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Can dextroscoliosis contribute to continues knee dislocation?

My daughter has one knee significantly higher than the other. Could this be uneven hips or possibly different leg lengths? Should we see a doctor?

17yr old, osteoarthritis and osteonercrosis, no cartilage, lots of pain, trying to put off a hip replacement anything I can do in the mean time?

19yr lady marrow edema femoral neck& intertrochanteric.when she normal aftr surgery?can she pregnant after that?rod/screw fix inside hip'll b lifelong

23 with bilateral femoral acetabular impingement! what are the recommended options for someone my age?

28 years. Male. Normal bmi. My doc said that the distance between the two bones in both of my knee joints have decreased and hence the pain. Reasons ?

35 lady w/bilateral femoral hip impinge, rgt labral tear, osteoarthritis, 200 lbs 5'9'. PT, Ned's no help. Hip arthroscopic or total hip replacement?

43 year old female with Spina Bifida L4-5 ambulate with AFO's and cane. Scheduled for total hip replacement. What are some of my additional risks?

6 yrs post partum, very active have been diag w/ advanced osteitis pubis/osteoarthritis, advised surgery to remove bone and fuse pelvis. Other option?

70lb over weight have sacro iliac fracture and tro hip bursitis also risk of DVT can I still fly on a plane in next few months?

91 year old mother broke her hip. Will she recover?

A 3 year girl has synovitis on her hip joint. Is it common? Whats appropriate treatment? Will it have any impact on her future hip or general health?

A dislocated prostisis hip after 8 years in early 50s what is the likelihood of dislocation again?

After recent hip reconstruction my one leg is 2 inches shorter than the other?

Am looking for any research on ehlers danlos type 3 and total joint replacements. Mother has had both shoulders replaced. I and my daughter have eds3?

Anterior hip replacement 2 weeks ago, more active each day - still have groin pain, is it normal?

Any good sites on rehabilitation of patients after broken hips?

Any ideas on the likelihood of femoroacetabular impingement leading to hip replacement in later years?

Any update on treatment for developmental hip dysplasia?

Anyone have advice for someone age 35 who is facing hip replacement?

Are prothstetic hips safe, and are there any other options for a reacurring bone cyst of the hip? I broke my hip when i was ten, caused by a cyst. The treatment was a steroid flush and a cast. I broke it again when i was twelve when they found that it was

Are there any organs that are associated with a hip fracture?

Bone density test shows osteoporosis of the spine & hip, hip:-3.03, spine:-3.58 what is the recommended treatment?

Can a HIV positive undergo hip joint replacement?

Can a calcification in the knee be mistaken for osteosarcoma and vice versa?

Can a hip fracture cause your leg to become shorter? If so is there anything that can done about it?

Can a man have sex with a fractured hip?

Can a slight underdeveloped hip joint heal naturally in an 8 week old baby without the palvic harness?

Can a UTI 3 months after hip surgery infect the hip?

Can anyone tell me what can I take that is natural for bursitus in my hip?

Can being born with a dislocated hip lead to problems later on?

Can being born with underdeveloped hips lead to hip problems?

Can child birth cause a hip stress fracture?

Can congenital dislocated hip affect childhood development?

Can differing leg lengths cause arthritis?

Can I have more children if i fractured my sacroilliac joint 17 months ago only just healed also suffer tro hip bursitis painful can I have more child?

Can I know treatment for congenital hip dislocation for 23yrs women?

Can medical marijuana be used for a hip dislocation?

Can meditation help movement after hip surgery in elderly?

Can micro fractures in the lumbar affect hips and groin especially during the menstrual cycle?

Can modulus mismatch in hip replacement be caused by trauma?

Can Patello Femoral pain be permanently cured?

Can pernicious anemua cause femur pain?

Can somebody help me about hip fracture prognosis for 85yo woman?

Can someone with bilateral lower limbs CRPS get hip replacement surgery. Or could this intesify the pain? Patient is 67 and has severe hips OA

Can something be done about high hips? Sort of like a tibial osteotomy like procedure done on a person with high hips? Remove a wedge to lower hip?

Can the different lengths of my legs originating from a hip fracture be corrected?

Can you naturally treat a broken hip socket without surgery?

Can you reverse a hip girdlestone procedure? Meaning trying to put back the hip prosthesis after more than a year from the girdlstone procedure.

Can you?Repair a cracked hip in a person with osteoporosis?

Clinically diagnosed fractured sacroilliac joint during child birth 15 months ago but still inlot of pain will i be able to have more child in future?

Could a dislocated hip as an infant cause pain in adulthood?

Could a helmet reduce the risk of suffering from a dislocated shoulder?

Could being double-jointed in your hips lead to possible hip dislocations or other problems in the near future?

Could excessive femoral anteversion lead to hip problems when I am older like hips replacement?

Could you tell me why my hips kind of dislocate during sex and how i can prevent this?

Developmental hip dysplasia. Any follow-up needed after age 2 years?

Diagnosed as a child with Osgood schlatters,now 37 and have constant pain in lumps below both my knees,What can i do to live a normal life ?

Diagnoses of failed right hip replacement arthroplasty due to stress reaction in femur mean? What could cause stress reaction, does that mean surgery

Dislocated my left patella. Dies this mean I have a larger chance of dislocating my knee in the future?

Disuse osteoporosis with bony resorption. What are the ramifications of this osteoarthritis both legs n meniscus tear so i'm in a wheelchair 60% time?

Do hip dysplasia and femoral anteversion go hand in hand? I was just diagnosed with both, when you have one, do u automatically have the other?

Do people with unilatrral hip dysplasia have an increased lordosis on the opposite side?

Do you think my radiation therapy caused osteoencrosis in my hips?

Does a pes anserinus transfer affect a knee replacement? (There's a staple in the tibia).

Does anyone know about hip injuries recovery time in elders?

Does having sex widen your hips?

Elderly relative had hip replacement surgery, now infection in soft tissue and nerve damage?

Extreme pain with hip calcification is this normal? If so for how long? I am a 41 year old women with RA.

Failed hip replacement likely to negatively affect woman?

Father had titanium hip replacement last year, now may require imaging of shoulder bone, which has lump on it. Would MRI be allowed given titanium hip?

Fit 54 y, hip replacement, 12 weeks post: increased disability/pain; pain on change of position; abnormal painful walking. Prosthesis placement good?

Flying on a plane tomorrow been taking aspirin 3 days have sacroilliac fracture trochanteric hip bursitis and risk of DVT what will help me?

Fractured pelvis 15 months ago during child, birth still in chronic pain now have hip bursitis would it be difficult for me to carry more children?

Fractured pelvis during childbirth 15 months ago still in so much pain now have bursitis hip. Doctor said will be hard to carry more children true?

Fractured right sacroilliac joint giving birth 15 month ago still in a lot of pain ALS hip tro bursitis will it be hard for me to carry more children?

Had hip replacement surgery over 3 yrs ago and have pain down outise of thigh and "frayed piriformis and gluteus medias" - will it ever get better?

Has anyone here encountered hip implant failure?

Have you treated hip dysplacia?

Hello dr.i have a knee problem,my right knee joint gap is decreased,previously i used to take orcerin-gm, but no use ,still my gap not increased?

Hello,sir i have inherited bow legs and diff between both knees is 3 inches,do it cause any effect on height if yes should i go for surgery?

Hello. I am a flexible, energetic, healthy, 75 year old woman who had bi-lateral hip replacement (anterior) 3 months ago and i’ve been walking a whole?

Hello. I am an energetic, healthy, 75 year old woman who had bi-lateral hip replacement (anterior) 3 months ago and i’ve been walking a lot.

Help! Was born with hip dysplasia/never treated- what is the best clinic for manual therapy there is for my condition?


Heterotopic ossification developed post hip arthroscopy. Thigh sore. Concern?

Hi docs. I need information on hip displasia in toddler?

Hi dr . I was born with bilateral hip luxation. I gave birth 7 moths ago and have been in pain since then could my hips have changed during labor ?

Hi. i just want you to ask about stem cell therapy. actually before hla b27 was positive now doctor said me to do hip replacement so what i do?

Hi.I m suffering from avascular necrosis hips in my final stage. Can i go to gym for doing just upper limbs? Suggest please

Hip arthroscopy - what is the experience like?

Hip labral tear do you have to break the pelvis ? Is the operation safe for a 13 yr old ? Thank you

Hip necrosis and still young please tell me where to turn for help?

Hip osteotomy risks?

Hip pain as a consequence of progressive degeneration and arthritis will lead to hip replacement or orthoscopy ??

How can an elderly person recover from a hip fracture?

How can I care for my child going through a retroversion surgery on the hips?

How can I prevent falling and having a hip fracture?

How can I prevent my hip from falling out of its socket?

How common is a hip replacement dislocation or loosening.I have a new citation by stryker and want to know the long term risks?