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I have been inflamed a vein of the palm of the hand due to an effort. I aplicated trombocid but couldnt remove it. Any solutions?

I have damage to vertabra 3-4 and 6-7 is there anything to do as far as reairing them?

I have energy saving bulbs in the top of the wall and iam siting on the bed and my legs are under the energy saving bulbs i will get cancer ?

I have had 3 Brain resections 1993-95 to fix epilep I keep on getting this burning sensation or headaches were they cut it open from time to time why?

I have had a quaddrouple heart bybass and 6 stents in my legs over the last 8 years !!would hydrogen peroxide I.V. THERAPY help me ?????

I have heart defects. Would wearing the shoulder part of the seatbelt be dangerous?

I have pain in both my wrist. It can effect my ability to hold heavy things or to open things such as jars & bottles but this can depend on the day. What can be some of the causes for this?

I have pins and needles in my left foot and in the face zone i am 21 yrs old and i made rmn 4 yrs ago and it was perfect.Can it be anxiety?

I have trigeminial neuralgia & my right hand wrist have gone dead can't hold.Pick up anything it turns inward could this be bc of lesion on brain stem?

I have tumor on left temple for a few months... it is 1 inch across and 1/2 inch high. Can I split the skin and take it out my self? Jane van Dis

I heard only the top of the top can land an oral surgery residency. How true is this?

I helped a family relative move cement and the bag broke releasing dust. I have been coughing and having mild chest pains for a few weeks. Silicosis?

I just attempted to pop a cyst in my armpit, and I felt/heard it pop backwards. Am I in any immediate danger? Is there a risk of sepsis?

I keep running into tables and doorways and doors. Is there a brain reason for this to be the case?

I knocked my tooth loose opening the microwave. There is no sign of blood. Will it tighten up on its own?

I m biggest idiot on earth.In confusion i thought i had torsion went 2 urolgist but he was out then tried to detorse rotating midline 2 thigh.Now pain

I massaged my SMC muscle not for very long a half a minute but read that if touched the cartiod artieries it can cause a stroke? Is that true?

I often get hip strain and numbness in feet after workout. MRI shows bifid a & in the space a water bag push the nerve.What is normally the treatment?

I once held in emotion/tears for three days straight due to no privacy. Only time didn't was whilst sleeping. Can this cause cancer?

I overdosed on close to 3, 000mg of seriquel. It made my muscles so painful. I was in the ER in restraints then it knocked me out for 3 days. Why?

I passed out after bending down to retrive my drink from the vending machine. Why would it happen?

I run from a distance and jump to reach out for a higher cabinet, i'm 160cm probably one more arm length to reach. Will anything happen to my spine?

I think i may have bruised a lung while helping assemble furniture. What are symptoms.?

I thought if you severed the brachial artery, you bleed out in minutes, how could people ever survive having their arms chopped off?

I touched an end of a phone charger when it was warm right out of the outlet can this cause radiation?

I touched one of the prongs on an outlet while disconnecting it from the power supply and felt a minor shock in my finger. Do I need to worry?

I use a wireless head set 7-8 hours a day 5 days a week and have for several years. Is that related to me developing tongue cancer?

I used a wire cutter to cut wires from a Christmas tree for1 hr.Then,I got burning chest pain (left&middle),weakness,short of breath.Harmful to heart?

I usually punch wall with my right hand when I am angry to control my anger.Would the injuries i suffered from punch the wall last forever ?

I wake up every night and my 1 1/2 month old is in a completely different position then i left her in. Is this normal?

I was in a car accident 12/21 the right side got slammed. Doctor said bladders in shock and livers putting out large amounts of rib word? What is it?

I was in the crowd of a heavy metal concert and got crushed between people and a metal barrier, back and ribs are very sore, should I get it seen?

I was plugging my laptop charger into an extension chord and it shocked me. It burned my finger and startled me. No symptoms. Should I be concerned?

I was visiting my cousins and their dog has a shock collar. The dog was siting on my lap and I have an ICD implant. Could this have damaged my device?

I was wondering does the lead walls and windows prevent the escape of xrays in a xray room?

I was wondering if a lumbar sympathetic block would hurt more on a larger person or a leaner fit person?

I was wondering what exactly are the "bends" experienced by sea divers?

I waterproofed my deck it took 2 days to finish. I've been experiencing muscle twitching. My doc says it's just anxiety.Am I in danger of nerve damage?

I wore two pairs of goggles simultaneously and very tightly for several 4 hour sessions. Did this cause permanent damage to eyes due to high pressure?

I work as a baggage handler at the airport therefore lift heavy bags. I have a small hiatus hernia no symptoms. Will this grow if I carry on? Thx

I work cutting ballistic body armor . 2 weeks ago i began destroying 1980 and above (yr) . The day after i began to have difficulty breathing.. ?

I would like to hear from anyone that knows anything about first bite syndrome. I was a victim of a violent attack and the left side of my face was badly injured to the extent i had surgery to reconstruct my face. Now, I have first bite syndrome, which ev

I'm 19 years old and have a left-side grade 3 varicocele. I do heavy lifting 4/5 times a week. Is it dangerous to my health?

I'm an engineering student and i want some effective revision tips that when performed one can grasp everything.Best time durations,breaks and etc?

I'm curious if a car seat that had my Mom's cushion she used 4 incontinence that was removed 6 months back could have transferred ecoli that's alive?

I'm tying a dressing gown rope around my waist pretty tightly for 10hours + I was wondering if it will cause any damage to my body and what type ?

I've a Electro Stim implant for myiafashia pain condition resulting from a car accident in my left rhomboid. Is there a trigger point release for it?

I've had a sort of bender right ear.. I was born with it and i still have it.. Anyone know how to remove it?

If a person is said to be brain dead, can they moan or lightly squeeze finger?

If a person never had problems with tampons before but now its painful to put it in and the body is rejecting it, what could that mean?

If a tourniquet is applied less than a minute after a gsw causes a lacerated femoral artery, will they be stable enough to get to an ER 30 minutes away?

If hit, bruises would not appear if there is not enough of a blow to the body or certain locations. where can I find info that will support this?

If I can´t remember a trigger does that mean it´s not fibro?

If i keep putting your cellphone in you breast pocket, there's a tendency that your arteries will harden?

If I recently had a broken arm will the vibrations from a commercial flight cause damage?

If MRSA gains entry via a cut between the webspace of a toe and travels via the bloodstream lodging into the thigh, must the foot (entry point)also show signs of the infection just as the thigh area?

If someone passes out from inert gas asphyxiation, once brought to a place where there's oxygen how long will it take to regain consciousness?

If the steroids placed in the epidural space are particulate, then can't they melt once in the body and esp. Under heated conditions like exercise or fever?

If u have EAT, has the ectopic area making electrical signals developed over time or is it something u are born with? Can dysautonomia cause EAT?

If u have lots of stool (fecal loading) that's dry and hard, are u at higher risk for perforation if u bend down, do crunches, or contort the torso?

If u have lots of stool (fecal loading) that's dry and hard, are u at higher risk for perforation if u bend down, do crunches, or contort the torso?

If you accidentally swallow a whole turkey leg, will it necessarily cause permanent damage?

If you have brain surgery facing down and they have to shock you back to life do they have to turn you over? What would happen?silly q .

If you lose an arm or leg in an explosion, what's the best way to treat the injury until help arrives?

If you tap certain parts of my face corresponding parts of my face move such as an eyebrow. Small reflexive muscle contractions. What is this called?

If you were to be injured deep in the wrist area downwards how long approx would it take for blood loss to render you unconscious?

If your carotid artery were severed by a knife, would you be able to remain conscious or walk around? Also, how soon would you die from this injury?

Iknow pot works for nerve pain-y can't they seperate the part that works-it is no worse than methadone-percodans-all these opiates natural/manmade?

Im 39 weeks & very uncomfortable. Im in tears. Im young. Im 2cm and the contractions arnt close. Is there way to get them closer?

Im a repair tech and work on power and manual wheelchairs. My hands hurt and cramp up not long after i work and use tools...also swollen in morn.

Im having pain in my leg and my entire body in bmt air force , please any body can help me to be more strong and be able to preform better, any advice?

Impulse adjuster at chiropractic office has irritated my neck somehow, made me dizzy. Will this clear up with more adjustments? Treatment until fixed

Is a pencil sharpener blade sharp enough to hit the radial artery in person with 20% body fat?

Is it dangerous to hang upside down on a teeters hangups device, if I have high blood pressure for example?

Is it likely for a man to stay conscious if his skull crackt so bad it tore into the protective layer surrounding the brain?

Is it possible for MRSA to gain entry via a cut between the webspace of your right toe and travel via the bloodstream lodging in your right thigh?

Is it possible that I damage a vaginial nerve because I can't put tampons up threr antimony it's been a yr. it's so stressful cause I don't know issue?

Is it safe to dry my chest with a blow dryer since I have a loop recorder implanted in my chest?

Is it safe to sweep, mop, vacuum, in 3rd trimester? I was told the motion can cause the cord to wrap around the neck?

Is it true if you put human placenta on your face it gives an instant facelift?

Is pushing on a major artery accidently very hard dangerous?

Is putting a lap top on your chest or stomach harmful to your organs or heart cause of the radiation? And does putting a pillow under it fix it?

Is someone who was brain dead had a letter saying they didn't want to be kept alive by machines would the doctor have to pull the plug?

Is the "triangle of death" around the nose area true?

Is the act of fainting damaging to your body (organs, etc)? Assuming you don't fall down and hurt yourself that way. I mean the fainting itself.

Is the brain stem supposed to be quite straight, or is being bent to the left normal? Chiari specialist needed re 5mm descent.

Is there any evidence that supports fingernails that bow inward and are terribly ridged indicate cardiac problems?

Is there any way to prevent damage from constant vibration from operating small aircraft all of the time?

Is there other reasons to use the zavanelli maneuver other than shoulder dystocia?

Is your mouth supposed to be around OUTSIDE the 1" diameter tube that reads peak flow and you huff OR is it ok to put lips pursed like playing trumpet?

It was said that playing strings instrument, for example guitars, can causes heart disease. Is it true?

Its so hard. Any tips on being patient with brain injured parents?

Last night i was involved in a bar fight which led to my upper lip tip has been cut off, will grow back or do I need medical assistance?

Leg bruise due to hitting steering wheel. On plavix (clopidogrel) and apple size hemotoma. Rice procedure....A stent is in upper thigh artery ?

Lifted a 1220 pound trailer by my self and moved it. Can this cause an anurisem in the brain? Would i be already dead i did it about 1130 am

Lifted weights raked leaves 2 hours used leaf blower too. Blood vessel burst in right shoulder/bruised Prone to these in hands Cause for concern?

Lots of pressure & pain. Any way to self induce safely at 39 weeks? Doctor is uptight about stripping membranes.I'm so uncomfortable.Help!

Massage therapist said lots of knots behind shoulders. No pain. Elite cyclist. After removing knots my blood pressure dropped and my brain not getting enough blood. Could "knots" be protective?

Medical records state and ability to ambulate however I couldn't move my head my upper torso or either of my arms as well as my legs. Doesn't inabilit?

Mom is crazy. As some form of therapy she pressed my back w/ her finger joints and beat it with her fists. Worried about physical damage done to body.