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I'm 19 years old with 7.7x7.7x5.8 cm ovarian cyst that is predominantly anechoic with a single septation. What does this mean?

Ultrasound reports an involuting cyst in R ovary with lobulated borders and internal echoes 1.9 CM as well as simple cyst 9cm Next course of action?

Pelvic ultrasound(trans-veg.)shows-acutely anteverted smallish uterus-47 X 32X46 mm. right ovary endometriotic & a haemorrhagic cyst18mm-is it bad?

Complex cysts,filled with internal echoes. cyst is thick-walled with peripheral blood flow what does that mean? on ovaries

I have a inhomogeneous uterus with 2.6 cm thickening and several presumed cysts. I also have an irregular complicated ovarian cyst should I be concer

''both ovaries show multiple small 4-6 mm predominantly peripherally placed follicles with increased stromal echogenicity likely pcod. Pod is clear'' ?

"inactive right ovary"... What does it mean?

1.4x1.6x1.2 heterogenous hyperechoic focus on right ovary.Report said it "may" be a hemorrahagic cyst? Its painful. Likelihood of cancer?Will bc help?

1.7cm mass in ovary could possibly be a corpus leuteal cysts, what else could this mass be? u/s showed thin fluid in endometrial canal near cervix

1.8 CM cyst on right ovary nearly anechoic structure which has the appearence of a cyst with debris what does this mean ?

1.8cm follicular cyst, enlarged right ovary, free fluid in pelvis and abnormal pap. Anything that is cause for concern?

10cm mass on left ovary,4cm comp cyst with ceptated 3cm simple cyst on right ovary and 18mm endo stripe.Doc told me to skip mri and sent me to gyn/onc?

11.1cm cyst ."Markedly enlarged complex cystic cluster of grapes configuration right ovary with vascularity seen with septations " is removal best opt?

12cm centrally located anechoic thin walled cyst extending into adnexal regions. Also have PCOS. Please give more information as to what it might be.

2 ovarian cysts showing endometriomas. Both in a retro uterine location. Right one measuring 4 x 3.6cm and the left 6x4.5cm. How bad is my condition?

2001 Hysterctomy. 5.5x3.8x4.8cm mildly complex cyst w/in rt. ovary, total size of ovary 6.0,single thick avascular curvinlear septation.3.3 simple cyst on lft, Age 49. Calcium,ser-10.3; Fsh,133.6

22 weeks preg. ivf. 3D normal except the neck. multilocular cystic shadow from the left extends 2 left axilla. most prob. cystic hygroma. pls advise?

28,don't want children,haven't had ivf,after ultrasound I was found to have an enlarged right ovary, which contained all mature follicles?cause?

32*27 mm thick walled cyst in left ovary with multiple thin septae inseprable adjacent 40*14 mm homogenous hyperechoic lesion inseprable is it cancer?

32yrs old female ,ultrasound impression: a collapsed cyst in the left ovary with mild adjacent free fluid. Interpret please ?

40yr,not preg female. Pelvic ultrasound; thickened endometrium meas1.9cm. Right corpus luteal cyst in adnexa meas. 2.3cm what does this mean?

41 yo complex left ovarian cystic structure present measures 21mm diam.. Contains complex low level echoes with cystic change. Left ovary =16cc Worry?

5.1cm mass/fibroid in uterus appears away from ovary,need MRI. Lower rt back and pelvic pain.Thick endo.953cm. Complex cyst rt ovary 1.7cm. Worried!

5.5 mildly complex cyst w/in right ovary, total size of ovary 6.0 containing a single thick avascular curvinlear septation. Hysterctomy in 2001,cervix and uterus removed. Should the ovary be removed.

6 months ago Transvaginal ultrasound said left ovary not clearly visible but no signs of adnexal tumor. I now have an 8.5cm tumor on the left ovary. Was this missed 6 months ago?

62 female.Mildly complex ovarian cyst.4.6cm.Ovary measures 25cc.Hypoechoic with internal echoes.Radiologist wants to repeat us 6wks.Going crazy!help!

7.7x7.7x5.8 cm ovarian cyst that is predominantly anechoic with a single septation. What does this mean?

74 x 47 x 38 mm ovarian cyst containing thin septations and anechoic fluid. Could this be cancerous? I am 28 years old.

A 3.1x3.0x2.3cm cyst (simple) on my right ovary, vol 30cc endometrial thickness 12mm in secretory phase, history-11cm teratoma removed 2 yrs ago.?

A large mass has develped on my ovaries just over the past month, but there's no pain. What does this mean?

A septated cyst in left ovary. Thick wall. Smooth surface. Any risk of malignant? Hope not

A47x27mm anechoic cystic area in right adnexa. Clarify. Is it dangerous?

Abdom. pain, freq. urination.U/sound- 8cm complex ovarian cyst, heterogeneous echogenicity, septations, debris, honeycomb configs.No hypervasc.Advice?

After TVUS the results showed a 3.3 cm lobulated involuting simple cyst on my left ovary, currently on OCP. What is the risk of malignancy?

An ultrasound of my uterus showed my uterus is large10.8x4.2x5.5 and endometrial lining was 9.0 mm and a simple cyst in my right ovary is this normal?

Anteverted uterus measures :6.6×3.3×3.4cm .No dominant follicles seen in both ovaries . both ovaries show multiple small follicles measuring 3-8mm.

Been advised I have a 2x3x2 ovarian cyst heterogeneous in nature. What does heterogeneous in nature mean? What follow up do you suggest?

Been for a scan today and it showed I have muliple immature follicles but I don't have cysts or PCOS what does this mean then?

Bi-loculated ovarian cyst, thick internal septum, part solid. Size 42x21x26mm. There 2 yrs (was pregnant). Ca125 normal. No risk for cancer?

Bilateral probable complex cystic structures prob associated debris (blood flow noted) in the ovaries suggestive of bilateral hemorrhagic cysts.

Both ovaries are slightly bulky and show multiple tiny peripherally follicles are sympton of pcos? Tq

Both ovaries showed multiple tiny follicles < 0.7 CM (day 21) Ovary size 4*2.4 CM (R)and 3.7*2.1cm (L). Uterus size 6.9*3.6cm, no focal mass. Normal?

Can i still get pregnanct with 2 ovarian/adnexal cysts?Left 2.0 CM with solid mural nodule.Right ovary 2.5 CM ?

Can you tell the difference between fat and calcification on ovary on an ultrasound?

Complex cyst on left ovary with thickened walls and increased vascularity surrounding cyst. Is this normal or malignant? Dr didn't mention finding.

Complex cystic lesion rt ovary within is focal septated cystic structure color dop. Eval. Dem. Arterial blood in septations. Cystic ovarian neoplasm?

Complex cystic mass left ovary showing interval increase. Likely presumed endometrioma. Cannot completely exclude cystic neoplasm. What's this mean?

Confused - is a dermoid cyst on the outside or inside of the ovary? Ultrasound results say "within" or "in".

Could you please describe the structure of the mature ovary?

CT showed a solid mass adjacent to the uterus and right ovary, this could be fibroid or solid ovarian mass not excluded. Course of action?

Ct of abdomin: "uterus is heterogeneous in attenuation with cyst and probable myomatous. No assymmetry cysts is essentially left ovary" interpret?

CT showed very large cyst on left ovary. Not having trouble right now. Should I do something about it. I think it's 27 something?

Diagnosed with subserous myoma over uterus meas. 4x4x4cm, anechoic cyst meas. 3.7x3.6x3cm with left ovary. abdominal cramps. 33 yrs old, no babies.

Did ecography.Right ovary has 15x12mm, no folicular cysts. Left ovary 31x13mm w/biggest 7.8mm. Advices?Could affect pregnancy?Is right ov too small?

Do cystic changes in a pedunculated fibroid mean that it is simply dying?

Do cysts and enlarged ovaries mean cancer?

Do enlarged ovaries mean cancer?

Doctors said I have enlarged uterus as well as enlarged ovaries with cysts. What are my options?

Does a tiny calcification on ovary 3 mm mean cancer?

Does a uterus size of 10.2x3.9x4.9cm and a unilocular ovarian cyst of 2 CM mean anything? Periods have had clots and last more than a week. Thanks.

Does bilateral adnexal masses mean that there are masses on both ovaries?

Doing IVF for the first time, after injections scan shows follicles in right ovary are 5 and 2 in left... so is it cobsidered good?

Endometrial is 8.1mm. Right ovary volume 7.4cc, left 3.15cc. Physiological amount of fluid in pouch of douglas. Is this normal? Pain near bellybutton

Enlarged ovary with fluid in adnexa, should I be concerned?

F49, us pelvis report says small cyst seen in left ovary with clumped internal echoes resembling a hemorrhagic cyst. (three tiny seedling fibroids) ?

Fibroid in fundal region exophytic is 9.2x8.4x11.4 CM largest and 2 small ones .Follicles are noted in right ovary.What does this mean? Please help.

Findings at ER: left ovary contains heterogeneous peripherally vascular 2.5cm cyst. Right ovary has 2.0cm heterogeneous cyst. MUCH pain. What's next?

Follicles in the R ovary with a mildly complex cystic lesion w/ internal echoes measuring 1.8 x 1.2 x 1.6 cm. Small follicles in the L ovary...means?

Good day doc, I have anechoic mass of about 2.6x2.6cm on my left ovary does it have any harm to me in future?

Good morning, Am Anita from Nigeria... I was diagnosed with "a left adnexa septated thick-walled cystic mass with multiple internal echogenic debris m?

Got an ultrasound. One ovary volume is 15.65 ml and the other 21.01ml .yet the larger one is the one with a smaller cyst. Is this normal?

Grade - 1 Polycystic overies.Multiple immature follicles with increased stromal content and echogenicity - suggestive of bilateral Polycystic overies?

Had an ultrasound, my ovarian cyst has a slight septum and calcium what does this mean?

Had an ultrasound. right ovary is 7.6cc and left 8.1cc. endometrial thickness is 2.8mm what does this mean. can this explain my pelvic pain?

Had remover ovarian cycst 2010 irregular Endometruim multi cycst mass in punch of Douglas no Doppler flow adhesion pls help?

Had sono today for pelvic pain. Report showed polycystic left ovary with multiple follicles. Does that mean I have pcos?

Had trans vag US and impression are : complex 1.1cm cyst in cervix likely representing a nabothian cyst. Should i be concerned?

Have been diagnosed with pof and had a scan showing one follicle on ovary, what does this mean?

Have large mass on uterus,small one on left ovary,does that mean I have to have a hysterectomy?

Hello doc Multiples small follicles of less than 0.6cms seen in both ovaries with echogenic stoma resembling morphologically polycystic ovaries means?

Hello doctor , today I had my first follicular study came to know having an fibroid of size12*11mm,5*7mm left lateral wall of uterus .

Hello doctor, report is is mild free fluid is seen pelvis and right ovary reveal an anechoic clear cyst measuring 4.8*3.3*2.4 CM ?

Hello doctor. I have USG which shows anechoic areas of sizes 2.19 *2.47cm, 2.67 *2.47cm and 2.90 *1.97cm in left it a ovarian cyst???

Hello Dr, Does fast growing cyst necessarily mean malignant? june 24th 3.4 CM septated cyst, then july 19 6.3 cm, with smooth ovoid mural nodule

Hello i have a ovarian cysts and said in the trasnvaginal ultrasound hipoechoic and complex and septation what all thats mean .. Thanks?

Hello plz i need to know what the meaning of this sentences (both fallopian were opacified,normal in caliber and patent.bilateral peritoneal smearing)?

Hello, Whats does that mean Multiple small marginally arranged follicles seen in both ovaries, all are of less than measuring 0.6 cms. Thanks?

Hello, I was diagnosed with bilateral enlarged ovaries with a complex cyst 3.3 X 1.7 cm. Cyst cleared after a month. Does this mean I can have PCOS?

Hello, I'm a little concerned with my transvaginal ultrasound, it says my right ovary measures 4.2×1.4×2.9cm and left ovary is 3.2 ×1.4×2.1a?

Hi Maam what does it mean by multiple peripherally arranged follicles in both ovaries , along with the right ovary larger than left one?

Hi , I had a scan & my right ovary shows dominant follicle of 22mm. & I can't get pregnant because of that ?

Hi .. m facing a irregular periods ( in one month twice ) stonography were in it shows both ovaries are bulky in size with multiple periphal follicle?

Hi doc. I have endometriosis. Measuring 5.2cm in my right ovary. My doctor advice me to surgical. Because I want to be a pregnant. And I have adnexal.

Hi doctor, 22 years old, 1)Grade - 1 Polycystic overies (Both ovaries show multiple immature follicles with increased stromal content echogenicity?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is punctate pelvic phleboliths?

Hi Dr. Betsy, i have a huge multi-septated cystic mass arising from the left adnexa and crossing the midline to the right. it measures 18.7x11.6cm.

Hi I am a 64 year old woman and I just had an ultrasound and they said I had a cyst greater than 2 cm on my thyroid right side with hyervascular flow?

Hi I am having small cysts in my ovaries i had a scan and report says that the ovaries are enlarged and have cysts .Will this affect me to conceive?

Hi i had follicular study shows rt ovary fol size17mm in 13 th day .There is minimal fluid in uterus will this interprets conception?

Hi,am 28 year old. i had a scan in thae report its showing their is a dominant follicle of 16mm in ovary what it means follicle size is 16mm?