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9 years in bed with a life threatening neuro muscke disease , cervical & lumbar neuritis and spondioltis u name it I got it suffer death Drs won hel?

brother stem cell injury 5.5 years ago, after out of coma,he is till now able to speak unclear,remember people, half paralyze, will he recover anytim?

1 week ago i was diagnosed with bell's palsy. I wondered if there was anything you recommend to do in order to have a successful and speedy recovery?

1 yr after TB meningitis my 21 yr old fiancee HS right side mild hemiparesis, she can go upstairs with minimal or no support but walking straight is still fearful and impossible, any medicine can hlp?

10yo, nonverbal, autism.Child has hives, begun on legs/head, flare intermitt. What poss cause?Nonewsoap

12mo son diagnosis at 5mo with silent aspiration due to swallow reflex delay. Can this only be outgrown or can slp/ot at age 12mo help fix delay issue.

12wks baby erbs palsy has all movements.doctors cant determine which hand is palcy, but sometimes has some weakness,is there chance to full recovery?

2 Feb After IvIG infusion 14m baby start moving limbs for 3 days , but once again loss strength in limbs now he is on Vent . Can we retreat by IVIG ?

2 years old child with cerebral palsy and myoclonic fit on depakin 50mg/kg/d and not response .What is the next step in treatment?

21 yr old female frnd diagnosed wid TB meningitis HS stiffness in arm & leg, poor recognition, slurred voice? How gud r d chances of full recovery?

22 yr old girl had TB meningitis last yr wid obstructive hydrocephalus bt docs said as her condition is getting better wid med shunt isn't required . Is her recovery slow due to this? Will it resolve?

27yrs old and an elite athlete who suffered a mild ischemic stroke 24hrs ago. Any key decisions my docs are likely to be facing?

27yrs old and an elite athlete who suffered a mild ischemic stroke 24hrs ago. Any key decisions my docs are likely to be facing?

29 preemie nw at 41wks. Occasional bilateral provoked ankle clonus at 10 to 15 beats. High chance of cerebral palsy?! no history of ivh or pvl. Thnx

3 month baby has recovered from Erbs Palcy. is there need to continue ROM exercises? is this permanent?

3 months 10 days old premature delivered boy have frequent ankle clonus but other neurological exam normal n he behaves a normal it norma?

3 months post japanese encephalitis frnd is having stiffness in right arm and left leg while awake. But goes while she sleeps? Is this cure able?

34 yr female suffering from facial palsy as a result of an accident. After 6yrs, now can that be corrected? Dr pl advise. Thank you

38 year old female who has been struggling with trigeminal neuralgia every day for the past 2yrs 8mos. Brain surgery and meds don't help. Suggestions?

3wks baby Erbs palsy. After first exercise she made all movement. But prefer to put hand on chest & had some weaknesses. Will recover completely soon?

5 weeks baby recovered from erb's palcy, but hand is passive than healthy hand. Has some weaknesses, is this permanent?

5 year old grandson-sleep apnea, untreated, bell's palsy, poor apetite, tires easily. 1 percentile for age. 2 weeks now outside pads of his hands are blue?

6 months post sah. No deficits. No aneurysm. Started having 2 minute bouts of parenthesis on r side only up to 20 times per day. What doc to see?

6 weeks baby, recovered from erb's palcy, but has passiveness with movement, has some weaknesses, is it permanent, is electrostimulation recommended ?

6 years ago I was diagnossed with pacreatitis(dont kno if I spelled it right) had violent attacks back then. Now not so much. Can it be permanent?

64 year old brother had triple bypass 4 years ago now he has trouble walking ataxia and severe eyelid droop I want to help him he looks awful?

75 yr old father had a craniotomy brain was compressed, but expanded during op, 10 days and is confused and not able to have normal convo. Normal?

80 y.o. female had hip fracture surgery month and half ago, on morphine and rehab since. Now intermittent slurring of speech and mild memory loss?

84 yow with current edema of cheeks and hands and incontinence. Previous stroke. She is not in us and therefore not able to get correctly diagnosed?

85 y old female under pseudo dementia, bed ridden due to knee joint problem, has reduced ensure to 100 ml per day, refusing ng tube, advice what to do?

9 month aftr TB meningitis my fiancee has mild dystonia wch disappears while she sleeps. Why? And it is also getting better in last months and also having mild hemiparesis. Are these sign of recovery

9 month post TB meningitis 22 yrs old girl looks perfect and obeys commands but has mild hemiparesis of right side and mild dystonia in left side which make her walking difficult..Will she improve?

9 months post TB meningitis 22 yrs old female obeys all commands, very well in health but has mild dystonia and mild hemiparesis of right side so she drags right leg while tries to walk, will recover?

A week ago10 month son had a loss of consciousness,bend back of his body, stiffness.After undergoing x-rays is my son at cancer risk?

A week ago10 month son had a loss of consciousness,bend back of his body, stiffness.Can my son be at cancer risk if he undergoes several x-rays?

According to Internet Guillian barre syndrome can effect limbs but my baby 13 months also can't move his head , and falling his head on shoulders ... ?

After 1 yr of TB meningitis 21 yr old can now go upstairs wid almost no support but walking straight is still an issue? She had bilateral infarcts with mild hemiparesis and dystonia, they r better now

After yoga I had numbness/ loss of motor in left arm, resolved in 20 mins, ED doc ruled out stroke. No recurrence in 3 weeks. Due to yoga?!

Are we getting close to finding the cure for paralysis?

Audiologist (Ph.D.) made the statement that all people with tinnitus will eventually go bilaterally deaf since the brain progressively atrophies.True?

Back pain and with cerebral palsy so I have just deal with it?

Been diagnosed with hypophysitis 3 years ago, getting constant muscle contracting and spasms in head , could be a symtom of depression. Regards Diana ?

Bf has spinal cord injury, he's paralyzed from the neck down but can recently move his arms in the future is there a chance he chance he can lift it?

Bro 28 yr, since childhood, limbs weak, v diagnosed found his nerves growing weak thru out body with age, doc says it's genetic... Any idea, any cure?

Can a baby be diagnosed with mobius syndrome even thought he is able to move his eyes in every direction?

Can a child get patiki eye type marks from falling down a stair case?

Can a mild knock to head cause a transient eye tic? (9 yr boy)

Can a patient with stroke abt two weeks now currently with sustained clonus regain movement with only physiotherapy?

Can a person have hypotonia and eds at the same time? I know I have hypotonia but i can also get joints out of place without trying, is that from it ?

Can a person with CP get on disability? I have dealt with this for almost a year and can't deal with the intractable pain anymore!

Can I do reiki and/or Indian head on lady with diagnosed brain aneurysm I am a quality,d experienced therapist. Please advise.

Can i extract tooth of same site where bell's palsy occurred 2yrs ago?

Can leaving bell's palsy untreated cause other health problems?

Can mild herniated disks in c2, C3 b treated naturally and can b prevented from getting worse?

Can primary hypogonadism be resolved? A stunt which involvd my private part and a hoover 7yrs back caused this. Thinking how to reverse 1side atrophy.

Can someone tell me if plastic surgery is safe if you're diabetic and had bell's palsy?

Can TMJ cause my hand to shake? I was just diagnosed with 1st stage parkinson and dr said its caused by the nerve is this true? Im only 36 years old.

Can you rehabilitate if my cousins injury was untreated for a couple years and hes barely treating it? He has cervical dysfunction.

Can you tell me about progressive supranuclear palsy getting cured/ better?

Can you tell me how to correct or get rid of cerebral palsy in my left leg?

Can you tell me if i got brachycephaly can I get disability?

Can you tell me more about experienced alternating hemiplegia, if so how have you coped.Thanks?

Cerebral palsy my daughter has had CP for 16yrs. She has recently started forearm crawling on rt sd. Injury?

Cn meningitis cause slurred speech, stiffness in leg n arm, bowel incontinence, poor recognition power all together? Hw long it takes to cure fully?

Coming out of coma with very brief muscle spasms (posturing?) but has gcs of 8/9. Does this mean better chance of recovery?

Could a person who has bell's palcy since birth and is now 40 years old be cured from it?

Could left infantile hemiplegia affect pregnancy in future? Minor since physiotherapy for 14 yrs has helped immensely.

Could people who have bell's palcy since they are born be treated?

Could people with fourth nerve palsy or superiour obleqie paralysis see double?

Could stiff man syndrome affect your talking?

Dad had meningioma removed (1 1/2 yrs ago). still gets occasional seizures, and has weakness in left side. taking meds, done PT. why still an issue?

Dear Doctor Hi, my sister is 7 years old girl. When i hit her ankle reflex it reflex double i mean 2 times she has no neurological symptoms.. Thanks?

Detailed info on the prognosis of postviral gastroparesis? Does it recover suddenly/slowly? Can it get very bad before then (tubes)? Does age matter?

Diagnosed partial right vocal cord paralysis following a surgery. Clean chest/neck CT. Said no neurological problem. Seeking another opinion. ?

Diagnosed wid TB meningitis 21 yr old female friend cries a lot suddenly sometimes?She is hvng stiffness, recognition issues as well, all curing slow.

Doctor, my grand mom is 80 she is suffering from cerebral & cerebellar atrophic.What tretment should be taken..?

Does catching Guillain Barre early reduce chances of full body paralysis?

Does cerebral palsy cause a child's coordination to get worse as he grows older?

Does periphal neurophathy get worse? What should I expect?

Does suffering from menieres disease means you will go completely deaf at one point in time? or just partially?

Due to suffering of brain embolism, he lost speech. Will the speech come back after treatment?

Finally got my diagnosis. I have an injury to LTN with paralysis of Serratus anterior muscle. It has been nearly 3 yrs. Is it possible to recover?

Fluoroscopy made to (10 month) son to diagnose esophageal disorders after loss consciousness,bend of back,stiffness.Will he be at cancer (x-ray) risk ?

Get in the army with very very mild ceripal palsy doesn't effect me at all can run walk fine?

Gma had stroke unable to speak, swallow paralyzed traffic arm left leg. Did have pneumonia but never cleared up could that play role or ckd stage 3?

Greeting's. I was wondering after living with beh'cet's syndrome for over 15 years and now having hypoxia ? Related to pfo, would repair b worth it?

Gud morng doctor, vikesh from india(hyderabad) i had a surgery to fix median nerve.How long does nerve damage take to recover from hand(age25)?

Guillian barre syndrome in 13 moths baby.He is paralyzed ,in how much time he will start recovery process ? And how much time will take full recovery?

Had face palsy for 4 months now after surgery trauma. When I make face movement, my ear flutters. Is this Synkinesis and is it permanent or sep Issue?

Had nell's palsy 4yrs ago n my left eye is still recovering. Mri showed no defects to the nerves. Will my eye ever recover? It's been 4 yrs.

Has anyone been diagnosed with pudendal neuralgia after delivery?

Have a 24 yo f w/prosopagnosia since birth (acc to mother). Pt also has Aspergers. Suggestions re treating face blindness? MRI neg. no head trauma.

Having third baby and want an epidural but I'm scared they will insert it wrong into a vein and paralyse my heart or paralysis. Should I be so worried?

Heard BIIB033 or rHlgM22 is being tested for remyelination. Can it help my 23 old gf who is facing spasm and weakness in one leg and arm even after 1 yr of TB meningitis? Is this drug available?

Hello Colleagues, 69 y.o. male otherwise very healthy. 3 bouts of double vision, last one 6th cranial nerve palsy. MRIs, bloodwork all neg.Eitilogy?

Hello doctor chadi my son had lack of oxygene during birth what might have caused this problem it can be the anesthesia inhad a very normal pregnancy he weighted 3 kilos ?? He lived for 8 month than passed away due to epileptical seisures and west syndrom

Hello doctor, iam vanalika dhakre from india, I have jerking movements when I have attacks. Can u help me in classifying the type, also what's sudep?

Hello Doctor, My problem is my base in my voice. when I speak there is some vibration occurs and there are too much base in it, and ni sharpness at al?

Hello my hubby who is in prison has a Thoracic aortic aneurysm 4.7 what should be his course of action going forward?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes cerebral edema?