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1 month ago I became ill, had pain under rib, and vomitting, CT scan said liver was unremarkable, but blood test said my enzymes were high? Am I okay?

1 Morning stool test done.2-3 pus cells.SGOT 62,No blood.Blood test-mild eosinophilia.I have lipomas in my body.sonography normal.Colon cancer,lipoma?

13yrdaughter in hospital for new onset type 1 diabetes. Dr.Ordered CT scan cause her us showed a congentic issue abnormality on her liver.What is that?

18 months ago i had a little high lipase / amalyase, mri, endoscopic ultrasound normal. Blood test last week shows hi lipase again 103, norm 67 ?

2009 kidney sizes r/11.7 & l/12.0 & common bile 3.7 in 2013 r/10.9 & l11.7 with common bile 4.8. Is it normal for kidneys/bile to change in size?

24hr urine test show 3.5 mg on hydroyindindoleacetate but 2l, 00 on chromogranin a is this normal, or does it show possible carcinoid tumor?

28f. Lesions on brain, liver,pancreas,uterus,nodules on lung. No symptoms. Normal bloodwork. Drs don't know what's going on. Please help!! Metastatic?

2months ago my pancreatict duct was 6mm and dilated now it is 2.6 does it mean my chronic pancreatitis is cured age is 19 i had creon after food daily?

32 yo dtr, non-drinker, 4 mos. postnatal. pancreatitis atck, MRI of pancreas shows vein cluster on liver. In 1 yr. will do cat scan. Cause to worry?

32 yrs old. Ggtp of 150u/l, alt52.3u/l, alp 91 iu/l. And the ultrasound scan impression is grade i fatty infiltration of liver. Any serious illness?

35 yr old has inflamed uterus and elevated prolactin and cortisol levels. Weight loss and headaches. Ct scan doesn't show tumor. What could it be?

36 years male born with hep B. 2007 liver biopsy showed minimal to no inflammation. I did 2 US in 2011 and 2014 show coarse heterogeneous echo texture?

4mm cyst/lesion pancreatic body re MRI for 2 yrs w/o change. Pancreas unremarkable. 2010 severe gallbladder attacks & spongy gallbladder @surg. Next?

6 y/o boy who has a long history of abd pain. He has been c/o of ruq pain. Us showed some mild fatty infiltrates in his liver. Alk phos is 326 LD is 240?

63 year old Male all blood tests normal except Ca19-9=2314. CT scan=enlarged panc. US=no stones. Can it be Pancreatic cancer?

7mm periampullary lesion, 3 liver lesions, total beta hCG is high, anion gap-10, monocytes-1.1, chloride high, erc low, cbd & pancreatic duct dilation?

7wk son has bili total of 8.1. His direct is 1.0. Normal stool and urine. Hida scan Monday. What are chances of biliary atresia?

8 months ago I had my GB removed and a u/s showed NO liver mass. Yesterday, I had a u/s which is now showing a small liver mass.. What could this be?

83 yr female. Ct for kidney stones shows calcifcation abdominal aorta and ivc. Is this normal for age? Ldl good HDL slightly low. Bp good. A1c 5.7

9 wks pregnant, all visible pancreas unremarkable on ultrasound and pancreatic enzymes normal. What else can I do to make sure pancreas is OK?

A cancer blood marker test done, result is kidney not functioning great, &also potassium is high! also have spot above rt kidney on CT scan, .Possib?

A CAT scan revealed I have a slightly enlarged liver with liquid around it. Negative for all the tests and a normal enzymes. Stomach flu sumptoms?

A CT scan shows normal and the amylase blood levels were in the limit of normal, I have a gassy digest, why did still the dr prescribed pancreatin for 3 days, saying I should see if I'd feel better?

A health checkup showed my sgpt level was 342. An ultrasound showed an early fatty liver infiltration. What can be further effects of the same?

A non cancerous tumor was found thru an MRI in my liver a few months ago. Last week my liver enzymes was 154 from a recent blood test should I worry?

A scan has showed lumps in my dad's liver. He is diabetic also?

Abd u/s shows hepatomegaly liver span enlarged @ 18 cm. I am 69 & 4" 11 spleen 11.4 CM not enlarged what is the norm if 18 CM is high?

Abdominal ultrasound showed "fuzzy" liver, what are the possible causes?

Age 19 + idiopathic chronic pancreatitis & tablets are creon10000 & ursoidal from 30dys. mrcp shows "ABRUPT cut in head with duct dilated" suggest.

Age 42 yrs . Diagnosed as cancer gall bladder with liver & b/l lung metastasis .Pt.'s s. Bilirubin is altered .No role of ercp stenting/ptbd.High fev.

Alt 61 bilirubin 1.4 protein 8.4. Does all these levels relate to fatty liver? Ct scan confirmed fatty liver in july. Us showed small amount fat jan

ALT is 115 and I'm itching. Had us ct and mri along with barrage of other blood tests. Other bloods normal. Scan show fatty liver. Itching a symptom?

Alt76 clear ultrasound seem to have dysautonomia is this a symptom of cirrhosis? Would cirrhosis have shown on ultrasound?

Am 19 & my mrcp report shows chronic pancreatitis and duct is enlarged by 4.4mm. Doc gave medicines and told as my age increases it will be cured ????

Am 19 & my MRCP report shows chronic pancreatitis with 4.4mm pancreatict duct.Doct. Gave medicines and told it will be reduced as my age increases????

Am 33 had a whipple at 25 now have stable endocrime tumor in my liver since 2008 and now just found out am pregnant.What chance do I have?

Amylase (x 2 upper limit), lipase (x 7 u.L.) and transaminases (x2-3) have been elevated for 6 yrs. Pancreas and liver normal on ct. No pain. Workup?

Amylase 109 lipase 120 ALT 54. CT shows no inflammation of the pancreas. Was on Victoza (liraglutide) for a few months. What does this mean? Freq constipation/pain

An AFP values of 15 ng ml that remained the same one year later is important? Inicial abdominal eco and ct showed liver hemangioma. Hep C and B neg.

An ultra sound on liver w hep c shows from 0-5 the liver is a 1...could u explain how 0-5 5 the best and 1 the worse?

Answering dr mahnensmith already did MRI 2010 revealed giant hemagioma of liver size of a grapefruit. bile ducts unremarkable could hemagioma cause it?

Any indication to do a contrast abdominal CT in a patient with marginally increased lipase levels probably caused by elevated triglycerides?

Are normal cbc, billuprin, amylase and lipase levels, CT scan and qualitative fecal fat test a good indication against pancreatic cancer?

Are there any types of cirrhosis that cause the liver to get softer, or am i not understanding the condition? Normal fibroscan/contrast CT and LFTs.

Asian, male, 52, non-alcoholics, negative hep b & c, AFP & cea, CT hepatomegaly w multiple large hypodense lesions w minimal foci of lower attenuation. Splaying of portal v, hepatic v poorly visualized. Others non-significant. Leukocytosis, inc monocytes

AST (23) is greater than ALT (20) which I read means cirrhosis, but fibroscan was normal and contrast CT scan showed nothing? what's going on?

AST is 284 and ALT is 178 but ultrasound of liver and gallbladder came back normal. since ultrasound is normal does that mean the #s aren't concerning?

Asymptomatic w/ fluctuating lipase for years MRCP & CT clear. I'm hypochondriac & persistent. dr. reluctantly ordered EUS after I told Dr I'm pre-diabetic A1C 5.8. Go through with EUS - dangerous?

Bil was found in my urine... should I be worried ? I'm only 18 I heard it means liver disease...

Biliary Atresia. LFT`s normal. Platelets are (105). Ultrasound report: small area of liver with increased echogenicity, Rpt in 6 mths. Should I worry?

Bilirubin measured 1.6next day it measured 1.3 other liver/pancreas functions normalExperiencing constipation occasion pale stools. Could it be pancan?

Bilirubin total 2.5, direct 0.4, indirect 2.1 family dr says gilberts disease. Ultrasound good. 2nd opinion? Do mrcp scan? Not needed?Some nausea.

Biopsy revealed fibrosis due to alcohol in liver a few months ago. Today i read note that says abdomen ultraound normal. did fibrosis go away?

Blood pressure in legs: 180/110; 110/60 in arms. CAT scan shows no vascular anomalies, but does show small renal cell carcinoma. Reason for BP diff.?

Blood test shows fat in liver.Ultrasound showed contracted gallaldder.Dctr sd mrcp test tmrw.What it can be?Is it serious? I ve a weired feeling in me

Blood test/CT done-Creatinine.39/ALT119/AST82/gb removed/shows prom rt lobe w diffuse fatty infiltration throughout all liver/yellowing skn. What's up?

Boyfriend has scarring on liver, got ultrasound, spleen enlarged, liver smaller than usual, enzyme levels normal, negative for Wilson's, hepatitis, copper, iron, etc. Has a ct scan this week, pain by liver, whats the likelihood it's stage 4?

Can "mild colitis' found on colonscopy biopsy cause small nodes or fat deposits in abdominal ct scan? MRCP & EUS normal. I'm worried, Blood normal.

Can a score of 101 on a calcium scan mean a big blockage ?

Can a CT from 7 years ago be used to diagnosis for current liver hemangioma. A current ultrasound shows a spot on the liver. Don't want to waste money.

Can a liver supplement to be taken after diagnosed with a high reading of 367 for liver enzyme? Ct or MRI scanning is not taken yet.

Can an abdominal CT genetically damage my eggs?

Can CMVcause chronic deranged LFTS (over 12mnths ALT^ AST)?been tested for everything other than CMVand HIV, spleen 14cm,MRCP USNormal scared of biops

Can i make sestamibi scan for parathyroid although imy leucocyte count is below normal its 3700 or it will be a risk ?

Can i still have symptoms of pancreatitis and not have an inflamed pancreas or it show up in blood work?

Can idiopathic chronic pancreatitis reduce witin 50 days as my ABDOMEN scan shows NORMAL PANCREAS my MRCP rprt showed chronic pancre 60 days ago?

CAN idiopathic chronic pancreatitis suddenly. Vanish as my pancreas r NORMAL in abdomen scan with 2.6mm duct earlier it was 6mm and dilated am 19yrs?

Can liver functions checked by blood test prvide indcation of liver tumor or is it is mostly detected by ultra sound and CT scan ?

Can my blood glucose level rise when I have pain in my stomach post Whipple major operation for pancreatic cancer?

Can person be born without gallbladder ? 48 yr old f had 2 CT scans say I have no g/b found cyst on adrenal gland is this dangerous

Can small multiple liver cysts[subcentimeter] seen on CT,be caused by a parasitic infection?[ health not good], and I m worried about such infection

Can traces of alcohol and tobacco be found in abdomen ultrasound ?

Can you have liver disease and a normal abdominal MRI except for dil intrahep ducts? Dr thinks i may have hepatitis and wants biopsy. Necessary?

Can you tell me in acute cholecystitis, if the diagnosis is evidently clinically, is an usg abdomen still a must?

Cat scan results say Geographic Heterogeneity throughout the Liver and is likely Geographic Fatty Infiltration.What does it mean and how can i treatit?

Choline deficiency- how is it diagnosed? ALT^, IBS & unknown RUQ pain. Imaging MRCP clear, as are all usual causes inc DILI AIH wilsons etc

Chronic lipase elevation. Negative EUS. Possible causes?

Continued awful symptoms after very recent gallbladder removal. Blood test shows high enzymes. Mrcp planned, i'm very worried, what do you think?

Contrast CT to eval LUQ pain & Diarrhea - normal but noted fat deposits on liver, blood tests norm, how can they be sure it's fat, not tumor? cause?

Could a 'coag screen' which i assume includes pt be useful for ruq pain and ^ alt. Will it tell if my liver is doing okay ?

Could my 18 months of fatigue,weightloss and gastro issues be related to an occult hormone secreting small cell lung cancer. Nothing showing on CT.

Crp level <0.10. Likelihood of pancreatic cancer? Normal abdominal ultrasound (didnt check tail of pancreas) normal metabolic panel, cbc, abdmen xray

Ct for possible appendicitis-didn't have..Was suggestive for hepatic steatosis.My doctor says don't worry.I'm thin and don't drink.Is this really ok?

CT for RUQ pain- 13cm spleen- CBC, CMP normal except mild iron deficiency .dr called and said everything was nml- should I be concerned ? BMI 32

CT liver, numerous low attenuating lesions consistent w/cysts. MRI stable since liver resection 2012. 1st X chest CT viewed liver. CEA/labs good. Ok?

Ct results said mild fatty liver and sluggish gallbladder. What does this mean? How serious? What changes do I need to make? Dr didn't call me back

Ct revels small stone, in bd of liver, prominant cbd, low den. Lesion or mass on panc.  What does this mean?

Ct scan reveals mild diffuse fatty infiltration of liver.Galbladder is contracted-post prandial status pancreas is obscured by bowl gases.whats this?

Ct scan shows elevated right hemidiaphragm with enlarged liver in 56yr old man. What conditions could cause this?

Ct showed calcified gallstones, initial med cond. was leukocytosis. us scheduled, why?

Ct showed that I have hepatomegaly 17.8cm diameter. Fbc and Lft normal. What should I do? Worried

CTA chest incidentally revealed liver angioma. Would a steatosis also be visible? Someone told me no, as with contrast different liver visualization

Cure for pancreatic (chronic idiopathic) .age duct is dilated at head tail body and abrupt cut in head as per MRCP.Are any other test needed? ?

December pancreas test in ER was 2, 600, CT scan o.K. January 8 his lipase count 101, 1-22 lipase count 83. Should we be worried?

Derm said cancer is associated hsp vasculitis. Pcp did a check up on me with routine blood work and my kidneys, and liver function. Would cancer show?

Diagnosed hep c, scans show a 12mm lump on or in the Y shape tube attatch to my liver, what can this be? And why is my treatment on hold?

Diagnosed with giant hemagioma 17.6cm with MRI back in 2010 would MRI also detect back then a fatty liver caused by alchohol or fibrosis thanks?

Did abdominal MRI for my liver hemagioma. Results state bowel unremarkable should I still do a colonscopy or is MRI reliable in detecting colon cancer?

Do yellow stools always mean p/cancer? G/bladder liver had no masses. Amylase/lipase normal, bilirubin,alkaline phosphatase normal. Symptoms, gas/bloat yellow stool only. Wait for CT result. Scared!

Does it stand to reason that floating stool in the absence of fat malabsorption(normal CT scan and 72hr fat test isn't be caused by pancreatic cancer?