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Had a boil that popped and went to seek medical attention for infection i was put on an antibiotic called doxycycline and now have a hole wht do i do?

3rd Bartholin cyst in a year. Antibiotics/warm bath don't work. Been drained but comes back. Can I get it removed?

3rd day of I&D abscess treatment. Still pus poured out after medic was changing dress. Is there something wrong with it?

5 hours back i went to urgent care and they drained what they call a cyst which had puss in it and prescribed antibiotics. Now the infl is more hurts?

5 hours back went to urgent care & drained a cyst which had puss in it and presc antibiotics.Now its more swollen.When will swelling come down?

6th day of abcess drainage. Nurse that changes my dressing told there are oil glands coming out with pus. I am afraid?

A boil on my butt got drained yesterday by hospital and they placed packing in it now im in more pain than before what should I do pain meds not workn?

A cyst drained but no pus came out and only blood did. I also did not feel any pain, and only blood kept draining. Should I go see a doctor?

A doctor tried to drain a cyst in my breast, but nothing drained, i'm being sent to a specialist.. What can this be?

Abbess on neck due to ingrown hair, emergency room lanced, drained. Drain placed, given antibiotics. Safe to leave in longer than 48 hour doctor out?

Abcess on the appendix. Pus was drai ED for 4 days with antibiotic. After 2 weeks, i am well. Waiting for removal of appendix. Can i go play tennis?

Abcess on thigh got it operated now can u tell me what to do for follw up?

Abcest in scrotum my husband was diagnosed and gaven antibiotics at ER is it normal to have drainage?

Abscess on leg i need to know what antibiotics to take i already got core of abscess out myself i wont go to doctor what can I take?

Abscess on nose wont go away on anti-biotics. What do I do now?

Abscess still seeping despite 12 days on antibiotics, should I be concerned?

After a sebaceous cyst drains on its own what do you do to care for it? (also i started a zpack today) will the antibiotics prevent infection?

After getting a rectal abscess removed, is it common to have sore butt?

After having abscess on lower abdominal drain and pack more then once. Why did I have a extremely painful filling inside when packing got tug on?

Back surgery 6/3. 2 weeks later an infection. taking picc line antibiotic for 2 weeks with small draining area. now draining area is getting larger??

Bartholin abscess drained but am concerned about germs that caused it?

Being treated for breast abscess. The incision is almost healed but when i pumped 2hrs ago i had big clot&lots of blood. Is this ok or is it serious?

Being tx'd w/antibiotics for cellulitis of nostril, which has a large swelling and just started draining pus. Does this need to be drained by doc?

Boil inner thigh, Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) ds round drains daily, no odor, yellowish. Been going on 2 weeks. No pain except when it fills up. During day drains. ?

Boil is bleeding and painful 8 days on antibtic?

Boil lance/pack (1in deep) 48hr ago drainage is yllw-brwn, doc told me pull out packing 1/2in a day until unpacked. No given antibiotics, is that ok?

Boil lance/pack (1in deep) 48hr ago drainage is yllw-brwn, no given antibiotics, is that ok?

Boil lanced 2 days ago, was not packed. Was given oral antibiotics. Area is certainly less red but a small amount of swelling remains. Is that normal?

Boil on bottom of buttcheek where cheeks meet, doing Epsom baths, augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) & warm compress; tiny fluid/pus came out today, how long to fully drain?

Boil on lower buttcheek where cheeks meet , doing Epsom baths, augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) & warm compress; tiny fluid/pus came out today, how long to fully drain?

Boils on butt? No pain? I have one that's healing and two more are coming in but are not ready to be drained? Should I still see doctor?

Can a bartheilon?Cyst go untreated if not infected?I had it infected 2, mos ago and had it drained and antibiotics but now its coming back !

Can cd rods in spine get infected? Big cyst evolved, erupted, draining now for 6 months. Been told hardware is infected; should come out.

Can getting a peritonsillar abscess drained hurt?

Can I get my bursitis drained or does that not help

Can i get sepsis from a perianal abscess? I have a lot drainage and have felt ill all weekend, i had it lanced 5mo ago. Can i wait til tomrw to go in?

Can Scrotal Cellulitis make you Sterile?

Can u die from not gettin a, abcess drained?

Can you please explain why abscess is not completely gone even after antibiotics?

Can you tell me how I could get an absess to burst on its own?

Can you tell me if i could pop my own abscess aad put amoxicillin in the open infection?

Can you tell me is it healthy to still have a lump after an abscess has stopped draining and antibiotics?

Clitoris abcess.It broke once but it is here again.Only normal bacteria.No infection nor mrsa.Been told to wait a month.If not, they'll break it.Help!?

Could an old drained abscess turn into a calcium build up? And can calcium buildups be treated with antibiotics?

Could I have more abscess if one was already drained?I'm still having a lot of pain and fevers between 101-103(been going on a week) what should I do?

Could i wait a day or two to have an abscessed drained?

Daughter has pilonidal abscess was packed. Will it hurt to remove packing and hurt repacking? She's scared, please answer

Develp a small lump which was having pus near tonsil.took antibiotics it got shrink&no pus but shrinkedpack still there?why?culture:staph aureus

DH had abscess on groin,it was draining,but didn't heal,we went to clinic,they opened the wound 2days ago,today he is diagnosed fr diabetese? Plz help

Do I need to put or do anything after my bartholin's abscess burst on it own? If yes, what?

Do nerves that have been damaged from mrsa, abscess drained & cellulitis grow back?

Do pelvic abscess go away with antibiotics or do they have to be drained with surgery?

Doctors say I have mastitis. All they wanna do is lance. Will i still have problem later?

Does Bartholin cyst just go away in time ?? Does abscesses go away in time?? Can I put it cold compress ??

Does Bartholin's abscess affect the pregnant. My wife did an operation for Bartholin's abscess and in the same day of operation we got she is preganant ?

Drain fell out perianal abscess, should I be concerned?

Drain fell out perianal abscess...What will happen to me?

Fluid on knee cap, doesn't drain unless dr does it, it fills right after. How often is ok to go get drained? How do I stop it filling again?

Follow up from my question about an abscess will it pop itself?

Groin infection treatment? Lanced-- large quantity of pus removed. Cause? Spider bite?

Had a boil lanced yesterday. No anesthesia (I'm 9 weeks pregnant). Doctor put drain on it, said there was a cyst. Must go back today. What to expect?

Had a cyst on my bottom. MRSA. Doc gave me doxycycline for 10 days. Cyst drained & doesn't hurt. Finished meds. Is it out of my system? Do I go back?

Had a small abscess on Fri, got antibiotics on Sun and it popped. Abscess all gone. Still on meds for 10 days. Should this stop the infection?

Had abscess & went to ER for incision&drainage today.Was told to come back in 2 days.In meantime, how many many times a day must i change d gauze pads?

Had an absess on left buttock. On antibiotics 3rd day. All pus has drained. Now just an empty hole. How do I heal this? How long?

Had an underarm abcess lanced by dr. It's hasn't drained anymore since I left dr. It's still hard and warm. Is it still infected?

Had first Abscess near anus, lanced/drained, 3months later abscess near groin, lanced/drained, think im getting another near anus again, why??!!

Had gum abscess for 2 days. Got antibiotics and it popped and is all gone. If continuing for 10 days will this stop infection from spreading elsewher?

Had my cyst lanced 3 days ago on antibiotics for 5 day now when will it stop weeping and being painfull. On painkillers but doesn't help ?

Had pilonidal cyst size of gold ball on Friday. Monday = Antibiotics have reduced it and no more fever. Do I still need surgery?

Had shoulder abcess lanced twice. Antibiotics too. Each time healed over fast.. Still very tender. Unclear whether lump is pus or thick skin. Hurts?

Had subaceous cyst gettin to a head. Dr gave antibiotics to cure. 2nd day of antibios, cyst popped fluid came out. Do I still need 2continue antibios?

Had very small pilonidal cyst 3 weeks ago. Doc gave antibiotic, I soaked in bath. Cyst drained, now extremely small, no pain for 3 weeks. Whats next?

Had wound abcess 2 1/2 wks ago, was drained and wick placed for 3 days been on Clindamycin 300 mg. Still lumpy & can squeeze orange colored fluid?????

Have a cysts on my underarm I am on an antibiotic but will it come to a head and need to be drained?

Have staph infection on side of knee, not mrsa from culture.ER DR said he didnt lance all pus.Almost pain free from antibiotic.what happen pus inside?

Hello, I had a boil lanced, now it has a bad smell, will it go away with the antibiotics that where given to me?

Hello, my infected sebaceous cyst has just ruptured - I've put on a dressing, is it ok to wait until tomorrow to see a nurse/GP? Many thanks

Hello! 3-4 years ago i developed a pilonidal cyst. It was lanced and 3 ys later an abscess appeared which was also lanced. Should i undergo a surgery?

Hi doc i have has x2 operations in 4 months time for drainage of abcess i went for a sonar yesterday that confirmed that i stil have an abcess its?

Hi docs, would a deep tissue abscess go away on its own?

Hi i had a perianal abscess back in sept although its getting much better it still drains from time to time. My surgeon said it will eventually heal?

Hi I have 13 sabacious cysts on my head which are being removed 2. At a time 1 has burst near one that was removed had 3 courses of antibiotics but pus is still draining out any advice would be good. Thank you?

Hi, I had an abscess on my groin drained in October. I had the wound packed daily. Now the access in back in the same place (next to the scar).

How long does it take for a boil that has relesaes the puss to heal when its by your vigina?

How long does mrsa last in the body? My doctor sent me to the emergency room last week to have my boil drained. I'm still taking the antibiotics.

How bad is it to leave a perianal fistula alone for? Mine has been draining for 5 months

How can I stop a pilonidal cyst from draining pus, my boyfriend has seen a doctor and they said their is nothing he can do yet since it just started?

How long after a boil on vagina lip has busted drained an.starting to heal should u wait before intercourse?

How long after an abscess lance can you return to work ?

How long after having an abscess lanced under my arm should i wait to exercise?

How long after having an absess drained from your armpit can you shower?

How long befor a lanced pilonidaal cyst heals?

How long does it take a perianal abscess to drain? I had one lanced 4 days back but still feel the abscess build up with every bowel movement.

How long does it take a perianal abscess to drain? I had one opened last sunday and i'm still getting a fair amount of drainage on gauze pads today...

How long does it take MRSA to become red swollen and leaking pus how may days does it take to become that way

How long for a mastitis knot to go away? On antibiotics 2 days.

How long until my abscess stops draining?

How to know when to go to the doctors. For a ruptured boil?

How would care for my husband's drainage bag?