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11yo w/ headaches and vision problems. A head MRI shows "very thin rim of peripheral T2/FLAIR hyperintensity." What does that mean/should I worry?

28 yr old headache for 70+ days by my eyebrows. Mri showed one small bright t2 focus in the right subfrontal white matter. What is it?

81 year old mother, CT periventricular deep white matter changes and moderate small vessel iscjaemic disease. serious?

Age 66; right hearing loss; MRI; dx: mild chronic deep white matter ischemic changes in the periventricular and subcortical white matter. Please expla?

An MRI revealed thre are few tiny nonspecific foci of increased t2 weigted signal in the perivaentricular and subcortical white matter? Concerns?

Are white spots on the brain in a 44 yrar old femal normal?

Are white spots on the white matter of your brain indicative of anything serious?

Brain MRI findings. Tiny nonspecific periventricular and subcortical white matter. Possiblities mini strokes, vasculaties, ms. I shuffle my feet & drop?

Brain mri says cerebral grey and white matter differentiation seen without any evidence of abnormalities. What does this mean? Good or bad?

Brain MRI white matter 4 black holes. Lp clear. Blood test clear. Spinal MRI ctl clear. No symptom of ms. What r the chances of be MS something else?

Brain MRI with white matters and 4 black holes findings. Are back holes alway a sign of ms? Or not necessarily. I have no symptoms of ms.

Brain mri-white spots/migraines. Told this is abnormal for 39 y/o. Dad & grandma-early onset dementia (50s). Do white spots = dementia in my future?

Can cancer or a brain tumor cause some sort of rapidly growing white/yellow mass/lesion in retina (spot in central vision)?

Can doctors tell me what does white matter on the brain mean?

Can grey matter regenerate?

Can ischemic small vessel disease cause gliosis? How would ischemic small vessel disease be treated in a minimal area of white matter in the brain?

Can there be a way to help a child who has an atrophy of the white matter?

Can white matter lesions be seen on a brain MRI without contrast?

Can you please explain blurring between gray and white matter in the brain?

Can you tell me about white brain disease?

Could cryofibrinogenemia cause multiple t2 hyperintensities in the periventricular and deep white matter of the brain?

Could multiple sclerosis be considered to be a white matter disease due to atrophy of the brain, like other well known white matter diseases?

Could white matter spots on an MRI necessarily be a death sentence?

Dizzy memory bal issue fainted mri scattered foci t2 periventricular/deep white matter nonspecific compatible with chronic microvascular changes. ?

Do small white spots on MRI of brain indicate multiple sclerosis?

Does an MRI result of "minimal nonspecific periventricular deep white matter intensities" correlate or rule out an autism diagnosis in a 3yr old girl?

Does gluten play a role in causing lesions in the White matter of the brain? I

Does hyperintense focus in white matter mean brain cancer?

Does masturbation cause the white matter in brain reduces?

Few tiny foci of increased flair signal seen within the deep white matter of both cerebral hemispheres.. Should I be concerned with this ? Thank you

Gray spot on brain MRI - freaking out!

Had a diffusion MRI scan. There were two small black spots on one of the images, The doctor said this was just blood vessels. Is this possible?

Had brain MRI due to numerous symptoms. Says: mild to mod deep white matter flair hyperintensity burden. Can I get that in "for dummies" language?

Had brain MRI no contrast. The tech said she was concerned i had a abnormality on my pituitary gland cause it should up bright white. What does mean?

Had mri, showed normal, but at the end it said a subtle amount of white matter from previous MRI could indicate early chronic something small vessel.

Have dizziness and leg buckling sometimes with it. what causes This? do have signicifcant white matter on brain. 56 yrs old.

Hello I had a car accident and my cat scan came up I have mild periventricular white matter disease. can the car accident show pwm this after two day?

Hi, there are few small foci of high signal in the white matter of both cerebral hemisphere non specific but likely ischemic.What does mean in MRI mr?

How do I figure out why I am having pain in frontal lobe at 31 after MRI found a spot in my brain a yr ago but said its aging spot?

How is damage to the CNS different from the damage to the PNS? Also, why can grey matter not be regenerated, but white matter can?

I am 32, Male. I had an MIR done on my brian. The findings show: Mild small vessel disease in the periventricular white matter. Should I worry?

I am 541. Nonspecific white matter T2 hyperintensities.I was told this was normal. Should I seek a 2nd opinion?

I asked earlier about MS and white matter disease. I have had an MRI (2) actually. Shows lesions. "stroke" in october. But wad told not a stroke?

I got a brain mri.Has a lot of white on it abd also black spots.What would that be.

I had a MRI and was diagnosed with white matter changes to my left external capsule(not sure where that is) Is there a way to slow this disease down?

I had a brain MRI with/without contrast on 9/22 and the place on my arm where the IV was has a dark red dot over it. Should I be concerned?

I had a MRI that showed minimal white matter disease that was not addressed. Now im having signs of MS. ?

I had a MRI with and without contrast. 3 white non specific lesions with white matter were found on frontal lobe. I have memory loss, migraines.

I had a TIA in 2010, also one in 2011.Tests showed an increase in (large) white brain matter from one to the other.Should i be worried?

I had a whip lash injury at work. Doctors did MRI found small focus on demyelination. Please explain to me what this means.?

I had an MRI for whip lash injury and the doctors found a small focus on demyelination. What does this mean?

I had an MRI on brain in March of this year and when I look at the film I saw a quarter size mass what could it mean a tumor or vessel main .

I have been having MS symptoms for a while. Just got back my MRI and it says I have a 5mm lesion right frontal periventricular white matter. Ms possib

I have grey matter lesions on my brain ... My neurologist said i don't need to go back to neurology anymore .. What is it? And how will it affect me?

I have had two separate MRI on my brain and each time a white lesion pops up on my brain. Should I be concerned?

I have MS, what does few scattered foci of increased T2 signal intensity in the white matter mean from an MRI report mean?

I have never had a head injury. What can white spots on my frontal lobe indicate on an mri? I was diagnosed with epilepsy but think this is wrong

I have white matter on the brain what does that mean. I also have a hearing loss on the left .

I recently had an MRI of the brain. The results where as follows mild atrophy and mild periventricular white matter ischemic small vessel disease. Wh?

I saw a neurologist and had MRI and said i had white spots or lesions on brain from migraines now have had them for 3 nights and can't tolerate light.

I slipped and fell cracked head 12 staples now mri shows mild scattered punctate white matter foci abnormalities . Should I be concerned ?

I was diagnosis w MS periventcular & subcortial lesions, new neuro is saying MRI looks like migraines not ms, is there a difference between the lesions?

I was wondering about the possibility to have MS. MRI (0.3T, open) showed atleast 2 deep white matter lesions approx. 4 mm.

I'm very worried. Small areas of myeline (white part of the brain) are grey (mri scan). But they said it is not ms. What can it be?

If there any relation between pseudotumor cerebri and white matter lesions?

If water appears white on MRI why does fat also appear white? (as fat is hydrophobic)

If you have a Small Skull , Does that mean you have a Small Brain?

In a 45 yr old, what are the possible causes of multiple small t2 hyperintensities in periventricular and deep white matter of brain if spine clear and not in MS pattern? Significant or dismiss?

In an MRI of the spinal cord, what can a dark spot surrounded by a white ring i indicate? It was a SAG STIR image done without contrast.

Is cerebral cortex and gray matter the same?

Is it possible to have multiple sclerosis with many MS symptoms and white matter changes on the brain and not actual lesions?Ep's were normal also.

Is it possible too have white spots on brain and neck concerning MS and it not be active the multiple Sclerosis?

Is the gray matter inside of the spinal cord but outside of the brain?

Is white and gray brain matter disorder a form of cancer?

Mild genaralized atrophy and chronic white matter ischemic changes in my mom report is it serious matter please tell me?

Mild supratentorial white matter disease--what is this?

Minimal increased nonspecific signal in brain white matter. unremarkable MRI of the brain. Can this be nothing in a 26 yr old?

Mr of the brain showed foci of abnormal highh signal in deep white matter?

MRA revealed mild ischemic white matter changes. I'm 28. What does that mean??

Mri 4 headache, dizynes daily x3 months. Bright white side view on half of cerebellum & very dark gray on overhead view.No gad. Is this whit normal?

MRI Brain/IAC for hearing loss. few scattered foci high signal in subcortical whites matter likely small vessel ischemic change. could this be MS?

MRI done showed brain lesion... If it were white matter disease would they have known by this MRI?

Mri of brain showed thinning mylin and white spots as well as grey mass...could this along with other be MS?

MRI result: "Mild presumed chronic small vessel ischemic changes in the supratentorial white matter." Should I be concerned?

Mri revealed white spots on brain, causes?

Mri says scattered white matter, also says no lessions or mass effect detected, isn't scattered white matter lesions?

Mri showed white spots, suspected MS, but spinal tap normal. Neuro says white spots benign, but what exactly causes them?

Mri shows "there r tiny three foci of 3 mm subtle increased signal in right frontal lobe white matter?I feel block left side body from head down 2 leg

MRI shows microangiopathic changes of the white matter in both hemispheres. Taking Lamictal and have follow up next week. Should I be upset bc I am!

Mri states a few scattered foci of adnormal t2/flare hypersensitivity (periventricular white matter) largest lesion 5mm. Possible ms? More testing?

Mri white matter/ 4 black holes. No symptom of ms. Did a spinal taping results yet. What r the chances of having ms.

My 15yr old daughter just had an MRI - it shows a couple punctate T2 hyperintense foci in the subcortical white matter any ideas on what this means?

My brain MRI states "minimal, early deep white matter small vessel ischemic changes". I am 56. Is this indication of TIA-like events? Leukoarioses?

My CT report states that there white matter decreased attenuation which is most evident in the parietal white matter. What does this mean?

My dr ordered a m r i, found 20 white spots on my brain, he says its m s u think its what it is, ?

My father has swelling of the brain with fluid as well as quarter size spots all over his brain. What does it mean?

My mother had results of an MRI after she had lost some vision in her right eye, results also showed 12 white spots/fluid on the surface of her brain?

My mother in law had a hemmoratoc stroke almost a month ago she has had a little improvement they said gray and white matter is stable not sure what ?

My MRI & MRA scan of brain w/contrast show several areas have very small,round, bright, lighter spots? Is this normal and what causes this? Thank You.

My MRI showed scattered white matter, but after that it said no lesions or masses identified isn't scattered white matter lesions?