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20 weeks pregnant, baby has prominence of the renal pelvis on each side, left measuring 6.2mm, right 6.5mm. What does it mean?

7x6.7x6.5cm cyst mid pole of kidney compressing left renal pelvis with mild calyceal dilatation Somewhat thickened walls and multiple enhanced septat?

Ihave a shadow in my left kidney h What should i do ?


-mild hydronephrosis, right; up to mid-ureter -consider possible partially obstucting lucent ureterolithiasis. What it means?

"mild fullness of renal pelvic bilaterally could represent minimal hydronephrosis." found on pelvic/vaginal ultrasound. Could this be from all the watr i had to drink and hold bladder? If no/what?


12.2 CM with a 17x13 mm midpole non obstructing is this serious?

1y/o daughter has grade 2 kidney reflux. Had dmsa & left kidney is 49% and right is 51% what does mean? Appt at end of the month. Should i make sooner

2.4×2.1mm cyst found on right ovary via CT scan for poss kidney stone(had been having blood in urine and low back pn). Had fluid around it. Serious?

27 week pregnancy with mild fullness of the pelvi-calyceal system bilaterally, what does this mean? Any side effects on baby?

3 mo infant with bilateral hydronephrosis. Severe in left. Progressing to moderate in right. Uti at 2 wks. What could debris on latest us indicate?

30f w/ l abd/flank pain, fever; CT shows wedge foci of poor enhancement in l kidney suggestive of pyelo. Ua w/micro nl. Any thoughts for differential?

32 weeks pregnant and I have a calcium build up in the upper right cortex what does that mean?

33 week baby ultrasound shows prominent renal pelvises. Left 5.8mm and the right is 8.7cm. Isn't that a huge issue?

35 y female ,Planning to conceive and diagnosed with a 1cm stone in right kidney. Will this cause complications ?

38 wk pregnant, bilateral hydronephroses rt kidney7.5mm, 1.5cmlft kidney, bladder elongated, 2vessel cord 1umbilical artery. Complicated & surgery need?

38 year old female, I have had urinary reflux on left side all my life. Recent CT revealed Hydro in left kidney. Renal scan was normal, and follow up MRI showed a "pocket" in my left ureter. What should the next step be?

4 CM solid enhancing mass in the right lower kidney with no CT evidence of intra-abdominal metaastases. Full or partial removal? Msk disease stones

40yr lady complain pain lt lumber u/s show swollen bowel loop, faty infiltratd liver fibroid uterus, kidney contain concretion, what is cause n management?

4cm by 3.5 hemangioma found on left kidney is this big and what is the usual treatment?

4cm mass on left kidney .What do that mean?

5 year male. rt kidney not functional. Left have pyelonephiritis changes at upper & lower pole. urea, creatine, urine culture, Hb, BP normal. advice?

54 yr f recent CT mult.Focal areas cortical atrophy rt kidney w/ intrarenal stones in both. history ic- chronic abd/bil flank burning x3wks, poss cause?

73 y.O. W/m, left kidney hydronephrosis 3 yrs, large cyst 10 yrs, history kidney stones, lumbar stenosis, bilat leg/back pain - nephrologist or urologist?

7cm exophytic renal cyst on left lower lobe left kidney= 10.9 cm length. Only symptom is occasional back pain. Do I need a ct? Do I need urologist? Ty

7mm echogenic focus seen at left kidney (not sure of calcification)at upper hdm. wat could be the reasons and treatment suggested?

A year after i jumped out a 2 story window i had hematuria & hydronephrosis left kidney. Now i found out i had ureteral obstruction. Any connection?

About kidney 3 years 1 month old girl . Ultrasound final report:1st question. Urinary bladder appears unremarkable. Is it normal ? 2nd question right kidney 6.5 cm, left kidney 6.6 CM are they right size? 3rd question kidney are somewhat obscured by bowe

About my kidny I have a Ktopic right kidny I have a broblem how can I removed it ali radwan Egyptian my age is 27 years old ?

Adolescent. Lower right chronic flank pain for 3 years. Hematuria daily. History of kidney stones. Clean scans minus an ovarian cyst.

Age 65, prosatate 25 cm3 rt kidney 8.6 cmwith increased ecchgenicity and intact cmd samll cyst 1.2 CM seen inv lower pole. Left kidney: 11cm with mult

Age2- Renal US: kidney without interval growth. Hx: duplex kidney, pylonephritis, ureteral stump infection- sx corrected <age1, what can this mean?

Any ideas if I can have kids if I have atrophic right kidney?

Are 3 mm calcifications in lower poles of kidney, bad?

Bilat HDN diagnosed before birth. Now he's 2 yrs, left kidney is not dilated, right one is still minimally dilated. What should be his routine tests ?

Bilateral lithiasis left kidney measuring 11 mm in pelvic ureter junction WBC 20-25 in urine?

Bilateral renal artery stenosis. My left kidney getting smaller day by day. What should I do?

Bilatral leg odema , more on rt.Side, normal liver, heart, kidneys .Causes?

Bone scan 3 weeks ago showed increased radiotracer upper pole right kidney. Now have gross hematuria for 3-4hrs upon waking. What could be the cause?

Can a ultrasound show tumors in the kidney or stomach cancer and what does it mean when a ultrasound show a swollen kidney air around kidney and a possible blockage for a 7 year old girl thanks very much?

Can a very large (6.5) *benign* right side kidney cyst- later cause pain or any symptoms for concern?

Can doctors tell me what does mild fullness of left pelvicalyceal system and ectatic left ureter mean?

Can I cyst on the anterior midpole of kidney cause chronic sciatic pain originating in L4-5?

Can non-obstructing calculus in inter-polar region of kidney, size was 0.3cm last year now 0.4cm. The reason I ask is that I have had mild flank pain for 3-4 weeks ?

Can you explain,foetal right kidney shows mild pelvo-calyctasis, appears to be physiological?

Can you please describe left mega urethra and unilateral hydronephrosis?

Case of PUJ stenosis Rt side,Rt moderate hydronephrosis with reduction of renal parenchymal thickness 7mm & 1.4cm stone in lower calyx of Rt kidney. ?

Cat scan shows kidney stones in both kidneys. Largest 10mm right side. Had on and off dull low back pain and blood in urine. Can they cause damage?

CECT whole abdomen with rectal contrast shows kidneys with mildly lobulated outline and few tiny right renal cortical cysts. Is this significant?

Complete duplex collecting system of left side w/ severe ureteral swelling & ureteral stone blockage in young adult. ?

Ct reported that thers mild hydronephrosis on right.Reflux could result in the mild hydronephrosis. The pain has been for 3 weeks. What it means?

CT KUB reports say that left kidney shows mild thinning of the upper pole cortex may be due to focal nephritis. Should i be worried?

Ct scan conclusion: 11 mm calculus rt renal pelvis w fullness to the rt collecting system. what does this mean and what should i do? there is no pain

Ct scan, 7 kidney stones& calcium build up in right kidney.What causes build up?Could calcium be reason 4 unexplained purple bruises, thigh itchness?

Ct scan. Kidneys: Multiple parenchymal defects, presumably from remote infection or infraction. No renal masses or hydronephrosis. What does this mean? Scarring? Should I be concerned? Was in ER last night diagnosed with epiploic appendagit

CT showed mild-moderate fluid on pelvis. Having pelvic/back pain. No kidney stones. Should I be concerned? Can free fluid mean Cancer of any type?

Dad 69yrs old CT scan result says: urinary bladder appears thickwalled+trabeculated 0.9CM along right lateral wall. what does this mean? Infection?

Dad 69yrs old CT scan result says: urinary bladder appears thickwalled+trabeculated 0.9CM along right lateral wall. what does this suggest? Has BPH to

Dear doc, my sister in law of 26 yrs is having severe pain in the right kidney side . In the scan report it is saying that min fluid in morisons pouch?

Diagnosed & hospitalized Apr-2 through Apr. 6 w/pyelonephritis, common bile duct dilation, dehydration, metabolic acidosis, renal cyst. Still in pain!

Discomfort lower back, both side, below ribs. BUN=11.8 Creatine 1.02 UltraSound of KUB=ok, 2 small renal cysts. Taking Doxycycline 100mg bid for18 day?

Does "prominent appearance of the right renal pelvis and ureter which measures 1cm" from renal ultrasound mean anything?

Dr: My ultrasound report is ; left kidney measures 12.2 cm. A calculus measuring 11mm is seen at the junction of mid and lower third of ureter.

Echogenic calculus of size 3mm noted in lower calyx. echogenic calculus of size 5mm noted in the mid ureter. Taking drotin DS now. Is surgery required?

Enlarged left kidney. Ectopic cross fused kidneys. What does the enlarged left kidney mean? No hydronephrosis or calcium build up and no stones.

Er doc did a ct scan for left centralized flank pain discovered I have a left renal cyst and left renal adenoma. Have to wait for primary. Now what!

Experiencing renal colic ~ 7 mo including 1 episode tht required ED visit. Dr ordered US Radiologist describes "a 1.3cm hyperechoic nodule" in kidney. Does this mean it's not a stone? Have history of KS.

Facial swells, pelvic ultrasound shows slight fluid retention, kidney and liver functions are normal. What might be the cause of the swelling?

Few prominent mesenteric nodes are seen in RLQ (right lower quadrant) -Tiny cyst in Rt lobe of the liver. - Urinary bladder diverticulum?

Found stag horn 3 months back but now in kub only two stones seen?

GB stone size 12mm wether it ll be reduced since no symtom in what freqency sh i scan?

Had a 30 week scan and was told babys kidney were enlarged, lots of water, what can this be as they mentioned something about a syndrome, please help.

Had a CTPA w/ contrast yesterday and now my lower back/kidneys are it possible I'm having renal failure or this a side effect from contrast?

Had kidney reflux as a child; outgrew it by age 8. Rec'd abd. CT results today-cortical loss posterior aspect of the left kidney. What exactly is that?

Had my routine abdominal ultrasound. Left kidney had an impression of focal caliectasia? What does this mean. Creatinine was ok. I had no pain. Tnx

Had right kidney removed 9 months ago due to severe hydronephrosis and atrophy. Pcp ordered labs for me. Gfr is now 78.8 and creatine 0.9. Concerning?

Had ultrasound done on abdomen report said unremarkable liver gallbladder and spleen but said my right kidney was slightly small measured size kidney.

Haematria 4 times in 8 mths. mri, kidney clear. ultra sound .4mm stone non obstructively. no solution. each time bout 5 days. cola color .66 yrs old.

Have a spot in low left pelvic area on xray. Need for concern or normal? X ray was for kidney stones but see this spot elsewhere. Not a kidney stone

Have had severe pain in my back x4 days. Ct shows both a 3mm bulge and hydronephrosis in r kidney ( report says r kidney larger than l). Urology denied my referal my dr sent, said to them kidneys look normal. What should I do?

Have hydronephrosis in my right kidney. Have a history of severe hydronephrosis in my r kidney. Dr looked at CT and there is no obstruction causing the hydronephrosis in my r kidney. My dr is sending mw to urology, how concerning is hydronephrosis w/ no

Hello doctor l'm j kalyani,2day i've gne thrugh US scan,they gve rprt that rightsde kidney is havng 4mm size stone and my spleen,liver is slightly enl?

Hello doctor my mother kidney size is 9.39*2.29 for right side and 9.86*3.39 cms for.left side and also her creatinine is 10 can it be cured ?

Hello sir I have a duplex ureter in my left kidney but my doctor said that their is no any problem tell me how this occur or any treatment?

Hello. I have 7mm echogenic cortical nodule in right kidney what does it mean and how to cure is that any emergency to see specialist?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is left mega urethra and unilateral hydronephrosis?

Hi i had an ultrasound that showed possible dermoid cyst, had abdominal pain for over a year. went for more tests, showed decreased kidney function, spot on kidneys that doesn't resemble stones, and cyst on liver. keep getting shuffled from one doctor to

Hi i have 2 kidney stones (1 in each kidney). They also found that i have shotty lymphnodes and stomach inflammation. What does this mean?

Hi I have done CT scan pyelogram and it shows severe left sided hydroneprosis and a stone of 0.5cm at uv junctoin kindly guide me management of it plz?

Hi i only have one kidney hydronephritis cyst and stone in the remaining. Mag3 scan i was not given Lasix (furosemide) does that mean there is no obstruction?

Hi i recently had a kidney ultrasound and the result was that there is mild prominence of calyces in the right kidney suspicioua for mild hydronepheos?

Hi sir my brother having hyper echoic foci in right renal collecting system largest 1.2*0.6cm any problem with this result and what it is exactly sir?

Hi Sir, As per the scanning of ABDOME and PELVIS. below are findings, so please suggest me on this...Thanks 1.Grade -I fatty liver. 2.Multiple right renal calculi (renal mid pole calculus - largest -9mm) 3.Left Renal calculus-5.5mm.No hydronephrosis.

Hi, I've been diagnosed with extra renal pelvis with swollen left kidney and constant (almost daily) U.T.Is from year 2011. Now, heavy mixed elements (may be contaminants) in my water. What does all of this mean, please and what should I do?

Hi, My wife is in her 28th week of pregnancy and recent scan shows problem with the fetus kidneys. One of the kidney has multiple cysts and other kidney shows dilation. The reports says: The fetal right kidney measures 52mm in length, shows dilation of p

Hlo doctor, In my 22 weeks scan we found fetus right ventricle was 9.5mm and left was 9.2mm is it normal?

How big are the kidneys and where are they located?

How can I get them to remove my renal cyst? Bosniak 2F, 7cm, causing sometimes severe pain.

How can i have an 11mm calculus rt renal pelvis w fullness to the rt collecting system for a long time and it not be painful at all?