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There is a 3.0 x 1.6 CM pleural-based opacity in the right thorax with a surrounding ground-glass halo. The lesion is nonspecific and may be post?

I had. A abnormal cxray it states that their is a vertical density in the retrocardic area of the lungs I don't know what it means?

what it means if the remarks in X-ray noted that an apicolordotic view is sugg .for further evaluation of suspicious densities in both upper lobes.

. I had Phx of ptb and treated for 6 mos. last 2007. result of my present xray is suspicious densities of RUQ. Apico also shows same. Didmy tb occured?

. What does Minimal left basilar atelectasis or scarring mean?

"Minimal sub pleural interstitial changes suggested at the lower and outer left lung base" can someone explain this, in a very simple way, please?

"whats the meaning if the xray film shows that there's a infiltrates found at left apex"?

1.My xray reading is Stable residual changes both upper lubes 2. pleural thickening bilateral. I suffer for TB and medicated for 6months ?

16 mo old had a chest xray.What does mild perihilar interstitial prominence.Mild bandlike atelectasis and/or infiltrate at the medial lt base mean?

2007 i was diagnosed ptb both upper lobes then i was treated and now its 10 years ago why is it the result of my xray now is still ptb both upper lobe?

27 y/o, m, chronic asthma bronchitis since age 4. Xray: patchy shadowing w/ calcific foci & fibrotic bands seen in both upper zones. What does it mean?

28/male. Chest x-ray showed "interstitum slightly coarse for age." What does this mean? Does it mean scarring? Should I be concerned?

7 weeks post left lobar pneumonia and right lower fluid, ct scan shows scarring inflammation right lower. Is this post pneumonia? autoimmune disease?

7months in TB treatment now left CP angle visible in xray less opacity but a circular shadow at spot of pleural effusion n i have pain there too?

A chest X-ray report says . Scaring seen in the right upper zone and old healed lesion. Plz tell me what is the it mean. ?

A chest X-ray report says . Scaring seen in the right upper zone and old healed lesion. Plz tell me what is the it mean. ? How will treated.

A chest xray showed nodularity along the posterior of the heart, consistent with prominent vessels. Is this good, bad, or normal, please explain. ?

A recent xray showed scarring from pneumonia one year ago. No change dr said i will always have it?

A tiny calcific density in the right lung.what does it mean?what is the cause of them?where did it from? I need a great explanation. thank you so much

Abd CT scan done in june of this year says:mild bilateral posterior pleural thickening is stable! what does this mean lung ca or lung infection?

Abnormal xray cause by small linear density in the lung?

Acute bibasilar infiltrates. Should I worry?

After having a chest X-ray what does this mean, small rounded area of increased opacification is noted at the left base, which could either due to ove?

After having rt sided chest pain, a cxr was normal but CT scan showed rul apical infiltrate or fibrosis.Do u have any guess as to what this means?

An x-ray revealed a light shadow at the base of the right lung. What does this mean? Thanks!

Calcified pleural plaques lower thorax?

Can 3.0 cm size lesions on the outer part of the lung be detected on a chest xray??

Can a 3 cm rounded mass like opacity in the perihilar region be some kind of pneumonia? Does it have to mean cancer?

Can an X-ray show calcification or bronchovascular markings?

Can biapical pleura-parenchymal thickening due to previous tb?

Can granulomas cause mild dependent interstitial markings on lungs shown on Chest CT a year later?

Can i continue to work even if my x-ray result is my right upper lung have a minimal koch`s infection?

Can minimal opacity in right lung base just be blood vessels?

Can TB lympadentitis cause lung scarring without having pulmonary tb? Chest xray show only enlarged gland.

Chest CT scan subsegmental atelectasis versus fibrosis in medial margins of r \l upper lobes abutting mediastinum was f/u for 6mm ground glass nodule

Chest ex ray says lungs show increased interstitial markings with no active infiltrate,mass or effusion. What does that mean ?

Chest pa impression : bronchitic changes - what does this mean?

Chest X ray was done due to difficulty breathing, the only abnormality was a thin wall cavitary lesion in the right hemithroxia. What does it mean?

Chest x ray PA view shows fibrosis in mid lower zones and bronchitic changes are seen, can it be pulmonary fibrosis?

Chest x ray PA view shows fibrosis in mid lower zones and bronchitic changes- what is it?

Chest X ray said there is a patchy opacity in the infrahilar region with ill defined pulmonary vasculature, what can this suggest?

Chest x-ray findings state that heart size is within normal limits and lung volumes are upper limits normal. What does upper limits normal mean?

Chest X-ray Hyperinflamed lung and perihilar bronchitis changes are seen.No acute pulmonary or pleural disease.25 year,non smoker,Please explain findi?

Chest X-ray result is fibrotic tb lesion noted what is that means?

Chest X-ray result- Fibronodular shadows seen in the left apex PPD - 20mm Sputum smear 1st&2nd - AFB = 0. Do I have an active or inactive TB?

Chest X-ray results say curvilinear density in the R pericardial region. Could represent fat pad or small R middle lobe infiltrate. Lung cancer?

Chest X-ray says small calcifications seen in hilar region . What does it mean ? how dangerous is it? should we worry about it?

Chest x-ray showed asymmetric density on right lung apex. Redid it with lordotic posture. Would like an opinion on the resulting image?

Chest x-ray showed fibronodular opacities in right upper & left mid zone. had TB 4 yrs back, are these scars from earlier tb ? can this be removed ?

Chest X-ray showed focal patchy lingular opacity No change from 2012 Likely represents chronic airspace collapse &/or consolidation. Is this serious?

Chest X-ray showed mild interstitial scarring adjacent to the superior margin of the right hillus. Should I be concerned?I am 22 yrs old, not a smoker

Chest X-ray shows - increased interstitial markings and prominent hila. What does this mean? what would be the treatment?

Chest X-ray shows on right side a patchy alveolar infiltrates, rule out pneumonia. Is this early stage of pneumonia. Thanks jimmy?

Chest X-Ray: early silhouetting of left heart border. While consolidation is not seen on lateral view, may reflect early lingular infiltrate. Meaning?

Chest X-ray: small roundish opacities in right hilum. No signs of flogosis. Normal heart. Should I do other exams? No pulmonary simptoms yet

Chest XRay - Latetal view demonstrates blunting of both costophrenic angles w/either small lung base pleural effusions are chronic pleural thickening.

Chest xray findings for my 18 yr old daughter: coarse prominence of the perihilar markings and no focal infiltrate. What does this mean?

Chest xray reports impressions: pulmonary hyperexpansion. No acute process is identified. What should I do?

Chest XRay results "Peri bronchial thickening with patchy opactiy noted in the left lower lobe" Should i be worried? What does this mean?

Chest XRay show triangular density mostly due to overlap bronchovascular tree Normal? No symptoms I did it to see if there are enlargement lymph nodes

Chest Xray states Mild coarsened basilar interstitium likely chronic, Calcified hilar lymphnodes ( I am asymptomatic)What could this be.?

Chest xray: hyperinflation of lung fields with relative peripheral oligaemic lung fields.Features in keeping with emphysematous change. Pls explain?

Chest XRay: There is a tiny left effusion & there is mild retrocardiac ill defined opacity. Left Lung. Explain?

Chesty cough>6wk,X-ray show lung well expanded no collapse/consolidation.licency of lung marking within both upper it serious?clear phlegm.

Comment on X ray result: "The lung fields have a minor hyperinflated appearance. Maybe emphysematous change. Slight scattered fibrotic stranding."?

Completed medication for tb. though its inactive. new xray says: stable left upper lobe opacities since feb. stable pulmonary hyperaeration. means?

Ct chest adrenal nodule 1.9 CM right. Lungs demonstrate babisalar dependent atelectasis small subpleural bullae noted right up lobe trace pericardial?

CT of ab says "There is groundglass attenuation in the left lung base in addition to curvilinear opacity, may be secondary to pulmonary fibrosis" ?

Ct of the chest shows.there is no evidence of pleural effusion. lung show no interstitial markings or fibrosis.minor bronchiectasis noted.scared of tb?

CT scan done and it showed that I have lingular pleural parenchymal scarring? What does this mean and how it happens? Is Pulmonary embolism a cause?

Ct scan of chest . Minimal subsegmental atelectasis the inferior lingul I've been horse whilst mucus for 8 weeks is this cancer?

Ct scan shows pluralparenchymal opacity in lower left lung base what is this?

Ct scan shows small pluralparenchymal opacity in left lung base anterior to cysts what does it mean?

Ct shows parenchymal scarring of both lung apex. Pleurisy/pericarditis this summer but pain never totally went away. Could this scarring cause pain?

Ct thorax says; very mild scarring/fibrosis in the apices.I've never had bronchitis or pneumonia. What could be the cause & should I worry?

CXR Heart is normal. Calcification is noted in pul foci and no active lung lesion seen. There is blunting of Rt.costophrenic angle. What ur opinion?

Cxr: "minimal hypoinflation present on last exam no longer seen. Minimal patient rotation has appeared. There is clothing artifact at the left apex" ?

Decreased pulmonary vascularity on an X-ray means what?

Discoid atelectasis sign of cancer?

Do I have to worry if my X-ray results is equivocal opacities on the upper right of my lungs?

Doc stoped TB medicines after 6 mnths coz my Xray less hazy cp angles visible and pleural effusion D angle gone now. Only a shadow little left?Ok?

Doctor said I have a left lung basal crest, what does this mean?

Doctor said:lung volumes are slightly reduced, both lungs shows evidence of interlobular and intralobular septal thickening leading what disease, medic

Does having pleural effusion and atelectasis mean you have pneumonia still? Supposedly my pneumonia showed clearing on March 6. Please assist

Does increased markings in my lungs mean I have cancer?

Does no focal consolidation, no effusion, or obvious pneumothorax in X-ray mean I should not stress myself out about having lung cancer?

Every time i have a xray always show that. Stable residual changes both upper lubes. what is this means? i was treated 12 years ago from my TB

Explain in laymen: "subtle asymmetric haziness at peripheral left lung. This may represent developing consolidation but nonspecific. No pneumothrax"?

Feeling of tightness in chest. Spirometry reveals fvc 46% and fev1 47%. Ct scan shows plural thickening in lower region with calcification on rt side?

Fibronodular pattern predomenantly, fibrosis is noted in right apex. What' meaning to me?

Follow-up study to May 2015 again shows lung hyperaeration. previously noted ill-defined opacities in the Left apex show interval regression. Mean?

Good eve. I have an xray results that having a suspicious infiltrates are seen in the right upper lobe.what does it mean doc? Thank you

Good pm, what the mean suspicious opacities are seen both upper lung fields an apicolordodic view suggested.

Got my X-ray result and it says. Suspicious infiltrates noted in the apical area. Suggest apicolordotic view for proper evaluation. What does it means?

Got my xray result.Suspicious densities,right apex. Heart is enlarged. Rest of visualized structures are unremarkable. What does it mean?

Ground-glass opacities in the lung, should I be worried?

Had a abnormal chest x-ray it says vertical density in the retrocardic region what does it mean?

Had a chest X-ray - Mild apical pleural thickening with minimal interstitial process- have ankylosing spondylitis. Pleurisy 4x last 6 months.Serious?

Had cough for a month now, athen she had xray, and according tio it the result is : Fibohazed, fluffy and ill defined infiltrates are seen in both lungsfields more on the right. Right hilum is yracted Right hilum is tracted upwards , tracheal air c

Had lung surgery vats wedge resection result necrotizing granulomatous inflammation what does it mean?