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25 year old female with upper left shoulder pain.I can't tell if it is occurring in the muscle or bone. Hurts when pressed. Early ewing sarcoma?

A bone in only my right hip cracks every time rotate it outwards. Do you think there is something wrong with it?

An 8 yr old with bone pains throughout the day? Growing pains?

Any ideas on why i'm having cramp like collar bone pains?

Are nodes actually on the front of the collarbone(not clvicular nodes) but on the front of the bone? Could i be feeling veins/tissue on bone?

Are there bones or tendons in the lower abdomen?

Back bone ache?

Best way to numb intense collar bone pain?

Bone growing out of side of my foot. What is this called?

Bone sticking out from back after surgery. Is this normal? It doesn't hurt.

Bones hurt after an xray, is this abnormal?

Bones in my hips are rough, what is this a sign of?

Breast bones hurting on left side upper collar bone. What should I do?

Broke collar bone in 1971 complete brake in the army bone healled overlaped at 60 having much left shoulder pain lifting arm up or back ?

Bruising on my calf muscle, is this bone cancer?

Can a bone cyst be located in the ankle area?

Can a bone cyst hurt? Was told I had one in tibia when I was young. Having some non-weight bearing very intermittent pain in the area.

Can a tooth infection hurt you collar bone?

Can bone marrow cause pain? My dad was told he has a spot of bone marrow on his back . He is always in a lot of pain.

Can bruising on the calf muscle be bone cancer?

Can lupus flare up make skull hurt as well as ribs, shins, arms. All bones?

Can painful legs point to bone cancer?

Can severe allergies cause swelling above my collar bone?

Can stress cause lumps on your pubic bone?

Can tail bone pain be associated with being pregnant?

Can you tell if you have a injured shoulder by feeling the bones?

Chronic third rib fracture with large callus under right scapula. Painful grinding when I move my shoulder. Will the callus need to be removed?

Clavicle (collar bone) pain, possibly a fracture, how to tell?

Clicking when swallowing. Could my hyoid bone be hitting my Thyroid Cartilage? Hyoid bone is very loose too. Causes pain.

Could a bone marrow biopsy in the left hip leave you will hip pain or problems after?

Could someone let me know what is a " pubic ramus fracture ; left side ?''

Could surgery hurt around the collar bone?

Could tendonitis in my arm make my collar bone ache?

Could use your help docs! my collar bone hurts when i yawn?

Could you explain what is soft bone located in right tumerus?

Cramping in my left collar bone. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Dislocated collar bone causes lots of discomfort up right side of neck to lower part of skull?

Do bone cysts in the lower jaw bone go away in children ?

Does a bone graft hurt badly when harvested from your hip?

Does osteoarthritis cause bone pain or is it the deformation of bone pressing on nerves that cause pain?

Dr said I have inflamed sternum the bone at bottom does that cause chest pain?

Elbow pain at funny bone side and wrist pain at small round bone side. Been 1 month. Likely cause? Treatment?

Excruciating pain in scapula, "mass" on mri. Bone spur or bone cancer?

Growing up had pain in bones. Told growing pains. Went away for years now have it again. Intermittant. Arthritis or something else?

Have pain in both of my elbows. Actual bones don't hurt, but joints do. Pain radiates to lower arms, again not actual bones. Still worried... Cancer?

Having constant collar bone/armpit pain, how can I make it stop?

Having pain in my leg bones what could it be?

Having pain in one side of my pelvis bone means what?

Having pain right above the top of my hip bone..I am stressed out so i think it is an ulcer. How can I tell?

Hello docs. I was wondering can tooth ache cause pain in collar bone?

Help please? What is the bone you can palpate as the point of the elbow?

Help, what to do about crackly shoulders, collar bone, etc?

How can I alleviate pain caused by my bone bruise?

How can I differentiate between soft tissue/muscle pain and pain in the bone from a potential break?

How can I relieve pain from a bone fracture?

How can one tell they have bone pain? I have nerve pain, having a hard time distinguishing

How can you remove joint & bone pains?

How come I have a pain in my pubic bone?

How do you treat pain in sternum/ breast bone?

How do you treat pain under left breast bone?

How normal would it be for my hip bones to stick out?

How to reduce swelling or enlargment of collar bone?

How to straighten your neck bone?

Huge lump on rib cage bone spur?

Hyoid bone sticking out? What do I i do?

I always feel pain on my femur during jogging.I don't know exactly if it is the muscle or the bone that is painful?. What should I do?

I am experiencing a pain at the inside behind my hip bone. What can that be?

I am having shoulder and coller bone pain.. Help?

I am pregnant and only 6 weeks along I have had seven surgeries on my right humerus bone for an anurismal bone tumor I am still in pain what can I do ?

I broke my collar bone two weeks ago and have been going through an excruciating amount of pain through the nerves in my arm. Is this normal?

I can crack the bones in my sternum. Is this bad? I'm 22-years old.

I fractured my sternum when I was 11 years old. Now at the age of 24 I have grown a 2 inch bony lump on my sternum. How can I correct this deformity?

I had midfoot fracture 2 months back.Feel pain while walk, no pain if i press the area.Is this nerve or muscle or bone pain?

I have a bone growing from my xiphoid and it sticks out of my ribs but it clicks but it doesn't hurt can it be fixed ?

I have a bump on my shin bone what is it?

I have a fatty lump on under my collar bone, help?

I have a hard, bony lump on collar bone?

I have a lump in my shin, is it a bone?

I have a lump on my chest bone that causes swelling around the bone and i very painful do u think it os pneumonia?

I have a lump on my right clavical bone. Not painful to the touch but when walking on treadmill my right shoulder & right clavical bone begin to hurt?

I have a lump on the end of my brow bone, only sometimes painful, but been there a while. What could this be?

I have a lump under my left jaw bone with pain what could it be and should I go to the doctor?

I have a lump, in my neck , underneaththe jaw bone that moves around, and has pain in it.What it's it.?

I have a non painful lump on my right hip bone what could this be? I'm a 28 year old female.

I have a noticeable dip-in near the beggining of my clavicle bone and lump near the end of my clavicle bone both have no pain just noticed a week ago.

I have a pain just above the bone in the second bone from the tip of my middle finger. The pain has not diminished over several weeks. There is a lump?

I have a pain under my left breast bone. What does that mean or what could that be?

I have a painful lump close to my pelvic bone what could it be.

I have a stabbing pain on my scapula bone what causes this and what are the treatments ?

I have a swollen collar bone doctor says it because of my posture can this be right?

I have an outgrowth of bone in chest, should I be concerned?

I have been curious about a noticeable dip-in near the beggining of my clavicle bone and a lump near the end of my clavicle bone both have no pain. ?

I have bone spurs in my right shoulder, what can I do to help with the pain?

I have bones pains all over all the time. Why?

I have bruising, swelling, and pain when I touch around my ankle bone. The pain is towards the inner/upper part above my ankle bone. ?

I have curved back bone to the neck, it's not straight bone. Can this be fixed?

I have funny bone pain in the back of my ankle?

I have had osteochondritis dissecans since I was 7 and i've had the bone removed but I am still in pain. Why?

I have knee pain that cracks at times. Could this be bone cancer?

I have muscular pain in pubis bone what can cause this?