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What kind of examinations are usually done if you suspect for Hodgkin's Lymphoma?

1.8mm dilation on tail of pancreas with surrounding isoechoic changes, biopsy was taken, waiting on results. Chances this is cancer?

17w pregnant diagnosis w/ cervical polyp. Exam showed its color change to brown/black. Biopsy sent. Md felt it wasn't malignant. What else causes this?

3 to 4 small white spots on mammogram have has assessment had triple assessment waiting on biopsy result tomorrow what can I expect?

36 yr male non smoker no family history or cancer. I had a sputum cytology done and out of three samples one came back atypical. Had a CT scan two weeks before and it was clear. What does this mean?

4 colon polyps removed, age 31. Leukocytes, Lymphocytes, and Neutrophils high. Waiting for pathology results. Should I be worried? Could it be cancer?

49 yr old male never smoke. Microscopic hematuria +1. Cystoscopy found flat red lesion. Nothing else. Biopsy done. What are odds this is primary CIS.

6yrs back skinbiopsy report was lividoid vasculitis now today reskinbiopsy report is leucocytoclastic vasculitis is it possible please explain?

A lesion was removed on my gum, it did not show on the c scan, I have to wait for the biopsy to find out if it a cyst or a blood vessel or what, Why?

Abnormal cells on appendicitis after laproscopy .sent for biopsy?

Abnormal pathology results from hernia operation?

Afirma thyroid fna analysis molecular analysis by veracyte-papillary cancer. Is it any good. I am australian, guess costs for me would be too much?

After 1b low grade Endometrial stromal sarcoma hysterectomy operation, should the follow-up monitoring be done with CT/CAT or MRI?

After 6 months of wilms tumor on a child will that show up on a ultrasound or a physical exam thanks?

After an endometrial biopsy comes back negative for hyperplasia/cancer.. whats the chance of a D&C showing cancer a month later?? Also have a polyp

After an erpc procedure the biopsy showed calcification but what they removed wasn't retained products ? So what could it be ?

After an initial biopsy, with a dysplastic nevus result, is it the dermatologists discretion or lab findings that should determine further removal?

After bone marrow biopsy done to my 70 yr dad , hematologist gave him vitamin B6 for his moderate anemia. What s possible diagnosis. Dr. Say no cancer?

After endomatirial biopsy result clear is it necessary to have viginal ultrasound?

After having both ultra sound and mammogram my doctor requested a biopsy .. Does this means I am more likely to have cancer?

After multiple mammograms and a core biopsy with a diagnosis of hyperplasia and precancerous papilloma, I have been told to go to a surgeon. Why?

After nephrectomy for clear cell renal cancer , pathology lab gave me slides of cancer.How can they be helpful for me in screening/prognosis?

After skin biopsy, have it checked, then find out it's dangerous.What wil be the nxt step? Is complte blood test dtermine cancer cells?

Are all diagnostic tests for circumscribed scleroderma done locally? What are they?

Are all diagnostic tests for hiatal hernia done locally? What are they?

Are any special tests needed, or can a regular doctor see me for my basal cell carcinoma?

Are there any early indicatiors if the thickening of the duodenum is from infection vs cancer or food allergy? Or wait for histology from biopsy?

Are there any reliable alternatives to a liver biopsy?

Aunt was suspected to have PAP. Bronchoscopy was performed to confirm. She had pneumothorax because of this. How serious is this? Wat v shud care for

Benign breast biopsy results.Dr said that it was concordant and fellow radiologists looked at it and agreed. Is this sufficient as a "second opinion"?

Biopsies from 3 Gastroscopy's show I have Coeliac Disease But blood tests done before biopsies said I didn't have CD Why? Is this normal?

Biopsy done and report says"no definite evidence of lymphoma. Advised follow up to rule out hodgkins desease". Is it a problem?

Biopsy needle leaves a trail of cancer cells upon withdrawl?

Biopsy of neck and tyroid on frinday. Pathology asked for run a sample for Immunohistochemistry. What is the purpose of this test?

Bladder cancer path showed stage 1 noninvasive. Instead of next step being chemo or BCG Dr is doing another biopsy to "re-look". Opinions please?

Blood on tissue when breast biopsy is done. Does this mean anything?

Breast biopsy done on sister. How much time does it take for results?

Breast biopsy needed, abnormal cells in bloody aspirate from a cyst. Can no longer be found on u/s should I have an MRI or leave it? Birads 3

Breast biopsy report said that they took 4 biopsies but pathology report said "3 cores measuring 8-9cm each". Why aren't there 4 cores?

Breast cancer diagnostic testing prices? How expensive is the diagnosis?

Bronchoscopy with biopsy of lung nodules was done, biopsy result shows normal bt bronchial washing shows poorly differentiate cancer, confused?

Bx results melanoma in situ superfiscial not present at margins. Scheduled for another surgery "protocol". Why if not present at margins would they need to do another surgery? What questions should I be asking? This is 2nd melanoma last was 7 yrs ago s

Can 2 biopsies done at same time rule out cutaneous t-cell lymphoma completely? If symptoms point to ctcl but biopsy was neg when should we re-biopsy?

Can a biopsy be done when there is no existence of a mass, lesion or tumor? Just how does a doctor locate the area to biopsy in this situation?

Can a bronchoscopy be used to look for cancer?

Can a diagnosis of noncancerous growths on my ovaries be determined by a simple blood test?

Can a doctor via colonoscopy see the level of inflammation in the intestines? Does it require a biopsy? Are there any blood tests that can determine?

Can a gastroenterologist really be sure that a 1.6 CM diameter mass is cancer at the time of an EUS? Is it best to wait for biopsy report results?

Can abdominal enhanced MRI confirm 100percent a renal cell carcinoma without the need of punch biopsy?

Can an individual have adrenal cancer without a mass/tumor that is visible? All the lab results points to it.

Can benign mass grow in pancreaus I have one waiting on biopsy results but all blood work is normal.What is chance of it being pancratic cancer!

Can blood on thyroid fna biopsy sample slides cause distortion of cell groups?

Can bronchoscopy use to get sample for lung biopsy?

Can elevated ca15-3 mean something other than breast cancer? Clear mammo but ca15-3 results - 31.6 (ca markers done as part of complete physical)

Can esophogus endoscopy without biopsy alone provide enough info to decide about malignency (God Forbids) .

Can lung cancer be diagnosed with scans and blood work alone or is a biopsy necessary?

Can lymphoma be diagnosed with biopsy of lymphnodes? If so how long does it take to get results?

Can my regular ob-gyn test my ascites for cancer cells in the office, or does it have to be done in a surgical type environment? It's a new symptom.

Can neureondocrine tumors on pancreaus be benign or malignant ?I had a eus test today and doc thinks its that waiting on biopsy. Im terrified!

Can urgent care centers do a biopsy for detecting skin cancer?

Can you determine cancer of the hypothalaums from bloodwork alone?

Cannot be evaluated in this fragmented specimen. How can pathologists say this is cancer?

Classification of bi-rad3 on breast mri. With a bi-rad3 and high risk, is a biopsy suggested?

Colonscopy findings were normal :) however doc took pieces for biopsy . Is that protocol or did he suspect something ?

Could doctors play down breast cancer until they get biopsy results or can they tell by scan?

Cystoscopy done, no tumors found, but took a urine cytology specimen to look for cancer cells. What percent of people have cancer with no tumors?

Dad recently diagnosis w mod.Differentiated keratinizing squam.Cell ca his e.N.T dr awaiting on aurthorization from ins.For CT scan prior sx, should we wait?

Dad's lung biopsy came back benign. He's having a 2nd biopsy done going in through his back. What are the chances this one will be benign too?

Describe near infrared raman spectroscopy for optical diagnosis of cancer?

Diagnosed with multiple thyroid nodules and going back to talk about options or biopsy. What options are there other than biopsy?

Diagnosis on my endometrial biopsy states: no tissue recovered after routine processing. What does that mean?

Do doctors put me to sleep for a biopsy of a mass on my pancreas?

Do drs usually do a biopsy during a Scope? Or unless they see something unusual ? I resently had a Endoscopy and very worried since they did a biopsy

Do i panic had endometrial biopsy friday results not back yet?

Do micro labs check for cancer?

Do pathologists look at all tissue taken from a core needle biopsy?Are samples ever considered unusable if too small, etc?

Do you have to have a biopsy to diagnose neuroblastoma?

Do you know how to interpret results to see if this is testicular cancer?

Doctor performed endoscopy and found inflamatory antral polypoid lesions 2-3mm at basis. He suggested biopsy. What coud it be?

Does biopsy checks for cystis?

Does pathologist usually call physician if malignant?

Dr said he took 5 biopsies with core needle, but on path report it says "4 fragments in one cassette". What does this mean?

Dr used 18 gauge needle for breast core biopsy because lesion was small(4x7mm). Results were benign. Does this make sense?

During a colonoscopy are biopsies only taken if something abnormal is seen?

During a colposcopy, is the number of biopsies taken an indication that there is higher risk of something being wrong? Like 4 samples? I know it vari

During laparoscopic procedures for suspected endometriosis are tissue biopsies taken, and how frequently? Have pathological findings been reported?

Endometrial biopsy 9mm w/scant tissue sample no atypical cells but Dr. wants 2nd biopsy. Wasn't enough tissue to make definite diagnosis? Concerning?

Endometrial biopsy benign but not definitive due to scant tissue. D & C in 3 weeks. Is it likely D & C will be benign because biopsy was. Anxious.

Endoscopic Ultrasound: Can the gatroenterologist do anything besides just observe and take biopsies through to the pancreas?

ENT discovered an incidental neoplasm on bottom of tonsil She biopsied it. Results pending. What % are cancerous? Could Dr tell its HPV by looking?

ENT says salivary lip biopsy only 40% accurate to Dx Sjogrens, and suggests parotid gland biopsy, saying 80 accurate%. Is this correct?

Expert opinion - should ovarian cancer show up in a routine bloodtest?

Father has MS biopsy of calcification in small salivary gland came back atypical can't rule out neoplasm needs surgery general anesthesia with MS ok?

February 2015 I did biopsy test for breast cancer and it out clean my question is do I have to go for it again in February 2016 if not every when should mammogram or biopsy be done for breast cancer ?

Fnac report negative, but biopsy shows burkins lymphoma.Is it possible?Why?

Found a cyst in my stomach. having a biopsy. whts the percentage that its cancer or not?

Friend has a hx. Of cancer. Pancreas biopsy results according to doctor indicated the term that it was on "hold" exactly what does that term mean?

Frozen section biopsy for ovarian neoplasms is accurate?

Fundus and gastric body. Docs took a biopsy and want to do a CT scan pending pathology report. What exactly could they be looking for?

Gastroscopy found HPV papilloma in esophagus.Biopsy results negative for malig.Doctor recommends annual endoscopy follow ups.Should i be worried?