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I was advised to have a Ganglion cyst surgically removed from bottom of left foot by Podiatrist. MRI done as well. Is this necessary?

- how long does it the swelling at the ganglion cyst excision site to go down?

@10 Pain in wrist from Ganglion Cyst no visible unless wrist is flexed f/w would surgery be an option? Unbearable pain at times Surgery or Drainage?

2-in ganglion cyst removed, inner left wrist 11/29 wrapped around tendon. Still red sore bruising down the middle, worried? 2nd surgery, 3 more cysts

6yrs ago, i had a ganglion cyst from overuse (left wrist, near the thumb)- it burst. I still can't put pressure on my wrist when it is bent (painful).

A ganglion cyst that was popped in my hand 3 months ago is back. What is te next course of treatment?

A synovial cyst popped due to overworking the wrist. Stung for a few days then ok. Now is hurting again. Why?

After concussion, a wrist lump appears, like a bible cysts, what can be done?

After my ganglion cyst surgery, will i be able to do normal activities such as cheerleading, softball, and holding a pencil?

After my ganglion cyst surgrey will i be in pain? Please note that my cyst is huge about the size of a golf ball on my right wrist.

After removal of small ganglion cyst on back of big toe how long might it be before I am able to use a treadmill.

After small ganglion cyst is surgically removed from bottom of big toe will my foot be completely normal as it was before the cyst appeared?

All of a sudden a bump popped up above her wrist. Today is the second day that it's been there. I think it's a ganglion cyst. How can she rid of it?

Anyone have a major problem after wrist ganglion removal?

Anyone know a site on wrist exercises if ganglion cyst?

Can a ganglion cyst be hard as bone and not be moved around?

Can a ganglion cyst become hard and bone like?

Can a ganglion cyst cause a burning sensation?

Can a ganglion cyst come back?

Can a ganglion cyst get hard like a bone?

Can a ganglionic cyst be caused by someone grabbing and squeezing your wrist pretty hard?

Can a hematoma from your appendix being removed cause swelling and lump on your wrist?

Can cysts develop in a wrist due to trauma to the elbow?

Can i drain a dorsal wrist ganglion on my own?

Can I keep going to the gym and working out, after getting a ganglion cyst on the left wrist?

Can my ganglion cyst on my finger be the reason that my wrist feels numb?

Can repetitive motion cause a intraosseous ganglion cyst?

Can surgery to remove a ganglion on my hand (extensor ) damage your tendon sheath?

Can the bump in my hand be a ganglion cyst?

Can ultrsonic therapy helps to heal epidermoid cyst below medial of left clavicle?

Can wraps prevent wrist ganglion cysts?

Can wrist ganglion be movable ?

Can wrist ganglion resolve with out surgery?

Can wrist tendonitis or a volar wrist ganglion cyst cause a slightly elevated sedrate?

Can you give me some tips for relief from bakers cyst?

Can you remove a ganglion cyst on the top side of your hand without surgery?

Can you surgically remove knots on fingers caused from osteoarthritis?

Can you tell me about experience with wrist cysts?

Can you tell me about ganglion cyst on the underside of the wrist and had surgery to remove it only to have it come back on the top side of the wrist?

Could pilonidal cyst hit nerve?

Could you link me to a book or two about the basal ganglia or OCD i the basal ganglia?

Couldganglion cyst cause hand tingling?

Cyst like on top my left foot and diagnosed of protruding bone called Ganglion exostosis. foot doctor said I need a surgery. is this true?

Cyst on big toe malignant, what do I do?

Cyst on the artery in my wrist. It makes my entire arm throb sometimes. Doctor said it would be to risky to remove and just leave it. What to do?

Dear Doc.I have ganglion on my cyst. Sometimes it's disappeared itself. Is it dangerous? Coz I feel pain on my hand when this ganglion exist. Thank u.

Do i need a cast if i'm getting a ganglion cyst removed from my wrist?

Do you get a ganglion from an injury?

Docs, usually how long is recovery after a ganglion cyst removal on ankle?

Does anyone know what they do to your toes and does it hurt when they remove ganglion?

Dorsal wrist ganglion. How to drain it myself?

Feel a hard lump under Ganglionectomy dorsal wrist incision Cause ? Not painful had ganglionectomy on July 10 2014

Finger joint is still swollen 10 weeks after mucous cyst removal?

For a ganglion cyst removal at the base of the inside of the middle finger, can this be done in the office setting under local anesthesia?

Ganglan cyst on foot does cortisone work?

Ganglion cyst 3 yrs back of wrist very large, burst on its own, there is swelling and discolor & unusual type of sac below cyst, hand weak & tingling?

Ganglion cyst aspiration - what makes the fluid inside?

Ganglion cyst burst today causing swelling discolor, weakness and tingling in hand, a new sac that is misshaped below cyst that is very loose & mushy?

Ganglion cyst in hand just ruptured. Hit with phone. What should I do next?

Ganglion cyst in wrist injected with cortisone. What can I expect now?

Ganglion cyst on base of big toe. Should i see a podiatrist or dermatologist?

Ganglion cyst on instep keeps reoccurring. Dangerous to ignore? Surgery only option?

Ganglion cyst on my left wrist that's been present for 4 years. Where can I get it drained or removed? Just recently has become somewhat painful.

Ganglion cyst on my wrist ruptured and has caused severe discoloration like severe bruising? Why?

Ganglion cyst on top of the wrist, should I be concerned?

Ganglion cyst on top of the wrist, what to do?

Ganglion cyst pain! worse every time I do long spreadsheets. What can I do?

Ganglion cyst removal from wrist, scar causing problems, what to do?

Ganglion cyst removed by aspiration. it has been more than 10 days, but my wrist is hurting?

Ganglion cyst removed by aspiration. It has been more than 10 days, but my wrist is paining?

Ganglion cyst surgery 2/2015. Still have quite a bit of pain in base of thumb (site surgery) it's been 5 months. Why still pain?

Ganglion cyst wrist surgery swelling. How to reduce this?

Ganglion cyst- hand bruising after aspiration, should I be concerned?

Ganglion cyst- hand bruising after aspiration. What should I do?

Ganglion cyst: how often do they grow back?

Gangloin cyst for 4 months on palm will it ever go away on its own? Causes pain when using hands

Had a ganglion cyst rupture a few days ago. Is pain and sensitivity in wrist normal?

Had a volar ganglion surgically removed,came back,2 steroid shots, stg1 cmc joint oa, swelling,bruising,pain around area.Will removing cyst again help?

Had curettage of bone cyst(s) in tarsal navicular a week ago. How exactly was the bone opened and cyst taken and scraped out? Curious...

Hand surgery: What is the most effective way to rid my index finger knuckle of a ganglion cyst besides draining or excision? Is radio frequency used?

Hard lump on top center of hand in 3 year old. Not a ganglion cyst, not a foreign body. Dr does not know what it is but concerned because of growth. ?

Has anyone ever had or heard of a subtarsal conjunctival cyst?

Have a ganglion cyst on my palm, by the base of the thumb. Is painful and large. I have an appointment in 3 days, should i use heat or cold for pain?

Have a small ganglion cyst on back of big toe at the base. If surgically removed what is recovery like & will cyst come back?

Have had a ganglion cyst aspirated once. Wrist is once again in pain and hand gets sore and numb. What should I do next?

Having ganglion cyst removed from my foot in a week. I think the cyst burst but I still feel something there and pain. Do I still need to have surgery?

Heard you can diagnose ganglion cyst by transillumination with flashlight.?

Hello I was wondering I have a ganglion cyst on my wrist is it from me having lupus?

Hello, I have a ganglion cyst on my foot and it's small and hard as a bone but it really hurts to walk. how would I go about getting it removed?

Hello, I have what I fully believe to be a ganglion cyst on top of my wrist. Surgery and needles are not an option for me, is it safe to use the book?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is an autonomic ganglion?

Hi i have been diagnosed with rsi and have a ganglion cyst on my finger which is being removed but have now found 3 more should I be worried? Thanks

Hi Im WAITING For Surgery FOR A Ganglion Cyst HAVE NOW Found 3 More Should I Be Worried As Hand Burns THANKYOU?

Hi, how do I know If my ganglion cyst has ruptured? It's usually the size of a large grape but has swollen all the way up my hand and around my wrist.

How can a ganglion of the knee be treated?

How can I prepare for minor hand surgery, removal of fibroma on tendon sheath o of thumb?

How common is it after a ganglion cyst surgery not being able to move the wrist forward more than 30 degrees 9 weeks after surgery?

How do I treat a ganglion cysts on top of the hand, or will it go away on its own?

How do you care for a ganglion cyst that was already aspirated on your wrist?

How do you care for a ganglion cyst that was aspirated on top of your wrist?