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22 year old son has had six mri's with contrast in last 4 years: 3 were brain scans. Is this concerning given recent findings on contrast dye?

4 ct scans in 5 months? Too much radiation?

60 years, she has made hysterectomy 1year ago and she has to do CT scan for control, but she has back pain.What is necessary to do bone scan or CT scan?

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As a dr, wut would u rule out for tremor causes in a 27 yr old male? Had normal ct/mri 6 months apart from each other. Mri with contrast CT w/o

Brief take on CT Scan results under my files?

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Can a CT scan without contrast be accurate?

Can a CT scan without contrast dye rule out causes of a secondary cough headache?

Can a CT scan without contrast show a tumor in your bladder?

Can a doctor do any test for chronic subderal hematomo with doing a ct or mri or xray? What kind of vison problems does it cause?

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Can any of these CT scan, thyroid scan, and ultrasound cause cancer?

Can barium swallow detect small cysts, mass or tumors in the throat? Or CT scan or MRI is better?

Can chest CT scan puts me at the higher risk of thyroid cancer? Chest CT was done with contrast. Can contrast used in chest CT damage thyroid?

Can COPD be seen on CT chest without contrast? If so, would the radiologist have put it on the impression/findings?

Can CT of sbdomen see aortic aneurysm? My doctor ordered a CT but have had 3 CT on brain. Is it safe to have another?

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Can CT scan miss lung cancer ? Can an MRI find it while doing scan on thorastic spine? Both without contrast

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Can MRI scan be used for chest rather than CT scan? Which one is better?

Can MRI scan be used instead of CT scan to assess the bronciectasis b4 a possible surgery, ?Or as substitute to CT scan 2 see progress? Had CT scan b4

Can radiologist tell by looking at ct scan if a lung nodule is cancerous my is 6mm he does not think no follow up needed should I get a follow up scan?

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