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How to decrease cubitus Valgus through exercise?I have 23 degree and 25 degree angle of left and right arm respectively.

The DR. had a insole made for me inch high on the outside It's now gone. 5 to 7 miles a day caused my ankle to turn outward. pain in hip & knee fix?

10yr old girl with stickler syndrome has pain & difficulty when straightening knee.. what should I do?

12 weeks post op tkr.Swollen l-nodes groin bilaterally. Pain @top of both thighs when walking. Stiff leg now.Tight pain in r quad.Melanoma '05 ok margin?

12 weeks post THR. Could an hour on an arc trainer be too much? Having anterior thigh pain.

12 yrs ago I crushed my tibial plateau, shortening leg & shifting lower leg sideways about 3/4 inch - causing new torque & pain. Will pain ever resolv?

16y M with Congenital icthyosis. Elbow, wrist, knee, ankle joint pain and stiffness. Greater in the morning. Relieved by walking/movement! ?

18 month new right transtibial & left transradial amputee. Also a shattered left foot. Can my foot be reconstructed. Any hope for limb transplants?

2 yrs post L4-5 & L5-S1 laminectomy,facetectomy,postlateral arthrodesus & pedicule screw. Still have numbness L outer calf & foot. Will it improve?

20mths post ACL recon - graft impingement & cyclops lesion. Knee has swollen & now has pain in the joint ard the top of the tibia: front/medial side?

27years old femail presented with pain on lateral aspect of right knee joint after flextion?

30% of left medial meniscus removed july 8. Limp and have pain there , back , front,and outside of knee . Is this caused by lack of meniscus?

37 year old w/ kyphotic lordosis. In childhood had hip correction. Has over/hyper pronation. Can custom insole aliviate joint and back pain?

46 y/o s/p hip replacement. Had DVT, PE at 4 weeks post op. Now at 11 weeks, still with groin , buttock pain, stiff, still uses cane. Still normal ?

6 months after having 30% of my left medial meniscus removed I'm still limping, right inguinal surgery, and right hip problems. All connected?

7 y/o c/o intermittent upper right thigh pain x2-3 weeks. Has hypotonia, pronated ankles, orthotic inserts for shoes. Possible causes?

70y basically healthy male, w. moderate intermittent pain behind my R hip joint when sitting on it or walking and behind my R knee toward the outside?

A fluid filled lump has developed over 3 months of daily bike commuting on the medial side of Left Knee Patellar Ligament. It is 1" wide fixed pos.

Acl n menicus tear no surgery yet now my opposite leg feel upper quad pain etc could it be due to my knee injury can good leg be compensating ?

Acl recon 3/13, [email protected], sig adhesions quad/kneecap.Now sharp lateral, medial & behind knee pain, weight bearing/non. Swelling. Infection? Meniscus?

Acute l knee trauma: direct fall; x-ray:(soft tissue swelling) anterior lower thigh & knee, no other abnormalities noted. S/s numbness, pain (8) burning upon flexion, bruising, edema. Need of mri?

After a lateral release and chondroplasty will there be pain above the knee to the outside? Also how long does a knee block last?

After a lateral release and chondroplasty, do they put anything on your leg to keep it from moving?

After a partial medial meniscectomy a month ago i still experience a clunking when I squat (getting up from a chair) + have a lump. Is this normal?

After an extended hike, I have knee pain in multiple places but no swelling--very difficult to descend stairs. Any advice beyond RICE?

After MRI it was found I have fraying around the minicus , and nerve damage. I can't feel my leg from my knee to foot, should I be concerned?

After my hip reconstruction, one of my legs feels shorter than the other, is this common?

Ailf w/ left hip graft 7/30/13, pt for post op thigh weakness but knee still buckling, ncs shows femoral neuropathy. Will this resolve on it's own?

Although l4/l5 torn annulus, first symptom 15mo ago was rt ankle/heel pain from sitting. Was runner too. Sciatic or ankle nerve treatment needed?

Ankle debridement & modified brostrom 8 wks ago. Been full weight bear for a week. Pain radiates along lateral side of leg when walking. Causes? Norm?

Ankle lump. MRI showed thickened retinaculum in ankle around ant tib tendon. Occasional discomfort/pain but mostly not bothersome. What can be done?

Ankle to mid posterior calf ice cold + anterior knee fire hot. Same leg. Seen doctors. Been to ER which only ran d-dimer. No diagnosis. Any ideas?

Anterior ankle ligament repair, 12 days post op. Pain ++ in last 3 days, over entire foot and shin. Turns blue when down, No fever or chills - normal?

Are there two superficial veins (parallel) on the lateral side of the high ankle? I can see them both when I sometimes stand. See both on MRI too.

Are thin wrists, and long thin hands, curved spine, tight hamstrings and flat feet all symptoms of Marfan syndrome?

Arthritic right knee and right sided hemiparesis post stroke. Movement restricted by big knots in muscles around back of knee. How to remove knots?

Baby had joint deformity in wrists & ankles.Fracture proximal tibia, milt bowing right femur & pelvic tilt.No spinal deformity.What causes this?

Ballet dancer diagnosed with os trigonum; however, I have no pain en pointe. I only have pain after intense jumps and prolonged demi-pointe or pliƩ. ?

Ballet dancer. Why is my posterior hip extension w/external rotation of the leg140deg on the right and <90deg on the left?

Been feeling a strong pulse in my upper left thigh (front aligns with quad muscle) for two days now.History labral tear right hip; maybe hip dysplasia?

Bone on the bum about 4" down/diagonal from iliac crest. What is it?Severe pain now, no injury. Calf 2 foot painful & knee locking. All sudden/gradual

Born with a partial elbow, left arm 1/2 length of right due to short humorous which is fused with ulna. Artificial elbow an option?

Born with cerebral palsy literally walking ankle can ankle be reconstructed?> domainant side can ankle be reconstructed

Both ankles pain at paroneal. Knee pain. Doc said not structural but functional problem. Abnormal gait, unstable hips, weak lower back. How to correct?

Calf tightness w/ swelling Achilles (and paratendon) + distended unilateral tributary over achilles. Compartment syndrome? Venous? No known injury.

Can a patella that is tilted laterally cause pain?

Can a bone spur on femur be remover with the lapriscopic method of surgery? it's on right femur above knee but isnt connected to knee directly.

Can a Hip (Acetabular) Labral Tear show up on an xray? Had a pelvic Xray and left side shows bigger gap where head of femur and hip join. Not huge gap

Can a knee injury indirectly cause swelling in the posterior lower leg?

Can a pinched nerve behind the knee cause the medial head of the gastrocnemius to stick out? The medial head sticks out in a straight line, very hard.

Can a right inguinal hernia and a left medial menicus tear , both surgery repaired with 4 months affect your walking ? I limp after a few steps.

Can a splint for "clicky hips" make uterus retroverted?

Can a torn semimembranosus tendon leave a bulge like lump on side of inner knee?

Can Achilles tendonitis cause the affected area to feel cooler compared to the other leg?

Can an ultrasound be off by 6-7 days fowards or backwards ??

Can anything increase the valgus angle of legs? Feel antipsychotics have weakened joints causing increased valgus angle and susceptibility to injury

Can compartment syndrome occur lower in the leg, say, nearer the ankle? Is it easy to differentiate from Achilles issues?

Can cyst show up in the front knee or only in the back part of the knee (in children)?

Can deep posterior or posterior compartment syndrome cause the posterior lower leg to look rounder than the other leg?

Can fhl dysfunction cause the first ray to drop, arch to collapse, knee to adduct, hip to turn in and pelvic rotation over time?

Can hip dysplasia cause focal stabbing pain in the posterior hip maybe adjacent s2 (racepinephrine) and s3? During provocative movements like sprinting somewhere?

Can hyper-extending and loading it down with heavy steel parts cause scapholunate dissociation in my left wrist?

Can impact to the knee cause a blood clot in a vein in the upper calf? The impact was not hard enough to any structural damage to the knee

Can it be nerve root compression if straight leg raise, flexion, extension, side to side flexion of the torso, are all negative?

Can jumping off moving equipment 5 to 15 mph on to uneven ground for 35 years up to 150 times a day cause back and knee injury? The injury's has caused total disability to lower spine and knees!

Can missing several stairs at the bottom of stairs and landing on foot with full body weight cause hernia or compartment syndrome of the lower leg?

Can MRI see the lateral side of leg when viewing from medial side?

Can pes anserine pain be caused by tight IT Band?

Can pes cavus cause neck pain?

Can running in stability shoes with right forefoot varus cause the right hip to rotate anteriorly (to bring down first ray b/c cannot pronate)?

Can sitting @ computer chair for many years w/ foot behind leg of chair + foot in a plantar flexion cause damage to Achilles and/or surrounding area?

Can spastic diplegia in adults be corrected with surgery. I have 2.5cm discrepancy rt leg longer then left with gait walk.?

Can trauma to partial knee replacement loosen prosthesis have pain around it and down leg into foot foot feels weird?

Can u get bakers cyst when you have had a total knee replaced 10 years ago? Pain outside of knee near popliteal nerve & across, behind and into calf.

Can venous insufficiency of GSV below R. knee give a more rounded (less defined) appearance of gastroc medial head, while measuring same as the left?

Can wearing compression socks for months affect the results of a MRI from knee to ankle, i.e., miss something because muscles, etc., were compressed?

Can't have mri due to screws in my knee but knee keeps locking random swelling laterally and pain lateral side(post op knee)+bilateral muscle spasms ?

Cannot wear night splint due to discomfort in shin+calf. Injury->genu valgum+unstable ankle+vein pops out. Could this be saphenous nerve entrapment?

Cause of random, very intense spasmodic pain in my medial left leg 6-8 inches superior to the knee joint along pathway of saphenous nerve?

Causes of burning knee pain - medial aspect

Chronic subtalar subluxation from high velocity eversion 2 yrs back. Can i try slamming my inverted foot into the wall to move bones back into normal?

Constant pain in outer buttox, hip cracks and locks with outward rotation, burning on outer thigh, tingling toe. Range of motion over flexible?

Could CRPS be isolated to the lower part of my leg such as posterior ankle region and hamstring at the same time?

Could flexor halucis longus muscle injury cause posterior lower leg to appear wider than other leg?

Could gastroc contracture w/ equinus raise the muscle compartment pressure in leg (all even deep & anterior) & medial foot compartment to CS levels?

Could having a thigh gap mean you have wide hips?

Could join fusion prevent me from extending my leg while sitting down, or would it be a torn quad tendon?

Could someone please describe the "bowling analogy" sciatica?

Could you recommend exercises for someone with 'an increased valgus alignment of the calcaneus' of the right leg. how would one improve this?

D(x)'d w/ l hip dysplasia but no pain only lopsided and walking funny and torso twisted. Can conservative care bring femoral head back to acetabulum ?

Day after run lateral knee pops when i bend. Location is between pointy bone and kneecap. No pain during runs and do not have normal it band symptoms.

Diagnosed with meralgia parestetica in right leg, had surgery on scaphoid with graft left hip,Could resting on leg for days after surgery cause mp?

Diagnosed with patella femoral syndrome 6 months ago. Experiencing tightness right about knee cap when fully bending knee. I've been told to stretch.

Diagnosed with piriformis syndrome.Pain has moved from the middle left buttocks, groin, quadriceps. Now I have hypersensitive skin on knee, & sheen. ?

Direct impact to medial side of left ankle from slipping on wet stairs.

Direct impact to medial side of left ankle from slipping on wet stairs. X-ray does not show fracture, however foot doesn't plantar flex. ?

Do lateral unloader knee braces create more pain, when first starting out wearing them? I am experiencing pain on the medial side now.

Do runners with bilateral hip dysplasia have greater muscle hypertrophy down the legs from needing to stabilize body more?

Do you have any tips for someone to deal with frequent walking who has patella femoral syndrome?

Does a phantom sensation in the knee on the verge of dislocation?