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38yr old scar that stretches horizontal about 12in under the base of my ribs. From bilateral wilms tumor surgery. It is hurting. What causes that? Ty

Bladder got torn while having surgery to get tie off ?

. I had a detached retna repaired with laser surgery last year. The doctor says it is healed. I use an inversion table for a bad back.Can this hurt my eyes?

1 yr before i got an accident and frontal bone surgery was done. Now on my scalp uncontrollable dandruff is forming post surgery. Advice to stop this?

10 hours post op, total thyroidectomy. Surgeon said was harder to remove than first thought due to hidden swelling. Normal to have lots of pain/stiff?

12day post op septoplasty-nose feels very full/pressure& stiff & still feels like there is something stuck inside! no packing, and stents removed.

14 weeks after inguinal herna sugy i still feel strange pull in inner upper thigh area . can it result in serious long term complications?

18 months after brain surgery and fat harvest from thigh for graft, my thigh has become VERY painful. It has been completely numb since brain surgery, but in past 30 days has become very painful. ?

1993 i had a adhesion it was thick he stapled it up after cutting it been in pain on left side.. Had sugery 2013 dr cut hand on them! is this normal?

1year back I got ear surgery and soon after the surgery I got bell's palci, and again after 1 year my ear is paining and I m sensing like bell's palci?

2 1/2 weeks post c section. Burning, sharp pain on right incision area. Had done house work previous day. Should I be worried?

2 days after abortion back to hospital as had flu symptoms which resulted in a second operation to remove a tiny fragment left. Am i infertile now?

2 years agoa day after right mastectomy i felt non pitting edema 3-4 inches below the surgery incision. It is progressive and all over the body. Why?

2 yrs ago, contractd MSSA blood infection thru an IV in my Rt hand in hospital. 1 yr after, had Rt shoulder joint surgery. Is there a connection?

22 month post op arm lift surgery my scars have faded to white except 2 inches up from elbow on both sides, will the rest fade, if so how much longer?

22 months post ulnar osteotomy surgery & arm still very swollen. Will an ultrasound detect any problems?

25 months post ulna shortening op. Arm still swollen & ultrasound today states there is no fluid. What could be wrong? What should I do next?

25 months post ulna shortening op. Arm swollen & ultrasound shows no fluid. Was advised to go back to Dr. Could I be allergic to the titanium plate?

3/8 bilateral mastectomy with expanders placed have been doing great ever since now have a bad pain under my armpit when i move my arm a certain way?

34 yr old female, undergone myomectomy three months back but having a slight swelling 2cms away from the naval incision on the right side.Please guide ?

39 years ago i had open heart surgery at the age of 3. Ever since, I have lived with the sensation that my chest will tear apart. Its getting worse.

4 days post op from breast implant surgery. Is it normal i can't even lift my right arm up w/out it killing. The pain isn't even near the incision?

4 week post gynecomastia surgery , have fluid behind the nipples , surgeon says it will go in a few months , couldn't I get them syringed ?

4mon.ago Iworked colloidcyst removal in3rd ventricle byendo-surgery.Now Ihave numbness, pain, sense like open wound on right wound it normal?

5 D post op D&C. 2 polyps removed. muscle pain over entire body. Succinylcholine. Now hot area in upper R leg. Comes/goes. 55 YO, possible Clot?

5 weeks after my sugery on the inside of my right hand, still stiff, pain, even with exercises, tendon cut next appt 7-17 is this normal. I had 3 cyst?

5 weeks Postpartum and the spot where the epidural was placed still hurts. Normal? Will it go away?

5 years ago I had reconstructive surgery among other surgeries on my right I'm 22 week pregnant. Pain is back. I drink 10 bottle water a

55 yr. Old male had back surgery on 1/15/13. Left hospital feeling ok but now have some level of numbness from head to toe. Any idea what it could be?

6 mo ago had 3 hernias lariscopic 1 rt was reaccurance without pain dr removed plug for new patch now have rt testicle pain comes and goes through out the day or week it seems less and less till this last weekend anyways the dr wants to do a nerve block t

6mnths ago had large lipoma removed wrist. Came out of surgery numb hand. Still is and very limited movement. Done by gastro surgeon. Nerve damage?

6months post op hardware removal (due to staph) outside of leg is always numb. Possible to repair the damage ? Also the muscle hernia on top same leg

9 days ago i had scar tissue removed from a femoral hernia repair on the left side ever since then when i need to pee it's hard to get it going. ?

A stroke on 6/4/12 had in-patient therapy came home and fell torn meniscus on effected right side. Should surg be done?

Abcess size of grape in right groin. ima trucker, i leave tues. No health ins yet. How much to drain it? Where in Fayetteville NC can i do that 2moro?

Acquaintenance went for minor hip surgery & has numbness in both hands three days later. What could cause this?

After a hemmorhoidectomy and 3 surgeries to remove scar tissue, i have been having sharp pains ahooting down my right leg feels like a nerve. Help?

After a laparotomy 3 months ago, I have a burning sensation in part of the scar, when i bend or twist. What is this, or will it go away?

After back surgery can you get shorter?

After being pregnant and post cesarian section for almost 2 months,I have pain in my sole of my feet right after my surgery,possibly because of what?

After bypass surjery my father is having stretching feeling in his stiches; which is common after a surjery what can he apply on it?

After cesarean operation between 3 to 4 th week..... There is pain at stiches and backbone...What is the reason is there any serious condition?

After having fluid removed from your knee by surgery can it come back again ?

After partial hip replacement surgery mother developed small hard lump in her groin. Surgeon doesn't think it has bearing on surgery. What can it be?

After r side perc stone removal is it norm2 often get sharp pain in scar, & inside my kidney @op site? Or is it abnormal? Avg healing time?Op-2/14/12

After surgery for my hematoma on my left hip the nurse said the dr just kept pulling "stuff" out? What was it? And why do both of my legs hurt?

After triple arthodsis wih paxmal bone graft surgery i experience tingling and numbness will this go away?

After triple by-pass surgery my doctor doesn't want me to have injections in my back until i'm 6months out .Because right now i'm just (4) months out ?

Am outside the u.s so if I want to have surgery wat can I do?

Any exercise or positions for fast healing after r hand cts surgery that can also help with swelling and numbness?

Are some sort of clamps supposed to be left in after a surgery?

Are you covered up or completly naked during back surgery?

Autologous chondrocyte implantation hello i just had this surgery march 21st on the femoral lesion which was around 4.8cm they said almost 5. I am having a lot of swelling and at times it hurts so much i start shivering and get sick to my stomach the pain

Burning tingling numbness of left outer thigh. Had laproscopic gallbladder surg & woke up with this. Inaurance wont cover phys therapy what can I do?

Can a hydrocele come back a week after surgery?

Can a left post fasc block or anterior go away? dr said yes, i went to an electrophysiologist, isn't worried but i'm freaked out. 21 years old

Can a tendon/nerve still be attached back in place after 7-8weeks of waiting for surgery, and it is on the inside of my right thumb?

Can doctors still perform a hamroid operation if the hamroid has gone back in?

Can goiter come bak after surgery?

Can hydroceles come back, even after surgery?

Can i go back to work the next day after earlobe surgery?

Can I still become any type of doctor or Radiologist, which is my choice, if I have a full sleeve of tattoos on my left and right forearms?

Can knee surgery or back surgery cause your height to get shorter?

Can lower back surgery cause you to go blind?

Can numbness after C-section take upto a year to go away. 8mnths pp.. still bit numb on one side.. will nerve grow back.. can something be done. Help

CAN PAST BACK SURGERY TO GET PRSSURE of f the nerve from a cyst and bone spurs. Years later cause your blood pressure to go up and down rapidly. ?

Can titanium rods from a craniocervical fusion ever "pop out" or the screws detatch themselves and eventually have to be removed surgery was six years ago head/neck was hyperextended a bit today severe numb/tingling/painful sensation in back of skull and

Can you get a plain panniculectomy right after a c-section?

Can you please suggest me my kidney has got covered by muscle and Dr. Ask me for immediate operation but i don't have pain?

Can you please tell me if it's natural to feel tingly in your leg after a hernia open repair surgrey?

Cannot urinate after receiving anesthesia for nasal surgery? Been over 8 hours, very painful, can barely even walk from the pain

Cant breath well into my right nostril. Had a surgery for it but the surgical structure collapsed and now it feels even more blocked. What can I do?

Cant get back abs-- surgery complications?

Clivus chordoma cancer patient feeling pain in joints a lot Doctor said she need surgery but no size inc Will this pain goes aways after-surgery ?

Compartment syndrome started in leg 2009 after large seroma/hematoma over knee burst. Had 8 fasciotomies (4 surgeons) since but returns. How to stop?

Contemplating surgery to remove cyst inside scrotal sack. Pain and effects of anesthesia are holding me back. How much pain and what drug to sleep?

Could fibromilga be a result of back surgerys gone bad...?

Could the periodic aching in my burr hole a year after the surgery be weather-related?

Crushed t5 80% to the right, 8 years ago, misdiagnosed. Trauma. Consequently T4 slips to right pain. T4 correct mechanical painfree. Permament answer?

Developed a fibrous tumor on the arch of my right foot. Have had 2 surgeries to remove it but it keeps coming back. Why is that?

Diagnosed mucoid cyst behind tonsil, back of throat, given option of surgery. Left for 12 months, now painful. Should I have surgery?

Diagnosed with a morel-lavallee lesion on right hip from 7/18 accident. Drainage didn't work - need surgery. How do I find the right surgeon to do it?

Did discectomy and laminectomy surgery on august 2012, still can't bend and my back feel heavy, how long it take to be normal and i can run as before?

Dizziness after surgery. I'm in my 4th day post op surgery on my toes, everything is going well, except for dizziness head pressure, is this normal?

Do painful vp shunt vibrations mean i will need surgery Yes or no answer plzz If u were in my doctors position what would u do ?

Doc wont give me an answer about shunt problem it vibrates when i lay down CT and xray fine could surgery fix this problem ?

Does circumsismatoion hurt or a dorsal slit hurt after a op asleep?

Does it hurt to get an anterior cervical disectomy done?

Does the second total knee operation usually bother patients less? Had a right 4 years ago and now having a left.

Does varicocele come back after surgery ?

Don't know if should get exploratory groin surgery or sports hernia. In a lot of pain tried everything had tons of nerve blocks & MRIs don't say much ?

Done concha bulossa removal Rt nose 2 months ago.I 50% right now.but still breathing problem .feeling pressure on Rt side. How long it takes to heal?

Done concha buulossa removal in Rt nose 6 week ago...still pressure on Rt side and much breathing difficulty. !! Worried...reoperation? Please help

Dr fused knuckle when i went for cyst removal. Didn't understand knuckle wouldn't bend after. Can this be reversed. Don't believe this necessary?

Eight months ago i had strabismus surgery and recently one of the muscles has become a little sore. Is that normal?

Endoscopic carp tunnel both wrists left 5/31 r on 6/17 r fine left rejecting internal suture pain bumps on incision pa acted like this was normal?

Enssoscopic laser vein surgery i had in jan. Now left with two unsightly lumps on one leg. Is this normal so long after? Hope it goes!

Extensive back surgery because of a T11 burst fracture in 2005..including instrumentation...past year several pulled muscles in that area. Worried?

Feel stretch and discomfort internally on right side above C-section scar. C section7 months ago. Ultrasound normal.What can cause it and how to treat?

Feels like very little fluid in abdomen, most in groin, will surgery be impaired, what should I ask or tell the surgeon before surgery is surgery ok?