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Deep Scale Clean at Dentist, Mitral Valve Repair with Prosthetic Material 2yr on Adult 150lbs in UK GP prescribed 3g Amoxicillon why Not 2g? Confused

Hello my name is Tamala White and I would like to know how many yrs it takes to become a pediatrician and what it consists of. PLEASE REPLY :-)?

(refer to previously asked question).Do homeopathic medicines such as rephresh cure b.V.? Also, does an orgasm make b.V. Odor intensify?

]due for our baby on the 29th nov,23 days left,and I have looked up on google,about the spots I have,the farmacy told me that its cic poks what if g,m?

@ 38 tried to have a baby acupuncturist gave some herbs.Since then I'm several inches taller. Did herbs or acu cause that? Shouldnt my bones be closed

12m son. Eating item picked up from floor. Had to remove, was fighting back.After removing found mild bleed. Sleeping peacfully now. any problems?

18 months baby electrocuted from the plug that converts the american adapter to european for a short time. She looks fine but will something happen?

2 scents put in rca, please contact me with further information about this topic. How dangerous is this?

2 year old nephew has a 'wet dog' odor after his baths. Have tried diff soaps and no result. Could this be a vitamin def or systemic?

21y male i couldn't remember a lot things after seconds from hearing it, today i try to translate a word when i take my dic. I 4get it please help me?

25 year old female non smoker 3 days after giving birth by emergency c section started having after images on every object and also trails in the eyes?

34 y/o with 2 kids born in the last 4yr w/external hemorrhoid. Will this go away on its own or do I need to visit a doc and what type doc?

34yr, mom, active, in college.noticed last couple weeks, 3X I added simple math wrong, 4X referred to my son as husbands name in converstn. NowWorried?

36w and 4d pregnant. Dilated to a 1 1/2 almost 2 and dr tried to strip my membranes. How long will it be before things get to moving along?

3yr old swallowed sharp plastic shaped in a "t" about 1" x 1.25".Ped said wait till pass. Any danger symptoms to look for?If doesn't pass, tx options?

48 yr old male had quad. By-pass one month ago. Is it safe to have a pic line put in so soon if at all?

5 1/2 months pregnant -is it safe to use trisodium phosphate to clean the walls before painting the nursery? Or should my husband do it solo?

A 6-year-old chinese boy, whose eyes were dug out by criminals, and the eye nerve was destroyed completely, i beg your professional help to save him.

A friend slipped up after 5 yrs clean, but seems to be handling it ok all things considered.... What can I suggest. They were clean for five years and one night slipped recently resulting in snorting of ritalin. Apparently, it has slightly different effec

A lumbar puncture for a toddler sounds scary. Aren't there new technologies to diagnose meningitis using other methods?

According to last questions,i mean applying Photodynamic therapy on penis and stretch it with moving both sides to kill HPV every 2 seconds for 20 min?

According to POP Q, I have Stage 2 cystocele that is contained inside.How will estrogen cream help this not progress further?

According to popular knowledge, when you are bitten by wasps or bees you must put mud on affected part. Really have benefits?

After a bronchoscopy my 16 mo boy still has no specific dx. They said his lungs were "smooth" &had to use hypertonic to clean out. What does this mean?

After flying from us to france my prescription lorazepam turned to powdery mush! what happenned?

After my former question if a spider egg hatches in your ear my follow on question could it do any harm if it did like enter the brain or other areas?

Allergy to carba mix which is in synthetic & natural rubber -swell up. Have had no clean out sigs as w/Crohns colitis watery= bleed bad & opens fissur?

Allergy: IgE is found 395 iu/ml & other reports are ok. Itching with red spots all over . Pls prescribe me a solution except steroid & thus help me...?

Am going to buy the wrinkles serum (pro-med retuonal a10 serym) I need to know if its effective or not. My problem is the lines around mouth.?

Am type-2 diabetic patients last 04 years. Sugar label 10-12.taking 02 times insulin 10 and 12.But last 02 years am facing sexual problem, like while want to do sex my pennies not became stron also discharging wit in a minute. Am really depressed. Pls adv

Anyone ever tried insect-repellant wrist bands? Are they good or just another scam?

Are there any new medicines being researched that can clear blocked arteries?

Are there any specific viruses in the 89128 zip code that involve throwing up and diarrhea for 12 hrs . My husband is just starting to hold fluids?

Are there different degrees to patella tendonitis? Mine seems almost all cleared up after 2weeks...Using rice method

As a dentist, I have noticed that many who claim to be "controlled diabetics" seem to burn through local anesthesia at an alarming rate. Any insight?

As a doctor, what is your take on the new soda ban in new york ?

As suspected GP found nothing on exam for tinnitus. Prefer scientific methods, but for sth like tinnitus, if patting my head helps a little, so be it.

At a wrestling match, I got a lot of opponent blood in my hair. Is a basic shampoo enough to wash out potential diseases?

Ate dominoes, used mouthwash for extended period of time as an OCD compulsion of fear of aids, tasted blood after worried that there was HIV on food?

Been having imbalance, like floor bounces under me. Dr said sinus infection. Asked her about bppv she says to stop reading stuff on net. Misdiagnose?

Been with my psychiatrist >1yr, she's been generous w/ time, we've tried 3 ADs. Should I feel I should count my bless. & settle for partial response?

Best omega 3 for lasik dry eyes? What to look for on the back of the bottle? Currently have epa: 325mg, dha: 175mg. Is that good? It's a cvs brand.

BFS x1 year, affecting face, arms, back. Normal mri, emg. Recently stopped using aluminum products (deoderant, cake mixes) and that is helping. Why?

But when it comes to local anaesthetics during ear, nasal or throat surgury, are lidocaine and cocaine interchangable? Or is that fair to say, somehow cocaine=lidocaine+Epinephrine? Thank you very much!

C.1973-1983 i reproduced microfilm w/ a strong anmonia based developer. For awhile now several drs can't find a cure for my cough. Pls help.

Came across a product named "4life transfer factor plus tri-factor", whether this product is recommended for chronic constipation or it is just scam?

Came up with an good Q earlier. I do not have lice in any form. Do lice (all types) die when in chlorinated water? And what concentration is needed?

Can a parotid gland shrink by taking natural herbs instead of being cut on Im so afraid because of the facial nerves.

Can alchohol travel through saliva? For example. Someone thats drunk gives oral sex to someone that is not. could that cause a SCRAM bracelet to react

Can blockage be cleared through medicine rather than putting stunts?

Can extra strength krill oil cause a little blood in urine? Recent job physical show it. I've never had this problem til I started talking krill oil

Can i take p40 testosterone jell tabs with out being crazy fit iam fit just not like high school ?

Can I use a tens machine on my back if i've got scheaurmanns disease. Been told I can not and don't know why?

Can I use ibuprofen gel in early pregnancy? The box says don't use if over 6 months but thought i'd check. I have sprained my trapezius muscle. Thanks

Can I use st tropez sunless self tan on antibiotics would this have any interference with the antibiotics? Odd question just wondering

Can inhaler use with out touch the lip. It is good. Som people say make min.2cm. Distanee from lip to inhaler. It is god or not.?

Can me taking pictures using the flash hurt my new born babies eyes? Will it make him blind ? He's 5weeks old I love taking pictures of him

Can msm reverse plantir fassitis, a mailman , im 30 n have pf and heel spurs. Iv been using apple coder vinegar to balance my pH along with calcium?

Can my ear be exposed to change in air pressure like going in higher places like baguio(philippines)using a vehicle..Doctor said that I have an infection in the canal(white fungi can be seen)(happened after swimming)?

Can my husband and I share a water pick? Do they come with separate heads? Or should we both have separate units?

Can others tell II have dentures when kissing me I have dull upper denture and wonder i'f my new boyfriend can tell when we e kisaing?

Can secondary transfer of cat allergens into another home be contained? I am a single parent of a 9yo. He sees his mom alternate weekends. She is alle

Can strong multivitamins intake year around cause moles growth?I mean the ones like Vitrum.I've heard such a theory.I take them and covered with moles

Can u please compare himalaya neem face wash vs clean n clear foaning face wash... Which 1 is better ( I have low budget) please search online sir.. Request?

Can using infergen/ribavarin therapy cause someone to feel as though they are dying from the inside out?

Can you help me, im 21 i bought an xtreme pro amino 2222 when i open it i saw some tablets, is this right?

Can you really die from doing the cinnamon cgallenge? I seen it on youtube and thought who would know better thn a doctor

Can you tell me if my doctor reissues a lost prescription but the prescription is subsequently found, can they both be filled?

Can you use pedialyte after 48 hrs? I have heard its a sells thing or bacteria gets in or it lose its affects what is the truth? When does it go bad?

Cause and cure for gross tongue swelling? What are allergies cause it. I heard from a doctor that farmers used to get it ?

Changed my diet today to glutten free heard it is good to try to get rid of alopecia aorta but now have a metal taste in my mouth?

Chemists do ask question when i tried to buy a condom.He asked me if i want 0.2 or different one.Throw light on sizes of condom please.Is it thickness?

Chlorine gives me headcolds (slightly allergic) ; but i heard swimming and water walking is really good for p.O.Ts patients... Good outweigh the bad ?

Clear care and biotrue contact solution don't seem to mix well together. Any evidence that supports this?

Co worker w/ head lice, saw 10 days ago, he used my brush 1 time. Hair checked today, all clear. If I were to get it, would it have shown up by now?

Could those don't swallow or contact poison control center right away on colgate and crest itemst tell the truth?

Cuticles been extramly bad lately. They peel, detach, parts become very painful. I use sally hansen cuticle rehabx. Any store bought produc solutions?

Date rape. Extremely upset, won't report. Adamant all that was touching her body be burned, clothes, jewelry, purse, etc. S.Asian girl. Lim english?Help?

Dear gastro, tell me the name of another medicine like function of Rifoximin. I need multinational for inside of country. ?

Dentist used mouth-sized and 7-8 small squares of blue articulation paper to test bite. 38 weeks pregnant. Safe if swallowed some blue stuff?

Diagnosed w/ shingles. Used vibrator on back before I knew. Is it unsafe to use now on private regions? Want to be 110% sure it won't spread

Did my first fresh failed cycle... Knew it was a bust from ET.. I'm 39 w 3 frozen due to put back in 10/22.. Should I even bother, all seem to fail..

Different stores in my area label the same product differently. One calls it an ear syringe and another a nasal aspirator. Are they the same thing?

Discovered some pills on the ground need help identifing what they are?

Do i have to pay for a question answered i took the metronidazole for seven days but i got a itch around my inner walls and i used a cheap anti itch c?

Do teas for weigh loss actually work? I saw one called tiny teatox and looked quite promising

Do you know anything about an appendicostomy or ACE and what it is like to live with it?

Do you typically do a smear (or bx) for eosinophils for a work up for allergic rhinitis? If so, which stain are you using? Thanks, pat sweet, md

Do you typically do a smear for eosinophils for a work up for allergic rhinitis? If so, which stain are you using? Thanks, pat sweet, md

Doc had told me lubes like KY yours, kill sperm and should be avoided when ttc, true? What would you recommend? I don't need one but i'd like option.

Doctor say that azithromycin can help my posterior Blepharitis the whole 5 days , but the pharmacist insists that only 3 days is necessary is that ok ?

Does Gloxi really works? is Gloxi for everybody? Am 26 year old. I even have a small fracture in my left foot, does it safe for me? Thank you!

Does it matter if i bathe my children at night or in the mornings i used to bathe my first son at night. Until he reached about 18 months. Then it seemed like he would be hyper after his baths at night. He is now 2 years and I have another that 2 1/2 mont

Does masterbation like 2 times a day a couple days in a row kill brains cells and and cause harm? And is this a reliable source?

Does people feel like they are dying from the inside out using infergen/ribavarin therapy?

Does picking a scab make scarring more or less likely? I've read arguments for both outcomes...I'd like to know specifically for a rather deep cut.

Does taking notes on yellow paper with a red pen help my memorization?

Does using a menstrual cup carry any risk of an air embolism? This is my first time using it and I feel like my vagina is stretched and battered.

Does wearing an unvented plastic bump helmet at work, pose any health risks ( knowing that it gets very warm & sweaty on the scalp ) ?

Doing blood n urine tests to join army at 3rd february, used 1 cigarret of hashish, sniffed 1 line of md (16/12/2015). am I clean 100%? very rare use