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exploratory surgery +/-cyst aspiration/removal. Is this normal procedure for abdominal pain and a complex solid ovarian cyst? Drs are confusing me.

I'm due for laparoscopic surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and It is on the 1st or second day of my period , will they cancel op ? or it will be fine

Septated ovarian cyst and ovary not able to be removed laparoscopically due to dense omental and bowel adhesions? Sigmoid adhered pelvic wall. Next?

1 complex ovarian cyst and postmenopausal I am 60. Just had polyp remove from uterus may have com ov cyst removed but I have adhesions. Hysterectomy ?

1 doc said adeno, 2nd doc endo, 3rd doc did lapro for endo, said no adeno proof, on necon, all said recur ovar cysts that rupture. Still have pain?

10/14 partial hysterectomy via morcellator. 8/15 right ovary had a cyst burst, twist & wrap around my appendix. Could morcellation cause cyst to grow?

13cm simple ovarian cyst gyn suggested laparotomy to remove the cyst & possibly the ovary! i dont wanna lose my ovary how can i save it help me plz?

18 year old dtr has a 3.4 CM rt ovarian dermoid cyst (mri dx). First gyn will only salvage part of ovary if she does laparotomy. Second dr said laparoscopy- spillage not an issue. How to decide?

1Yr postop lg abd dermoid mass adenoma Removed. Do these return?

3 months after lap surgery for removing endometrioma, another septated cyst 4.5cm is found. Doc says i may have to remove ovary. Do I have to? Why?

3 months before i had undergone laparatomy for ovarian cyst. can i do aerobic exercises now?

30/05/14 i had a surgery, i remove a fibriod and ovarian drilling, and on 31 night, my menses came, is it normal?

34 weeks pregnant with a dermoid on left ovary. The right was removed @ age 11. Can the dermoid be removd during a C section? Chances of saving ovary?

37 weeks preg. 12cm simple cyst on lft ovary. Normal pregnancy. Md pushing for removal of ovary & c-section. Can ovary be saved? Is vaginal del safe?

40 years . i have a cyst in the ovary 5,5cm . It can be removed with yasemin or operation ?

5 months after removal and still not pg..??

6yrs ago i had a cysts removal at my both breast.. It is possible that kind of cyst back again?

7.5cm ovarian dermoid cyst has been growing steadily. Doctor says to wait and re-evaluate in another 6 months. Is that safe? Is surgery more risky as the cyst gets larger?

Adnexal mass cyst smaller than 5 CM no change in the size women under 40 surgery is necessary remove the entire ovary for complete pathology analysis?

After a laparoscapy (both ovaries removed), do I still need to be on tamoxifen?

After a laparotomy for an ovarian teratoma removal on one side, could a new one grow on the other side a few year later?

After a laposcopic cyst removal does ur ovary go back to normal if not removed?

After a open cystectomy to remove a 6cm dermoid cyst, how long should I wait to have intercourse?

After a pregnancy loss now I have endomerial hyperplasia with calcification, ovaries micropolycystic. I have to do surgery or a treatment?

After bilateral laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal, menstrual cycles have gone from 32 days to 25. What does this mean? I 'm 30 years old.

After having a 18cm cyst removed, pathology said that it had precancerous cells. My right ovary was already removed due to torsion. Should I worry?

After having surgery from removing a ovary, do u really have to wait 6 weeks to have intercourse?

After how long will the menstrual cycle begin after laproscopy? I had an ovarian cyst removed and scar tissue was also found during surgery.

After removing adrenal cyst what are all the precautions to be followed?

All the women in my family have suffered from large ovarian cysts that had to removed with surgery how can I prevent this from happening to me?

Am I allowed to have sex if I had a surgery where the removed my ovarian cyst and all bleeding and discharge has stopped?

Any benefit to not remove healthy uterus if ovary due to cyst must be removed? No cancer history on both sides of family. Lost prior ovary to ectopic.

Are ovarian cysts possible complications after laparoscopic appendectomy?

Are there any risks of having your hair professionally dyed a day before being under general anasthetic to have ovarian cyst removed?

Bad backache after keyhole surgery to remove ovarian cyst? Is this normal? 4 days post op

BAH/BSO age 26, severe endometriosis. ORS diagnosed after last ovary removed. Now Age 52, estradiol 29, progesterone <0.1. She thinks recurrence?

Before undergoing my ovarian cyst removal operation doctors are asking to take contrast scan. Please can you tell me why & how that scan be taken?

Benign serous cystadenoma on ovary 4, 3x4, 0x4, 0cm women is under 40 what would be the reason the would have to remove the overy ?

Big cyst on pelvic exam. What are the chances I will need a laparotomy and not a laparoscop?

Both of my young daughters have dermoid cysts on their ovaries that require surgery. What advice could I offer them to avoid this in the future?

Can a dermoid cyst affect a baby's development if not removed? Does 7x8x6 dermoid on right ovary neccessarily have to removed during pregnancy?

Can a dermoid cyst be taken out diring a c-section?

Can a dermoid cyst removal prevent me from falling pregnant?

Can a ovary regrow after its removal?

Can an intestinal cyst be aspirated instead of removed.

Can an ovarian baning cyst be removed without removing the ovary 4, 1x3, 7 x3, 7cm?

Can cyst surgery interfere with breastfeeding?

Can cysts return after a laparoscopy?

Can dermoid cysts continue to grow after a total hysterectomy? I've already had two both a pound and a half torsion time 3 and 4.

Can I have babies after being Healed and not having surgery from teratoma cyst that was over my ovaries & fillopian tubes?

Can I still get ovarian cysts at the end of my cycle after I had my tubes removed?

Can one concieve after a laproscopic fluid drainage of the ovaries?

Can you exaplin what is ovarian grafting?

Can you get a dermoid cyst removed without affecting the ovary?

Can you get ovarian cyst after a partial hysterectomy?

Can you naturally cure 15cm ovarian cyst without surgery?

Can you still have keyhole surgery to remove ovarian cyst if your pregnant?

Can you tell me is a hernia normal after ovary removal ?

Constant soft stools 2 weeks after having 1 ovary the tube and a 10cm cyst removed...Is this normal and how long should it last for if it is normal ?

Could it be advisable to take HRT after the removal of uterus and ovaries?

Could Mirena (levonorgestrel) be the cause of a baseball sized dermoid cyst? Only appeared 5 months after insertion and Ultrasound for placement. Surgery scheduled.

Could ovaries regrow once removed?

Could scar tissue after hysterectomy and ovarian cyst removal cause abdominal pain?

Could the gardisil vaccine have caused my 7 CM ovarian cyst? I never had any issues until after the vaccine and even had to have surgery to remove it.

Could the removal of my ovarian dermoid cyst make my weight or wasitline decrease?

Cyst in liver and cyst in thyroid. Tubal and appendectomy. What r my chances for having gallbladder sludge removed laproscopy?

Cyst in liver and thyroid gland, tubal and appendectomy. What re my chances of laproscopy to remove gallbladder?

Dermoid cyst in my ovary, I forget how big it is. Doctor wants me to get it removed but the surgeon said no. I still have it. Pregnancy apossibility?

Do all gynecologis during surgery recognize a normal appearing ovary?

Do i need surgery to remove endometriosis cyst in my overy before giong for ivf? Or it will be esy for doc to proceed for egg retreaval if i did ivf?

Do lap surgery for removal of endometriosis cysts also lowers the amh level from ovaries?

Do removal of epidymal head cyst cause infertility?

Doc, last march 2014 i undergo a major operation.My left ovary was removed due to twisted ovarian cyst. May i ask if can I do dancing exercise again?

Does gynecologist need to remove ovarian cyst with entire ovary for complete pathologic analysis?

Does laparoscopy on the ovary leave scars?

Does obesity effect what type of cyst removal surgery my gyn will do?

Does ovarian cyst removal procedure affect menstrual cycle?

Does the ovary needs to be removed if there is a reoccurring ovarian cyst? And what procedure?

Does the ovary needs to be removed if there is aserous cystadenoma overian cyst.Ana what procedure?

Double mastectomy and ovaries/tubes removal, is this okay?

During my surgery my doctore will know my cyst is not cancer or is cancer without take out ovary?

During the removal of an ovarian dermoid, what are common complications (during surgery) that would result in the loss of the entire ovary?

Endometriosis on right with patent tuba and salpengectomy with endometriotic cyst removal on left now fate of pregnancy ?

Feeling sore & nausea 5 days after keyhole surgery for ovarian cyst & appendix removed Am brusing a lot around site Is this normal?

Female, 19y/o, single.I have an ovarian cyst. 2010 until present.They became twins and the other one is a dermoid cyst.Is it necessary to be removed?

For what length of time do I have to wait after cyst removal to use a tampon?

From few days ago i'd surgery to clean the abdomen after rapture ovarian cyst, and the surgeon took a biopsy, should all cysts biopsisied?

Got an ovarian cyst removed, can I still have children?

Had a 6 CM teratoma removed 9 months ago. It along w ovary removed. Now have 1 on other side. Will it reduce chances of fertility if I leave it there?

Had a laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy 2 weeks ago how long until i can exercise?

Had a laporatomy to remove dermoid cysts on ovary and fluid filled cyst (500 ml) should I think about having kids soon? Doctor told me to think about

Had an ovarian torsion because of a large cyst. Ovary removed. What are the chances of this happening again. I have some pains in and around incision.

Had laparoscopy 2/26 with adhesion removal, cyst drainage and biopsy. How long for a biopsy report? And how do I get rid of all this gas?

Had laporatomy to remove two dermoids and large cyst.Five weeks after surgery have fluid cyst on both ovaries. Should i be worried? Am on bc pills.

Had ovarian dermoid cyst removed 5 weeks ago..Recovering well, i'm still urinating very often at night . Fibroids small & two cyst small remain.

Had robotic cystectomy, tube and ovary removed and appendix a week ago. Noticed my vision is getting worse. What could be wrong?

Hadsurgery about a week ago.I had a hernia removed from my umbilical cord, cyst removed from my ovary,adhesions,gallbladder n appendix when is sex ok?

Has anyone ever had trouble with pain months after an ovarian cyst removal?

Have a dermoid cyst on left ovary was 3 CM 8months ago, it's now 7.5 cm, they say it's stable and not looking at removing it, why?

Have had 6 major laparotomies and now need to have ovarian cyst removed, have adhesions, will need another laparotomy?