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"comminuted fracture is seen within right medial cuniform bone with sliglhty displaced cortical bony fragment laterally do u think cast will heel up?

"Meso- acromiale, with a small subchondral cyst across the synchdrosis but no bone marrow edema" (My shoulder MRI report) Plz explain. And solution?

"There is a boney defect involving the outer table of the right parietal bone etiology uncertain. What does this mean?

2 sm linear soft tissue calcifications mid lower leg, undetermined etiology/pathologic significance & ossicle at ant. Tibia plateau. Possibilities?

3 week back I got non displaced Fracture of medial malleouls of right tibia extending upto the articural surface with overlaying soft tissue swelling.

48yr kneemri osteonecrosis 5.1mm osteochondral defect & chondromalacic ulcer apex patella 7.8mm tranvers diam. Grade4 chandro erosion. Replace or fix?

6 month injury. MRI: reads chronic subcentimeter avulsion fx lateral navicular with sclerotic margins and cystic changes. Will this require surgery?

A MRI shows scapholunate gap of 4mm perilunate subluxation and possible dorsal instability. What does this mean? Will i need surgrery?

An anteriorly rotated hip looks higher on an ap xray?

An initial fracture is extra articular but in later CT shows it extending into the joint why would this be?

An MRI of my knee shows a fissure of the lateral facet, nearly perpendicular, extending through the full cartilage thickness with a small focus of und?

An MRI showed "thinning of the central portion of my tfcc " in my wrist and " minimal cystic change in the lunate. What does this mean and can it heal?

Any doc can tell me what "anterior displacement indicating an intra-articular problem" thats 1 ct, another "anterior displacement of right condyle"?

Bone cyst in anterior cortex of distal femur. What does it mean? Could this be causing constant pain in my knee? Plus small joint effusion

Both wrists, 1 yr of pain, mri: subcortical cyst with perifocal osteosclerosis of os lunatum, small articular effusion.Would this ever heal and how?

Calcification and tug lesions bilateral superior iliac crests. Is the impression from an X-ray on my SI joints what does that mean?

Calcified structure anterior to c1-c2 articulation.Represents longus colli hydroxyapatite tendonitis deposition or c1-c2 cppd arthropathy.Means? Help?

Can a oblique fractured ankle (fib) which is extra articular become intra articular because a cast allows to much movement ?

Can a weber b fracture be described as extra articular?

Can anterior bridging ossification be mistaken for pseudoarthrosis?

Can arteries be seen on non-contrast MRI of the tibia/fibula or only veins?

Can autoimmune disease cause a focal chondromalacia lesion involving the apex of the patella superiorly w underlying subarticular bony edema?

Can being overweight cause distal bronchomalacia ?

Can enthesopathy (on bone scan) at the achilles' tendon insertion; indicate both an old allusion injury and "new" rejury in the same spot.

Can RA or lupus cause a single focal chondromalacia lesion involving the apex of the patella superiorly, with underlying subarticular bony edema?

Can someone help explain to me what an anterior cortical defect in the knee?

Can someone please tell me what does partial sacralization of the lateral aspects of L5 mean ?

Can swimming 3-4 days a week aggrevate a 2 year old injury to the coccyx? An MRI is showing diffuse bone marrow edema in segment 1 and 2.

Can u explain, extraluminal cavities extendin into the lateral sides of pelvis alongside anastomosis in bowel,on both sides extension up to acetabulum

Can you please explain acetabular rim subchondral bone marrow oedema with anterosuperior notching in the bone cortex ?

Can you tell me 5 digestive structures that are sequentially arranged from the most posterior to the most anterior?

Can you tell me about nerve root within the lateral recess. there is a mention of a focal cyst, is it the same than a synovial cyst?

Can you tell me about talar dome injury?

Can you tell me what a chronic 20% anterior compression deformity of T11 and t12 with no significant dorsal displacement the posterior wall.

Cause of osteophytes and subchondral cysts along posterior aspect of lateral malleolus on MRI?

Child had knee MRI and report said :small area of nonspecific enhancement in the marrow of the tibial epiphysis posteriorly what does this mean ?

Childs ankle - accessory ossification affecting the distal fibula but given swelling could be partial evulsion superimposed on accessory? Fracture?

Chondral loss in my lateral patellar and femoral trochilea. Minimal joint effusion and bone marrow edemia. What are my options?

Chronic bone lesion on shoulder MRI. Involves the subcortical glenoid,globular&sharply defined,no edema, enchondroma more likely. What does this mean?

Chronic pain? Mri, scarring of the deep layer of the deltoid subcortical bony oedema at the fib attach of the pos talo ligament, synovitis ankle joint

Comminuted lateral process talar fracture, many avulsions in foot, synovial thickening, increased fluid 3 years later, still lots of pain. Arthritis?

Could 8mm anterior spur on navicular bone cause referred pain to forefoot or ankle? Mri also showed stress reaction to 3rd met.

Ct results: "ankle joint effusion extending into posterior ankle joint recess, larger than previous CT scan" what will the surgery be to fix?

Ct scan report after surgery to repair acetabular fx. "a "joystick" instrumentation defect is present in the right proximal femur." what's it mean?

Ct scan"comminuted fracture is seen within right medial cuniform bone with sliglhty displaced cortical bony fragment laterally" surgery or cast? Why .

CTscan inflammatory soft tissue middle ear partially surrounding the auditory ossicles extends in2 Prussak's space. Meaning? What's Prussak's space?

Degnerative cyst in the talus, what to do?

Diagnosed w tiny cortical lucency of anterior tibia. Is almost all the way healed. Can i run a marathon on it?

Diagnosed with acute posterior talus fracture and fragment measuring 6 mm in the same area. What will the doctor do? Is it likely surgery is required?

Distal diaphysis of 3 mm displacement of distal fragment. No evidence of solid callus ..... What does this mean of a broken foot?

Doctor told me my images were consistent with avascular necrosis in the navicular/midfoot. 4 months post injury. What's this mean for me?

Doctors, what is the difference between a dorsal and ventral ramus?

Does subchondral insufficiency fracture of the superolateral aspect of the left femoral head require a surgery?

Does subchondral insufficiency fracture of the superolateral aspect of the left femoral head require a surgery? Or will bed rest help?

Does subchondral insufficiency fracture of the superolateral aspect of the left femoral head with extensive bone marrow edema require a surgery?

Dx 2 days ago with comminuted mildly displaced fracture right superior pubic ramus & non displaced fracture right inferior pubic ramus how to heal?

Ganglion cyst size 1.3mm by 6mm on ankle very painful MRI also shows bone marrow edema around superior calcaneous is surgery my best course of action?

Got my bone scan. Multifocal uptake seen in mid to distal radius and ulna? Subtle uptake in distal aspects of both bones but no bony lesions? Meaning?

Had a MRI and it said small bony fragment inferior to the lateral malleolus is either developmental or related to old trauma. What is the meaning.

Had MRI and xray arthogram done on right shoulder. Results noted: Incidentally noted high attachment of the anterior inferior glenohumeral ligament.

Hello, What specifically does dystrophic ossification posterior paraspinal soft tissues mean? Thank you!

Hello, My MRI shows a "small incomplete bursal surface tear at its anterior attachment site." Any idea how long that takes to heal? Thanks!

Help please? What is the bony prominance you can palpate at the elbow?

Hemangioma (cortical bone lesion) right tibia, what to do?

Hi ! Need your advise for Slight posterior displacement of distal segment of coccyx?

Hi. Have circumferential subcuraneous soft tissue edema along with horizontal tear of posterior horn-medial + lateral menisci and small joint effusion?

High signal is seen within 1st & 3rd cuneiform and within anterior lateral aspect of cuboid possible bony injury?

Hip -focal 3 mm full-thick hyaline cartilage defect involving the superiolateral acetabulum that partially undermines the superiolateral labrum??

How adherent is nucleus propulsus to bone(vertebral body)?

How can you avoid or slow down the neck longitudinal ligament calcification?

I fractured medial and posterior malleolus 13 weeks ago. Xray shows posterior healed but there is still a gap at medial. Is surgery the only option?

I got an MRI after cutting the top part of my thumb. The report said that the extensor tendon was not visualized. Y would that be? Referred to surgeon

I got non displaced Fracture of medial malleouls of right tibia extending upto the articural surface with overlaying soft tissue swelling .

I had a xray on my foot the results says suggestion of hallux vagus and metatarsus primus varus and mild thickening of the dorsal forefoot soft tissue?

I had an MRI on ankle, showed I have marked degenerative change associated wit bone marrow bruising @ medial articulation between talus and calcaneus?

I had an X-ray on left knee. They found : Prominent enthesophyte at the anteroinferior margin of the the patella. Sharpening of tibial spine ?

I have "small subchondral cysts in the posterolateral aspect of the humeral head." What does this mean? An 6' rod iron gate fell on my left shoulder

I have 15 mm osteochondoneal lesion in left medial talar dome with subchrondral edema, tibia edema. What can be done?

I have 2 interval osteotomy screws that extend 7 mm beyond the plantar cortical margin. Could this cause mild soft tissue swelling in plantar surface?

I have a 15mmx15mm subchondral cyst in my talus dome with intact overlying chondral plate and cartilage. Pain when doing single heel raise. Options?

I have a 3 mm talar dome osteochondral injury occuring 3 months ago.. Would the small tibiotalar joint effusion be as a result?

I have a 5.4x6.8cm presacral soft tissue in the posterior midline. What does this mean?

I have a Bankhart Lesion , as well as Hill~ Sach deformity w/ tear of inferior & anterior inferior glenoid labrum 2 years! Can it be fixed now?

I have a fracture tip of right medial malleolus and fracture medial aspect right talus. There is soft tissue swelling due to injury. What medication?

I have a nerve root within the lateral recess. They've mentioned a focal cyst; would that be the same as a synovial cyst?

I have a T2 signal in left iliac bone. MRI says cubchomdral cyst. I have had trauma to the area. What may be types of treatment?

I have fractures of the bilateral superior pubic rami rt comminuted & mildly displaced. Fracture rt inferior pubic ramus. Also a buckle fracture of the anterior aspect lf sacrum. Stable or not stable?

I have mazabraud syndrome. Will fibrous bone dysplasia of the femoral neck cause permanent disability?

I have oblique fracture on the posterior aspect of the distil tibia. There is also a curvilinear avulsion from the tip of the medial malleolus. I have a follow up w/ ortho. Will I need surgery? Scared

I have pain in my lower back bone, my report says"fracture of parts interarticularis at the level of L4 without anterolisthesis what can i do now.

I have tubecular absecee.What should I do?

I saw this from an X-ray results my foot. Don't understand: noted is a bony exostosis on the calcaneus at the site of insertion of the Achilles tendon?

I was diagnosed by Xray with a remote avulsion of the anterior/superior plate of L4. Is there a chance this was caused by cancer?

If the meniscus is not attached to the bone it can be extruded what does this mean? What are the symptoms of having this? How is this fixed? Help

If you fracture the condyle below the pterygoid fovea, what supplies blood to the condylar head?

In laymen term what is "there is left t-2-t3 and t3-t-4 facet disease and ligamentum flavum prominence that affects the postlateral margin of calsac?

Incidentally noted small well-demarcated oval lucencies in the scaphoid and capitate bones which could represent bone cysts or other benign eti?

Injury >6 months ago, MRI says chronic subcentimeter avulsion fx of navicular with sclerotic margins and associated cystic change. Meaning/treatment?

Interpreting the MRI report on the ankle - bony injury involving the talus primarily but also portions of posterior calcaneus. Indicative of bony cont

Interval bony consolidation of the L5 pars fractures bilaterally. Coronal alignment is normal, exception of positional leaning to the left. explain?