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A long history of osteomyelitis in my foot I now have a caused by a screw that I stepped on by accident and is not healing why?

1.5 screws in left tibia, bone burning sensation in same location 1/2 screw been there since 11/11 complete screw since 01/12 how do I find cause?

10 months ago a referee in my roller derby league was not paying attention when he was warming up and he plowed into me. The hit itself didn't faze me but his speed and size when he fell on me resulted in a compound tib break along with a broken ankle. I

13 aged son,When it full recover from radius hairline fracture because sometimes he feel faint pain,cast off from nearly 2 month? Cast was for 4 week.

13 aged son,When it full recover from radius hairline fracture because sometimes when he pull up he feel faint pain,cast off from nearly 2 month?

16 year old son was in MVA-fractured his T1 and T2 transverse process/bruised left lung/ mild concussion. Need a brace? Able to be physically active?

19 y ulnar/median nerve torn 2 years ago now going to gym but my arm isn't perfect and suffers, coach recommends Animal Pak 1pack/day multiV to help with nerve injury, it has lotsof vitaminsworried?

19 years old football player hairline fracture of a vertebrae treated wore brace 5 weeks next MRI 2 more discovered was told he could play college ?

2 months ago i was struck in ribs by a 30ft steal beam and my knee bent sideways a bit and I still need a knee brace just to walk xray showed nothing?

2/12 ago fractured transverse process of L1,2,3 with the that of L2 being shattered still having sharp pain at L2 dermatome. How long to settle?

2010 had a fall.CT-scan, badly bruised.Back still hurts when I stand,sit,walk to long.X-ray, t-11 crushed 75%.Depending on mri, what can be done?

22 years old. I was a forceps baby, caused a ping pong fracture on my left parietal bone. Are these fractures harmless ? I still have a residual dent

24yr old, 27w pregnant. Bones are cracking/creaking neck, shoulders, jaw, .... will this return to normal after birth and hormones normalise? Thanks

26 y/o fem no hx of fx fell on ice 2wk ago landed on sacrum. Painful to carry/lift weight such as in shoveling snow. No other s/s?

34, bilateral hip replacement. Fell on ice last night, concerned about potential damage. If i would have cracked the plastic, would i feel something?

4 months S/P bilat pars repair. Slipped and fell on carpeted stairs. surgery area whacked stair. Should I be worried. small increase in pain? ER, xray

5 weeks ago - contusion & maybe sprain on foot - x-rays = no fracture; excess pressure (dance) = pain. How expedite healing? Any natural anti inflama?

65+ woman fell down and had hairline fracture,has been advised bed rest for a month.Will hip support belt speed up recovery if so ! which kind?

8 weeks ago I was involved in an accident on my bike resulting in dislocation of shoulder now noticed that this armpit no longer sweats?

8yr son fell on his knee hard. Chunks of skin missing, x-rays show 0 broken. 1 wk. old & still swelling & stiff - possible soft tissue damage? Tests?

90+yr old, never took estrogen or ca, thin but always walked a lot daily. Pelvic fracture 6mo ago. People hold arm tight could it break that way?

93 yr old mother has osteoporosis now four fractures in her pelvis... Spontaneous?. Does she do rehab but continue to have spontaneous fx or does she become bed/chair ridden but pain free?

A 28 year-old man wishes to know if a tendon transfer is the only option for a wrist drop after a humerus fracture.....?

A few weeks ago a snowboard fell on my shin. Now there is a dent on the bone. Will it eventually heal so it would be safe to train martial arts?

After a bad tibial plateau fracture and other issues, my leg hasnt bent past 90 in 2yrs. Can I regain ROM past 90 or are muscles shortened for good?

After a fall, x-rays diagnosed sacrum fracture, dr prescribed 28 days off work, inc. 15 bed rest. Are 15 days enough? How long before back to normal?

After a hard impact martial arts my shin bone seems to have been chipped. The area is now all mushy, how long before it is replaced with hard bone?

After a hard impact (martial arts) my shin bone seems to have been chipped. The area is now all mushy, how long before it is replaced with hard bone?

After accident my acromion shoulder bone sep. From another bone due to massive swelling.Im on vimovo (esomeprazole and naproxen) & using a sling .But its painful.What's wrong.?

After hairline fracture of puttela opretion , exercise?

After how many days, broken femur start repairing in kids?

After slip & fall 4 months ago, got right thumb deep wound ER stitched, no fracture but pain numbness. Even with nerve med, therapy no recovery yet.

Any suggestions for keeping the first rib in place so the ligament has a chance to heal? A condition i've had for 1 1/2 years but only recently known

Are green stick fractures common in teenagers?

Avulsion fracture to the talus, is this normally operated upon? Await MRI this Friday re tendon damage .Tortion then falling to ground foot held .

Been diagnosed with pubis symphysis (pubis sheering) do to a bad fall injured for 9 months will i be able to recover after all this time w/treatment?

Below knee hair line fracture. Can I sleep side ways.? Its been two weeks after I met with an accident.

Best thing for a bruised bone after dropping. A five meter extension lead on it ?

Bone soreness from working out - won't go away. Help?

Broken arm, needed plate. Increased risk of refracture there?

Broken fibula, plate and screws - 6 weeks out. Last 2 weeks severe nerve irritation/sensitivity in foot 2-3 hrs after eating, then subsides, ideas?

C2 neck fracture with halo neck brace. How long will i be wearing this?

C7 facet fracture healed brace off 2 weeks getting pain is it normal expected stiffness so worried each pain thinking will it re-frature fear not good?

C7 facet fractures with pars 4 months ago consultant said healed take brace off but i'm frightened will i be ok every twinge etc i fear something wron?

C7 facet fractures& pars 4 months ago now healed was told take brace off but so frightened something might happen will it be ok fearful of everything?

Can a vertebra.Tha has been fused together and healed crooked be broke and reset. My back now bows outward and i constantly get stares. Please help m?

Can a 31 year old male with osteoporosis do push ups and has metal bars from a L4 vertebrae fracture in his back ?

Can a birth injury such as shoulder displasia, which was not x-rayed, be detremined at a later date to have caused a broken clavicle?

Can a compound fracture leave you disabled if you don't go for rehab?

Can a man stay conscious while being struck in head if he recieved fractures of the left anterior & posterior tables?

Can a person with mental bars in their back go back to work after back accident L3 broken fused L4 L5 31-year-old male?

Can a punch break an eye socket or fracture a skull in tae kwon do practice?

Can a spiral fracture in the humerus near the elbow happen in a 4 month old when the arm is grabbed by an adult man to keep the child from falling?

Can a stress fracture of the intermediate cuneiform bone 2yrs develop a cyst, walk at unusually fast pace at work(8-10 miles a day)on concrete *pics* ?

Can I do gymnastics (tumbling, uneven parallel bars, vault, balance beam) with a broken blood vessel in my wrist? Also, can I wear gymnastics grips wi

Can I lift weights two weeks after a slight skull fracture?

Can I masturbate while I have a halo brace from a neck fracture?

Can it be that a low impact rear end accident knock my spine out of alignment?

Can kid swim competitively 2 weeks after a small spine T11 bone fracture? One doctor said backstroke and breast strokes are fine and maybe freestyle.

Can kid swim competitively 2 weeks after a small spine T13 bone fracture? One doctor said backstroke and breast strokes are fine and maybe freestyle.

Can old (10yrs) shallow water diving accident (neck fracture) cause irritable bowel syndrome years later? Never had problem before fracture.

Can retrolisthesis be corrected after a fall injury? I took a bad tumble in '85. If i understand it means your vertabra have slid backwards on each ot

Can sbo-s1 limit competitive dancing for my 9 year old daughter? diangosis upon radiograph after sore back due to possible over-use injury and lumbar strain

Can the dumbell flies be done on the floor to prevent shoulder injuries?

Can you get multiple rib fractures from falling while skating?

Can you give me suggestions with spondylolysis (scotty dog fracture)?

Can you live with a back fracture?

Can you repair or correct a broken penic? Bent back having sex & it stays back and lose of inchs.

Can you walk 5 miles a day while recovering from a broken neck? C5 and C7 broken and recovering.

Car accident in oct had a double fracture on c6-c7. Fracture is healed but now have arthritis and displacement. Ice or heat for the pain?

Car accident mom burst fracture @t12 and other fractures, had surgery with metal, anterior cord syndrome, but her ankle since in rehab feels backwards?

Clavicle fracture but i can't keep it at stable position,i have to move my shoulder,so chance of healing?it was 2week on figure8 but separated.

Clavicle fracture,2week passed and not healed and also separated more,could keeping at fixed state still may cause healing?

Compression fx at t6. I have weak back, & just obtained a back brace. How often should I wear it? How long & how tight? During sleep? Tips appreciated

Could a triple spiral fracture stop me form joining the air force?

Could I be more likely to have a fracture if fall on really narrow wrist? Should I avoid biking?

Could I have a stress fracture on my lower fibula and is it worth getting checked if i do?

Could my 11 year old have a broken humerus? He fell back onto elbow with his weight plus another child's weight.

Could you please look at x-ray of fractured humerus bone of my aunt who is 47 and who had already had operation twice in 3 months in a row,. she had been in a car accident and was suggested to put into her humerus bone a material called bios. My aunt kep

Daughter just turned 14, 5'7" 145lbs, 1yr cycle. High level soccer tore acl/meniscus. What is best graft choice/why? Dr said ht since growth plates.

Diagnosed with compression fx t6, should I wear a back brace? If so, how long & how tight. Thank you for suggestions as I am not fortunate see dr. Yet

Diagnosed with fracture coccyx 2weeks ago.plz advice when will I sit without pain? When could I safely drive my car? Thanks

Did skull traction ( for cervical spondylotheses grade 1 ( c5/6) as a result road traffic accident on 3/3/2014. how long will I keep wearing collar?

Do childhood injuries cause soreness or pain now? So i was in a car accident in the 1st grade and broke my leg, my femur to be exact. And it was broken in half and the surgeons had to put the bone so that they overlap each other(not connecting the broken

Do I have stress fractures again? Ran x-country and track at the d-i level in college and got tibial stress fractures in both legs at the same time (spring 2005). Don't know if i ever totally recovered while in college, trying to stay in shape/running for

Do i need aspirin if had a stroke and later broke a hip in a fall?

Doc recommends starting rehab after a medial end clavicle-fracture after only 4weeks to prevent a stiff shoulder. X-ray doesnt show union. too fast?

Does an injured tailbone affect one's bathroom habits?

Does an OCD cause bruising on the upper portion of the foot? What are the risks of delaying treatment on an OCD Injury?

Does having a fractured clavicle mean that there was child abuse?

Does wearing a back brace or a cesearian girdle everyday helps with the healing process after having a C-section (4days ago)?

Dr b miller. Wheelchair came after disuse osteoporosis it occurred from delayed surgery need to use cuz right leg can no longer bear all the weight.

Dr diagnosed overuse injury of sesamoid in foot with possible stress fracture (but clean xray). Car vibration making pain worse, what does that mean?

Dr. Said I have a 3rd degree sprain with minor fractures. Symptons relieved consiredably after 1st day. How long before i can play soccer again?

Elderly with osteoporosis breaks shoulder. Will it be down hill from here like when elderly breaks a hip?

Elevated muscle enzymes less than 500 so far, pain starting no help so far from docs can it be a broken big toe i sustained years ago, is that possibl?

Fell biking and smashed my left wrist into ground. Now have pain in triquestral bone and small loss of rom. Brace and ice enough or do I need xrays?

Fell down stairs, hit 3x S1-L2. No loss of function/RoM/nerve pain. Minor bruising + raised circle of swelling. Had rhizotomy there '12. Need worry?

Fell from second story, broken back and coccyx, inability to move. What is prognosis?

Fell in dec. Caught self on l hand, wrist bent backward. Er ro fracture. Burns 7/10 especially bearing any weight or movement. What could b wrong?