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Female with mass on sternum. Biopsied 8 years ago benign. I had a pet scan it's hypermetabolic. I have MS and borderline lupus. What are my options?

i have a 2 CM solid nodule on left lobe and several 1 CM on right lobe 2 are much more complexed had fna biopsy benign enlarged gland worried?

Papillary cancer was found in the left lobe thyroid, but not in preliminary results so my right lobe left in w/2 nodules. What is the usual tx now?

solid thyroid nodule was 3.3 last year now 3.5 cm. fna biopsy normal in 2011. should i be concern. endo said see me one yr with ultrasound. worried?

thyroid u/s showed mildly heterogeneous echotexture of thyroid glan mild cervical lymphadenopathy small hypoechoic nodule rep parathyroid adenoma ?

"Heterogeneous hypo-echoic thyroid parenchyma with regional right side enlarged lymph nodes." appears in my thyroid Ultra sound test. What's this?

0,5cm hypoechoic nodule with rim calcification was found on my thyroid US.I have no symptoms at all and the us was done 4fertility that bad?

1 CM hypoechoic nodule up from 6mm in 18 months. Also new 3mm hypoechoic nodule. Only bloodwork done was t4free, TPO, TSH, all normal. What do I do?

1 CM hypoechoic solid and vascular thyroid nodule found and confirmed on us. Biopsy scheduled for january. How concerned should I be?

1 CM solid node l thyroid lobe a mixed micro and macro- follicular lesion fna consists of follicular cells in small follicles microfollicles & small sheets displaying extensive hurthle cell changes ?

1 year ago 1 lung nodule 2mm 1year later same nodule 4.5 mm and new one a non calcified punctate at 2.7mm, tiny axillary node should I be worried?

1 year thyroid nodule follow-up revealed a new thyroid nodule and the other one is no longer there. They were both hypoechoic. Chance this is cancer?

1.4cm hypoechoic module identified within the left ovaryof uncertain etiology. Can this be cancer?

1.5mm (yes, tiny) thyroid nodule found on ultrasound. Not characterized in any way except "solid nodule". Possible to biopsy at this stage?

1.7 CM thyroid "isoechoic solid nodule" mid-lobe. 2 fnas both came back non-diagnostic. Told next step is my choice. Should I have the lobe removed?

12mm slightly complex THYROID nodule (R) + 10x6x5mm hypoechoic nodule (R). Impression: largest predominantly solid appearing nodule is 10mm. GET FNA?

17 tear old daughter with normal thyroid function with ultrasound showing 5-mm hypoechoic nodule what should next step be and how worried should I b?

1st 2.4cm solid/cystic complex thyroid nodule fNA was FLUs. 2nd biopsy non diagnostic insufficient follicular cells or colloid. Do I need a third fNA?

2 thyroid echos 2004 w. small nodes, 1st w. normal homogeneous lobes + isthmus, 2nd shrunken heterogeneous. Never rechecked. Low hormones since. Bad?

2005 papilary. Thyroid removed. 2006 recurr right side thyroid bed. Today new nodule r thyroid bed. Hypochoic avascular. 0.3x0.2x0.2cm. What to do?

2011 u/s thyroid diffusely heterogeneous multinodular thyroid. Last week gland swollen/tender. New u/s diffusely n moderately inhomogeneous. Why sore?

25 yo female just diagnosed with hypothyroidism. They also found that I have a multimodal at goiter and cyst filled nodules. Would you be concerned?

25yo female recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Found multinodular goiter and cyst filled nodules during thyroid sonogram. What is the next step?

26 f w/ nodule that is solid heterogenous, increased vascularity, internal microcalcifications, 7x5x8mm, is this high risk malignant?

27 yr. Old, female. No thyroid enlargement or any nodules upon palpation. What could this mean? Can someone have hyperthyroidism without any nodule?

3 mild hyperechoic nodules on a diffused hetergenous thyroid need some info C Endo in Mar that's a ways away for peace of mind biggest 1.5 CM norm tsh?

3 thyroid nodules sizing from .9-1.5 cm. mild diffuse hyperechoic & hetergenorous. 6 weeks post childbirth. after childbirth. I'm scared. ?

3 years of fluctuating blood pressure-tachycardia-excessive sweating-shortness of breath-headaches-CatScan shows nodular thickening left adrenal gland?

31×11×16 mm solid, isoechoic thyroid nodule with hypoechoic thin halo, fna biopsy says atypical cells of uncertain significance Surgery or wait 3 mo.?

31y/o female. Thyroid us with 1cm nodule benign features. 8x8mm nodule w/ sl inc doppler flow. Both sharp margins/isoechoic.No path calcifications.Md recommends f/u in 6 mo. Should i request biopsy?

32 years old male. Multiple nodule, The largest size is 1.5*1.78*0.839 cm. Three times FNA. Result is No EVIDENCE OF MALIGANCY. But Hurthle cell seen.

32 years old male. Thyroid Bilateral Multiple nodule, The largest size is 1.5*1.78*0.839 cm. Three times FNA. Result is No EVIDENCE OF MALIGANCY. Comment: Follicular cell, Hurthle cell and colloid are seen. I worry about the Hurthle cell. My Surgeons only

34 Yr old M. Dominant Homogeneous Solid thyroid nodule measuring 1.1x1.3x1.7 cm. somewhat hyper-vascular. Appt. 8 weeks away. Recommended steps? Risk?

38 yr male. Thyrodectomy for ptc 2 years. Smoke pot. 7mm nodule on thyroid bed found. Is this related to ptc recurrence or can it be throat cancer?

3mm solid hypoechoic nodule, and mildly enlarge thyroid, what next step?

3x1x2mm hypoechoic nodule on thyroid u/s. Report said most likely a complex cyst. Dr said I don't need a f/u u/s unless he feels something. True?

6 months ago, i was diagnosed with diffuse right thyroid with multiple nodules which one nodule measured 0.9cm. i was given euthyrox 25mg. 3 months on the med, my ultrasound showed no change in the nodules and was still diffuse so i continued with euthyro

8 yrs post subtotal thyroidectomy remain thyroid has cystic, complex & solid nodules. Largest solid isoechoic w/o calci is 1.2cmx.8cmx.5 what to do?

8cm not mm benign hyperplastic nodule at appendiceal orifice. Should it be removed? Is it safe to wait 6 months to rechk for growth?

8mm hypoechoic nodule and then nothing there a month later, according to thyroid specialist. Can a nodule resolve that quickly?

8yr old, lg thyroid, nodule on rt, TSH & free T4 high. US-nonspecific heterogenous echotexture of thyroid w nodular contour & inc vascular. Sig fam hx?

97 yo pt with thyromegaly on ct. U/S showed thyroid nodular goiter.1 right calcific and 2 left hyperechoic solid nodules. Should be worked up(Age)?

A 0.08ml thyroid nodule grew to 1, 44ml over 7y and new 0.03ml nodule found. Hormones ok, taking 50mg levothyroxin, fnac done in 07 - benign, calcitonin 12.3ng/l. Should i get thyroidectomy?

A 5x5x5mm nodule right upper thyroid no internal flow.Well circumscribed hypoechoic /heterogeneous 1.4x1.4x1.6cm nodule post right.Is the cancerous?

A fine needle aspiration(fna) test of my thyroid nodule -(1.8cm) came back with "suspicious for malignancy" (category 5) result here in australia. My ?

A fna on a thyroid nodule came back as "follicular lesion of undetermined significance". What does that mean and what happens next?

A Hyperechoic Nodule 9x5mm in liver and an Iso-echoic Nodule 5.5x4.5mm in Gallbladder in body of my grandmother(76) , can it be fixed without surgery?

A single ovoid hypervascular, hypoechoic nodules noted in the right mid gland measuring 0.4x0.3x0.2cm, thyroid. Also a 4mm ovoid nodule found?

A sonogram revealed a 1x1.1 CM solid nodule on my isthmus . My appt with the endo is in 2 months. Am i waiting to long or am i fine until then. ?

After my thyroid biopsy a chocolate like mass was extracted what does it mean?

Alternatives to surgery for solid thyroid nodule?

Any statistics relating to the relative frequency of benign kidney nodules vs. cancerous kidney tumors? I have a 'nodule' - seeing urologist next wk

Any washington state local thyroid specialist to call to hopefully sched. Surgery on my fna biopsied 2.7 nodule on isthmus..Came bk atypical..

Are subcentimeter lung nodules that have not changed in size since january assumed to be benign if they do not light up on a pet scan. All are 6 mm?

As doctors would you advise an operation on someone with a lung nodule 1.4 -2.7 suv.1 surgeon said carcinoid the other coin lesion.Will die of worry f?

Atypical undetermined on my fna nodule..Would rai work in this situation, or remove it as a precaution?

Being dominant nodule seen in the medial inferior left thyroid measuring 1.5cm percutanous fine needle biopsy recommended. Can you explain what this means?

Benign nodules on thyroid. My TSH is .45, T4 -7.49, t-uptk 39.9, and t7 is 7.5. Sono tech saw hot nodules- exhibit signs of hyper--is this possible?

Besides genetics, what determines the chance of a solid thyroid nodule being cancerous? I have a solid nodule that has grown fast and normal TSH level

Bilateral lung nodules,Atelectasis prior papilloma thyroid CA.Pituitary Adenoma,Chiari Malformation,FMD,enlarged common bile duct no stones. Genetic?

Can hashimoto cause swallowing problems? Anti-tpo over 1300, 2 nodules , plus one calcified nodule, each less that 1 sm. On Armour Thyroid meds

Can a a-typical thyroid become cancerous in the future.

Can a benign silghtly echogenic liver hemangioma seen in ultrasound grow from 1.7 cm to 2 cm in about 1-1/2 months?

Can a mass on the thyroid be spread to the right lobe? because I found out that there is a solid nodule on the right lobe of the thyroid

Can be a hyperthyroid. Is hyperthyroid cancerous since it is still a large mass and a tumor?

Can i request my thyroid to come out if fna showed atypical? My isthmus cold nodule is 2.7cm my doctor might want another biopsy, but i dont...

Can parathyroid tumors/masses appear on US to be on/attached/contiguous w/the thyroid gland? How large can parathyroid masses grow? Are they benign?

Chronically low T4 Free, low to normal Thyrotropin Mildly heterogeneous thyroid echotexture lymph nodes without fatty hila endo says no problem?

Classic hyperthyroid symp, plus fam hist of it. 2 hypoechoic nodules. Endo is "watching". But, TSH normal. No Pheo. No diabetes. What else can mimic?

Colon cancer pt. old ct- nodule on left adrenal gland. ( was not met). New ct- new adrenal nodule . Are these the same or diffetent ones, ?

Complex structure with internal blood flow 1.5 CM and 3 hypoechoic nodules over 1 CM in rt lobe of thyroid. Biopsy? Can this cause symptoms?

Could FNB on 2.3cm Thyroid Nodule cause problem if it IS cancer? Like breaking the seal & spreading cancer faster. Deciding on FNB or Lobe removal?

Could hashimoto's thyroid disease affect the size of a person's thyroid lobes? Thyroid sono showed mine to be slightly smaller than normal , overall.

Craniotomy nov '11 meningioma, small residual tumor left. Hard lump in neck afterwards. U/s indicates hypoechoic nodule. Tsh norm. Concern warranted?

Dear sirs!i have had a goiter for years and now since last year one complex nodule been growing 2 cm. Biopsy not suff. Cells may 2012 -new biopsy?

Dec 2006 total thyroidectomy for papillary carcinoma & neck dissection bc in nodes...Now us shows tissue in thyroid bed...What is it ?

Diagonsis:thyroid gland, total thyroidectomy , small adenomatous nodule in the left labe with evidence of cystic change. Ectopic cartilage and mucus ?


Do all nodules caused by Hashimotos have similar characteristics? Do they have a greater or lower chance of being cancerous as other thyroid nodules?

Do I have Graves? Very high ANA. Right lobe 5.9cc left 3.7cc, 3mm colloid nodule. Echotexture slightly heterogeneous and moderate vascularity.

Doctor said I should get a biopsy on my 6.5mm thyroid nodule. It's hypoechoic and nothing else suspicious on ultrasound. He said it's for "peace of mind". Is this normal practice for a small nodule?

Does a partially calcified thyroid nodule measuring 1cm indicate higher risk for ca? I had stage 2 ov ca at age 26(3yrs ago) does that raise risk too?

Does smoking cig make complex thyroid intermediate nodules worse? I have 5 dominant nodules in my thyroid?

Dominant nodule and cysts found on thyroid. FNA biopsy ordered. Wondering if this is something tat can just be watched. Multiple symptoms.

Doppler US showed cystic changes (irregular shape) in thyroid with swollen reactive nodes unilateral. What does this mean!?

Dr wants 2.9cm complex inconclusive thyroid nodule that started out smaller than 1cm 7 years ago removed is 1 month too long to wait to see surgeon?

During a neck lymph node ultrasound, accidentialy a 3 mm hypoechoic thyroid nodule was found. Is it something to worry about now, should I get biopsy or check it regullary or leave it. I have a family history of thyroid cancer (father, 1st cousin)?

During a thyroid ultersound they found nodules5.5 cm and 6,6 mm will I need a biopsy also they foundabnormal heterogeneous echotexture through both lo?

DX hashimoto's 6mo ago, neck pressure x3 wk, cervical US = thyroid is OK, reactive lymph nodes bilat, L largest 1.2x0.4cm, R largest 1..3x0.7cm-ideas?

Enlarged heterogeneous thyroid hyperechoic with mild echogenic nodules, sized .09-1.5 CM normal labs? seeing endo ,wondering what this Is going to mea

Exophytic nodule posterior to rightllobeof thyroid gland increase in size from 2cm to 2.2cm how serious is this situation.?

Fast growing thyroid nodules - what do they mean?

Finding thyroid expert ? Reading tells me large percentage of thyroid/nodules removed are benign. Medical papers refer to finding needle in haystack.

First a mass was detected on the liver, then a thickening of the stomach wall, followed by an enlarged adrenaline gland then thyroid was abnornormal?

FNA 2.5 cm solid thyroid nodule was FLUS and not enough cells for Thyroseq. Second FNA was non diagnostic and not enough cells for thyroseq. What now?

Fna came back benign on 6mm focal coarse calcification cyst in my thyroid. Is this reliable should I get a second opinion? Im having heart pal and hbp

FNA predominant solid thyroid nodule with new calcify and increased vascularity is indeterminate-now sent to Afirma for GEC How accurate is this test?

FNA results 2.4cm thyroid nodule was FLUS.Please explain good vs bad for US.Mildly hypervascular solid circumscribed. Histo is microfollicles. ?

Fna thyroid cytology report said the specimen quantity is insufficient for cellblock w/follicular nodulal goiter. What does this mean?

Fnac report of thyroid nodule-colloid, individual follicular cell n folliculr cell in cluster in haemorrhagic bckground. What it indicate?