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17 week ultrasound and right venticular outflow not well visualized. What does that mean and is it to early to even worry?

1st ultrasound showed probable non occlusive thrombus. 2nd was the same. What else could an intraluminal echogenic material be other than a clot?

20 weeks sonogram shows echogenic foci in 4 chamber heart and cystic areas seen bilaterally in fetal kidney measuring 3mm. Tested neg for ds, worried?

20 weeks us shows baby has 2 cysts, a dilated 3rd ventricle and TCD below 5th on the brain, What does this mean? The doctor wouldn't tell me anything.

20w pregnant, fetal ultrasound was normal except for: bilateral hydro.Enlarged rt kidney with echogenic cortex and perirenal fluid. Idea on diagnosis?

20wk u/s showed fetus has dilated pelvis in kidney. Should i be worried?

22 wk fetal ultrasound completely normal. The doc remarked a tiny thickening of bladder wall. Fluid fine, kidneys and bladder normal. Should i worry?

3 punctate submucosal calcifications seen on pelvic u/s 2 months after vaginal birth.Dr did not recommend follow up u/s. Why not?

30 weeks pregnant and ultrasound revealed a 2.9x3.2x2.9cm left lateral fibroid. What does it mean? Should i be worried?

31 weeks ultrasound, fetus showed a clearly distended bladder, no dilation in kidneys n amniotic pool was good. Ultrasound repeated next day showed same?

32 week ultrasound shows fetus' bilateral ventricles are 9.5 mm. Doc wants me back after 2 weeks for another. Can this be a bad problem?

33 weeks ultrasound showed impression of macrocephaly with dilated both lateral and III rd ventricles. Please what does it mean ?

35 wk usg femalefoetus shows over distended bladder with kidneys normal amniotic fluid normal there any problem ,prior tiffa normal .

36 year old male with a 2 CM echogenic focus in the liver on routine abdominal ultrasound. What does it mean and should I be worried?

8 weeks ultrasound really means 6 weeks right ?

A cat scan showed a thickening of my pericardial sac. Im supposed to take the report to my dr. What could that be?

A CT report shows "Free fluid in the pouch of Douglas, may be physiological". What could this mean or indicate?

Abdominal u/s showed gast. sac at 4 weeks 4 days. One week later, transvag. (not abdominal) u/s showed 4 weeks 6 days. U/s type discrepancy? Miscarry?

Abdominal ultrasound showed slightly heterogeneous echotexture on left kidney. what does this mean???

An Aquascan diagnosed bilateral tubal occlusion. But a subsequent laparoscopy showed bilateral fill and spill. Which result should I believe?

An ultrasound shows that the sighted follicle has contracted hemorrhage what does dat mean ?

At 32 weeks gestation i had an ultrasound that showed a circumscribed 24x18x11 mm hypoechoic fluid collection in the placenta near cord insertion?

Both foetal kidneys show mild dilation of pelvis measuring 4-5 mm showed up in 26 week fetus ultrasound Should i be worried?

Calcification of the bladder is it cause for worry?

Calcium deposits on fetal heart ultrasound what does it mean?

Can hyperechoic focus in the fetal heart mean down syndrome?

Can normal ultrasound of organ means that there is no tumor in abdomen?

Can you tell me if on my 2/3 trimester scan report it is mentioned as unfused amnion seen and no indication of abruption. what does it mean.?

Could you please explain what an extrarenal baggy pelvis normally indicates. It appears there is no convincining evidence of Hydronephrosis?

Ct reports 'physiological change seen in both adnexa and uterine cavity'. Could this indicate a prolapse? Or/and what else could it indicate?

Ct reports 'physiological change seen in both adnexa and uterine cavity'. Could this indicate a prolapse? And/or what else could it indicate?

Did an ultrasound, and doc said that appendix was upside down, and over another organ. What could that mean, upside down? Is is dangerous?

Doctor I did HSG test it shows limited peritoneal spillage. What does it mean?

Echogenic band in amniotic cavity which may represent a synechia, what does this mean?

Echogenic bowel on 18 week ultrasound, what does this mean?

Endometrial stripe is not thickened,no abnormal focal echoes seen,no free fluid,adrenal structures not unusual,essenstially normal i pregnnt?

Fetal ultrasound showed enlarged renal pelvis and large head. So could it be a syndrome?

Foetal right kidney shows mild pelvo-calyctasis, appears to be physiological. What does this mean?

From HSG report the left tube is not seen and no evidence of peritoneal spill of contrast on the left. Impression: left cornual occlusion. Interprete?

Had a bladder flow and scan showed 16 ml per second emptied 271ml scan after showed 318 ml still in bladder what does it mean 31 non smoker?

Had a sonogram done and my doctor told me that I have fluid in my endomitrium. What exactly does this mean?

Had an ultrasound 5 days before my period is due & it said there was "no free fluid in my pouch douglas." what does that mean?

Has pel/us done what does this mean? Suggestive of adenomyosis and small fibroids.

Hello I had an abdominal ultrasound scan at about 7weeks and results read bulky and gravid uterus what does this mean should I be concerned?


Hi i had an ultrasound and it said there is a trace of physiological fluid in both adnexes is this a concern?

Hi.what do you mean by an ultrasound result stating that the liver exhibits coarsened parenchymal echopattern and a smooth external outline?thank you

How likely is a small stomach on a 20 week us an issue in the absence of other abnormalities? There is a choroid plexus cyst. Amniotic levels wnl.

How many millimeters is considered an abnormally thick gallbladder wall on an ultrasound for a 30 year old male?

Hsg report of shows uterine tubes are visualised and no peritoneal spillage seen. What does it mean?

Hsg test results impression:no spillage of contrast into the pelvis from the otherwise unremarkable-appearing bilateral fallopian tubes.Whats it mean?

Husband had a prostrate ultrasound and report said; measurement 49 times 39 times 30, contained some internal calcifications, and is mildly prominent. Otherwise unremarkable exam. Is this concerning?

Hypoechoic area with increased peripheral flow within left ovary suggesting corpus luteum.what does this mean?got these results from ultrasound

I A's just told that a CT scan showed an enlarged ovary due to varicose veins what does this mean?

I am 22 weeks months carrying. During ultrasound scan. Report show baby's kidneys have mild pyelectasia measuring 4to 5 mm. Pls explain what it means?

I am 28 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound showed a cyst on my placenta. What does this mean?

I am 32 weeks pregnant, in my USG report it is found that baby's bilateral kidney shows pelvicalyceal separation with anteroposteror diameter of 9mm i?

I am 34 years old, G2 P2 with an IUD. Having abnormal bleeding, pelvic normal.. U/S shows calcification, what does this mean? Can it be cancer?

I am 39 have heavy periods large clots transvaginal ut show solid homogenous hypoechic lesion color flow both adnexa trace free fluid is it benign?

I am diagnosed with Mildly bulky Uterus of ET 10 mm thru a scan. What does it mean and how is it treated ?

I am pregnant and my scan result shows that,There are two discrete intramural fibroids. What does this mean?

I got usg scan of my abdomen (file attached) WHAT IS THE MEAN OF B/L TINY RENAL CONCRETION AND MICROLITHIASIS?

I had a HSG last year ending and the result was bilateral loculated spillage so i would like to know what it means?

I had a MRI and what does it mean when it say free fluid in the cul-de sac?

I had a spinal MRI which incidentally found that i have a retroverted uterus. What does this mean?

I had a transvag us done and they found heterogeneous myometrium. Also mild amount of fluid. Everything else looked normal. Is something wrong?

I had a transvaginal sono what does slightly heterogeneous cervix mean ? No free fluid. Correlation w/pap smear recommended.Other wise unremarkable

I had a transvaginal ultrasound that showed a 6cm mass in lower uterus near cervix. It states that the mass is atypical of fibroid. Whats this mean?

I had a tvc, 11 weeks pregnant. What does "no mural mass calcifications seen. No evident gestational sac of 4-6 weeks aog demonstrated" mean?

I had a Ultrasound and what does it mean when it say mild fluid in the cul-de sac?

I had an eye ultrasound and showed either a tear or a leak what's does it mean?

I had an mre of abdomen and pelvis. Report said small amount of free fluid in pelvis. What does this mean? Should i be worried?

I had an ultrasound at 22 weeks, showing 2.7 mm of fluid on babys heart, no infections were found from me. What could this mean?

I had an ultrasound at about 5 weeks. They saw a very small sac but said there was a lot of free fluid in my uterus maybe septate. What does it mean?

I had an ultrasound done and the report read Pancreas is echogenic with a lobular contour.What does that mean?

I had an ultrasound done and the report read Pancreas is echogenic with a lobular contour.What does that mean?

I had an ultrasound taken and the results said:Result: gallstones, CBD 2.8 mm, foci in lower pole of right cortex. What does all this mean?

I had an ultrasound which revealed i had a long urturus and enlarged ovaries what can this mean?

I had an ultrasound which showed I have a cyst with size of 6.24 and was told it do a ca125 test and the range shows 53.2 what does it mean?

I had an ultrasounds that showed a nodule with a slight blood supply going through it, what does this mean?

I had my dating scan and came to know some adnexa is seen in my stomach ...I really want to know if my baby is safe from the malignancies of adnexa?

I had pain last night. Doctor asked me to do Ultrasound. The report says "Bulky Cervix Noted". What is that mean. Do I have to worry.

I had ultrasound and blood work for enlarged spleen..Blood work ok..But dr. Is sending me to surgeon...What does that mean?

I hava had an ultrasound which show hetergenous utres.What does it mean, why do I have it.

I have a globular uterus and a thin endometrium dilated to 1.59cm w/ mixed echos suggestive of blood clots. What's the most likely cause?

I have a hyperechoic mass in the pole of my kidney. What does this mean & what are my next steps?

I have a questions about results of enlarged uterus.

I have a result in ultrasound tha says normal sized kidneys with diffuse parenchymal desiase.what doesthis mean? is this alarming i have bloated tummy

I have done my usg og whole abdomen.It show 7 mm regular trip line endometrium and 24mm follicle seen in left ovary.What does it mean?

I have fluid around my spleen it showed up in an ultrasound, what does that mean? What should I do next?

I have gone through ultrasound of abdomen. The result/impression says "Mild hepatomegaly with steatotic changes". What does this mean?

I have just had a Transvaginal ultrasound everything was normal except for prominent arcuate veins and bilateral pelvic congestion should I worry. ?

I have pelvic phleboliths. What does that mean?

I have ultrasound test results im wondering if what cul de sac means here?

I just found out i wasn't born with a uterus or a cervixvaginal agenisis. What does this imply?

I just got a ultrasound and it shows I got a liver slightly heterogeneous what does that mean?

I just had an altrasound down it says that there's a tiny area of perigestational haemorrhage what's this mean?

I m21 weeks pregnant. In my tiffa scan report fetal brain is slightly prominent lateral ventricales measuring8mm in diameter. is it serious problem??

I made Hsg and report said "Both fallobian tubes show segmental dilatation giving the beaded appearance"what does this mean?can I get pregnant normaly

I recently had an abdominal ct scan. The report states that the bladder wall is mildly thickened. What does that mean?