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1-Is there difference between trace and mild valves regurgitation? 2-What does it mean when reported "mild/moderate" pulmonary HTN?

11 yr daughter has mild depression but no other symptoms 6 months after mild concussion. no other apparent cause...connection?

5 month old was diagnosed with fifths disease. She now has mild diarrhea, can I give her pedialyte? If so, how much and often?

51 yr old female diagnosed with COPD. Mild to moderate. How long before I start suffering? And how long do I have to live?

Are infants affected by mild to moderate aortic stenosis?

Are protein levels of 5000 considered mild or severe preeclampsia?

Are there any remedies for mild asthma?

Can alcohol kill someone with mvp trivial MR? why is it advised to lessen it? I drink occasionally, still can't have a good night out w friends?

Can I consume cannabis after being diagnosed with a mild concussion?

Can I still have esophageal surgery even though I have a mild case of bronchitis?

Can left untreated moderate pulmHTN be dangerous?what is the rate of progression without treatment?with(pulm+mitral+tricuspid mild regurgitation)

Can mild dyspnea be the sole symptom of stable angina? Meaning mild dyspnea alone happens on exertion regularly? Asking hypothetically.

Can mild obstructive sleep apnea cause mild to moderate right ventricular enlargement? Normal function just enlarged. Left is normal

Can mild to moderate aortic stenosis affects infant's growth?

Can mild to moderate cough cause brain damage?

Can moderate thickening of the left atrium be reversed? If so, what would be the typical drug regimen?

Can there be such a thing as mild alcoholism?

Can you explain mild proctitis?

Can you have a mild case of anorexia?

Can you please tell me how mild, moderate and severe brain injury differ?

Can you tell me if asthma complicate is a commonly mild condition?

Can you tell me what is mild grade 1 spondylolisthesis?

Can you tell me when to worry about mild edema?

Could having to take injections depend on the severity of ms, like are they still required with a mild form with mild symptoms?

Could mild/low tinnitus curable? Or will it be worse?

Could moderate to severe allergies cause sweating?

Could you tell me suitable exercises for mild lv impairment please?

CRPS- mild case. Does CRPS progress over time (with or without treatment) with symptoms becoming more severe?

Diagnosed with mild cerebellar tonsillar ectopia, I am experiencing headaches while excercising. Should i be concerned?

Difference between mild and severe cough? Can a mild cough be chronic?

Does having mild chickenpox the first time mean you can have it twice?

Does mild CRPS progress to become more severe- with or without treatment?

Does Moderate Aortic Stenosis with mild hypokensis of the apex. Require more than medicine? On exertion I get short of breath.Does it Need surgery?

Does pain persist in mild diffused gastritis while treatment?

Does the brain swell up from a mild or moderate concussion?

Doxycycline for my mild/moderate acne for 3 months. My mum said it can make it worse and i might develop kidney problems because its mild. Is it true?

Dxd E. Danlos today, hyper mobile or mild classic, doc says leaning toward classic. Could it be causing mild generalized edema, [email protected]? Lots r/o

Glaucoma mild 2 yrs. ago progressed to moderate stage despite lowering pressure from 28 to 13. Dr. doing everything he can. Any treatment suggestions?

Have there been reported cases of mild crps? Or are most cases severe?

Hello doctor, I am having mild mvp with mild regurgitation. I also have canker sores in mouth with tooth pain. Does this have any effect on my mvp.

Hello doctor, I'm having mild MVP with mild MR, does occasional chest pains r common or anything to worry? Thanks.

Help please! i don't know when to worry about mild edema?

Help! Is it possible to have mild dermographism?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is mild prostatomegaly with prominent median lobe, what is my conditon now what is treatment and diet?

Hi I have a mild thoracic dextroscoliosis is there any cure about this? It will affect my application abroad? Thanks

Hi there is there a cure for mild septal hypertrophy.......Ththank s?

Hi there...Would tthere be a complete cure for mild septal hypertrophy?

Hi, i have mild MVP with mild regurgitation. can i do push ups exercise?

How bad is having mild bilateral renal parenchymal disease more so in the right what symptoms should I watch that is dangerous. Thank u?

How bad is slight or mild schizophrenia?

How can a mild case of Pulmonary Stenosis be treated in a baby? Can it go away?

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How can I tell if I have a mild porphyria? Would it be hard to tell?

How can I tell if I have pyromania or have a mild version of it?

How can I tell if paronychia is mild or acute?

How can we cure the patient suffering from global hypokinesis, severe lv dysfuntion?

How can you tell if you have suffered a mild stoke?

How can you tell the difference between a moderately bad cold and a mild flu?

How common are very severe cases of marfan's syndrome (versus more mild ones)?

How could we cure the patient suffering from global hypokinesis, severe lv dysfuntion?

How do doctors differentiate between mild and severe pcos?

How do I cope with mild?

How do I deal with mild asthma attacks during night Thanks in advance?

How do I tell if I have mild anaphylaxis?

How do you grade the severity of patient's breathlessness?

How do you treat mild septal hypokinesis?

How does mild mental retardation sompare to moderate?

How is mild acne typically treated?

How long can someone live with mild to moderate copd?

How long could you have mild malaria for without knowing it?

How long does very mild to mild hepatitis last on blood work to show you had it ? Ty

How long should splenic infarct last? Severe pain gone except for on occasion. Still have low grade fever & mild pain occasionally. Please give advice

How mild can CRPS be?

How much time it take to recover from mild hepatomegaly?

How much time it will take to progress mild mvp .With in some days or years?

How severe the effects of change in barometric pressure and air humidity in people with minor mitral regurgitation? Does any restriction apply? Ty.

How should I care for mild ileitis?

How to tell apart mild sepsis from severe?

How to tell if I have a mild case of shingles?

How to tell if i possibly have a mild case of shingles?

How to treat mild sepsis vs severe one?

I also have mild bulging disk. What does "mild" mean for me?

I am 20 year old male with mild mvp wilth mild regurgitation ..I am having sob and chest pains. I already went several doctors..All are saying anxiety?

I am 40 and this year in jan diagnosed in mri with mild diffues cerebral atrophy. what to do i fear no treatment now i am taking steroids but no good?

I am having mild mvp with mild regurgitation , i feel sob and fear of death at night. Is it due to anxiety?

I am having mild mvp with mild regurgitation, on every morning my mouth is filled with saliva and some times with blood . Why is this happening?

I am having mild mvp with mild regurgitation. Now am having brown vertical line under my nail. Is it due to endocarditis ?

I feel sob especially at night, morning it's fine, .I am having mild mvp with mild regurgitation .Is the sob is related to that?

I have been diagnosed with a mild case of vericocile, some times the pains are moderate to severe level but most of the time there is no pain at all?

I have diagnosed mild mvp for 10 years now I'm 22 years. I started to experience pcvs 18 20 per day. does marijuana worsen my condition ? Thanks

I have mild mvp and doctor has suggested me prolomet xl?

I have mild mvp can it be stronger at any point what should I be careful of?

I have mild MVP with mild regurgitation. Can i do abs workouts?

I have mild MVP with mild regurgitation. Does these mild MVP can progress to Severe within 4,5 years?

I have mild MVP with mild regurgitation. Is it okay for me to do body building workouts?

I have mild mvp; doctor had suggested me prolomet xl, what's the actual reason?

I have mild pulmonary regurgitation. what are its symptoms and what precautions should i take?

I have mild right ventricular hypertrophy. What type of exercise i can and can not do? How often?

I have mild to moderate aortic regurgitation. Will it get worse?