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1 whitehead pimple where the mouth meets skin, not on the lip itself. White pus came out whenever popped, never blistered or spread. Was this herpes?

A friend has several samples of finacea to give me for my rosacea i've had for years. I don't have bumps & pimples, just redness. Should i try?

A little pimple around your mouth with pus, what could this be?

A lot of blackheads on the skin around the vagina. Some swell into cysts which feel large under the skin and the pus smells. What is it?

Acnes on back, buttocks and pubic region. Few red bumps and few pus filled. Please suggest a way out.

Apparently I have a staph infection, my vagina is itchy and red spots which turn into whiteheads keep popping up in diff places. What does this mean?

Blocked gland/pore on inner labia between 'lips'. It's infected & i'm on antibiotics. If it drains is the infection contagious?

Boil like pimples on legs that are filled with pus and occur randomly. Leave scars and dry skin layer after they burst. What could it be n treatment?

Boils in the leg. It's filled with fuild inside & after couple of days it bursts and forms a wound. Not sure if any skin infection or bug bite. Help?

Bump on my leg was probably folliculitis a year ago that scabbed over. Becomes inflamed and itchy every 2 weeks or so. Not from tretinoin. What do?

Bump/Pimple On Outer Labia Formed Whitehead And Popped Then Scabbed Is This Herpes? And It Doesn't Burn Just Popped An There Was Pus No Clear Liquid.

Bump/Pimple On Outer Labia Formed Whitehead And Popped Then Scabbed Is This Herpes?

Can an abscess be in the anal canal and be more than one bump/multiple bumps in area ?

Can an infected nipple piercing be a staph infection? If so what would it look like, one of the "ducts" on my nipple is inflamed & filled with pus.

Can baby acne spread to ears eyelids and head? Can erythema toxicum neonatum occur at 3-4 weeks and spread to those places as well? Red bumps and pus

Can clindamycin cream really help to lessen a staph infection/boil of skin when applied early on (as a small pimple or red bump?)

Can folliculitis bumps leak?

Can folliculitis cause someone to get impetigo after touching?

Can large under the skin pimples be drained?

Can pimples turn into blisters?

Can the skin around a zit get infected from popping it?

Can u get staph infection inside upper lip? From trying to pop under skin pimple?

Can you get a staph infection from a popped pimple?

Can you have Hidradenitis without having the pimple like lumps?

Care for ingrown hair/cyst near genitals? Lump under skin popped, no fluids came out but small hole. Red/tender. Antibiotic cream and bandaid used.

Chickenpox blisters on face now infected with bacteria, yellowish fluid oozes. Am taking coamoxiclav.What will I do w/ the infected blisters?Pick them?

Could a healing cellutitis get a bump?

Could it be a staph infection if I have reddish scabs on elbow?

Do herpes sores squeeze yellow puss?

Do you need antibiotics for a small skin abrasion if it seems to be infected?

Does a syphilis chancre contain puss/pops like a pimple?

Does applying honey overnight to an infected pimple work ?

Does HIV cause acne with pus?

Does molluscullum contagiosum go away? I have 3 on in er thigh. Not spreading. Two opened and are healing but itchy and reddish. Swelling gone down.

Does popping a pimple on the lip cause a brain abscess? Should I be worried?

Eczema just popped up, what to do?

Even if the sebacous cyst has been drained but not taken out has healed as of iching and it is not red but iches every once in a while what is that?

Had 2 large popped blisters in skin folds. Does that sound like an infection?

Had a staph wound (hole) 10 days ago & was healing, looking normal again but now i see a red spot where the hole was. Is itnormal or recurring staph?

Had MRSA in the past and thinking every white pus with a red ring around it is mrsa. They go away after a few days, could they be mrsa? Or just zits

Had pus blisters pop up after shaving down there. And they are very itchy but now they scabed over and still itch. Had for week What could this be ?

Have these bumps&they are pimple like can be poped I've had them for a while i think there a lack of cleaning and washing the area .

Have what i think might be herpes. No itch or burn. Yellow pus like pimples in my pubic region reoccurring for 5 months now. No fever ?

Help I have a red bump where my blackhead was? Is this herpes or a chemical burn?

Help i popped a blackhead on my penis now it's swelling?

Hi Doc. a cockroach bit some areas of my arms. It got infected; swollen & very itchy and not it has pus. Can I pop out the pus? How do I clean it?Ty.

Hi my husband noticed a pimple like bump on his thumb and told that he has a staph infection. He's not sure if it is that or a bug bite or MRSA?

Hi,These pimples have scabs they are spreading all over my body.I do not know which std it is.

Hi! I have an open wound by my bikini line. At first it was a small bump then it burst on its own. Still bleeds sometimes. What could this be?

How are ass hole pimple caused and are they transferred ?

How can I most quickly bring an inflamed pimple down?

How can so much pus in a pimple fit into such a tiny area? And what exactly is the pus?

How can you treat infected zit?

How come still have red bump after pus pimple popped (on back)? It's been 2 days. I put antibiotic ointment and am on oral antibiotics still.

How do I know if I have blebs, staph, or just pimples on my breasts?

How do you clean a bump under arm that has puss?

How do you heal a discoid lupus sore on the face filled with pus?

How does a boil's appearance differ from a pimple's?

How long can I put triple antibiotic on a popped pus pimple?I am also on oral antibiotics. There is a red bump on my lower back and it itches after 3 days.

How long will it take for an inflamed large pimple without a whitehead to go away? Is it a papula?

How to remove redness after the pimple or acne has gone? The pimples are gone but the redness

How to remove the redness of a popped pimple?

How to treat a zit with no puss?

How to treat acne that bleeds with pus?

How to treat cluster pimples in same area?

How to treat infected area of hand burnt by 6 cigarettes? Pus is oozing out, and it's itchy.

How to treat small infected pores on abdomen that appear to be spreading?

How will peroxide/bacitracin bth affect staph &or herpes or any puss filled draining sore on area above clitoris ...Started itchin then bump busted?

How would doctors recommend i treat pimple redness?

How would doctors recommend i treat red around a pimple?

Husband had small itchy puss pockets on base of penis. No rash but four puss pockets?

I developed acne overnight one 1 side of face (always immaculate skin!). Im having stye now too. Hives? Do hive blisters have pus? I can see pus

I failed popping my cystic pimple. Now it's still got puss, and it's inflamed and purple. Is there a way of treating this at home?

I get itchy redness with small pimples around my mouth every now and then what could this be ?

I get recurring boils on my labia, last month I had 3 at different times, don't itch or hurt but almost always are filled with puss-what's the cause?

I had a perianal abscess squeezed out in the ER a few days ago. I now have small pimples near that area forming. Is that normal?

I had a skin biopsy and now its infected, itchy, and has puss, why?

I had a small painless bump in labia minora with pus.One week ago I popped it and now it hasn't gone yet although I applied bacroban and betadine.

I had an infected follicle that has then healed without scarring, but the spot that it was at has been itching for 6 months now. Any help?

I had bumps with thick pus. Were these warts?

I had impetigo for 3 weeks now. Scabs off and redness down and now pink, is that a good sign?

I have 2 cysts on my nose and 1on my chin, all of them under the surface of the skin, there tender, sore and redness around area. Do I have infection?

I have 3 small pimples around my inner labia around my vagina area. What is it? There's no pus or blisters. I had an allergic reaction to soap.

I have a "pimple"on my ear cartilage and its red swollen and leaks fluid sometimes and now it has a scab. What is this ? Is it a pimple?

I have a bump that was probably folliculitis a year ago that scabbed over. It still becomes inflamed and itchy every 2 weeks or so. What can I do?

I have a bump under my foot that looks as if there's blood clog or abscess. How can I cure this?

I have a cystic pimple that is painful. My skin has peeled and is very red and inflamed around it. There is still clear pus in it. How do I treat it?

I have a large red pimple like bump in armpit,could it be infected ingrown hair?can I drain it?

I have a large, swollen, under the skin pimples, what to do?

I have a pimple on my throat exterior?

I have a pimple under my nose that is pussy and painful but has no whitehead - what should I do?

I have a pus filled bump on my areola.,I thought it was a pimple but I've had it for a year and it doesn't heal or stop generating pus. ?

I have a rash on one buttock for about 3mo. It itches but not always. Inflammation & small pimples bleed when scabs are scratched. What could it be?

I have a red pimple-like bump after popping my previous pimple. Could it possibly become a cyst because bacteria went deeper inside the pore?

I have a scalp infection of some kind. Itchy, red bumps, bald patches, sometimes bleed, puss. Staph? Folliculitus? Ringworm? What is it?!

I have a sebeceous cyst on labia that burst 3 days ago. Not infected. Still sore when rubbed. How long to heal and not be sore. ?

I have a small pimple on my elbow I don't know if it could be a staph infection or just a regular pimple?

I have a very large cyst or pimple i'm not sure what it, it'sunder the skin but i popped it using a needle, is there anything i can do now ?

I have a yeast infection and I put peroxide down there and now its red and have bumps with pus.

I have an avne pimple on my forhead beneath the skin which which is swoolen and hurt what can I do there is no pus in it . Its just swollen all around it.?