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 epidural hemorrhage how long after a blow to the temple would it take to show up? Amd what are thes symptoms

1 dr said my 1 month old had craniosyntosus did x-rays went to neurosurgeon he said positional now 3 months which opinion do I go by? Who is right?

10 months numbness in left leg physical therapy said coming from neon in brain, mri show white matter in pon. seeing neurology in big city help?

10 year old girl has frontal headaches for a month.Pain meds do nothing.Checked blood eyes ENT MRI &neurologist. Nothing wrong.Began after Mexico trip?

11th day of having a headache. Went to ER and alls the dr's there tell me is my neurological exam is fine with no testing. Is something really wrong?

15 year old boy fever 105, severe headache nausea convulsive, meningitis neg, mono neg, had MRI CT awaiting results. Morphine barely effective.

15+ yrs right side head pain unhelped by OTC pain relievers. Dont fit migraine categories. Slightly larger pupil on right too. 4 mri/a's w/out contrast all clear. Is mri/a ok to rule out aneurysm?

17 yo had severe daily headaches for 9 months without clear cause. Had clear MRI when started. Should I have repeat MRI/ct now?

18 y/o male i just got an mri. Been having sensations in my head, depersonalization, pressure, confusion. What does it rule out? I'm scared for result

2 weeks of bitter,tinny taste in back of mouth.what is likely cause? What can I do to make it better? Saw pcp. No answers.saw neuro. Eeg plan.mri fine

2 yr old with 5 or 6 tbi past 4 months last one 3wks ago mild to moderate headaches since 3 months continue worried about intracranial hematoma?

22. I keep having different headaches. Shooting pains. Migraine like. Brain freeze like. Always different depending on the day. MRIs and CTs were fine?

26y/o. Headaches/internal shaking(legs)/palpitations . Blood work normal, awaiting CT scan. This has been going on 3months. Any ideas?

28 suffer wi dizziness. Mri shows white spots on highly suspicious of ms.what other possibilities could it be?

2wk ago had TIA symptoms trble finding words, senteces out of order, checked MRI echo ok. Today nauseaus woozy lightheaded trble focusing worryisome?

3 wks stomach spasms Lft side getting worse where he can't standor work without getting one. Had eeg, CT scan, MRI and no answers. No meds r working.

30yo female presents w headache, double vision, nausea for 2 weeks. Head ct negative. Drs unsure.

30yr F. CT & MRI normal, balance issues. What else can I be tested for? I feel like I am on a boat when walking around. Lying down is best. Ears ok 2.

31 old male with lightheaded spells some time body aches did all test and come normal brain mri, neck xrai, endoscope, abdominal ct, echo, blood test?

32 year old female I noticed that my blood preassure is 90/68 my normal is 114/70. I have started falling for no reason and near fainting. I have migraines and had MRI done few years ago wa told my blood vessels in my brain are really tiny. What could thi

33 f w asthma had MRI bc of slight headaches and found a possible sinus polyp should I be concerned dr wants a CT to be sure?

34/f horrible headache after steroid injection. Had blood patch, MRI shows small stroke lower r side of brain. Still having a lot of pain. Any idea?

4 weeks ago I got bronchitis. I am lightheaded and fatigued to the point I can't work. Help! Clear MRI and echo, met with ENT and nothing. Weak....

40 years old male pat with 2w history of frontal headache awake him from sleep with nausea but no fever and normal neuro exam. Is brain CT indicated?

43 yr old lady..with Recurrent headache...goes on to behind the right ear. BP ..normal Ears ..normal Vision ..normal What further test..?MRI Or CT sk

4months before discovered venous angioma at brainstem pons.Took rest symptoms gone.Now its new got pain righteye, shakyvision. Related with cavernoma?

5-yr-old had one-sided night seizure while asleep w/vomiting. Cat, mri, clear, brain EEG inconclusive. Bp constantly around 165/120 otherwise healthy?

7 yrs constant headaches told to get MRI maybe calcium deposits on back of skull. Hurts to the touch. Had 2 cat scans lots meds no change. Help plz.?

79yo developed paranoia over the weekend, aweek ago he was fine, doctors found nothing wrong in his blood, urine & brain scan, still has good memory.

8modepend on position or holding things certain way tremor in hand.Not at rest though had 2head CT w/o cont for other issue CT normal.Serious?Ideas?

A clear eye exam, but still having pain one eye. Had a CT head scan w/ & w/o contrast clear for h/a. Should I get 2nd eye exam? Pain, no vision prob

A few months ago, I started feeling off balance, dizzy almost. Had an MRI without contrast & mra done, found I had a small lesion, is this the cause?

A Month ago I hit my head on a wall,a week later I started to get mild headaches Dr gave me brain oxygenator didn't order a test I still get headache?

A neuro. Ruled out neuro problems by just doin bits of a neuro test and a cat/mri done 3-4 years ago.Im 18 and have odd symptons.Take his word for it?

Abnormal Test results Three weeks into doxy. for Lyme,horrible plus more brain fog, more pain, agitated, ideas of what next or treatment options?

After accident, I have this pounding headaches for 5 days already besides the greenishbruises, difficulty in taking deep breath with all the above symptoms, who I should see, a family doctor? A dc? Or a specialist? A MRI scan? I have visited ER after t

After research i feel like I have sunct ha's. I have pituitary macroadenoma, can it cause these what are the best meds for these hard to work w/them?

After seen in ER for major headaches/pressure(i was scared due to me having lupus) CT brain -. Lumbar puncture - but lot fluid behind ears they recommend tubes-anything else to help other than surgury?

Age 21 headache start in morning stays whole day for last 6 days nausea dyspnea abdomen problems my doctor says its nothing.Worried about brain tumor?

All exams in hospital are fine except pineal cyst 9mm found on mr, i was diagnosed with vertigo and I have constant blurry vision, can it be the cause?

All my life Iv been getting head acks. Had an MRI of head done years ago and nothing showed up. They r very annoying. I dont know what 2 do!!!

All my symptoms point to a brain tumour but doctors have put me on a waiting list for a scan as they sidestepped these symptoms what should I do?

An MRI indicated some inflammation on the brain. It also showed that I have a degenerative disk in the neck area. Can this be related? I also had bouts of vertigo. 2wks worth of cortisol, vertigo gone

Are frequent nosebleeds a sign of brain aneurysm?I have nosebleeds and I'm curious.I also have lots of headaches and have recently had a cat scan

Ask dr about numbness in left leg saw 5 drs then a dr look at brain mri. had a stroke 10 months ago which cause it .why did other drs not see it?

At what age is it somewhat normal to start seeing changes in white matter on a MRI scan? Ms scare! extreme anxiety here. Thanks

At what size should a pituitary tumor be removed? In Feb it was 4.2x4.3. New MRI Tues. If it's reached a 5 neurologist said to see neurosurgeon? Y/N??

Bad fall 4+ wks ago. Brain bleed, both sides, brain off center, on CT 3 weeks after fall. Steriods given, not worse but not better. Next step? meds?

Been getting vertigo and sleep hallucinations for about a year. Could this be due to brain tumour? Very worried. Under ENT at moment awaiting MRI ears

Been have major headaches nonstop for months even years. What's the best test I should get ? Scared it's a tumor or something. MRI ? Catscan ?

Been told if cannot locate slow intermittent csf leak on cisternogram doesn't mean I don't have one.wat do I do next if this is the case???

Benign proximinal.Two weeks ago i was diagnosed with bvvp.Two weeks later and 4 epleys later im still dizzy to the point of vomitingwill this get ok?

Bit of a weird one. Been diagnosed with Idiopathic Syringomyelia C5-C7 after MRI scans. But all symptoms point to hemiplegic migranes. Ever seen this?

Black outs, seizures, headache, weakness, slurred speech, dizziness. Test done, EEG, CT, MRI, blood work. ALL negative, what other test are there?

Blood normal, CT scan showed otosclerosis plaque on left, would this cause dizziness? Severe Fatigue? And fever? Is it treatable? What is it exactly?

Blood test normal. Nuero exam normal. diangosis sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. Still feel off balance and forehead pressure. Should i rule out brain tumor?

Bloodwork & heart tests all came back clear. What could be causing my dizziness and migraines? Have a history of GAD. Ears are normal, no infection.

Brain aneurysm coiled May 2013 Sept scan showed occlusion. When can I stop worrying? I am afraid I will bang my head or coughing will loosen the coils

Brain MRI (passed out) in April. Found white lesions which told most likely due to migraines. now having tingly/sleep/pain in both feet. MS after all?

Bright white circle in cpangle on cerv spine MRI - what could it be? Neck/carotid mri/a were ok. Have pulsatile tinnitus+other sx.Wht shld nxt test b?

Brother in law has pain/weakness in both legs. Had blood tests, mris, cat scans, ultra sounds. Using walker to get around. Elevated protein/glucose?

Bulging fontanelle in 10 mths a sign for hydrocephalus due to IV hemorrhage. No other symptoms. Neurologist wants to wait for next appt in 3 weeks ?

Can a brain tumor grow within 6mths i'm worried cuz i get pains n my head & headaches it's like a everyday thang i've had MRI & CT 4mths ago i'm scare?

Can a normal vng test and normal physical test at neurologist rule out brain tumor.head ache specialy behnd ear if touch with tingling.dr say mgrne?

Can all 4 wisdom teeth coming out affect speech? Such as stuttering etc. Had MRI w/ and without contrast + CT of head in may. Both fine.

Can an ECG test evaluate my 10 month son for epilepsy, after an episode: loss of his consciousness,bend back of his body, stiffness.Is ECG enough?

Can an itching feeling all over the body be caused by nerves? I've seen a neurologist and clear MRI scans, cbc, etc.

Can anyone of u do referrals !? Or can u give me one to have a total spine and neck Mri? Last nite I had a seizure bit both sides of my tounge. WTH ?!

Can blood work determine if I may have a brain tumor. Went hospital for severe headache and only did bloodwork! What does blood work have to do wit he?

Can CT scan or antibiotics cuz tremors side of head n thoughout body?Was takin amoxicillian 3x's aday 4 sinus infection.Had CT 4'headache.scan Normal.

Can dysautonomia cause brain to feel swollen (along w/ lightheaded).The swollen feeling is so bothersome!also have ctd.Negative brain mri.Normal sx?

Can focal pain in your head due to vigorous head-shaking mean a brain tumor. I recently read it in a medical book. Going to neurologist but scared.

Can frequent lightheaded / ringing ears be caused by essential tremor or being on computer/devices constantly? Ct scan, ekg, blood, all negative.

Can i die if i've had a normal MRI a mth ago & a normal mra dec.2012 i get lots of headaches & shooting long pains n my head & lightheadedness all are?

Can muscle twitches for years just be bad anxiety? Mri came back norm. So no tumor.

Can prednsne cause TIA symptms? Speech trble w/ finding wrds. Email sntnces wrds out of order. Er tests MRI head, neck ok. Cardiac ultsnd ok. Frm med?

Can preganacy cause numbness in arm and side face also around lips and nose? Had MRI mra CT EEG all normal. Ob and neuro send me to eachother.Worried

Can Supraorbital Neuralgia cause naseau? Dr suspects this. Can SN go away without anything like Aleve (naproxen)?Does SN show up on MRI bran scan? Mine was clean

Can they missdiag me? They told me I have postural orthostatic tachardia hve many symptomps but also hip leg pain and I am afraid it is brain tumor

Can xanex affect equilibrium or cause nystagmus? Seen doc had normal brain CT scan getting an EEG soon.Shud i go to ER and not wait?

Can you have damage so deep in your brain that it would cause the test to be normal? I have had many mris all come back normal, still having issues :(

Can you take tramadol for headaches as thats all I have i have 8mg co codimol but they don't touch it also i've had a CT scan get results tomoz?

Can you tell me anythinga bout myleoma any docs please help?

Can you tell me if dr calls back within an hour of brain scan, does that mean bad news?

Causes of headache and light headedness weird feeling for two days? I'm scared of brain tumor. I had a clear MRI and CT four months ago though am I ok

Chances of 21yr old female having brain tumor? No cancer hist. Sympt. Headaches all around head. Already had non contrast CT done, was norm.

Clean brain mri, CT and eeg. Do they rule out all dangerous causes of left side face/arm numb feeling and headaches that comes n goes past month?

Cold dripping sensation left side of head, headaches (going on approx 3months). Routine blood-clear, awaiting CT scan. Any ideas?

Concussed a month ago, CT scan clear. Headaches past week. Woke up with completely numb right arm last night. Worried about stroke. 21, active. ?

Could needing glasses cause daily constant lightheaded 6 yrs swaying sometimes drs say anxiety had heart test neuro exam bloodwork all good?

Ct scan after hitting head negative but i feel my balance is off and my eyesight seems worse . What next?

Ct scan and EEG both are normal for head injury of my sister. Neurologist told nothing to worry. Sister is complaining about giddiness. Pls suggest!

Ct scan nov 14 nothing abnormal. possible for tumor to have grown in 2 months and cause symptoms, pressure headache numb hands nose pressure dizzy!?

Dad had a stroke jan, in hospital they done vascular scan neck lack of blood going to brain so had op he now dizzy alltime an got lump ribs by breast ?

Daily Headaches severe 2 yrs w/vertigo pulsating/throbbing/pounding/ many signs. MRI CT NOTHING SERIOUS FOUND! When is it dangerous? what can I do?

Daily headaches that usually last two weeks before subsiding. Stressing over a brain tumor makes them worse and longer. Clear CT scan in dec. Cause?

Diagnosed w/ precocious puberty in 95, i had a CT scan is it possible they missed a tumor suffer from daily headaches, nausea, blurryvision all recent?

Diagnosed w/"contra migraines/mild epilipsy". Havent seen neurologist in 10 years-had a bad seizure-effected me for two days. Can they change w/ time?

Diagnosed w/cerebellar atrophy from MRI due to balance/memory issues.What tests can I expect next, and what are they looking for?44yr.Old non-drinker

Diagnosed with IIH 3 years ago - LPs and MRIs. flare ups BAD symptoms continue at least monthly. Worried it's chronic Dural sinus thrombosis. Likely?