grow up without any head deformaties?

Can a having a fractured skull as an infant cause lower IQ later in life?

Can an abnormal head shape hurt my baby's brain?

Can children have a permanent dent from a goose egg on the forehead?

Can my 3 yr old (37 months) old little boy be autistic?

Can sustained child abuse create a skull indentation?

Can you tell me about fetal skull anatomy - what's the difference between adult skull and pediatrics skull anatomy?

Child born with histamine on arm, size of a dime...What is it?

Child with Down syndrome has epicathal folds, thick tongue and low set ears. What else could be wrong?

Could craniosynostosis be missed until 15 months? Child has a ridge along metopic suture, but pediatrician says too late for diagnosis.

Could floppy larynx in babies cause female adam's apples?

Could the smushy spot on my baby's head cause him to have a learning disability?

Dear doctor, on 19-11-2012, baby born same as clubfoot but legs turned inside, is it is possible for cure please help in this 9705181600 ?

Do doctors check for plagiocephaly during well baby visits? How to revert a flat spot at 9 weeks without a helmet?

Does a premature closing of the soft spot necessarily mean a baby has craniosynostosis?

Does a premature closure of a soft sport (or lack of feeling one) automatically mean craniosynostosis?

Does an early fusion or closure of a soft spot always indicate craniosynostosis?

Does baby daughter with clubbed feet, clinched fists, small size haveserious condition?

Does craniosynostosis mean a baby's soft spot is closed or their suture lines? Are the soft spot and cranio independent of each other?

Does my son have congental hypoplasia or renal dysplasia ? Kidney us normal. Rk 7.3 CM lk 8.5cm. He is 13 yrs growing 3-10th for centile height.

Does sagittal craniosynostosis have to be treated? What would happen if a minor case isn't treated? Would a child's head grow mostly normally?

Does the presence of a bulging fontanel (soft spot) mean that my baby has meningitis?

Grandson 2 years old with a disorder chromizone 2q37. Born with open soft palette no muscles to speak of, very little verbalization.?

Hai sir my child hav a small membranous vsd child cardiac dr says and he told we have to wait one month it was automatically close it is true.plz clea?

Hello.My daughter was born with spina bifida on 29th july 2012. Her head is slowly swelling. What determines when to have a shunt inserted?

Hi, my names Amanda, im 19 years old now, but ever since i was born i've never been able to turn my wrist upright. A doctor said i have an extra bone.

Hole near tailbone baby is it normal?

How can some children be malnourished if they have bulging, round bellies?

How do I know exactly what does a pediatrician do for a newborn broken arm?

How do you know if your baby will have a head full of hair at birth andcan you tell by ultrasound pucs?

How to fix narrow airway on baby?

How to help baby with a deep hemangioma?

How to know the gender of ababy from bottom not front ??

Hypoplastic uterus with infanitile shape. Never had perods. Is there are any treatment for this. ?

I am 22wks and baby has CDH. They said only the liver has moved up to the left chest cavity and it's only the tip! What are the chances it will stay!!

I am 24 years old with mild plagiocephaly and I don't want it to get any worse. Is that possible for the skull to keep changing? oris that only infant

I am 37 weeks pregnant. He is head down but not engaged can he turn his position after 37 weeks. Or he will remain head down now.

I am 38 + 5 & my baby's movements have trippled at night. This is my 3rd child & don't the mpve to increasing this much towards the end. Is this ok?

I can't tell if my babies fontanelle is bulging?

I had a 4 degree laceration when my baby was born, 6 months later I have these tiny urine leakages, is that normal? They come and go.

I had a hernia as a child & if i ever have kids & have to have a c- section, will i be cut in the same place since it left a scar ?

I had asd closed when I was 35 years old, would that mean my kids may have asd too? Would I pass it to my litlle girl or my little boy?

I have 3 kids a 7 year old a 6 year old and a 1year old and i had C-section with all of them but when i had my 1st kid i have a lump on my belly.

I have a 1 month baby born with a prominent broad nasal bridge. Is there something to be done at this age for this craniofacial abnormality?

I have a 6 mo. Daughter who has ex vacuo hydrocephalus, her left ventricle mostly. What should I look out for on her?

I have a newborn who was born with an absent digit on the right hand, bald patch on the frontal bone and a floppy right ear. Any ideas of a syndrome?

I have a weird belly scar; my parents said I had a congenital deformity! what could it have been?

I have an 8 months baby and have been having pain in my lower back and thigh borns as if my cervix born still open.

I have an indent on the middle of my forehead just above the eyebrow line and now my newborn has it too is it a trait I have inherited genetically?

I have had 7 back surgeries, I am fused from t–10 to s–1, i just found out i'm pregnant. Is it possible to carry the baby to term?

I have misshaped forehead and I had since I was young am nervous and think I might have caraniosynostisis. how do I know if i have other the head which I do have?

I have reason to believe my children and i are suffering from undetected spina bifida cystica in palpable mass. Something popped on my back in january that felt like a champagne cork only as big as a cereal bowl. My son sustained trauma in november. We a

I have spina bifida but I don't know which one. how do I know.never been looked at but I do have a tail that is very sensitive, approx. thumb size?

I need info on a linear epidermal nevus. Any specialists? My daughter was born with one on her leg....She is 13 months old.

I was born prematurely and my soft spot closed early... Does that mean I have craniocynostosis?

I was born w/ no soft spot and as a result had big forhead when l was a baby and know asan adult I have no head deformaties. Do I have craniocynostosi?

I was born w/ no soft spot in my head but the doctor said it was ok and didn't need surgery, so do I now have untreated craniosynostosis as an adult?

I was born with a hole in my heart but doctors said it would close as i got older. Does it still pose a health risk if it's closed?

I was born with a lymphangioma inside my mouth. Is there anything that can be done?

I was born with a mole on the middle of my forehead. Does this have any meaning?

I was born with a sacral dimple, and as I've grown to adulthood I still have it. Is this normal? Should it have disappeared by now?

I was born with my anterior fontanelle prematurely closed... Does this mean that I have craniocynostosis or does my sutures need to be closed too?

I was born with no soft spot in my head, but the doctors said i was fine and didn't need surgery, do I have craniocynostosis?