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a nevi removed from the outside of my ear because there was a1/3 chance of it becoming cancerous.10 years later l have stabbing pains in that ear. ?

enlarged prostate – no cancere history. Treated (8years) for Profuse bleeding with clots, why doctors will not remove gland? I live in torture.

I have EDS (hypermobility) and SLE (just diagnosed) and carcinoid tumor removed. Can my tumor be related with my other conditions and come back?

Recently found out my ovaries are supressed due to pit. gland & thyroid issues. I see endochronology next week but have been having white to yellow I?

10yrold son plays elite sports. Found hard lump on outside of femur, xray shows "enchondroma" dr. Says benign. Causes? Dad=7ft. Tall mom brca2 [email protected]

18 month, only 19 lbs and shes on a feeding tube and has central apnea. A biopsy was done on her lungs doctor said white spots were found. What is it?

18mos.Ago, hadmeningioma in the post. Fossa region removed w/complications. I just ate cereal w/cold milk, and got a sudden, bad headache where scar is/tumor removed.Concerning?Nothing similar x16mos

2 symmetrical lymph nodes in groin (medium) 1 in nick (small) 2docs saw say not to worry chances of cancer small. Perfect CBC ~2 months butdo pokethem?

2 y/o son diagnosed with abdominal lymphatic malformation; had sx, but still some masses left. I looking for an specialized group for the condition.?

2 yrs ago found 2cm liver mass. 3 tiny lungnodules and 3tiny brain lesions. All stable since found. Drs say not related. is this cancer? Next step?

21 year old son has been fainting with eyes wide open and set. (very scary) He had stage 3 melanomia 2 years ago. Cemo caused pituitary gland to swell?

3 weeks ago, my mom had a brain tumor removed from her left lobe. Recently she has been experiencing a pulse rate of mid 90-105. Should I worry?

3.3 cm mass on husband's left lung. Not there a year ago, at all. Referred for biopsy. Should we be worried? 59 y/o, long time smoker.

33yr male,small blue vein in oestophagus detected,what is the treatment for dis??is dis life threatening

34yr old male, comon bile duct 11mm, did MRI & consultant said nothing to worry as I may have born like this. Can this be the case or cause problem?

3mm nodule on right upper lung no change MRI 2008/2011. Can this just be an age thing you know how some things grow on you as you get older. ?

4 weeks grandaugther (24) diagnosed with sarcoma of r breast. Lump size of a lime. No insurance- waiting for funding approval. To give f/head pain ?

4/5" cavernous hemangioma on my left hand since birth. Asymptomatic. Just cosmetic problem. Any risks associated with it? In winter it gets engorged.

43yo female 20aday smoker xray show calcium spots not there last yr possibility of cancer developing ?

44 years old. Long history of menstrual cycle ranging from 10-20 days. Lg amount of pus last month. Treated for infection. Bulky uterus found. What could this be? Growing breast tissue as well. Going for ultrasound.

5cm hard lump removed near elbow thought originally to be inflammatory. Sent to pathology, should I be worried. No one saying what it could be....

76 year old female with stage 4 small cell Lung cancer, also in the liver. Presenting with hand shakes & skin peeling off her hands- whats happening?

79 of age just found out got cancer on kidney what is the out come?

8 mm likely benign tumor in right hard palate cont-doctor says a follow up appointment in august, should I wait that long before removal? Im nervous:\

9 year old daughter has benign premature adrenarche... Diagnosed age 6. Today she has what looks like thrush on her tongue, could it be pcos?

A friend of mine has a small benign brain tumor at 27 and the doctor says they're pretty common but they're just not symptomatic. Is this true?

A hip lesion was found during scan. Followed for 3 yrs No change. Safe to think it's alwsys been there? When I have piraformis issues I get scared.

A leukoplakia hsa been found in my nouth before 4 week, So what treatment will help me but it is samll.

A little confused. Lipoma or liposcaram . Which one has a main tumor( hub) that has long leders coming off it. ?

A long, thin, sharp foreign body under the skin / in the soft tissues of the neck/throat region retained for several months. I consulted a doctor. Who sent me for an X-ray, which didn`t show anything. Subsequently, I also saw another doctor, who sent for

A relative had an MRI....extensive lymphadenopathy was found several areas. Is it likely cancer? Is this related to her long term history of smoking

A white mass was seen in her ear. Is this a polyp?

Abnormal area found in placenta on ultrasound. Dr said maybe clot or tumor.would an abruption be noticeable also if it was a clot?

About a year ago during an exam doctor found a 2.73cm x 2.43cm cyst in the central gland of prostate. When should I start worrying? Thank you!

After having a brain tumor removed, I believe I have Lymphedema. Various facial locations swell randomly. What type of Dr would best confirm/treat?

An 8yr boy who was diagnosed as mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis in several years ago. Feels better in 2 years ago. But now not very well?

Anxiety due to biopsy apt to look at abnormal cervical cells made 6 months ago and coming up next month, afraid waiting this long lead to advanccancer?

Any alternative medicine for thyroid nodules (in l cervical region) other than surgery?Age67, male.Diagonised a month back, looks like shrinkng, NT sure

Any treatment for eye lymphoma after some of part was remove from eyelid, pet scan was done and nothing else on the body was found.

Are all bone scan hot spots some sort of cancer?

Are cherry angiomas hereditary? My mom has a lot, and i'm developing new ones frequently as i get older. Are they really a sign of internal malignancy

Are lymph nodes that are removed to look for cancer spread taken out in order? Ex: 20 removed & 10 positive. Is cancer gone b/c last 10 were clear?

Are several sudden cherry angiomas a sign developing malignancy? Should I start looking for some cancer?

Are tumors in small cell lung cancer tiny making it hard to diagnose.I have had a negative CTscan but still worried to due to fatigue and weight loss?

Are you sure cherry angiomas are not caused by estrogen attacking blood vessels. I have some on breast worried get cancer?

Asian female, 16, had a history of melanonychia, surgically removed as it was worrisome. Found a new, similar one days ago, do I need an urgent visit?

Bac type cancer stage 1n lobectomy in may. No further treatment, CT now shows sm spot same side and fluid, i just know cancer is back, right?

Bilateral testicular microlithasis is non-cancerous & benign. It is non spreadable disease.Also no one should worry about it. Am i right doctor?Plz

Bump grew on her forehead, has been on there for years, what doctor is specialized on that? And what is your diagnostic? Read it could be a bone tumor

Can a 4 year old, male, survive a benign tumor located in the back of the head, which cannot be opperated on?

Can a lot of new tiny nevuses (1-5 mm) in last three months and temperature without any visible symptoms be a sign of some oncological problems?

Can a tumour in the adrenal gland cause abdominal pain, specifically localized to one spot? Thank you b

Can all Abnormal Lumps On the testicle mean cancer ? . Can A 15 year old cancer ? nd how did it get there in the first place witout injuring myself?

Can benign hepatic liver lesions spread to other body areas? Waiting to see if they grow in few months with mri. Can i get these out will come back?

Can bening sexually asulted at two months lead to a small penius?

Can hymenal remnants grow seen gynae when found first one 5yr ago now have 2 is this normal ?

Can sebaceous Nevus turn to cancer? If so how likely? And how often should it be checked.. I'm scared what should I do

Can someone develope a nonmalignant tumor on the bottom of both feet in the same place at the same time, and if so what options for a 59 y o female?

Can ultrasound differentiate fat ball or cancer in kidney for a female.My dr is not at all worried and suggested it is just fat ball?

Can you see small, early bone cancers on an x-ray, or do they have to be already bigger tumors?

Can you suddenly develop multiple lipomas on your abdomen and can they possibly interfere w/digestion? Dx w/ ab wall lipomas recently.

Can you tell me about endocrine, doctor says that I most likely have a little growth on my parathyroid but isn't concerned. should I get a second opinion?

Cancer of the upper rectum. All organs seem clear. There are some early lymph nodes beside the lesion - around the stomach cavity.What does this mean?

Cause of lympnodes approx 1-2inches above your thyroid to be swelled up, have had it for over a year and what type of dr biopsies them, an hows it done?

Choroidal melanoma (1994). No issues since treatment til now. U/s shows 2 spots liver (8.2cm/2.1cm), waiting on mri. If cancer would this likely be considered metastasized from original cancer?

Cists are commanlly found behind the ear? I have noticed in my findinds this is comman?

Confused.Tiny cystic 10mm thing on lft parotid tail,incidental find.Should biopsy now or wait to see if grows?Would biopsy cause spread? Wait or now?

Could geminis get along with cancers?

Could my breast cancer have been caused by the unhealthy environment I lived in for two years? Small lump started before I moved from the apartment, and now its the size of my palm (red and irritated too) it started 9 months ago. No history of any cancer

Could you tell me if i workout hard will this result in cancer cell come back or spread faster either?

Curious?Had clean CT scan 3yrs ago!yest.found I have 2large poss. benign Meningomas. 2.8x2.6x3.4. Does that mean they r fast growing? Onco next week

Dad had neck dissection yesterday history of tongue cancer what precautionary exams would be recommended to evaluate no malignancy has spread or stayed ?

Dad has frequent bleeds from the nose. He has multiple large petechiae on face, gerd. Diagnosed crest three yr bk. Nothing helps, pl suggest details?

Dermatologist didnt check all body parts during screening, when inquired of very small moles he said not to worry due to size. Should I go elsewhere?

Diagnosed w/ supracondylar process in my left arm. I feared the lump i felt was tumor but dr assured its not dangerous. What's the best treatment?

Diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa today. I only have 1 tiny cyst under arm. No others ever.What are some labs/test to prove or disprove this?

Do breast angiosarcomas grow within 6 months? Wondering for a friend who had 6 mm vascular area but its now gone and dr said vascularity just a vessel

Do you know good specialist in Dallas/Ft. Worth area? I have over 30 tumors and cyst in my body and I just turned 30

Do you think that i could get anthrax from a skull i found?

Doc says im in tanner stage 4. But im 18, 6'2 and 170 lbs of muscle? However my penis is still small and hasnt developed. What is the matter?

Doctors found a calcified lump thats 3 inchs big in my body through xray. They say its to high to be on my ovary but hard to tell. Could it b cancer?

Doctors found spots on my liver during a sonogram and they also said my kidney looks abnormal. Ive had chronic bathroom issues for over a year. ?

Does having a Pilomatrixoma predispose someone to other conditions like FOP, or other tumors? Or is it just an isolated incident?

Does having a wilm's tumor affect what your child's pee looks like?

Does having one larger tonsil always mean cancer? Can it b from past infection? Mine been big for 7 yrs or longer. What's the chance it's cancer?

Does the type of surgery affect whether breast cancer can come back?

Due to cancer I had my penis removed is it possible to re gro 1 with stem cells?

Dx w malignant melanoma today..Surgery scheduled. Symptoms it has spread? Body check was negative. Small spot on face.

Dysplasia cells in the lining of my stomach. What is the likely hood of turning to cancer. I see my dr in 6 months.

Elaborate? Benign Leukoplakia removed form vocal cord 1 mth ago. Shows big post-op scarring. Voice ok, worried about turning cancer later. Unlikely?

ENT found "lesions" on both sides of larynx. What could this mean? Recheck in eight weeks

Family dr. Dx'd tiny Bartholin's cyst. He's unconcerned. Smaller than pea. Looks like fatty cyst. No pain, etc. Age 63 & read dangers of cancer. Very scared! rare? Slow growing & aggressive? Thoughts?

Fast growing nodule, found 2 weeks ago. 6cm, half cystic, half solid. Biopsy 18 days from now. Is it ok to wait that long or should it be done sooner?

Fatty tissue found on live found via ultrasound at ER on tuesday, enlarged liver and no health insurance. Can i wait to see a specialist?

Female Breast Cancer 5yrs ago check was clear for past 5 yrs. Last year Check had Pain in Area had biopsy was OKcan 3DMarker causing pain be removed?

Few months back my father was found pleural infusion and remove successfully.He has been a chain smoker since my childhood and he is 60 now.

For Mucinous Ovarian Tumors (stage 1a/grade1), doctor said recurrence was relatively low if any. Also, if recurrence happens, can it come back worse?

Found 2/1/17 1x1.5cm lump in uncinate process in the pancreas and NA fatty liver. Is there a link? Is the uncinate process a bad place to have a lump?

From my profile pic, that was my tongue feature that i capture recently. Can dr tell me, does it show that my tongue cancer has reach advance stage?

From what i've seen, i've come to believe that non-small is when the cancer is stil relatively localized, what to do?