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Can weightloss helps in resolving endomerioma cyst in the ovaries ?

I have a 3.5 x 5 cms ovary cyst . I previously had an ultrasound in Jan'16 and it wasn't there before. Is it serious? Do i need to take it out?

L salpingo oophorectomy for simple cyst & pain. 5mos later, new onset R ovarian complex cyst w/ septation, uterine fibroid & 10mm L4 lesion. Cancer?

. I had an us done and they saw fluid in my cul-de-sac and adjacent to the uterine fundus.. Should I be sister has ovarian cancer?

"A 1.0 cm cystic lesion is noted abutting the left ovary which could be exophytic cyst or follicle. Numerous nabothian cysts on uterus." Is this bad?

1 CM paraovarian cyst incidentally found on u/s. Is this a simple cyst? All it said was '1 x1cm paraovarian cyst'. F/u not needed, apparently.

1 ovary is polycystic.1 cyst measuring 2cms,is bigger than the rest.Theyre calling it functional cyst and it's been there for months .Is it a concern?

1 week post lap for ovarian torsion. Ovary ballooned/ruptured/filled abd w/over 1 ltr blood. 48yr old. Expected recovery b4 back to teaching h.S.?

1.2cm ovarian cyst with T1&T2 hyperintense signals which persisted bright in T2FS seq on MRI.can it be endmeriosis or anything besides hemorhegic cyst?

1.5 x 1.3 x 1.2 CM simple cyst on right ovary. Disease lead to a normal arterial flow in right ovary. 1.7 x 1.2 x 1.3 CM left ovary cyst. ??

11cm complex (BF2) kidney cyst drained & sclerotherapy 2 months ago - bad back pain - CT now shows 4 CM complex cyst could this cause so much pain?

12.6 x 6.2x7.7cm uterus age 48 perimenapasal is this normal. I also have a 6.1 cyst on my left ovary. 25yrs since last child. Is this normal?

13 year old daughter has an incidental finding of mildly complex cyst (ovarian) of ~3*3*3 cm containing 10*6*5 mm mural nodule. Should I be concerned?

19 wks preg, MRI found well circumscribed lesion on spleen, believed to be a complex cyst with debris. Doc isnt worried, should I get 2nd opinion?

19y/o, female, virgin, single.I have an ovarian cyst.2010-present.My cyst are twins and the other one is dermoid cyst. Is operation necessary?

1cm paraovarian cyst on impressions from pelvic u/s.Dr did u/s in office and said he didn't see it 7 months later. Why?

2 CM cyst on left ovary states likely physiologic and I have a small amount of non specific free pelvic fluid should I be worried?

2 cysts on left overy. One is simple at 5cm & other is 3.5cm solid. CA-125 normal. Left ovary vol is 99.8, cause weight gain? Could CA-125 be wrong?

2 ovarian cyst, one 8 CM and the other 6cm. Had vus done, low level echos. Going back in 2 months for review. Ca-125 in normal limits. Concered?

2 tarlov cysts 2 cm each. Doc said can use epiduroscopy to inject Naropin (ropivacaine) n Shincort to shrink the cysts. How much of cysts can be shrunk this way ?

21 year old I had an US to check on recent IUD placement. 2.5cm x 1.4cm septated ovarian cyst.Is this something that needs to come out now or monitor?

26yrs old. Have a complex ovarian cyst with septations and internal echos and is avascular. Does this mean I have ovarian cancer? I'm really scared

27 y.o with hypoechoic cystic lesions on both ovaries. One 8.4cm another 4cm. CA-125 was 190 then 110 on a second test. GYN wants to do lap surgery. Gyn/Onc wants to do laparotomy. Both suspect endometiomas and endometriosis. Which should I choose?

28yo w history of ovarian cysts. Have 1.6cm 'minimally complex w/thin septation' cyst. Is septation cause for alarm? See conflicting opinions online.

2cm mass on ovary has grown to 5cm in about 8 months it causes a lot of pain and sometimes nausea. Cancer runs in my family should I worry?

2cm simple cyst on Left ovary unchanged after 5 mos! Dr is not phased. I have VERY heavy periods w/clotting. Cyst related? Can it cause infertility?

2x us over 6 weeks shows complex ovarian cyst with septated internal echoes. Grown 8mm in 6 wks. Now at 59mm. Blood cancer markers neg. What is likely?

3 months after my d&c my family dr. Discovered I have a cut on my cervix (from the center to the left.) why did the surgeon or my gyn did not tell me?

3.3cm ovarian cyst is it time for me to get surgery?

3.5 CM left ovarian cyst w probable parovarian free fluid. Complex right ovarian mass w solid & cystic components & internal vascular flow. This bad?

37 yr old. personal hx of invasive ducal carcinoma stage 1. L ovary 6.8 cm hemorrhagic cyst, R ovary-2 cm complex cyst. Should I be concerned?

4.7cm mildly complex ovarian cyst in postmenopausal woman mild discomfort.Going to see gyn/onc for a consult. How high are the chances it's bad?Worry

4.8cm homogenous cyst in left ovary.Most likely it could be benign or malignant?

42 yr. 2 doc confirmed by ultrasound a 5cm follicular cyst on rt ovary 2 yrs watching. Now ROMA high and refer to oncologist to remove. Is it cancer?

42 yrs old, still cycling, with simple ovarian cyst that slowly grows (@4cm) & history of PCOS. Dr said total estrogens of 545 is normal? Not high?

44 with septated complex ovarian cysts. left is 5cm, right is 12cm.Regular gyno says she can do laparotomy but should it be done by gyno onco?

45 y f incidental usg abdomen showing 7 x 5 CM ovarian cyst(bi-loculated, no debris).What are the chance of it regress with medical treatment?Advice?

48 years of age, hysterectomy at 41. recent pv bleeding have 3.2cm cystic structure in RO, & 3cm cyst in LO. In pain on right side. Could I lose RO?

4cm complex cyst with crenated 3cm simple cyst.Could this be cancerous.Doctor did ca-125 still waiting. skipped mri and sent me to gyn/onc. Im worried?

4cm complex solid cyst found on ovary radiologist Said 50/50 cancer or not. Certain elements make her think not dermoid. Is this cancer then? Worried

4cm hem ovarian cyst history endo and dor why am i so painful and nauseated its not that lg of a cyst history of 3 laps for endo and bad adhes.Waiting 2 do ivf?

5 days ago i had an ovarian cyst removed...Biopsy results are not available yet. Hypoglycemia is out of control. Thoughts?

5.1 complex cyst on ovary with septations and internal echos but avascular. I'm only 26 should I be scared about this?Dr mentioned blood cyst maybe?

50 yrs; uniloculated rt ovarian cyst with no solid components of 10x8cm persisting for a year with no increase/decrease in size. Can it be observed?

52 year old, menopause 1 year, tennis ball size cyst on each ovary, ca 125 of 271. Is this ovarian cancer?

5cm septated ovarian cyst burst 3 d ago. Hospital did not treat due to galbladder findings. Free fluid found too. Still have BAD lrq pain.Suggestions?

6.2 CM complex liver cyst which is non vascular , i really worried, i just got the results of ultrasound. Is it bad?

6cm septated solid mass found on r ovary and ruptured. Gyn stated only option = hysterectomy. How soon should I request a second opinion or act on adv?

6cm septated solid mass on r ovary. Told hysterectomy is needed. How long should I wait to seek second opinion? How urgent is it to act upon?

6yrs ag- MRI done, tiny cyst on brain and was never told to follow up w/doc or that it was a problem. Can it be known if cysts are benign via MRI only?

7 CM ovarian cyst, ca-125 levels elevated (48), roma score & all blood tests good. Previously had nasopharyngeal cancer. Recurrence or endometrioma?

8 week followup u/s for simple left ovarian cyst which remains same. Right side (no cyst) now measures 19 cc up from 12cc last time. Concerning?

9.5 X 6.3 X 9.5 ovarian cyst hemorrhagic or endo found on ultrasound. Going for ca125 blood test, if that comes back clear would you remove or wait ?

9/11 found solid mass 2.5 cm. Ovary. 2/13 now it's 4.8 solid two part mass. Dr stated if under 5 CM they do not worry. I am 52 post menopause. ?

A 12mm cyst was found near my daughter's cerebellum. Is this a problem?

A 39 year old female has a history of melanoma andmalignant ovarian dermoid, non-metastatic. She has nohistory of nosebleeds, but had two within last two weeks.Each went on for less than 15 minutes. Should it be a reason for concern?

A 4.0 * 3.6 * 2.7 CM ovarian cyst is on m right ovary. How big is that? Can it be dangerous during pregnancy?

A 7.5 mm gallbladder polyp incidentally found during ultrasound, surgeon said it is a good size and recommended surgery. Should I do it?

A cyst the size of a clementine orange found on the ovaries to big ? & Doctors say it will go away on its own even with a history of cancer in family.

A large septated solid mass was found on right ovary and ruptured. Told only options are hysterectomy, should I get second opinion?

Abdominal/lower back pain. Ultrasound results: complex 3.1x3cm hemorrhagic cyst versus endometrioma identified. Recommend followup. What does it mean?

Abnormal complex ovarian cyst, should I be concerned?

Abnormal pap smear-enlarged uterus(11cm)left complex ovarian cyst(new since 7/31/15)and thickening endometrium(10mm)Possibly cancer?Lower abd pain24/7

Adnexal mass grown from 3to 6cm and painful history of ovarian cancer been there 3 months dr says wait 1 more month before operate seek second opinion?

Adnexal mass how long is too long cyst been present?

After an ultrasound follow up 5 months later, the simple cyst had grown from 2 to 2.2 inches. It hurts during ovulation. Do i need surgery?

After finding an abnormally large ovarian cyst my gyno prescribed me doxycycline mono, but did not really explain what it was being used for?

After trip to ER usound confirms rupturing ovary cyst this is ongoing since age 14. Also bulky u. Does it increase chance of cancer or other prob. ?

Age 18 ovary cyst 24cm l'scopy sep/12. Now regrew remnant 15x14x7cm. Told day surgery jan/14, tho bikini cut to clean ovary. Hospital stay? Urgency?

Am 31 years no children i Have a 3.4 by 3.8 cm dermoid cyst on my right ovary is there any alternative other than surgery. And what is the medicine ?

Am i able to still do my crunches if I have an ovarian cyst?

An MRI of the spine showed a 5.9cm ovarian cyst . I had a Partial Hysterectomy 25 years ago. Should I be concerned I'm 50 years old.

Any natural cures for ovarian cysts?

Appendectomy 14/7 - found multiple cysts on my ovary still in pain R side with heavy periods? Is this the cysts GP waiting 4wk before scanning me.

Are all ovarian cyst considered to be padunculated?

Are complex cystis cancer. I have a 4.2cm cystis which bleed. Had hysterectomy 10 months ago keep ovaries. Premenopausal at present.

Are complex mixed solid ovarian masses with vascular flow a cause to worry? I always had simple cyst but not this, in middle of testing.

Are fluid filled ovarian cysts less likely to be cancerous? I have a simple fluid filled. one, plus a para simple cyst.

Are iuds a major cause of ovarian cysts?

Are ovarian cystic masses common in women under 40?

Are recurrent ovarian luteal cysts - hemorrhagic, some complex, often large - a sign of an underlying problem? Is there a treatment?

Are septated cysts on ur ovary something to worry about?

Are there different types of ovarian cysts?

Are there medications that shrink ovarian cysts?

Ascites fluid since 4 mnths,small cysts on both ovaries, liver is fine, tuk TB treatmnt, prblm persists,2nd time 100ml fluid exam,which doc 2 consult?

At age 8 i was dx'd with panhypopituitarism, multiple pineal cysts, and a mild chiari malformation. Now, my doctor suspects I have endometriosis or pcos. Could all these conditions be related and how?

Bakers cyst, gp gave me antibiotics and signed me off work says it infected? Do i need further investigation? Could it be related to hypermobility ?

Benign serous cystadenoma if the ovary is left intact women over 35 year of age will increased risk of overian cancer?

Besides sex, what external factors can cause an ovarian cyst to rupture?

Bilateral epididymal cysts in my right testis. Is it cause dangerous? How i could cure it by medicine or surgery must? Test result: 0.32x0.24 CM cyst.

Bilateral simple ovarian cyst right (3.08*2.92cm) left (4.26*3.99 CM & 3.04*3.29cm) no free fluid in pouch of douglas please assist treatment?

Borderline ovarian tumor removed. Now pelvic pains. Has anyone surviedd this?

Borderline ovarian tumor. So can we wait to have kids?

Breast nodule or a cyst? I just had a breast ultrasound and was first told they saw a nodule, but then later said is probably a cyst and that it may have even exploded. What does this all mean? What is the difference between a nodule and a cyst?

Breast u\s multiple fibroadenomas ,complex cyst+swollen axillary lymph nodes<2cm.Can complex cyst(painful) be pre-cancerous?When should I do u\s again

Breast ultrasound donne today 1 cyst9.9×9.6×8.9- 2 nd5.1×5.5×7.4 complicated cyst6.5×3.1×5.6 said cyst 3 probably benign.should I be worried-3 months?

Calcium build up on ovary caused by ovarian cyst. Should this calcium be removed?

Can 2.8 x 2.1 CM cyst affect fertility?

Can a 1.5x1.2 cm pineal cyst (with multiple symptoms) ever be considered an emergency situation? 

Can a 3.2 CM hemorrhagic ovarian cyst resolve on its own?