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1 6cm echoggenic lesion kidney how serious might this be?

11 mm simple cortical syst on right kidney is it seriouse?

2cm angiomyolipoma and 2 small cysts left kidney, scan again in 6 months to measure growth, will they need treatment?

4 simple cysts in a solitary kidney unchange over 20 years. Creatinine fluctuates 1.3 to 1.6 over same time what are odds of esrd?

Are 2-3 kidney cysts in a 24 yr old woman considered normal?

Benign cyst at kidney 3.8mm?

Breast cancer, lymphadema, ovarian cysts,fibroid, atrophic kidney, gallbladder polyps, diverticula, appendicitis, osteoprosis, ddd are they connected?

Can a growing cyst on your kidney that now causes pain cause hypokalemia or other problems?

Can a kidney cyst with septations ever disappear / dissolve?

Can a large renal angiomyolipoma turn cancerous?

Can a mass found on the kidney be a pheochromocytoma?

Can a renal cysts cause hypokalemia?

Can a simple kidney cyst change to a complex malignant cyst?

Can a simple/complex cyst in a kidney ever shrink?

Can complex renal cysts cause inflammation around surrounding tissue? Would that be indicative of cancer?

Can cysts on kidneys be mistaken for adrenal tumours, and cause multiple systemic problems

Can kidney cysts cause adrenal insufficiency?

Can lupus cause a cyst in the eye or on the kidney?

Can renal cysts cause pain and discomfort? I have a septated cyst along with calyceal diverticulum with calculi in the right kidney

Can small renal stone 6 mm cause painless macroscpical hamaturia?

Can you tell me about renal cyst and related problems ?

Can you tell me is hydrodonephrosis cancerous?

Can you tell me more about cysts on kidneys, what are the causes?

Complex kidney cyst biopsy can be deadly?

Complex kidney cyst on right kidney. How would this be removed?

Could kidney cysts cause adrenal insufficiency?

Could my cysts be drained from my kidneys?

Could parapelvic cysts be a sign of polycystic kidney disease?

Could renal cortical cyst affect pregnant women?

Cysts in kidneys should I worry?

Docs can you explain what is a "subcapsular cyst" and a "parenchymal cyst" on a human kidney?

Doctor says I either have kidney stones or a ruptured ovarian cyst, and ultrasound isn't for another 2 weeks. Is there a way to tell the difference?

Doctors can you tell me when should I have an angiomyolipoma renal tumor removed?

Does having large bilateral kidney cysts make me more likely to have cysts on other organs?

Gall bladder polyps, aorta artherosclerotic, cyst right kidney, cyst liver, endometrial thickening all in ten years. Is this normal in that time?

Hello what is an angiolipoma within the kidney.?

Hi what is good for bosniak?

Hi, I am 52, have polycystic kidney disease with too many cysts to mention on both kidneys. I also have a 7.2x5.9cm mildly complex cyst (drain?)

How big is a cyst when it becomes a mass in or on the kidney in renal cell carcinoma?

How do I know if it is ovarian cyst or kidney stones or childbirth?

How do you cure kidney cysts?

How large is a cyst when it becomes a mass around the kidney in renal cell carcinoma?

How likely is it for a calcified cyst in the kidney to become cancerous?

How serious is a Small left peripelvic cyst measuring up to approximately 1.8 cm. No hydronephrosis or renal stones. ?

How soon does a kidney cyst develop?

How to treat or remove cortical cysts of kidneys?

I had 1 simple cyst on right kidney in december , now I have 2. Is this normal?

I had a renal ultrasound and a large benign cyst was found on my upper left kidney. Is this something to worry about and is there treatment for this?

I had bladder cancer 10 yrs ago. Simple cyst in left kidney was 3mm, now 8mm and read as complex. What is the probability of malignancy?

I had my right kidney removed because of rcc. I now have a 16mm parapelvic cyst in my remaining kidney. Should i worry? I have high blood pressure.

I have a complex endophytic left renal cyst. medial cortex just under the ureter opening. how are my chances of keeping most of my kidney?

I have a pineal cyste in my head and the size of this cyste is 11 mm . I want to ask about treatment?

I have a renal lower poll cyst on my kidney and i want to know if it is always cancerous what are the symptoms of the cyst

I have an anechoic cyst on my kidney. What is the proper treatment?

I have an anechoic cyst on my left kidney.5*7 is harmful in my future?

I have been diagnosed with PKD I have a lot of cysts on both kidneys is there no tire for me?

I have cyst in the kidney, BOZNIAK 2. What must I do?

I have cyst in the left kidney what's treatment for it??

I have exophytic cyst on my right kidney is it something i should be worried about?

I have kidney stones, a cyst and a mass in the wall of my left kidney all are in same kidney what are my options?

I have multiple cysts throughout my body ranging from thyroid to kidneys? What is the cause?

I have renal cysts on both kedneys an I'm at risk for polycistic kedney disease?

I was wondering are exophytic renal cysts simple or complex?

I was wondering what exactly are multiloculated cysts in the kidney?

I'm only 35, but i got renal cysts in both kidneys, hepatic cysts, ovarian cysts... Is there a common reason that contributes to such cyst growth?

If bosniak iif complex kidney cysts have a risk of being cancerous (up to 25%?) then why don't dr's remove it right away? Couldn't the cancer spread?

If person has "bilateral renal cysts", does that mean it's cancer?

Is a kidney lesion something to worry about?

Is a nodule in your kidney always kidney cancer? My sister has a small nodule in her kidney. Does this mean she has cancer?

Is it possible for cortical cyst to be a result of a previous staghorn calculus removal?

Is surgery necessary for a lobulated mass of 7 mm by 5 mm in kidney ?

Is there any connection between ovarian cysts and kidney stones?

Kidney syst what todo about it?

Kidney, I have cyst in my kidney.Do I need to remove them.So far I have no pain?

Leftkidney measures11.3x5.5cms enlarged in size rightkidney 9x5.5cms perapelvic cyst leftkidney causing mild calyectasis.Multiple renal cortical cys?

Malignant ascites, will it shut down the kidneys?

Multiple renal cysts in left kidney largest measuring 5cm?

My 61 year old friend discovered papillary cells in his ureter and renal pelvis. Should he take afinotib after the kidney and ureter are removed?

My doctor found large simple cyst kidney, what to do?

Nodules around the kidney. What could it signify?

Parapevlic cyst on left kidney in 27 week pregnancy?

Partially calcified cyst in the interpolar of the right kidney?

Parts of kidney that can be calcified?

Pl. find this report and suggest about this. (left renal simple cortical cyst )?

Request help with cyst on left kidney?

Should i be concerned about a 23 mm complex cystic structure on my right kidney?

The doctor said that my baby had a cystic lesion on her kidney. What does that mean?

There is a cyst in my father's kidney. Should I be concerned?

There is simple cortical cyst in left kidney of 21 23 mm in midpole cortex?

What food should I avoid to shrink the small renal cyst in my left kidney?

What are ovarian cystadenomas and hydronephrosis/hydroureter?

What are the signs that complex kidney cyst is cancer?

What are the symptoms of a kidney cyst?

What causes a cyst on kidney and is it dangeeous?

What causes a cyst on the kidney?

What causes kidneys to become lobulated when they were not before?

What could it mean at 22 weeks pregnant to have decreased amniotic fluid enlarged kidneys and cysts on the kidneys?

What do they do for a cyst on kidney?

What do you advise if doctor found large simple cyst kidney?

What do you recommend if I have 2cm renal cortical cyst, could this cuase back pain?