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7 y/o with c-spine X-ray that shows: "On the right, small bony foramen at 2-3 level. On the left, small bony foramina at 2-3. Please advise ?

Dr. H. Hi I had MRI done this month. Techs said all that was shown large black space?where there is 6screws 2 rods. what reason for dark space?

enhanced posterior clivus likely venous plexus.

I've had an MRI that found 3+ small subcortical lesions and cervical hernia C5 C6 with nerve pressure (C6 root).Can hernia cause subcortical lesions?

MRI: "There is a small chronic Schmorl's node indenting the superior endplate of T5." What does this mean?

SOFT TISSUE US performed of the left hip demonstrates a hypoechoic, non-specific 17 mm. x 10 mm. x 6 mm. abnormality, Surgiacal Eval meaning?

SPECT anterior defect - breast attenuation,What?

, I just had a Exercise Cardiolite Imaging done and the test found a fixed inferior defect with normal wall motion in this distribution. Can u explain?

'wedging of L2 to L5 vertebral body noted. Osteoporosis noted involving lumber vertebral bodies.' what does this mean? This is result noted in x-ray.

"The bone scan confirmed asymmetric SI joints; however, is likely related to a transitional lumbosacral anatomy at the L5 on the left side." Meaning?

"There is a very slight anterior wedging of T7 & T11 vertebral bodies. marrow characteristics suggest these compression deformities are old" Meaning?

1.1 cm heterogeneous t2 hyper intense lesion on iliac bone shown on MRI, going to specialist but in the mean time, how concerned should I be?

10 year old was in a mva and on her xray report it says that her "right L5 transverse process hyperplasia was noted and L5 disc hypoplastic translate?

17 year old Asian male - MRI shows prominent cerebellar sulci - what does that mean- is this likely to progress to any major illnesses?

2.2x0.5 sclerotic lesion at the neck of the fibula probably due to a bone island of doubtful clinical significance of the knee. Plz explaine meaning?

2.6x3x5.6 painful mass halfway up semimembranosus in right leg. US, CT, and MRI show hetero. vascularization, inc. T1&T2, lobulation, likely sarcoma?

2003 MRI showed focal dilatation central spinal canal within cord t7-t10. 2012 MRI shows prominent central canal T4 down thru t-10. Is it changed?

45 year old african american woman diagnosed subchondral cyst in the superomedial acetabulum. what does this mean?

A 14x6x6mm non-enhancing signal abnormality inferior to the basal ganglia, no high rcbv, te 135ms cho/naa ratio - 1.3: heterotopia? Low grade?

A CT results states: "bilateral pars interarticularis defects are present at l5." everything else normal. What does that mean?

A ct scan showed low lying cecum extending slightly into proximal ascept of the right inguinal canal without evidence for definite hernation. Concern?

A dr. once speculated a dx "may be..." later wrote in a laterr report "organic pathology to account for bilat knee pain". What does this term mean ???

A few gram cocci are seen in right gluteal region this is report why infected that region again and again with a period of 7-30 days?Give its treatmen

A recent MRI showed an abnormal mass like marrow signal measuring 2.2 x 1.4 cm area of T1?

A recent spine X-ray shows loss of volume of t10 and t12, also degenerative disc disease between l3-l4 and l4-l5 what do these both mean?

A Tesla 3 MRI w & w/o Gad found patchy T2 prolongation in the pons which was more prominent than my 2013 MRI. I am only 44, what could this be? Thanks

A vascular loop is noted in relation with bilateral 7th and 8the nerve complex, should I be concerned?

Abnormal FDG activity involving pleural thickening in Rt lower lateral lung base compatible with inflammatory VS early neoplasticism disease. Meaning?

Acc. To second last blood report s.G.O.T is 56 but last report s.G.O.T becomes 225.?

Action of superior oblique eye muscle is down and out, but h test diagram show so down and in. Why the seeming discreptancy?

Age 19.mrcp shows pancreatic duct head body tail dilated,abrupt cut in head region,branches & tail narrowing,duct 6mm.DOC on this site said hve cancer?

Age 40, female, breast cancer.Mri report b4 surgery states: please correlate clinically for any abnormality with right side port. What does this mean?

An MRI of my C shows cord parenchyma reveals abnormal signal intensity & heterogeneity and moderate to severe left C5 foraminal narrow. Interpret?

Anatomy, help with question about thymus location and function please?

Are magnetic resonance angiogram and venogram usually performed with the posterior view or anterior? Does it depend on symptoms and site of symptoms?

Baseline Mammo: LT side mild area of asymmetry with parenchymal density in medial posterior. Short f/u suggested. What does it mean & should I worry?

Bilateral asymmetric hydronephrosis. No blockage on CT or nuclear scan. Symptoms of prolapse, incontinence, slow flow. Doc wants UPJO surgery. Agree?

Bilateral hip MRI says prominently decreased t1 weighted signal with increased t2. What does that mean?

Bilateral lower zone haziness seen and basal crepitations heard. Patient is post myocardial infarction. what could it be?

Bone scan "increased uptake bilateral SI joints, left greater than right likely due to stresses" Can this mean stress fractures??

Bone windows reveal a fracture of the right transverse process of L1 what does this mean ?

Brain mass? If a pet scan slide of the head and neck that shows the scalp i.E. The brain, what do three circles mean with ctac 3.75 thick next to it mean as an annotation. Is this a brain slide of 3 d dimensions or three separate tumors? I suppose you kn

Brain MRI result: there is no signal void from the anterior and posterior circulation what's the medical definition of it and is it bad or not?

Brain MRI result:there is signal void from the anterior and posterior circulation. Is this good or bad? Should i worry and seek for help?

Brain MRI T1 Sag 2000, 2003, 2013: parieto occipital sulcus shows marked, progressive widening. The other sulci show minimally progressive widening.

C.T chest: a 5.5 x 6.2 x 3.7 CM soft tissue mass is notice in the apical segment of lower lobe. Kindly inform me it could be benign or malegnent.?

C5-c6 left dusc isteophyte caysing a mass effect on ventral subarachnoid space abutting the chird. What is a mass effect? What are the implications?

C5/6 and 6/7 cervical anteriorfusion. Is this a major surgery?

Can a l5s1 herniation cause foot drop even though there is no clear cause showing on the mri? Doc has said its snug but within norms. Any suggestions?

Can a small spinal compression fracture blend with schmorl's nodes and cause it to be undetected through image testing?

Can anything be done about " minimal cystic changes in lunate" ? 5 months after injury still have pain in area at times , is bodybuilding over for me?

Can broad based disc bulges from C3 to C6 with bone marrow edema, a 3mm cyst on c3, and possible C3 non displaced fracture cause nausea, loss of appet?

Can calcification of the colon occur at the L3-L4 level?

Can centrilobular nodularity be due to patient positioning?

Can high resolution ultrasound detect changes in genitofemoral nerve size caused by inflammation &swelling?

Can MRI evaluate thickness of the fascia perfectly in an individual?Can it also detect weakness?

Can notations of specific data points at t8-9, t9-10, t10-11 of disc disease be made without axial or coronal imaging. Just sagittal?

Can operate 14x6x6 lesion lying just inferior to the basal ganglia inferolateral to putamen, possible contiguity wth the claustrum anteroinferiorfly?

Can previous low b12 cause spinal cord changes? MRI report stated changes but not what kind of changes. Worried about a Tumor... Female 30yr old

Can training of soft tissue like ballet cause the L5 s1 vertebrae to be anatomically higher than the iliac crest? Due to hypertrophied lm muscles?

Can you give me some info on optical discs and what it means if there flat, but deep?

Can you please translate my CT results and indicate any potential diagnosis? Liver: heterogeneous enhancement with nutmeg pattern in the periphery of the liver, most pronounced in the caudal aspect of the right lobe". I had a good echo, good sleep study

Can you put in layman's terms please? midline meningioma approx 3.3 x 2.8 cm in transverse and AP dimensions which abuts sagittal sinus along vertex

Can you shed some light on my MRI? Mild effacement of fat plane between bladder and vagina.

Can you tell a tethered chord when radiologists have not diagnosed it, is one recent MRI being the only one that is showing a tethered chord enough?

Can you tell me how risky is hemangioma in vertebral body?

Catscan for microhematuria revealed a focus of sclerosis in left superior sacrum representing a bone island or Chondroid lesion and 2nd smaller sclerotic focus in mid left iliac bone presumably of similar etiology. Is this of any concern?

Chronic unilateral left pars defect , osseous edema right anterior L5 body centrum acute/subacute fracture tried everything should I consider surgery?

Confused Doppler u/s of SMA: Based on the velocities pre and postprandial there is evidence of significant stenosis greater than 70% at the level of the SMA proximally. But CT shows SMA axis is patent??? How is that possible? Next step?

Could a dilated perivascular space shown on MRI be a marker for ms? The size is same since 2010.

Could you kindly advise the meaning of "fetal brain lateral ventricles look slightly prominent". Calibers about 9.2mm, 9.5mm?

Csection operative finding:...Very thin lower segment with only membranes covering... Any idea what that means?

CT results- hypertrophic change at the T10-11 costovertebral junctions w/ hypertrophic change at the articulation between the posterior ribs & transve?

Ct says-few loops proximal jejunum dilated-diamtrs to 3cm & mural thickening & folds/enlargement - widths to 11mm - also ferritin 8 - what does mean?

CT Scan - Prominence of the external and common iliac veins, femoral and IVC. IVC measures upto 3.6cm. Why is this considered significant? Pain/nausea

CT scan results ill-defined density about the falciform ligament. What does this really mean? Been having pain for 2 & half weeks in side of mid back

Ct scan results showed a malformation of my hip and this is causing rotation in joints. What will the hospital do? Will I need an operation?

CT scan says "Incomplete fusion of the dorsal elements of S1, anatomic variant." What does this mean?

Ct scan says there is a 7.2x7.3cm prominent low-density structure above the quadrigeminal plate cistern, near the pineal gland, what could this be?

Ct scan showed global atrophic changes with increased extra axial fluid for a 5year old boy what does this mean?

Ct scan w/ contrast results say 1) renal parapelvic cysts & 2) defect right posterior diaphragm with herniation of fat into the right posterior costophrenic sulcus. What does this mean?

Ct scan: incomplete closure of the posterior elements at s1 with less than 1mm of diastisis? What does this mean?

Cut scan report says incidental note made of 10mm cortical cyst in right pole. No tract infection. Ask mild degenerative type change bones?

Difficulty walking and my MRI says suspicious hyperintensities seen in cord posterior to the bodies of D6 to D8 vertebrae means what?

Disregard the chiari 1 malformation. What is structure or tissue is that in my saggital MRI that has the yellow circle around it? Between clivus & c2?

Do " minimal cystic changes in the lunate" mean that the lunate bone is showing signs of degeneration ? Could this lead to arthritis later in life ?

Does a 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 CM well defined saccular outpouching in the medial aspect of the supraclinoidsegment of right internal carotid artery dangerous?

Does a 5.8 cerebellar tonsil herniation need surgery even if nothing else shows on mri. Used to be a herniation of 3.8 now its 5.8.?

Does CT venogram include anterior, posterior, and side views of the legs?

Does shunttap yielding only .5cc CSF rule out partial occlusion? Meaning shunttap if partial occlusion was present would likely be dry yielding nocsf?

Dorsal Mri says.Subtle intramedullary hyperintensity seen in cord extending from D5-D8 level-syrinx/myelitis. no cord expansion is seen means what?

During sleep background activity consist of symmetrically bisynchonous, fairly developed medium voltage 4-5 Hertz theta waves seen best posteriorly. ?

Dx-chiari 1. Mri shows increased t2 in sulci of post. Cer. Hemispheres; not abnormal w/contrast. Chiari-related, or something else?/what does it mean?

EMG of upper and lower limbs showing mild neurogenic changes from bilateral L2-L3 innervation means what?

EMG Report says "Attenuated bilateral peroneal motor responses" what does that mean.

Explain dx.Of hypertrophic changes of right iliac crest.

Extraspinal soft tissues demonstrates min prominence of L ovarian vein meas 6-7mm which can b seen in setting of ovarian venous incompetency.Meaning?

Fell on right knee on 02/02/14 X-ray showed broken patella. Mri on 02/09 showed large hematoma. On warfarin for prothestic aortic valve what can I do?

Female 43 years old 54 kg 162 cm. A mr showed fatty replacement of bone marrow of 3 lumbar vertebral bodies and the entirpelvis. Normal blood count?

Fibre length, overall signal attenuation for an optical link, coupling loss exam, what are these?