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My doc want me to go to a gyno to see whats inside my ovary cyst when i already had u/s by radiologist. what can they see that a radiologist cant?

ovarian cyst rupture and still have 2 large cyst there and still have pain from the rupture what do i do ?

1 CM dermoid cyst on my left ovary is it a good idea to try to get pregnant ? My doc said cant take medicine and its small do surgery.

10 years, multiple bartholin gland cysts on both sides. Left is now constantly secreting clear sticky fluid. What is happening? I've never seen this.

19, virgin, what's a full examination like at the gyno for small cysts found in ovaries through ultrasound that r giving pain, kinda nervous ?

2 cm ovarian cyst, left hydosalpinx. Gyn treated with antibiotics. Will it go away? Never had std, why did it occur in the first place?

35 yrs old told I have a gartner's cyst right side of vagina that wasn't there last year. Dr was not very concerned, can these resolve on their own?

4/1 went to ER ovarian cyst rupture still sore to touch and now brown discharge can I have sex or is something still wrong?

5 days ago I got a "cyst" in a very private area. 3 days later I a cyst on my leg & stomach. Can diabetes cause this? What will make them go way?

5cm bilocular(?) cyst on my left ovary. Had surgery year ago to remove 3 cysts. Will this go away on own? Doc isn't calling me back. I'm worried.

A few months ago I found out tht I had an ovairan cyst it ruptured on its own but here 4 mos. Later I have the same pain tht caused me to go into the ER the last time. I was wondering if it is another cyst and if so should I go into the ER again?

A friend of me has got a cyst under his left armpit since he was 4years.He asked a doctor&told him that its a Sebaceous cyst.Could this cause danger?

A radiologist said that my left ovaries arent positioned correctly.. Could tthat make me infertile? Could it b like that because of the cyst on it?.

A reoccurring swollen painful cyst in between breasts, occurring since a year. Doctor not being helpful and not taking me seriously?

Accidentally hit my wrist where my cyst was and it popped. Should I still go to the doctor to get it checked? I already had it confirmed it was a cyst

After a ovarian cyst ruptures how long will you cramp?

After an ovarian cyst ruptures, what happens to the fluid or blood? Is any action or treatment required?

After having a bartholin cyst drained (one week later) can I have some sort of discharge that looks exactly like a miscarriage? No pain from cyst  

After mirena, (levonorgestrel) how to do get rid of a large golf ball sized recurring cyst (ruptures and grows back) so i can have another child?

After surgery for an ovarian cyst and a removed appendix can I smoke weed? I am on Ibprophon 600mg. And just finished the oxycondones. pain hurts wors

Am i supposed to clot with a ruptured ovarian cyst ?

Any natural way to get rid of an enlarged ovary due to follicular?

Any reason for concern if 3 and a half weeks after spermatocelectomy there is still swelling and pain on the side from which the cyst was removed?

Are hormones released when an ovarian cyst ruptures?

Are oral cysts dangerous? Today at my visit my dentist told me I have an oral cyst, but that it's not a big deal, and i need to schedule an extra appointment to have it removed. It doesn't hurt, but an oral cyst sounds bad to me. Are they really not that

Are pilar cysts common? Ive had them since i was like 10. I dont know anyone else who has them. Or do more people have them than i think?

Are ruptures ovarian cysts dangerous?

Are serous cysts on the ovaries dangerous?

Are there any activities or foods which I should avoid with a fluid 4 cm right ovary cyst infection?

Are there any conditions mistaken or present like Bartholin's cyst? I'm awaiting gyn appointment & i believe it's what i have, i was just curious.

Are you allowed to do normal activities after a ruptured ovarian cyst?

Bad if ovarian cyst ruptures or is that how it heals? have a painful 3.6 CM diagnosed w/ CT at ER and my gyno did no further tests- said will go away

Baseball-sized Ovarian cyst found during CT of kidneys. I'm now having cramps down into my thigh. Should I call the doctor now or wait for visit?

Besides rupturing, how does a functional ovarian cyst resolve itself? How does the fluid leave?

Bleeding from ruptured ovarian cyst, would a tampon help?

By me having endometriosis really bad and also cysts (chocolate cyst) surgery was needed along with having 1 ovary removed, can I hve still hve kids?

By me rupturing my ovarian cyst could that cause me to have constipation?

Call you tell the difference between a ruptured ovarian cyst and an ovarian torsion?

Can a blatter actually burst.

Can a breast cyst rupture spontaneously?

Can a breast cyst rupture?

Can a cyst on your ovary that ruptures cause problems with your intestines?

Can a follicular cyst that was 2.8 CM big and painful change periods color and smell? The cyst is now 2.3 CM and not painful but periods are different

Can a ganglion cyst rupturing cause me to feel light headed and sick? it hasn't been drained in over a year, could the fluid have become toxic?

Can a kidney cyst burst? Is this common and what happens if it does?

Can a ovarian cyst rupture lead to pregnancy?

Can a ovulation cyst rupture?

Can a ruptured appendix cause infertility in women?

Can a ruptured hemorrhagic ovarian cyst cause blood in stool? Is this something that I should worry about? I was told the cyst would resolve itself.

Can a ruptured ovarian cyst cause internal bleeding?

Can a small dermoid ovarian cyst leak (rather than completely rupture), or unlikely?

Can a tampon aggrevate a cyst?

Can an ectopic pregnancy rupture and after the rupture be mistaken for an ovarian cyst?

Can an infected armpit cyst cause upper chest and breast pain. The meds i was on took the cyst down to the size it was five years ago when i first fel?

Can an orgasm without penetration cause an ovarian cyst to rupture?

Can an ovarian cyst be cancer and rupture?

Can an ovarian cyst cause your bleeding in your cervix?

Can an ovarian cyst make it hard to urinate? As in having to really push to get it out?

Can an ovarian cyst rupture? What are the signs and symptoms of having an ovarian cyst and what are the dangers ?

Can complex fluid filled ovarian cysts become cancerous? Why might there be a bright ring around it on u/s then no ring on f/u u/s? Causing much pain.

Can having an ovarian cyst rupture cause ovulation, or rupture because of ovulation?

Can having intercourse cause an ovarian cyst to rupture?

Can having sex rupture an ovarian cyst?

Can i consume alcohol with a ruptured ovarian cyst?

Can i die from a ruptured cyst?

Can I get a headache and nausea with large ovarian cysts that require surgery. One has possibly ruptured.

Can I have sex with a ruptured hemorrhagic cyst, and still have burst of pain every so often? And still bleeding internally a little bit, been 2 weeks

Can I hemorrhage form ruptured ovary cyst?

Can I still get pregnant in the same month I had an ovarian cyst rupture?

Can i still have a baby when I have a cyst on my overuse ?

Can nabothian cyst cause bleeding?

Can nabothian cysts on cervix cause any symptoms such as pain? and can they get infected at some point during their presence especially after sex?

Can ovarian cyst cause blood clots?

Can ovarian cyst cause my hair to be falling out? My lymphnodes swell up many times over past yr. With no known reason. My dr has no answer for this.

Can ovarian cyst rupture affect other organs in my abdomen ?

Can ovarian cyst ruptures cause people to get peritonitis?

Can ovarian cysts rupture cause constipation?

Can pcos go away? I want it to disappear

Can pcos resolve itself? I was diagnosed 11 years ago but was recently told i no longer have it, even though i still have problems with cysts.

Can pregnancy occur before rupture of ovarian cyst??? If yes than do it persists after rupture of cyst??

Can ruptured ovarian cysts cause scarring or adhesions?

Can sex cause an ovarian cyst to rupture?

Can sexual intercourse cause ovarian cysts to rupture?

Can small ovarian cyst rupture?

Can someone get multiple cysts throughout neck?

Can someone rupture your cyst by hitting you?

Can you ask a doctor to remove an ovarian cyst 2x2in, if it keeps coming back and just causes pain, even after treatment? Or does it have to be cancer

Can you bleed after an ovarian cyst ruptures?

Can you burst an ovarian cyst while having sex?

Can you die from a cyst?

Can you feel or know when an ovarian cyst ruptures?

Can you get pregnant after and ovarian cyst rupture?

Can you have a discharge when a cyst ruptures?

Can you have blood clots after a ruptured ovarian cyst ??

Can you have sex after an ovarian cyst ruptures?

Can you still have sex with a burst cyst?

Can you still ovulate after cyst burst?

Can you tell me exactly when is it okay to have sex after a ruptured ovarian cyst?

Can you tell me how do I help get better with bakers cyst?

Can you tell me, what is ovarian cysts bursting like?