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82 yoM, Pradaxa(Afib) til 7/8, when pain, small gangrene 5th toe. Now much worse.CABG, dementia, uses walker. Arteriogram/surg possible before 7/15?

an Allograft acL reconstruction what ares the risk of getting Hepatitis and HIV and what precautions do surgeons do after this surgery e.g medication?

"L5S1 spondy fusion candidate but high risk failure given abdominal pathologies & limitations to engage in rehab to recover" how can I get better?

1 week post pelvic prolapse surgery. No complication. Home with catheter, removed 2 days ago. Today dizzy 100 deg temp. Could this be due to surgery?

10 months post op VIN2 secondary to 27 years of lichen sclerosis. Clear margins obtained. No evidence of new VIN. How long before VIN risk subsides?

164lb male 64 w/robotic prostatectomy day surgery was given 120mg lovenox (enoxaparin) inj 8hrs after surgery. Pt died in 3 days. Was 120mg a possible overdose?

2 surgeries in one month for 75y old(partial and total colectomy) caused hyponatremia(128).In one month, it increased from 126 to 128.How to reach 135?

20+ year history of ulcerative colitis. Colonoscopy showed high-grade dysplasia. First open surgery date is 2.5 months. Is it safe to wait that long?

21mo old in hospital following Gtube placement. 16 hrs postop. O2 baseline is 88.decels 4-5x/hour as low as 70. Sleep apnea? Or result of anesthesia?

26 yo m with history of progressive venous insufficiency failed one year of conservative management. + family hx. Is delaying surgery a good idea?

26yr old male, atheltic fitness, operated for vocal polyp( r) in 2010 mar , successful, recently diagnosed with gallstone 11mm & antral gastritis, please help?

29 yr old son 5 years post hodgkin's tx with surgery, chemo, rad. Developing discomfort and mild swelling in 1 testical. Fam doc says wait . Advice?

52 yof w/rh arth, degdisc, diabetic, brcancer surv. Use back brace when awake. Told surgery not advised due to bone disease. Use walker - suggestions?

57 YO male with 6th surgery on R ankle (since injury in 1995) being Triple Arthrodesis one year ago. Continued pain at level 9-10. Another surgery?

69 Y.O. male, rotater cuff surgery 8/14.Had sepsis, pneumonia, abscessed tooth after. He's planning on torn meniscus surgery 9/11. Wise choice?

70 years maile angioplasty done in 2004&2008 ED since then, diabetic and hernia&hydrocele opposite sides. Using medicines diplatt, avas, metacard, etc.

75 yr old woman has hernia operation, suffering from nightly post surgical itching, have seen derm, allergist, etc. No explanation, any ideas?

8 yr old w crooked toes. Runs in fam. Ft dr can't guarantee that won't cause problems in future.Surgery? Mainly cosmetic and preventative @ this point

8/6 approx 1455hrs EUA & inject > Rectal areaL/A Marcaine &removal of Haemorrhoid @1900hrs.? How long should L/A last . Still have faecal incontience & very numb rectal Not able to tell if having Bowel motion 1800hrs9thPH ULARS 2yrsago

80y.o./underwent cervical laminectomy (C3,4,5,6) 3 mnths ago, regularly getting nausea after that. Tried Rabium 20 and Neopride total, no help.

82 yoM, Pradaxa(Afib) til 7/8, when pain, small gangrene 5th toe. Now much worse.CABG, dementia, uses walker. Arteriogram/surg possible before 7/15?

83 years old female. Has a cholelithiases. The biggest is measuring 0.66cm. No pain felt. Does it need to undergo surgery?

85 years old female has scoliosis, is not recommended to have surgery because of late age and looking for best ways to kill the pain, thanks. ?

8yr old son was diagnosed as having a buried penis for which cosmetic surgery was suggested.Is it safe?

99 year old has stage 0 melanoma on head. Suffering from extreme anxiety over upcoming mohs surgery. Consequences of not doing surgery?

A friend w/ liver disease meld score 18, child-pugh11 needs inguinal hernia surgery caused by ascites.How safe is the surgery?What’s the survival rate

A surgical correction [CTR] is possible fix for airway obstruction necess. trach, how soon do you rec doing this major surgery with high risk of complications?

A30 years old woman who had an icud inserted 16 month ago visited opd because of non visulise of iucd thread , discuss the option of management?

Abi=0.6, surgeon says inoperable due to length of blockage & rec'd med & exercise, but he'll do surgery if it's worse.So confusing-why wait til worse?

Abnormal blood test after minor surgery, had liver scan result normal so thinking it was the meds or anesthetic? Having a bigger surgery soon advice?

Acdf at c5-t1 vs. Plan:c5-c7. Doc went down vs. Up. Severe pain/loss mobility. C7-t1 not fused. C3-5 rare/rapid adj level fail.Can c7-t1 be reversed?

After 14 yrs. of no tumors in my bladder do I still have to have a check up? My last tumor taken out was back in 2000 and prior to that 1990.

After biopsy cretanine rises to 6 from 2.3 and blood urea to 110 from 80...Is it post. Surgery effect... Bcas biopsy was done through button hole...

After compression fractura t11, t12, its done screw surgery, what's next, how many time must go to full recovery, there's no neurological disorder?

After prostate remove surgery by robot in jan.All done supplemental radiation june 24th. 50 years old in sept, what kind of exercise is best 268#5'8"?

After quadruple CABG surgery, can the patient have caffeine (coffee or tea) once they are home from the hospital? Thank you.

After the birth of my twins I was told that I would need surgery to replace my bladder b/c it was low. No surgery..I am having difficulty urinating y?

Age 62 male - 6 yrs post total thyroidectomy for stage 3 ptc. Tsh 22, now 7. Indication of recurrent ptc?

Almost 9 months s/p bilat pars repairs, screw placement unsuccessful. Should I still have pain. when should I be concerned. life is still limited. ?

Am i at increased risk of post-operative bleeding after surgery if pre-surgery biopsy cause uncontrolled artery bleeding? Find the cause or early surg

Amputation right ear upper part cause bike accident on 29 oct 2012 surgery suggests firmin reconstruction intervention I have a lot of fear and doubt?

An angeogrphy has bn done to remove 2 blockages from my heart artelary on 13.06.2013 what precausions should mentained for not hvng any more further b?

Angiography surgery -should I travel to a city for this?

Any treatment without bypass surgery for hear aile mrnt futghet any medicine for lmprvement ot hrart ef?

Appropriate follow-up time after l5-s1 laminotomy is?

Approximately, how much is a cryotherapy surgery of the tonsils for a 20 year old female without an insurance plan?

Are there any hospitals(in England or France) specific for surgery of mucous retention cyst of vocal cord,in singers?

As a follow up to my previous question, I am facing hip replacement surgery in a few days and am a bit stressed. Could that affect my blood glucose?

Because of excessive visceral fat accumulation due to medical issues, are there any procedures like laparascopic (supracolic) omentectomy that will work (safe) ? Or any other medical treatments ? What kind of specialist could I consult ? Not obese ..

Been diag.w/thoriac outlet syndrome,in therapy,nerve glides,heat,not getting better. now poss. surgery? what type for this -already had mumford proced

Before I qualify for a second ablation procedure to re-treat AF, do I need to be in a state of constant or persistant AF? How is persistant defined?

Best doctor and treatment for tranverse malitus. Gone thru all the 3 treatment phases bt still no recovery. On ventilator. Cn mail u the MRI report?

Bilateral spondylolysis at l5. Exhausted all conservative options. Looking at direct repair. Wondering what the success rate is. Not sure what to do!?

Billroth II recon; tube jejunostomy (witzel) d1 lymphadenectomy and celiac nodes, can you tell me more?

Bluging disc at c6-7 can laser surgery be done and what determines eligibility over the norm ?

Brain herniation survival. My mom (81) fell last week, on Plavix (clopidogrel) she had a lg subdural hematoma w/herniation, 3 MDs said no surgery/hope. Was there?

Brca2 age 68. Should I get madtectomy?

Can a mum to be can rectify an unstable lie at 36+ weeks or is c-section only option? Consultant hasn't mentioned the option of external turning!

Can a nephrologist do parathyroid surgery and do they do it the old fashioned way or new.?

Can a post WHIPPLE pancreatic oncology patient get a colonoscopy or is this never advisable due to altered anatomy (been 10 months now)?

Can a smoker undergo a liposculpture procedure? I am a moderate smoker (less than a pack a day) and am wondering if this makes me a poor candidate for liposculpture. If so, for how long should I stop smoking before the procedure?

Can a surgeon do scope on someone who has a hernia that is the size of a grapefruit? They are diabetic, has COPD and on oxygen 24/7

Can a surgeon ethically drop a patient & cancel a scheduled surgery due to patient's injury lead to a pending lawsuit? I am in desperate need of a hip replacement due to traumatic impact to the hip from a fall. My case is pending and it looks like there

Can be vp brain shunt surgery done by awake method ( e.G. When the patient has apart from hydrocephalus (e.G heart dis.) and anest. Risk is so big?

Can carotid block reoccur 3 mos. After previous surgery?

Can cryo surgery (they see some infection so suggested crysurgery before the frozen et) and FET happen in same cycle?

Can homopathy medicine like Rhododenderon 30 , to correct a hydrocele (communication hydrocele) to my son 4,5 years old in order to avoid surgery??

Can i keep bahama cruise reserv 1mo post-op after laparoscopic assisted low anterior resection of rectal cancer? Surgeon says no, gi/oncologist yes.

Can I study m.Ch in cardio thoracic surgery under management qouta (payment seat) in india ?

Can i undergo for breaking body fats treatment by ( o.U.I.™ inverse ultrasound osmosis ) while i had cholecystectomy from 5 months ago ?

Can i undergo ortho. Ttt. Now as i'm 25 yrs old.?

Can istill migrate to other country if i have PTB history thatundergone proper treatment?

Can multiple surgeries under general anesthesia for radiofrequency on c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, bilateral affect my kidneyfunction? Recent blood high bun/crtn.

Can radiation therapy be done for hidradenitis suppurativa? How safe is it in the long run?

Can thermal ablation be repeated? I don't think it was done well 10 years ago, symptoms have returned. Hysterectomy recommended, but i'd rather not.

Can ultrasound aggrevate some pre existing conditions?

Can you list the key lab results I should be monitoring in a f 70y/o, 2nd day post op pt after a partial nephrectomy w/ renal cell ca. ?

Can you tell me for tooth975, worried about surgery & changing treatment plan to alf and twin block for 12mm overjet?

Can you tell me if there are any surgeries that can reduce your height from say 6'2 to 5'7?

Cant afford titanium diagnosed with disk sequestration c6-c7. Dr plan corpectomy C7 n fusion anterior c6-t1 with gretting. Are der any options? Usin

Colon 20cm resection 10days ago(75 y old).Today, discovered all colon dead(arteriosclerosis).So, had total colectomy(1.5 meter).Was that medical error?

Complete duplex collecting system found @ 21 yrs old.2 surgeries, pain & reflux persist.Ureteral reimplantation on the table now.Risks if i do/dont?

Contemplating gastric sleeve, i'm 21, 170 CM and 108kg. I'm terrified about any risks involved with the procedure. Am i too young to get it done?

Could a hd patient have 2 fistulas in both arms?

Cpt surg coder. I am unable to tell if a surgeon did a lobectomy or a segmentectomy. What are the approx sizes using CM of each lobe of each lung?

Daughter has a corrected postductal coa via sternectomy w/ homograft. Undiagnosed til 3.5 m/o, PDA dependent. Now over 1 yr postop, risk of re-coarc?

Dble bleph 4 months ago. Gone frm 20/20 pre op to +1dptr and .75 astig per eye. Presb remains same. Is this permanent?

Dear Dr,I had a recent surgery for a kidney stone (laser) my pre op list said possible mitral stenosis,would I be operated on or sedated undiagnosed?

Dear sir I am suffering adenaxel cyst (hydro panacea) sizes 9*45 cystoscopy is better or surgery?

Dear sir i want to know whether surgery is better or lithotripsy for 6 mm stone in the uterus tube.Patient age is 74 and he is diabetic and hypertenso?

Diagnosed spinal tumar pipelery epindema . Operated twicemin 2001 and 2009. & tumar found again in may 2013. Should i go for operation thrice ?

Diagnosed with a pseudoaneurism in my Right ICA, Sept 2015. Endovascular Surg says no f/u needed. Makes no sense to my other docs, who do I trust?

Diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome. Underwent surgery, so its all good now.Just wanted to know if smoking can be a huge obstacle in my healing?

Diagnosed with grade 2 spondylolithesis. Symptomatic for months now. I tried 2 weeks naproxen 375mg twice daily. Can i snorkel safely? Scuba?

Diagnosed with incomplete collapse of C5 and C6 thru taking xray what are treatments ?

Discovered as result of road accident in Thailand (broken femur neck) that I have distended bladder (due to spinal injury 10 yrs ago - neurogenic) and stage 3b CKD (current eGFR34/2.9 Cr/dl down from 6.9Cr/dl) ultrasound indicates bilateral hydronephrosis

Do doctors test for marijunna in a urinary analysis prior to shoulder surgery?

Do Hernias of 5mm ,need surgery? Had Ultrasound in Panama:- Hernia post insicional de cicatriz en hipocondrio derecho de 5mm

Doctors dignosed a hole in my tympanic membrane and recomended an operation . My query is-tablets can be the sustitute for operation or not?

Does a e.n.t dr with 12 yrs experience and an e.n.t with 36 yrs experience really makes a difference in performing my dad's excisional neck biopsy?