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finished a 9 day taper of prednisone and now I get a call saying doctor wants me to come in for Hba1c blood test with no explanation why ?

25 yr old woman. Mother of two. Doest go to the Dr regularly. What kind of appt should I set up just an actual check up? Never had blood drawn ever.

3 cases of iritis in 8 mos. Had many blood tests for diff things - all negative. Next step is rheumatologist. What can I expect at this visit?

3 yr old only vomits at night. No other symptoms. Is normal all day. Going on for a week. Ped is unsure. Tests are normal. Ct, labs, u/a, cultur ?

3rd UTI in 2 weeks while at hospital, 4th in the past month. What can be done, test wise and medicine wise? Hospitalize now for brainbleeds.

41, tubal ligation in 2010, history of pcos. Went in for semi-annual visit. Doctor ordered blood tests. Hcg comes back 444. What's going on?

42 week second pregnancy stress test would I get induce after the test? Or would they want me to go back for another one?

A colleague at the office has been diagnosed with tb, she started treatment yesterday. I have no symptoms at all, should I go for any tests?

After a d+c procedure done for menorrhagia, when can i do things normally? With no health risks or pain or any abnormal symptoms? Like going shopping

After eating I have to run to the bathroom. I've had tests done and still no answer. Any ideas?

After my carpal tunnel surgery i was still not right so they took test said i was fine can the test be wrong or not tell everything?

Already tested for anemia and came out negative. Always get tired. No regular exercise. Not overwieght or health problems. What's wrong? Please help!

Am getting heels pain .I make all kind of tests and xray tests nothing make me feel ok. All doctors asked me to reduce weight please advice?

Am I able to get an electrocardiogram while pregnant? Do they use dyes kn the blood ?

Anyway to upload a pic of test results and see if anyone can take a look to help see what I should do next?

Apart from standard bloods and all vaccines, what checkups/ tests should I do before long term travel abroad to make sure I'm as healthy as possible?

Are any special tests to see if I have chikungunya after my recent trip?

Are doctors going take blood and thing from me for an anxiety test and how much is it what exactly do they do?

Are strokes always visible on xrays or tests when you get tested?

Are there any tests for anxiety? Or can a Dr. simply question you and make a diagnosis with no tests? Found it odd that I wasn't tested for anxiety.

Are there any tests that can be done on my 4 year old with asthma that continue to get pneumonia?

Are there any tests that can be done to see if you have perimenopause or have begun that stage of life? I just turned 40.

Are there any tests that require something inserted into the penis while you are awake? I am going in for some tests. Couldn't remember name or detail

At an annual checkup with a new dr, vitals checked but no more. I never took off my shirt, no urine test, no dre, etc. Is this ok? (i am male 58yrs)

Based on my bloodwork in my health files can anyone tell me the next step, or what steps or tests they recommend.

Blood pressure has just been tested to see whether I would be eligible to go Diving. The numbers came up as 140/70 any worries? 6ft, 12 stone, 25 y/o

Blood pressure just been tested to see whether I would be eligible to go Diving. The numbers came up as 140/70 any worries? 6ft, 12 stone male, 25 y/o

Called office to find doctor has had my lab results to look at since yesterday morn but still no word. Checking for celiac, etc. Why so long?

Can a doctor find cholestasis of pregnancy when they take your blood the first appointment or does it have to be specific test to find it?

Can a nurse tell you that everything is okay when it comes to the doctor wanting to speak to you about your lab results?

Can a primary care doctor order blood tests for food allergies? Is it fair to ask them to?

Can a severe scoliosis gives scar in a chest xray result, ill undergo medical soon and im worried to be partin sputum test groups might delay my visa ?

Can do hysterosalpingogram mor than one time and after what taime i can repeat it and is ther any other test i can do insted to see if my tuop is open?

Can hospital tests detect something major before pleuritis gets worse?

Can I get blood drawn at hospital or clinic and then take it with me to send to another doctor/?

Can i get some information regarding 'hypoglycemia at home' that i need to perform a micro presentation. ?

Can I go to a doctor & have my blood work done to see if I'm pregnant I feel strongly that I am, if so I'll be 3 weeks & 1 day did prego test BFN

Can I go to my doctor and have a check up about whats the percentage of me having twins sense it runs in my family. Can they determine if I can or not?

Can I go to the beach after a D+C done for menorrhagia 10 days ago?

Can i request to have a blood test done with my gp when making a appointment? Or is it up to my gp

Can my regular doctor do the rapid flu test in his clinic?

Can pediatricians give std tests? I'm 18 and still go to one. Also can my parents not know what test it is?

Can Swab test result prove whether a child has an infection, like influenza? Can it also done in adult and to find other medical issue with someone?

Can the emergency room test for toxic mold exposure? If so what kind of test will they likely do in Dallas Ft Worth area?

Can you get clamydia from checking someone's cervix, washing your hands, and then checking your own? Then it was done to me in exact order.

Can you tell me if i starve myself for a week, will i see results?

Can you tell me when should your first prenatal visits blood work results get back to your doctor?

Can you test for anxiety? Like with an lp?

Chest pain since age 18 when exercising goes when stop. Please view profile of tests done. What possible cause?

Could it be serious when doctors find something and suspect you have cancer take some sample for further testing?

Could you please tell me medical test that needs to be done for 60 year old mom. Also she has started forgetting things badly.

Cud a doc be so kind as to review my profile and tell me if I should consider possibly going for a stress test or other heart tests?

D.Dimmer test of 930 7wks post-op. Sob after walk wednesday but same route as always. Imagining tests normal. Pcp & surgeon no concern. Possibilities?

Day 15 3 day bleeding. Prior cin3+cone biopsy (1995) all clear since. What questions & tests should I request to ensure thorough check at gynae app?

Diagnosed w, gastroparesis no diabetes what testing shoul I have done too try too find cause? I can't live like this I'm getting no help from docs?

Diagnosed with lymphoma. Earliest available appointment is three weeks. Should i wait or is time of the essence? B

Digital subtraction angiography. How long does the test take and what happens in it? Can u run me through step by step? :) is it noisey?

Do c2, c3, and C4 have to be tested at the same time as ch50 to get meaningful picture? Doc forgot to order ch50. He wants to order ch50 by itself.

Do I have to see a specialist to get a blood smear ordered?

Do neuropsychological assessments or tests usually take place in one sitting? If so, it may not capture *trouble thinking* that comes and goes.

Do your testicles and urine get check every physical. I had them checked last year and everything was fine. Im 16 btw. Just wondering.

Docor im 18yrs old i need to take an tb screening testv will it be painful?..

Doctor/ultrasound place in houston doesn't want to give me my results, its been 7 weeks and i've been calling. Is there another way to get the results?

Doctors office ran test blood shows not clotting right, hematologist couldn't find nothing wrong, so what's going on.

Doctors tested for Down syndrome at 15 weeks. Will I get results back in time for amnio if needed?

Does a pcp doctor generally help refer people for westerb blot test? If not, how and where do i get one?

Does it ever happen that a hospital lab use it to find possible cancer cells or where it is coming from?

Does it hurt to get test for tuberculous/?

Does suboxyne show up in a test at a pain clinic?It is my first visit i need to know this answer

Does suboxyne show up in a test at a pain clinic?It is my first visit i need to know this answer

Erection problems... What tests should I take to find causes.. Please list them down..

Everyone calls me a hypochondriac. Is there a way to test this?

Extreme abdominal pain on occasion when using bathroom. Cannot get up from chair after. Doctor's visit and blood test did not provide solution. Male.

Fatty Liver Ferritin of 165 why would my PCP wait 3 mnths to do followup labs? Do I need to be concerned? Should I seek 2nd opinion?

Find blood in my saliva every morning soon as I wakeup?

Finished a breast biopsy, waiting on test results, going bonkers. Help?

For 6months my appetite hasn't been good. I could go all day without eating. A lot of test done. Everything normal. Why might this be?

For what length of time can I wait before getting my TB test looked at?

Four year old son's lead levels were 8 per lab work recently done. Doctor wants Labs redone in 3 weeks. Why wait and not treat?

Getting a colonoscopy, and along with that there going to do blood work. I am a minor. Will a doctor be able to tell if I have marijuana in my system?

Getting a physical in another contry. How do I share blood test info?

Getting basic bloodwork soon. If i was pregnant, would it show up? and Would the doctor tell me.

Getting over fear of needles? Ok with typical shots and immunizations but cannot get TB tests or blood work done. I also have vegus nerve and i faint

Glucose test result please review hi, does anybody know if my test result are good. I have done 2 hr oral glucose test in order to find out if I have pcos. Im female 33. I have problem to lose weight. Does it means everyth is ok ? I see that second mea

Going for a sleep study test tonight. what can they diagnose with an overnight test?

Going for allergy testing in May. Will they test on the arm or back? I have a wrist phobia and pass out if anyone touches them... What can I expect?

Going for annual checkup. I am now a recent caregiver (cancer)with great responsibility and stress. I will not pass my BP test. What do I tell the MD?

Going in for first blood test soon to check for possible arthritis i hate needles and sometimes pass out when i get shots. How to deal with this? Help

Going to get tests done for my thyroids, should I fast? How long will it take to get the results? Want to see if they have anything to do w/ alopecia

Going to the obstetrician; will the nurse draw blood or will I have go to another lab?

Got a full blood battery done. Booked my follow up appt for 3weeks later. Test results came back but doc didn't call me. I call and he said nothing urgent that can't wait. I probe deeper into HIV results and he said he will see me on Monday but will need

Grass showed up as 6 on allergy testing.scale is 0-6. Now next year when I test again will numbers go down after the shots I will be starting?

Had 3, B12 shots in a week then none for 7 days i go tomorrow for another shot then for bloodwork to check level. Shouldn't bloodwork be first?

Had a positive iFOB test (stool). GP said probably nothing. Should I get a second opinion or can I just forget about it?

Had an EKG & radiology done. Both tests came back great. Doctor told me to stop herbal stimulants. How long will it take until palpitations go away?

Had ANA test done, came back borderline. My complaint cold, hands feet. Doc referred me to rheumatologist. How important is this to get checked?

Had endometrial biopsy around 12 this afternoon sent to quest. Approx. How long to get results and if bad do they make it priority and tell dr early?

Had light yellow greasy stool since 3 days. is there anything serious & which medical tests should be done to know the exact problem?

Had some routine blood tests done 5d ago. 1/2 lab results (normal) released next day. No release or doctor call for the rest. Is it a bad sign?

Had STD got treated had it for a while.Can I get my tubes check to make sure they still there? And they wrk?To make sure I can have baby ?Any test