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"a lesion at T11" what does that mean on a xray finding?

18 y/o, given brain MRI without contrast (to rule out demyelinating disease) and the results were normal aside from some subtle nonspecific T2/FLAIR hyperintensity seen in the periatrial region bilaterally? What does this mean/should I be worried?

30 week ultrasound showed asymmetrical brain ventricles on fetus. Rest of the scan perfect. Is this a normal variant?

55 yr old female with a cardiac radiology report that there are multiple low-attenuation hepatic lesions noted most suggestive of cysts.

A ct scan found several cysts on my lungs and a pluralparenchymal opacity also what do these finding mean?

A CT scan showed several scleretic bone lesions in the sacrum .. Could this be normal?

A MRI show abnormalities in marrow.. Can that means cancer?

A recent CT noted apical ground glass micronodules. What does this Indicate?

A recent CT scan after a snowboarding accident mentions that I have "13mm left inferior thyroid nodule is hypodense". What does this mean?

A recent CT scan showed dilated cardiomyopathy, but the doctor didn't mention it. Does the mention of it on the report mean that it's a diagnosis?

Abnormal focal osseous uptakes are identified in the right proximal clavicle and the right scapula with corresponding osteolytic and blastic findings on CT are consistent with metastatic disease. Cancer?

An MRI for an adrenal lesion showed mild hepatomegaly . What is this and what to do?

An X-ray report (of my ankle) said, " incidental benign bone island in the talus" what does this mean?

At age 33, I had to have a CT scan followed by MRI. The results-had Cerebral Atrophy. Is this a concern for me and should I worry?

Brain MRI showed low marrow signal is this concerning? I was having a followup MRI for an incidental meningioma found Dec 2016. It was stable.

Can a pituitary tumor disappear on its own without any treatment? I underwent 2 mris with a contrast . The first showed 5 mm pituitary microadenoma. The second, which was done 3 years later showed no tumor at all. Could it be that a radiologist misread th

Can a t-spine MRI differentiate among incidental findings of kidney cyst, abscess, and tumor? Or would each of these simply show as radio-opaque area

Can calcifications in brain mean cancer?

Can docs explain what does my CT scan result mean by secondary to mesenteric panniculitis?

Can having an MRI scan mean you have a serious injury?

Can MRI scan detect if there is any damage part in the vas deferens or whether there is any blockage?

Can MRI with contrast detect mild grade inflammation ? If pelvis MRI report normal ,is it still possible have inflammation ongoing?

Can you explain what intrathoracic pathology means?

Can you tell me for investigating orofacial dyskinesia MRI scan impresion "chronic lacunar infracts bilateral corona radiata", what does this mean?

Can you tell me what 61 hounsfield units on a tumor means?

Cat scan of head showed prominent lytic of the frontal bone and the C3 what could this mean?

Cbc shows no sign of underlying condition after having a splenic infarct. Should i still be worried that there could be a condition that hasn't showed?

Cervical spine xray report says "Diffuse increased density ofC1of indeterminate etiology but unchnged snce 2013" what might this mean, or indicate?

Chest CT scan showed nodules are gone. Report also stated granulomatous disease. What does that mean? I don't have follow up until next week.

Correlate clinically what does this mean?

Could a 'shadow" on an ECG mean cancer?

Could a MRI scan show up munchausen syndrome by proxy?

CT scan shows 3mm hypodensity in left hepatic lobe - too small to characterize. Doctor didn't order a follow up. Should I be worried?

Ct report does not mention peritoneal , but oncologist in a letter says possible peritoneal disease ? Mcrc patent

CT report: "Tiny hypodensity of the right hepatic lobe is too small to characterize." Dr. didn't seem concerned and no other report issues. Normal?

CT reports shows that my uterus appears quite bulky and displays in homogenous enhancement wat is this meaning? Few other problems on ct as well?

CT said: No evidence of mediastinal adenopathy. There is a trace amount of pericardial fluid. No hemodynamically significant effusion noted. Means?

Ct scan (Nov 2015) showed bilateral avascular necrosis of the hips without collapse. Recent lab results show wbc count is 14,000.. Multiple myeloma?

CT scan for PE (+) has comment "hilar or mediastinal lymphadenopathy is appreciated", can you please explain what this comment may mean?

CT Scan found a "spot" on "fatty liver", what exactly does the term "non benign" mean?

Ct scan found minimal scaring or discoid atelactasis, what does this mean?

Ct scan Fractured l1-l4 transverse process, showed an enlarged surahilar lymph gland 19x20mm & low density non specific nodule , what does this mean ?

CT scan report findings: "Mild cerebral and cerebellar atrophy." please suggest medication Age 78 years?

CT scan report says " subcapsular early hyperenhancing lesion that is isodense to liver on portal venous & equiblrium phases." What could it be?

Ct scan report states: there conchabullosa on the left. What does this mean? Does it have to do with my sinuses?

Ct scan result -brain and posterior fossa demonstrate age related volume loss. Is normal?

Ct scan results: frontal sinus is aplastic. Can you tell me what this means?

Ct scan revealed small hyperdense lesion in right lobe of liver that is "more prominent than on recent study 7 months ago". What does this mean?

CT scan shows "greater prominence of triangular soft tissue in anterior-superior mediastinum suggestive of reactive thymic tissue" Concerned?

Ct scan shows dependent opacity on lung bases. What does it mean to me?

Ct scan shows increases attenuation of the mediastinal fat in the anterior mediastinum as well as lateral and inferior to aortic ach. Nonspecific?

CT scan shows nonspecific mild nodularity/thickening of medial left adrenal gland.Having MRI this week. Is this why I have pain there? all else normal

Ct scan shows pancreatic head enlargement, central areas of hypodensity may be focal necrosis, abscesses or cyst, mild ductal obstruction. Wats this?

CT Scan shows Unenhanced pancreas is normal without surrounding inflammation and visible duct dilation.There maybe punctate probable calcification pancreatic tail image 15 of 903? Does this mean I have pancreatitis?

CT scan w/contrast showed stable hepatic calcification in the left lobe of liver. What does that mean? Something to be concerned about?

Ct scan: paravertebral soft tissues remarkable for calcifications in the abdominal aorta. Is this fatal?

Ct showed meningoma but MRI didn't. Mri showed a spot on skull that has a thick spot on bone being sent to a neurologist .Should i be concerned.

Ct showed possible osteoblastic metastes but MRI shows schmorls nodes and enplate changes superior and inferior of t8 & t12? What & why the difference

CT: "Nonspecific focal opacification of a left mastoid air cell" but "No findings to explain hearing loss". What is this & what else could be wrong?

Dear Dr, my sister just had bone scan and report saya" scintigraphic evidence of widespread osteoblastic metastases" pls what does that mean? she has

Does metastasis disease show up on the differential diagnoses of an mri?

Does the term on a radiologists report No significant lymphadenopathy on a CT mean that there is some lymphadenopathy? Thank you

Does thymectomy help in the treatment of mysthenia gravis? Give your answer in the context if there is thymus enlargement on CT scan.

Dx with epilepsy 2 yrs ago MRI showed angioma until recent no changes now showing chronic gliosis should I be concerned? What does this mean?

Empty sella noted on mri. Is this a serious condition?

Enlarged perivascular spaces on Mri. What does it mean? And why would the radiologist report something like that?

Evidence of nasopharyngeal lymphoid hyperplasia on MRI imaging what does that mean. ?

FNAC right parotid. Microscopy shows that smears are haemorrhagic and show fixation artifacts.Help.

Follow up: 1st reading of renal CT said probable malignancy due to contrast uptake. 2nd radiologist - says benign. Who do I believe?

Had a CT scan and the report says 'serial axial CT scan of the chest shows reticular opacities in the right apical region and right upper lobe' ?

Had a CT scan at e.r. Dr said it looked good. Does that mean my brain is OK?

Had a CT scan of jaw and report said there was "nonspecific soft tissue prominence" along my mandible. What could that be?

Had a CT scan reading results i don't understand some of it. Like it says almost all of it says unremarkable what do as that mean? Incidental bilateral

Had a ct scan showed mild asymmety of the lingual tonsil, of unlikely significance. Should I be concerned about this? Have had brain and breat cance

Had a ultrasound, results said liver is 13.4cm and that there is somewhat heterogeneous appearance but with no definite abnormality r focal finding?

Had MRI w/ no contrast yesterday and it showed 8mm hyporintense lesion in inferior aspect of spleen. Ct w/ contrast three days ago noted small granulomus are noted. Which is more reliable?Concerning?

Hello by bone scan stated negative for acute bony abnormality what does this mean?

Hello doctors, what does this MRI finding mean?

Hello sir, recently my aunt had a MRI scan, Kindly explain me what it means - mild cerebral diffused parenchymal volume low ?

Hello, I had a CT scan of my head and neck..I understand everything below except "The posterior indicating arteries are hypoplastic". ?

Hello, I have had a CT scan of my head and neck. I understand most of what is stated below except the "The posterior indicating arteries are hypoplast?

Hello. I had an MRI of head about 2 years ago that showed enlarged perivascular spaces. Is this a cause for concern? Is it significant?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is lacunar infarct it showed up on a CT but i can not find anything about it anywhere else, thanks?

Hi my mother had got the CT scan for chest report summary: bilateral hilar adenopathy (non specific?) what does it mean? And how can we cure?

Hi, in my mother's MRI scan report for brain, they told "right maxillary and ethmoidal mucosal disease". What does this mean? Is there a treatmnt

Hi, I had a question. I recently had a whole body Nuclear Medicine bone scan done and the report says "Unremarkable tracer localization is seen in the osseous structures, what does this mean?

Hi, my ct scan technician interpreted that i have minimal peripheral fibrotic changes. don't know exactly what that means? Does it necessarily mean pu

Hi. Had a ct scan results say i have multiple partially calcifiedmediastinal lymph nodes measure up to 28mm. what does this mean?

Hi. My consultant at hospital has stated that I have ' Left Basal Linear Scarring ( incidental finding on CT abdomen ). What does this mean ?

Hi. What does it means in MRI report. Sulcal and cisternal spaces mildly prominent.Sella apears mildly prominent.Hwever no definite intrasellar sol.

Hi. What does this statement on a bilateral breast MRI suggest? "Heterogeneous signal abnormalities within the sternum." Should I be worried?

How do they diagnose slit ventricle syndrome. I have had a CT,MRI,and xray. could it still be slit ventricle syndrome. ?

How to distinguish if lesions are caused by MS on an MRI or MRI report?

I had a report saying that I have a minimal bilateral basal pleural effusion of uncertain clinical significance. What does it mean?

I am 1 year post op acdf c5/6 and CT with contrast shows hypodense focus on thyroid and a non fusion. No thyroid problems before this surgery, ?

I am going to medical test result is UNFIT.In my CT scan findings bilateral apical pleural thickening seen.That means?what can i do for FIT

I been going through this for 7 years still no answers. Mri and CT scan t2 hyperintensity nonspecific hyppoattenuation within white matter.

I did brain MRI this morning and one of the results was: there is evidence of cavum septum pellucidum what does that means?

I don't have any symptoms, but an MRI shows a chiari malformation.  what does this mean?

I found out that my uterus is retroverted as an incidental finding on a MRI. Does this need treating?