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11 years ago my husbad had internal fixator for his broken femur,rod has 10 years warranty.would it cause any problems now or sometime later?

2 years ago made my radius ulna complete fracture no metal plates or rods, no more casting from the 4th month, am i okay really?

20 weeks post op from subtalar fusion... Cannot weight bear without crutches... Can it still be fusing or is it unlikely? Not fused at 12 week X-ray

2006 left me with a compound fracture of the right femur.The rod is stainless steel and was special ordered for size. And 3 pins. What does it weigh?

25 yrs old operated left shaft humerus fracture after 1 month plate moved from original position angulation of 10-15 degree union has started help me?

28yrs old, got a plate installed for a broken humerus last 4 weeks. How can I expedite the heal of the bone? Will calcium pills help?

28yrs, fell off mtb & broke my humerus mid shaft. Brace for a day then installed plate with 6 screws. How long recovery? Arm swollen is normal?

2of2 should I just have the screw that is causing the discomfort or all of the hardware out instead of just the screw causing the discomfort?

3 mo. ago had ORIF and hardware removal on 2nd mtp, prev. fused to correct crossover.Foot hurts now more than before surgery.Needs more time?Thx

3 years ago had 4 level laminectomy, 1 yr later had hardware removed. Am in continuous pain. Should I have left hardware in?

5 months since the metal plate has been removed from my 5th metacarpal bone but I am experiencing numbness near incision. When will sensation return ?

6 wks since 2/3/4 metatarsals on L-foot fracture.Doctor said 2&3 misaligned. Bone can grow back but in diff alignment.Not sure on Wire surgery,pls adv?

9months post im tibia rodding and still lots of pain especially in my knee. Should i remove the rod? Is it recommended?

A 65 years old women. Non union of femur bone, after 1st surgery. Can bone graft be inserted without exchanging nail in 2nd surgery.

A child that has had a broken forearm, had a rod inserted and later removed? Is the arm as good as new?

Acupuncture and ankle plates and screws, possible infection?

After 10 months of femural bone operation and had a rod placed, wounds were not healed until now. never skip any follow up at the dr. age is 17. Help!

After having 3 screws in a facture between right hip and femur I can't tie my shoes or put my pants on, will this be corrected with therapy/exercise?

After pinned im rod to femur, infections arises bcoz part of bone died. im rod needs to be removed.or what other options possible?

After placing the metal plate on 5th metacarpal bone, How many months will it take to recover Boxer's Fracture (5th metacarpal) completely in order to go for metal plate removal (second surgery). ?

After tibea plateau reconstruction with synthetic bone, a plate & 7 screws on 4-10-14 I still have ltd flexion and have developed an itchy rash?

Am considering bunionectomy for moderate bunion. Dr wants to use a screw and I am opposed. is there any way to cut and realign bone without using scr?

Ankle orif 8 screws/plate outside, 2 screws inside ankle.All removed due to infection 6/29/13. Normal to still have pain & flexibility probs?Prognosis?

Ankle swollen for 3 yrs now after surgery and stiff. scar remained brownish in color. metal rods , screws, and plate still inside.

Any advice on aging with nonremovable steel spinal rods (short fusion long rod technique) that are already 25 yrs old?

Any suggestions on which metal used for making surgical rods used in bone fracture surgery?

Any tips for how to screw my eyeglasses back together?

Are bones stronger than steel?

Are finger fusions likely to break again after all pins are removed and fully recovered?

Are the plates and screws used to fix a broken ankle permanent?

Are the rods used for scoliosis surgery more flexible than the harrington rod?

Best advice regarding hardware removal after 3rd met ORIF? Have a plate and 4 screws and wonder if the pain I still feel (6 mths after) is from that.

Best sex position with upper broken femur with interlocking nail?

Bone chips in back, need surgery?

Bone flap reattachment after brain surgery, wires vs plates, differences?

Bone graft from hip to bilateral pars fractures; screw placement unsuccessful. How long does bone usually take to fuse? Curious. Also why no nsaids?

Bone punctured the femoral artery. How would surgeons fix this?

Broke ankle thru. 2plates, 14 screws. 13 days cast and stitches removed. Sent home in tensor bandage. Is that normal?

Broke femur 8 years ago. Have metal rod in leg and screws. The screws near my knee are causing bruises and swelling. What should I do?

Broke my tibia and fibula 11 weeks ago, have a plate and 9 screws. Can i get the hardware out? If yes, then after how long? How about holes?

Broke my tibia and fibula moved away from ankle 5 months ago. Had surgery -1 plate 9 screws wire inserted. Can i drive? What precautions to take?

Broken forearm surgery with plate and screws. Is that going to hamper normal growth in the arm if 12 years old?

Broken wrist - why would a wrist fusion surgery be needed, and which bones get fused together? Any advice?

Bunionectomy with a screw fixation?

C1-C3 fusion with six screws and hourglass-shaped titanium plate 15 years ago. Can the hardware potentially cause Eustachian tube sensitivity problems?

Can a titanium plate keep my bones from moving?

Can ankle diastasis screw break?

Can bone fusion be delayed?

Can I have MRI on leg with metal rods and pins?

Can i see the titanium plate before it fitted in my skull?

Can I start Karate while the metal plate is placed on my 5th metacarpal bone after complete recovery or Do I need to go for another surgery to remove the metal plate before I start doing Karate?

Can I undergo a head MRI if I have a plate and screws in my ankle (ORIF)?

Can rods for femurs get infected?

Can the procedure for removing long bone screws from the fibula to the tibia be painful?

Can titanium pins in hip create complications?

Can you remove the poles and screws inserted in your spine due to fractures once healed?

Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has had the sesamoid bone removed?

Compound fracture of my left humerus with staples. Only seeing Dr after three weeks. Is this too long for staples to be in?

Could a bone shift with a plate screwed into it?

Could my allergy to nickel that is in the stainless steel plate in my forearm cause my constant pain & swelling 2.5 years post surgery?

Could my daily choking be related to c5-6 fusion I had 7 years ago. Titanium plate never removed ?

Could walking with non union femur fracture damage rods and screws? Second opinion scheduled in two weeks to discuss options.

Could you tell me what happens if screw breaks after bunion surgery?

Displaced collarbone with a butterfly fracture wedged between, 12 mm overlap, 6 weeks later bone cutting the skin, best option, bone removal or plate?

Do i need to have screws and plates removed frollowing surgery 8 months ago for severely and complex right distal tibia pilon fracture?

Do metal plate and screws in ankle cause the bone to get crushed (or cause bigger injuries) if the same ankle gets re-fractured in the future?

Do you know which metal used for making surgical rods used in bone fracture surgery?

Do you need a cast after ankle ortboscopy to get scar tissue out and screws out?

Does an itchy rash post surgery indicate allergy or rejection of synthetic bone, plate or screws?

Does anyone know how much would operation to remove metal rod (intramedullary rod) from my leg.?

Does having a plate and 9 screws in your tibia actually make it stronger? Or does it weaken it?

Does having screws and a plate put into fractured ankle increase recovery time?

Does screw removal from ankle require a cast? Screws removed from bone

Does the bone heal after posterior cervical disectomy, how long does it take the bone to grow back from this surgery.

Fell down stairs, broke tib/fib, foot hanging backwards, 2 plates & 10 screws, 1 year later plates and screws removed, told i can never run again. Why?

Fib tib break - 4 months since intermedullary rod and screws inserted. How easy to just remove screws above ankle? Think is affecting nerve endings.

Fixator remove how long the wound heel ?

Fractured 5th m.Tarsal 2x in 5 years, 3 surgeries, insert/remove screw (2yrs later) and remove 2nd fracture. Can sural nerve be repaired? Lots of pain

Fractured wrist.Had ostetomy, plated. Still not right. Doc says can not do MRI with the plate. Is this so? Frustrated that I didn't get one before.

Got an ankle fracture 7 months back and had a plate with screws, still have stiffness and immobility, will it be mobile properly after plate removal or?

Had 2 operations on big toe, now it is inch shorter. First for demi joint, second metal plate w/screws. Now 6 yrs. On & off strong electrical pain. ?

Had a fall 2009 which caused ankle fracture plus fibia bone was broken, underwent surgery wit screws & plate. after a year it was removed. joint pains?

Had a surgical repair to my right leg due to a fracture to my tibia and fibula, many screws, 6" plate.What does recovery look like over time?

Had an ORIF on left proximal phalanx in May, went for X-ray recently, dr told me the screw that was placed is now projecting,fingers stiff, remove it?

Had femoral osteotomy from perthese with 2 screws done 10 years ago got my screws out yesterday, will my hip be strong like it was before?

Had hammertoe fixed. Toe and joint shortened and a k wire put in. The k wire caught sock/came out after 3 weeks. Can it damage the repair? Is it ok

Had lisfranc fusion 10 months ago. One screw is cutting into neighboring bone. Going to ask for it to be removed. How are they typically removed?

Had surgery (2) in 2010 for De Quervain's Disease caused from bike crash. Have plate/screws in base of thumb. Screw backing out? Have a picture.

Had surgery on left humerus with a im rod 12 weeks ago. The bone has not healed, not even close. I was told the next step is surgery again. Thoughts?

Hardware removal outcome after tibial plateau fracture, 2 plates, 10 screws, is there much risk of having more pain than if you leave it in?

Has anyone done surgery from having a broken ulna. And is it better to have titanium or steel plates?

Has anyone had hardware removed, that was put in to repair a broken hip, and then had nothing there?

Have 6 screws and a plate in r foot from lisfranc fusion. Have pain and X-ray shows one screw digging a groove in neighboring bone. What options?

Have a screw from lisfranc fusion that is cutting into neighboring bone. Pain is worsening and getting harder to bear weight. When to call dr?Fu in 6w

Have severe pain in right foot. Possible loose screw and cyst growing in 2nd toe. 6 screws+1 plate lisfranc joint fused. What can be done? Mri on fri

Having gall bladder removed, have rod in leg from a tibia break 4 months ago, do I need to tell surgeon to take antibiotic as I do for dental work ?

Having triple arthrodeais with proximal bone graft gastric recession. How long will i need a knee walker for?

Hello .fracture plateau of tibia with plate and screw when screw can be removed ?

Hello, I have a malunion in my radius and also my ulna I have metalwork present, i rebroke it at the end of the metalwork , can it be fixed?

Hello, is it possible to have cervicle fusion without the use of metal plates and screws. I heard they are only there to secure the fusion. ?