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34yr niece w/ breast cancer met. to brain & now cells in spinal fluid. Is treatment viable and if so where/who is best place to contact/talk to/go. Dr say w/out treatment 2 mnth. ?

allergy tests done was given Flonase & told come back 1x weekfor shots,night in hospital.My Dr gave me prednisone now very tired?Why?

chest infection from my holiday I receive antibiotics and my 10yo sister received painkillers even tho she got the CI of me is that bad?

FEV1 was 35, but improved to 38 after a br trtmnt. He was given some new medications. Can this really change the FEV1 or will it get just get worse?

Just got news, I am approved 4 sexual reassignment surgery. I hav a vag lump and I see gyn tues, if cancer and get rid of it can I still have srs?

 My son has been suffering with bowel issues since last October (2014), - from when he was 6 months. Up until this point he had no issues, and went 1-?

'12 Ab. MRI. Told Lyme or MS. Treated for Lyme- symptoms nearly gone w/in 6 mnth. Symp. Returning, Neuro is saying MS. Anyone specialize in Lyme?

+ctd, partial dysautonomia.Dealing w/ bad lightheartedness & head feels swollen.Prednisone resolves my sx.Florinef (fludrocortisone) didn'tcan't tell is salt helps.Neuro md & rheummd trying to figure cause &tx.Neg mri.

11wks pregnant w/ 2nd child. My migraines have worsen.But with 1st child is almost 8months old, i rarely had them.Is this normal can I take my butabatol?

14 month old has e coli (has for 1 month now) and started running a fever up to 103: recommended treatments? Most doctors say wait and see b/c of ec

14may2013: diagnosed with D3 spinal tb. Have been on meds since then. My doc says 18months treatment. I want to know is the time period justified?

17 days post-microdiskectomy; night sweats ever since. Hives/angioedema showed up day 10, first time in life. Back is doing great. Possible causes?

17 yo has developed frontal bossing over past year and is already 6'4". Is there cause for concern? or not yet?

1st echocardiogram they had me go back for a 2nd one Bc they thought they could have seen something. The 2nd I was cleared. What are the odds they did?

1st visit w/ new dr. Wants f/u visit & me to get diabetes & thyroid labs. Why DM test if healthy & no risk of this? Headaches & chronic sinusitis only

21 years ago doctor said i had TB after doing lung biopsy, i was treated with four drugs for 9 months, got all better, i moved to us, nothing to prove tx?

22y/o f with bi-weekly severe migraines for the last year. Just moved, and don't have a PCP I trust yet. How can i communicate health hist to new doc?

3 years ago I got diagnosed with blood clots...I'm on no medication for them currently...I'm suffering with pins n needles in my heAd regularly??

33 year old female. Diagnosed with sarcoidosis. Anyone know how long it takes to start feeling better? I have been on 30mg of prednisone for 1 mo.

36, Fem, C-Diff infec 30 dys ago(ate out). First on Metronidazole, symps came back.On Vancomycin, feel btr, also weak. hope of cure? worried abt recur

36, fem,C-Diff infec 30 dys ago. Was on Vancomycin. Better. C-scopy - no maj. inflam.Feel full in anal area. How long before normal? Residual Sympts?

37 weeks pregnant an severe itching an cholestasis test was neg . My eye is starting to switch and my bell on too feels like it's being sliced open.?

4 yr old brother had a chest inf. I couldn't go to see a Dr,so I gave him adult Clarythmycin 125mg 2x day. It immediately helped but is it dangerous?

4.5 yrold, diagnosis pharyngeal dysphagia since birth, resulting mult pneumonia. Now controlled. Recently quick to fatigue, cramp, red faced. Connected how?

6y/0 has jra & starting to hurt when she writes and colors. She can't get into her rheumo for 2 wks. Any suggestions on how she can do school work?

7 mo old coughs&strains often daily since 4 mo,x-ray neg,ped says possible allergies,seems better when AC is on, why? Suggestion 2 help? Concerned.

7 yr old son of mine showing symptoms of night terror , got relieved when given homeo medicine Cina 6 two drops at night pls guide how long to give ?

72yr old dad, lung ca went to brain 4 mths ago. Tx was unsuccessful & all tx stopped 4 wks ago. He is more confused, restless etc. What can we expect?

77 yo male in cronic a-fib, fairly on/off for 6-8mo. On xarelto. Drs have said no treatment at this point. What should he do? 2nd opinion? We r scared

7yo cannot say th sound (matthew). Had speech therapy from 2-4 yo. Is this cons age app, or should I push for eval bc of prior speech problems?

9 wks preg. w/ 2nd. Found out w/ my 1st that I am not immune to varicella despite having chicken pox. Today was in contact w/ some1 w/ shingles @ work?

9yrold son has a concentration problem, day dreams a lot and becoming a problem at skool\home.Takes ages with h\w b\c he thinks about something else.

A 45 year old patient got fascial palsy ,she was given drugs with no benefit ,its going for three month didn't get any better,what can be done ?thnx

A year on oxy & 9months since spinal stim op I feel very low & depressed,Iv lost all hope of getting better.on serotax.How else can i get out of slump?

A.D.D.....Ive been relying on it to get through my day, now i can't get it anymore. Got diagnosed as a child, maybe around 10-11 years old. I took Adderall all through out my childhood to help me in class. It worked, my grades when from negative to positi

After 6 years my secured ST Elev disappeared after starting with Effexor (venlafaxine) 225mg since und weeks. Can that happen? Im afraid of getting a deadly SAC.

After being diagnosed with syphilis and given your first treatment how long does it take for the shot to work. am I gonna go through the secondary stg?

After finishing treatment for c diff how many days after can u say ur free. How many days after can it start back up. Been 60days tested 6x neg.

After having p. Fasciitis for years, i got cortisone shots 3 weeks ago. Made it much worse than it's ever been. Will continuing to r.I.C.E. Help?

After having treatment to remove severe cell changes in cervix how long should I wait before next check up, gp has not contacted me, it's been 9-10mths?

Any hope that st.4 nsclc diagnosed 8 mos ago will live for a while on clinical trial?Experiencing sob, coughing & on o2.Feeling little better on trial

At 1.5 weeks post op wasn't feeling well. Primary pa said i had no bowel sounds. Put on ducolax 2xday. What does that mean and is this treatment good?

At wk 29 (coming back at 32 wks) I'd like to travel overseas but the flights about 27 hr with stopovers.My preg has no compl but I hv mild varicosity?

Auto Lymph is 1.78L. Normal is 2.00 - 13.50. Is this bad it says I'm more likely to get sick but I don't get sick ever. And I don't have AIDS or other?

Bad Case Sinusitis, Dr Gave Me Steroid Inj 2Cc. On Tue The Next Day Good Day Lifting. Humaria On Thur. Fri Tried Lifting Got Dizzy Lightheaded Very?

Been diagnosed with troncanteric bursitis (probably not spelled right) & have had 2 shots & phys. Ther .Nothing seems to be working yet.Any suggestion?

Been on 5 mg prednisone for 3 months for connective tissue disease. Dropped to 4mg today w/ no problem.Can i try to drop to 3 mg tomorrow?

Been sad and scared since being diagnosed with small PFO and ASA. Dr says no to aspirin bc of the length of time I would be taking it but so worried!

Being discharged noon today. Chronic pancreatitis flare. DO NOT feel stable enough to go home. Extreme pain and nausea cannot tolerate clear liquids.Drs are aware how I feel. Discharge was planned for Saturday butfiledMedicare appeal..denied. advice?

Boyfriend diagnosed with pharangitis was put on penicillin 500mg 4x day. Been 4 days no sign of improvement whole head hurts. What should he do? Tyvm

Burns when I have to pee not during went to urologist he said it was my cerebral palsy and put me on Xanax (alprazolam) it helped what else could it be no std?

Can 19 yr. Old son, possible schitzophrenic, be left home alone, after being released, 1 mo ago? I want to go to vegas

Can a person have malaria or Lyme for yrs befor gettinh a correct diag is made and from reserching it seems it is poss you can get malaria in the us?

Can epipdidmitis be cured? I'm really scared to lose my right teaticles, i had pain since two weeks?Anti biotics don't help at all?

Can everyone see this ? Or is this provate nly for doctors

Can i ask my doctor to give me a membrane sweep at 37 weeks. I'm 3 CM already how likely is he to agree to one n what r the chances of it working?

Can I go pass my due date? Im currently 42 weeks my doctor wants me to get induce but my hospital doesn't.

Can I see 2 of the same type of specialist concurrently? (Diff hosp, just following something). I want to keep getting both opinions. Is that unusual?

Can oj with Brazilian oranges make my adult stills disease worse?It seems when I started drinking that o.J my symptoms got worse n I was diagnosed asd

Can optic nuritis be cured? I have it.. went to the eye spec. Had and MRI which was norm now next week to the nuroligist. Didnt get worsw but no bettr

Can vertigo be treated with home exercises safely? I was diagnosed 10 years ago and it lasted about 3 months, went away and has now returned.

Can you get a drs note for work if i've got a sprained hand and have already been seen? My joon requirses a lot af typing and it's very painfull

Can't see pcp til 4/24 for biliary colic, should I be worried about infection within this time?

Cant sleep please help.I had a spinal tap at 5am on monday(3 days)if something went wrong like infection would i know by now?Thank you for your care..

Charity case - vascular specialist needed my eight toes (excluding pinky toe) are all swollen and turning blue. Went to the hospital emergency room twice, first time, gave me keflex and sent me home. Feet were no better..Went back yesterday and asked fo

Chf patient stopped medication against md orders and visibly looks slimmer and feels fine but last dr visit revealed a 10lb gain.. Is that possible?

Child has arthrits and one leg is longer than other rheumo wabts to wait a year for x-rays abd treatment. Is this normal to wait?

Chronic panuveitis, deteriorating & NT respnding to treatments. I have a follow-up on thurs but i now have pain in the eye without redness.Wait or emd?

Clarify pls. 2 yo found button battery @ sisters house wk ago. She said it was the only 1. Would i see symptoms by now if he did eat one & it caused damage?

Colonoscopy done on me 3 years ago and found piles. Going to have another CS this Tuesday to screen for infection. Possible side effects from CS?

Constip x Jan this yr. Dr says I should just take peg bid for the rest of my life. Should I insist on more investig and/or get a new dr? Peg stop work

Continual hiccups 13 mths. Seen mult specialists. All tests NAD. Tried mult meds. Vomits for mild relief. Can't breathe during some attacks. Any hope?

Cousin hasnt worked out in many years but trainer still worked him too hard and he developed rhabdomyolysis. Shouldnt the trainer have known better?

Cxld 1st appt w/ rheum. After 3 mo wait as lost job and insurance, now 5 mo wait for only local rheum taking medicaid. Weaker, short/breath. Any ideas?

Dad 70 yrs old. His hb decreasing slowly since 7 yrs to reach 9.6. Can it mds. If yes, can u live 7 yrs with mds with no symptoms at all. I need logic?

Dad w/tongue ca having symptoms tomorrow by e.N.T dr.My sister suggest we see the oncologist first and possibly have him do the surgery.Any suggestions?

Dad will be going through chemo 1 a wk and radiation 5days a wk for the course of 6wks what would be the best time of day to get treatment am or pm?

Dear dr, I have done ivf. I am 3dp5dt with no symptoms. I am starting to think that it didn't work. I feel very normal :-(?

Depression is comeing back due to unknown stomach prob tests can't find stuff cs, bs, X-ray show clear what's best way to keep the depression at bay?

Diagnosed dientamoeba fragilis and was given fraygl for 10/days. Symptoms returned. Could this amoeba survived. What other meds options avail?

Diagnosed w Chronic Lyme.been on Doxy 1 wk.only small improvement.scared I won't heal fully,still fatigued.this a good sign?should I have more relief?

Diagnosed w/ganglion cyst on wrist 9/16/13 had 2 return in 6 wks.It has been recently hurting.Surgery? What to do?Not returned since hist: htn & pcos

Diagnosed w/pneumonia beginning stages while visiting in NJ. Went to ER & treated w/levoflaxin & ibuprofen. Will it interact w/cough syrup?

Diagnosed w/thyroid cancer in may, got surgery in july and rai treatment in aug 15th. Since then i'm nauseated all the time and no appetite. Normal?

Diagnosed with (post partum thyroiditis) after having my son in July. Will everything go back to normal eventually or will it be permanent?

Diagnosed with colitis. Dr. Said it didn't look like it but was diagnosed with biopsy. Lost 40 lbs in 6-8 mos. Meds too expensive. Is it dangerous?

Diagnosed with mastoiditis.Fever went from 103.2 to 98.6,Feel much better from treatment so far but how long does this last?anything to watch for?

Diagnosed with poss optic neuritis 6wks ago eyes sore and blurry starting to get worse again. Doc says wait for neuro appoint in 2wks. Should I wait?

Doctor diagnosed my mom with exfoliation syndrome. What can she do? She's scared that she'll go blind. She's only 65 and cannot take take betabs

Doctor prescribed Mecobalymin injections, 1000mcg daily one for 7 days after finding my b12 levels 169. After 2 shots I started to feel weird, after four injections I completely started to feel unreal, questioning reality, unable to recognize myself in mi

Dr christopher smith today I got tested for allergies & I told dr about the cough have for a week nowit usually last for 2/3 days I got nexium (esomeprazole) ?what?

Dr pamela a. Pappas thank u v much. Now my tooth infection is ok, no more swollen, will follow up with my appointment wif dentist on wed. Thanks?

Dr. Linville apparently cannot read a diagnosis as I have stated it. Yes, it has been 9 years and yes it still hurts with meds. Not all sugeries wrk!

Dr.Gabor are symtons i added in my profile normal with my MRI results .. ? Is waiting till appt safe or should i let primary dr. kno of new symptoms

Drove home staff member who threw up several times during her shift (probably a stomach virus). I took 1500mg of vit c right after...Am i in the clear?

Drs confirm im on my 2nd wk of shingles and gave me 1 wk of antivirals. How soon after i can try to get pregnant?

Due for 2nd remicade (infliximab) inf wed. Pcp put me on augmen. For what seems to be unresolved sinusitis . Having facial pain. Would you go ahead with inf?

Dx primary Sjogrens, using Restasis more than 3 mnths n it's not working, should I assume its not going to wrk? Several xtra dry spots in r eye. Help!

Dx w ms, yr ago. Tx: on 7 inf. Of tysabri (natalizumab). Feel cold coming on, hvn't been sick w cold/flu since. Worry abt getting sick w dx. Sugg meds, coping, etc-?

Dx w/ pubic symphysis separation (not pregnant, 20 mo post pregnancy) via X-ray; seeing orthopedist next week. Recommendations for relief for now?