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10 week old baby length and weight both 85th percentile. Head circumference 95th percentile. Does this mean he has a big head in proportion to body?

13 week baby head circumference 98th percentile,ultrasound normal & hitting milestones,is there a reason to worry?worried first time mum!

17 wk old niece head circumference is on 99th percentile.50th percentile for height and weight. Is this a problem? Her mother has quite a large head.

2 month old has a ridge on saggital suture.Head circumference was in 1% at 1 month now it's 85% dr concerned? What is the reason for this rapid growth

8mth old is 2ft and 7 inches that shouldn't be in the 1 percentile should it? I know his weight is low only 15.8 and head circum 45 but he seems tall

9 mo gdaughter had congenital torticollis, head & height were high %ile. Now head still growing but height went from 90th to 5th %ile. Concern?

Any significance of head circumference 19 percentile at birth and 89 percentile at 8 years? Child does have level 1 autism diagnosis.

Are helmets the only way to reshape a child's head?

Baby girl born yesterday 6pound and 12 inch head circumference. Is her head fine I was told during pregnancy that she might have microcephaly?

Baby's head measuring 1 week behind microcephaly?

Can children with autism have a bigger shaped head?

Can plagiocephaly affect headcircumference?

Can someone tell me how to know if my head circumference size okay or too big ?

Can the heads of people who had hydrocephalus as a child stay the same size?

Could a 4 mth old who doesn't hold his head up and his large head be concerns for autism?

Could men's head circumference/cranium or skull really grow bigger until ages of late 20s or 30s?

Could my child have craniosynostosis if her head shape is normal but in the 10th percentile for circumference and a tiny soft spot?

Could the heads of people who had hydrocephalus as a child stay the same big size?

Does my baby need a helmet for his misshapen head?

Fetal head circumference table?

Head circumference - what is too small?

Head pressure after i had my one month old baby girl?

Hello my baby is 2 months old and her weight is 4.6kg and her head circumference is 38.5cm is that normal.

Hi my 9 week old sons head circumference measures 16 inches he weighs 11pounds 8ounces, is that in the normal range for head measurement.

Hi my son is tow and a half month old his head size is33.5 CM and weight is 4.27kg as he was born his weight was 2.3 and head size was 33cm is this f9?

Hi there! My daughter has a head circumference of 38.5cm at 1 month. At birth, it was 34cm. Is it of a normal range or do I need to see a pediatrician?

Hi. Please advise: my son is 253 days old. how much head circumference should be?

Hy. What will be head circumference of 6 months old girl. Weight is 7 kg.

Hy. What will be normal head circumference of 6 months old girl. Weight is 7 kg.

I am a girl with a sloping forehead, is that normal?

I can't multiply in my head, why is this?

I have baby boy who is 2mounths older and have a head size 33.5 is it ok?

I have a small head circumference 21,5 inches the doctors tell me i have a lot growing to do will my head grow aswell? im 18

I have microcephaley but my head CM 52cm what is the age range. Ie how small/ big to child please ?

I m concerned for baby head growth. She is 18 days old.Born with 37 CM head circumference today 40 that normal.

I think I have microcephaly because my head is small. What are the symptoms?

I was wondering is a 24in. head circumference large?

I'm 19 and my head is too small for my body my friends could almost grip my head. Do I have microcephaly?

If the human head stops growing in size at the age of 10. Why do adults have bigger heads than teenagers? Or kids for that matter

Im Underweight and got a Small Head , im 6'1 and weight 135 lbs , Both my parents have normal sized heads , is my diet affecting my head size?

Is a 23 head circumference size normal?

Is a 321mm head circumference value normal for a 32 weeks pregnancy (baby boy) ?

Is it normal for my baby's head circumference to go from 25% when born to 50% at 2 months and then 90% at 4 months. ?

Is there a correlation between abnormally large head circumference and an increased chance of neonatal seizures?

Is there an adult molding helmet for a weird shaped head? I am 18 years old.

Is there any way to tell if my head is still growing?

Large head measurement at ultrasound. Is that water head?

Macrocephaly/how large is the head?

Me and my husband both have small head but my 2 month old baby have 85 percentile head circumference is that normal?

My 11 month old daughter has a smallish head with normal intelligence and development. Should I worry?

My 18mo son is always on the lower end of percentiles, except head circumference. Is this an indication of his future height and weight?

My 23 year old son's forehead and head (skull shape) appear to have changed shape in the past year. In his teens he had a TBI. What could cause this?

My 27 month old son's head circumference was always 25 percentile.It now jumped to 40th percentile.(dr measured twice to be sure) is this concerning?

My 3 m.O daughter is 2' tall, 12 lb. Her head is only 15" (9%). What freaks me out is that she had 15.16" at 2 months check up. Her head grew smaller?

My 3 month old girl has a head circumference of 38.5 CM birth she measured 34cms.m worried abt her low growth she ok?

My 4 month d grand daughter has dandruff on her head. What to do?

My 4 month old baby has a 98th percentile head circumference. His head has been in this percentile since pregnancy and birth. Is this worrying?

My 4 month olds head circumference went from 70th percentile to 89th percentile in one month. Should I be worried?

My 4 months baby's head circumference is 46 cm, is it ok?

My 5.5months old baby had hie when born. His head circumference is always in 25th percentile, are there any chances for him to develope microcephaly?

My 6 month old daughters head measured 26cm at her 6 month check up is this normal or should I be concerned?

My 9 month old son's weight and height is in the 18th percentile but his head is in the 67th. Should i be concerned that his head is so much larger?

My baby girl had a head circumference of 34.5 CM at birth, and now at 2 months she has a head circumference of 35.5 cm. Should I worried?

My baby girl's head circumference only grew by 1cm in 2 MONTHS, From birth (34.5 cm) to 2 months (35.5). Based on the head chart, she's way behind. ?

My baby had a 36cm hc at 9 days and now he's 2 month and a week old and his head is 41cm ... he is on 80-90 percentile weight n it concernin?

My baby head circumference grew 2 CM in two month from 38 CM when born to 40 CM in two months. Is that ok? Doctor says normal

My baby is 1 month old and her head circumference is 39cm should I be concerned?

My baby is 6mnths and at her check up her pediatrician said that her head is not growing properly. Her head circum is 39cm it has only grown 4cm?

My baby was born with a Head Circumference of 31.75 CM and at 3 month his HC is 36.9 cm. is the growth normal? Please advise and thanks a ton.

My child has flat head and my pediatrician doesn't recommend helmets. What should I do? She is 8 1/2 months old.

My daughter 16 days old, her head size 31.5cm. Is it microcephaly? (my wife 21years old, her head size 53cm, its smaller than other same age girls).

My daughter head circumference was 33 centimeters at 3 weeks now its 36 centimeters at 1 month is that normal?

My daughter is five months old now and her head circumference is 42cm, does it imply she has a big head?

My daughters head is measuring below the 10th percentile. Is that healthy?

My four months old son has head circumference of 10 percent. Should I be worried about microcephaly? Dr thinks he is fine..

My grandson just had an MRI because his head size was in the 97 percentile. They called today and said he has "bright spots" What could these be?

My head compared to my father is much bigger in the mirror but why is his bigger when we mesure the had is it because that i have plagiocephaly?

My son age is 10 month & his head size is 49.50, is it is normal ?

My son head circumfrance was 35cm at birth , 37 at one month , 38.5 at 2 month and 39.8 at 3 months of age i hope his head circumfrance growth is normal?

My son is 13 month his head circumference is 48 CM is that normal?

My son is 2 months 2 weeks old his head circumference is 41 cm he weighs 14 lbs is that normal?

My son is 5 month and 3 week s old his head circumfrence is 41.6 CM only since his 4 month check his head circumfrence grew only 1.1 CM is it normal?

My son is 6 month old his head circumfrence is 42 CM in the 10 th percentile should I be worried about his growth. But he meets milestones for hisage?

My sons head circum. Was 36.5cm at birth. His 15 weeks and his head is now 40.5cm. His a big boy, 8-9kilos. Should i be worried about his head size?

Need advice have a 6 month old son doctor said his head is growing to fast an its off the percentile chart any thoughts please? Its over 100%

Nine month old head size 97 percentile, is that bad?

Our grandchildren's pediatricians always say what "percentile" they are in weight, length, head circumference. How important is this info?

Please answer me. Is a 24in. Head circumference considered larger than average?

Please help! what is the medical term for toddlers with small heads?

Please let me know if there is help for plagiocephaly?

Roughly how much does a child's head grow in circumfrance from month to month in the 1st year?

Should i be worry if the head circumference percentile always stay flat? For example, 50% at 1 month and 50% at two months?

Small head circumference and low weight percentile mean failure to thrive?

Son has a head circumference of 50cm at 1 year check. He is around 85 % in height and weight. Developing right on and really happy! should we worry?

What is the normal head size of a 3 month old baby. Does a small head mean less intelligent?

What are the differences between an adult's skull and an infant's skull?

What do you suggest if my childs head is measuring below the 10th percentile?

What does 90% percentile in infant head circumference mean?

What does it mean if my daughter is in the 10th percentile for head circumference?

What does it mean if the circumference of my baby's head is above a certain percentile?