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Dot light moves across my field vision and goes (many times )after was on Heart-Lung machine 3 yrs ago for heart valve repair now twice a yr. Ideas?

┬┐is it true that neurons die easily if i sleep all night with my head covered with a blanket?

14days old m#5break in outwards "v" breaksnapping a twigg in half" break. Have more pain now then before. I have no solid, real answers to my outcome.?

25. History of arthritis/OCD in knee+surgery, now 2 more 8mm+multiple 1-3mm but stable OCDs. am I prone and will they keep coming back?

3 weeks/mo--Internal body tremors (shows physically with mild shaky hands and teeth close together like spasm) only in day, After 7pm goes away. ?

4 year old child's legs are burned seriously and some portion is damaged a lot what are the medicines i can apply?

5' 7.5", 54, post menopause, handicapped, missing hand and part of forearm, causing buldging disks. Large frame. What should I weigh?

68 yr old needs many blood transfussions, blisters on mouth and hand, swollen hands, pain in bones--drs don't know what it is--help me please.

86yr old man has chest pain only when he walks for short distances when home and relaxed ok. Wd it be risky to operate to open arteries at this age?

A 5ft balloon under inflated popped near my ear I was wondering if that's going to be permanent damage and how many decibels is it Small room Thanks?

A temporary partial sight area loss for 5 minutes then back to normal...was leaning over backwards watching tv at time etc...all now good?

A test was carried out recently that indicated that all my organs were working properly. Why am i having electric sensations when i bend my neck?

Abnormal for 6.5 m.o to tuck thumbs in fists intermittently? grasps and transfers objects appropriately and otherwise has reached milestones on time

Advice for removing blood clots from the anal canal? I don't live near a place with a colorectal surgeon, and cannot afford to travel 1000 miles to see one. After being struck by a 5000lb truck at 30mph several years ago, I am finding blood clots stuck i

After an MRI I realized that I had an elastic hair tie in my hair that had a tiny piece of metal connecting the elastic together. I am so SCARED this mess up the imaging I traveled to a different state to get this special MRI done. ?

After DRESS syndrome felt due to a spinal orthopedic implant, the implant was removed but the patient developed body aches, electrical sensation.....?

After open heart surgery i want to punch my heavy bag for excercise. I know it will put a lot of pressure on my sternum. It has been twenty weeks ?

Age 22 male suffering from ocd. 2.8 CM lesion at mfc fixed internally using 3 screws. Right now using elbow stick how much recovery time i can expect?

Am going to start right away with this: long tongue, tall and thin, double jointed, flexible, heal poorly. Does this sound like ehlers-danlos syndrome?

Any experience with natural cesarean. Cord is cut and then baby placed on moms chest keeping sterile field intact.

Any tips for a 6'7" guy to put on muscle?

Apparently the way we sit on the toilet is unhealthy. Apparently our body should be at 35degree angle, is this true? What's healthy way to go toilet?

Are face tumors deadly?my boyfriends face is swelling for the past 2 days&hes at the hospital connected to tubes of all kinds&a breathing machine.

Are their any risks involved with getting injectable rhinoplasty such as the filler moving out of place and getting inside the body, causing problems?

Are these correct liver measurements 21-22.5 CM across its widest point, 15-17.5 CM at its greatest vertical height, and 10-12.5 CM from front to back

Are two fists put together the size of your brain?

As discussed that I have been feeling this some sort of soft tissue / small bulge touching my lower ribs and this problem has not subsided from last 1 yr.This have reduced a bit in terms of upward thrust & pressure.As suggested by ur goodness that this co

At a young age i would put my hands between my legs, put pressure on my penis and jerk off. Can this cause permanent damage?

At night i pushd trolley somwone kept on my drive away now I am worried somebody kept needle infect.I pushed it with leg withplastic shoes did i poked?

At times i develop static electric charges and feel shock on touching metal objects how can I avoid or treat this issue?

AV graft,aftr dialysis next morning a black lump on neck,applied heat pack it spreads on body making tummy hard?is it internal blood leakage frm graft

B12 is an I.M. injection but it's likely to put it into vessel by hitting them in depth of the butt. Why is it said that aspirate before pushing?

Been told by surgeon that shoulder cannot get fixed and will lose function of arm due to pacemaker moving and where its placed at moment. What do I do?

Been using hot wrap around front/back of neck.Massage therapist said very dangerous to put heat on front(carotid art/jugular vein)have I done harm?

Bleeding hands when on the road. Is that caused by technique or heavy equipment in or the bag?

Brken face &cheek bone. Dr said i hav 72 hrs 4 srgry/reset bones b4 they set on own 2 prevent eye from sink / fail.Other dr: no need srgry.Whch true?

Broken floating ribs and things I should or shouldn't do. I work in a machine shop where I do a lot of opening and closing doors and reaching in machin?

Bullet wound to left femur what are complications i will face when im middle aged?

Busy writing a book, need a rough estimate of the recovery time needed in hospital because of a severed femoral artery as a result from a gunshot wound by a handgun at approximately 6 meters away.

C4-c5, c5-c6 total disc replacement using 2 mobic-c. Will mobile device get dislodged or crack? Will it cause paralysis/ nerve damage if this happens?

Cam squeezing your legs together to masturbate cause damage?

Can a "black" disc on MRI ever turn "white" again? I.E. Regain height and water content

Can a deep tissue massage on a very slender person do harm to the kidneys?

Can a foot fracture (3rd/4th metatarsal) occur if one's job duties consist of HEAVY PUSHING/PULLING of containers (consisting of bulk mail/magazine)?

Can a pacemaker be felt through the skin by the host or someone else?

Can a patient in a coma move eye lids, twitch toes/feet, and flail arms as though in protest when repositioned?

Can a person who has bit off their tongue through injury have it sewn back in?

Can a prosthetic link up to your brain allowing you to move it like a real limb?

Can a vp shunt break due to high forces. If i was on a roller coaster could it break and how high would the g forces have to be ?

Can an aide break a spine by pulling hard or wrong on a cloth belt around waist of elderly person?

Can an electric dog fence trigger or affect a defibrillator if it is turned off or unplugged?

Can carrying heavy luggage lead to joint problems?

Can cartilage build up and create pressure on someone's heart after a full rib cage break that healed improperly? Is there a medical term for this?

Can Colgate 360 Degree Surround Adult Full Head, Soft Manual Toothbrush, 2 pack toothbrush with the back seal of package slightly open be expired?

Can Colgate 360 Degree Surround Adult Full Head, Soft Manual Toothbrush, 2 pack with the back seal of package slightly open be expired?

Can constantly carrying my tool bag over my shoulder cause long term damage?

Can fiberglass insulation harm me if deep into my skin? I'm a hypochondriac and I got it on my neck and I'm nervous it will make me internally bleed.

Can hanging upside down on inversion table cause my "6mm stable gallstone" (I have no symptoms from it) to move and get sucked into my biliary duct?

Can having polio that has affected the left side as a kid affect the conective tissue or cause the aorta to fail or make the tissue weak ?

Can I have any serious problems from a 0.9g magnet implanted in the tip my ring finger? It's in medgradesilicone but i worry about vibration syndrome

Can i loose my testicle or have fertility issues,if someone squeezes it really hard with hand..what type of injury is caused by squeezing? and cure?

Can localised 2nd degree contact burns on ribcage (metal rod 20 second contact) damage underlying lung tissue?

Can MRI evaluate cremaster muscle pull/tear/inflammation?Or is this still beyond the reach of 21st century humans?

Can orpiodexy be reversed ie stiching of ball to scrotum what risk to unstich? Position at moment causes pain and testicle rides higher..

Can oxygen deprivation from wearing a very tight neck tie cause permanent brain damage? I recently wore a very tight tie for 24 hours straight because I fell asleep on a couch. Also, can holding your breath cause permanent brain damage?

Can paralyzed diaphragm be the cause of cardiomyopathy? Seeing that's its all pushed up limiting normal function?

Can silver fillings cause symptoms similar to MS (or cause ms)? If one breaks, falls out, cracks, can the hard metal inside cause ms? If so, what are the best ways to remove these without increase the symptoms?

Can sound of the instrument used to cut my cast ( on ankle) can cause harm to my fetus in 7th month of pregnancy how to preventr it?

Can the body adapt to self injury, so it does not hurt and if so why?

Can there be weak ness in body if C4 and C5 completely blocked?

Can titanium implants, such as plates and pins that have been left in the body for long periods of time cause neurological disorders such as anxiety?

Can traveling (driving) to places of higher elevation cause a recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax? Somewhere around 6000 to 8000 foot difference?

Can vessels get overstretched or can something dangerous happen to vessels if spine gets straighter and curve reversed? Many areas feel pulse feeling

Can vitamin d be sort of "redirected" more to repair process of my broken foot and less to other bodily functions at the moment?

Can wearing a singlet top under hosptial gown for v/q scan matter?

Can you die from a broken spine if lying there alone?

Can you explain if it's safe to jump in an ice hole after myocarditis?

Can you explain the elasticity of ear lobes please? and how difficult it would be to stretch them? Am wanting to put some fears to rest!!

Can you have organ tissue seperate (necrosis) from cold injury hypothermia?can you get frostbite on tour stomach(besides just cold direct contact)

Can you please describe the force an average human arm and leg can withstand before being torn out?

Can you tell me if a old man of 82 yrs age breaks his arm can he survive?

Can you tell me why the observation of a halo around the moon or sun could forewarn of the arrival of a warm front?

Can your vein blow from too much pressure, from the rubber band being too tightened? And if so can you also pass out from this BEFORE knowing it blew?

Could a 82 yr old man survive a broken arm?

Could a fist strike cause hepatic abscess?

Could female firefighters not get breast implants due to the extreme heat that they are subjected to?

Could fetal exposure at 37 weeks to an extremely loud jet flying really low overhead lead to a brain bleed? I was outside today and couldn't avoid

Could having a short torso lead to digestion problems? Like..Less room for the gut to function or from squished nerves in the back.

Could my newly painted walls be giving me a headache?

Could the susprinatus be damaged by the accromin processnif a client performs a upright row?

D and c for retained placenta. Anesthesia injected- had immediate stabbing pains in brain/head, couldn't breathe. Passed out. Allergy to anesthesia?

Difference between auto erotic asphyxilation and cross leg orgasm by holding breadth?

Difference between cross leg orgasm by holding breadth and auto erotic asphyxiation and which one is dangerous..... Plssss help?

Do adults with cerebral palsy do this to pass stool and urine?, literally force and push it out manually with a finger?, I'm tired of this, help.

Do fetsuses kick or move to music from the surrounding environment?

Do high retention towers cause cancer in children if in your back yard?

Do people walk again properly just like before after getting a gunshot/firearm wound to the leg?shot to eye leads to blindness, leg survivable?

Do those belts that have electrical impulses really help in slimming down whatever area u put it on? Plz b honest!

Do waist shapers force fat to your hip area, are the results permanent? I heard these do more harm than good, just want a professional opinion

Do you lose vision & hearing if all dorsal roots & what's equivalent in the trigeminal area get cut off? (losing ability to feel any pain basically)